My Healing Journey: A Human Being Human

Fasten your seat belts, this is going to be quite a journey.

As a child I didn’t perceive myself to be “on a mission” or confident of a purpose “to save the world”. I have no ambitions of “saving the world” now. However, I did have a sense that I would do something important for, and meaningful to humanity, though I didn’t know what it would be. That sense remains stronger than ever, and I believe I know what it is now. It doesn’t depend on any choice that you make as a reader of my articles. It depends on choices I make as a human being human.

Now what exactly a “human being human” is, is a very good question indeed. The short answer would be, everything that humans do, every thought that humans think, are examples of human’s “being human.” That would be well and good if it weren’t for one little thing; it appears as though we’re on a path of annihilation, which is dumb, counter-intuitive, and at odds with life, love, health, and everything we hold dear. I didn’t sign to sit idly by and allow a planetary destruction scenario to unfold. A large part of the momentum toward this apparent annihilation is not due to complacency—the numbers of people seeking to re-establish the natural harmonics of Earth, is growing. However, many are moved to “fight the good battle” based on concepts that some believe to be unquestionable, sacred truths, which are in actually antithetical.

In other words, they are lies. Not only are they lies, but the originators of these lies have succeeded in “helping” large numbers of the world population to believe them to be true too. This charade began long before anyone presently on the planet arrived.

Earliest books were hand-written in scrolls.

As such, we have a very skewed view of ourselves and our reality, full of myths and misconceptions, made possible by those who first owned or controlled the ability to codify thoughts by etching hieroglyphic symbols into stone, then placing ink to paper, then type to printing presses, all the way to the present day where sounds are combined with moving images and in minutes, broadcast around the world.

Thoughts converted into words and moving images proliferate, shaping our sense of what’s possible or impossible, probable or improbable, good or bad, who we should trust or distrust, and whether we should be of good cheer or worry. That which weighs most on your mind becomes the lens by which you see the world, and the world sees you.

Where is your heart in this vision?

“You Are Waking Up!”


It is very easy to be party to mass hypnosis without knowing. Worldwide media is just part of the “suggestion machine” that contributes to humanity’s great slumber. Our entire education system, science and religions, all have their sacred cow truths that we have accepted without question, that are influencing our actions even now… actions taken on a set of beliefs about who we are, or what is possible, that are in actuality, not true.

This past week the Public Broadcast System (PBS) aired an episode of NOVA, its science program, titled, The Big Bang Machine. The producers chronicled the quest to find the “elusive Higgs Boson” which they described as a subatomic particle that is “thought to be responsible for giving all the stuff in the universe its mass.” The discovery was made by building and operating, at a cost of $10 billion, the largest, most complex, and expensive, machine in history. The Large Hadron Collider at the CERN:

The LHC allows scientists to reproduce the conditions that existed within a billionth of a second after the Big Bang by colliding beams of high-energy protons or ions at colossal speeds, close to the speed of light. This was the moment, around 13.7 billion years ago, when the Universe is believed to have started with an explosion of energy and matter. During these first moments all the particles and forces that shape our Universe came into existence, defining what we now see.

This makes no sense whatsoever. Since mass is everywhere and in every “thing,” why would the boson be so elusive? And if “mass” is evidence of stability, then why would the boson be considered unstable?

Scientists are telling themselves, and a distracted, disinterested public, that the LHC is allowing them to see what the universe was like .000000000001 or 10-12 seconds after the “Big Bang.”


The Large Hadron Collider: Bigger and Badder in 2015

It would be nice to hear someone say, “Since you’re doing it now, and I presume, weren’t there then, how can you be so sure that’s what you’ve done? More so, since a machine of this destructive or disruptive power has never been built before, how can you be sure that these proton collisions don’t disturb the fabric of the time/space continuum now?”

As a means of conveying just how important this discovery was, boson promoters had the temerity to alternately refer Higgs Boson as “The God Particle,” due to the “glue-like” properties that they theorized that it has.

Yet, what they are really saying, without explicitly saying it, is that traces of God are virtually nowhere to be found in the universe, and any solution to the problems of the world that many people petition or pray to God for, are unlikely to be answered.

These are insidiously subtle statements that go virtually unnoticed due to the “lofty” subject.

After awarding the 2013 Nobel Prize for Physics to Peter Higgs and François Englert for their theorizing $cientists are seeking the answers by building an even larger, more powerful Hadron Collider, which will go online in 2015.

I suspect that the real purpose of the LHC is something other than reported. I don’t know what, but nothing about what it does or why they say it is important, makes any sense, even to them. Furthermore, it doesn’t take one dime to see evidence of God, wherever you may happen to be. So I’d call this a lie yet to be seen for what it is.

Racialism Phenomenon

As I am publishing this article on the day that celebrates the memory of Martin Luther King, Jr., it is very clear that racialism is, and certainly has been, one of the mass hypnotic suggestions of “truth” that anyone could pick up as “their” sword to carry forth into battle.

Racialism isn’t “racism.” Racism is a subset of racialism, made meaningful by the belief that external human features, born of genetics, language, culture, and environment, are determinants of quality and ability, and that a hierarchy of sorts exists among racial groups. Of course, competitive beings that we are, members of every ethnic or racial group either believes, or wants to believe, that theirs is “on top.”

The truth is that the external factors are, in actuality, meaningless. The Life that courses through every human vein avails the full potential to imagine, and to act on that which is imagined, to every human being. The Life, which is conscious, sentient, and aware, didn’t begin with the conception or birth of the form into physicality. It doesn’t “end” at the form’s death. We act as though such beginnings and endings are “final,” but they are not.

We act as though racial differences govern and override our experience, and to the extent that it is believed, so it shall be. There is no need to “fight for equality,” since we are already that. There is a need to actually be the equal people that we are. No need to try to play “catch up” with the Smiths or “keep up” with the Jones’ of the world. No need to fear or resent anyone, as they are mere aspects and projections of ourselves. What we or they don’t understand about this truth will eventually become self-evident, when they are ready to see it. 

One such example is the idea that we are all separate and discrete units of life who are fundamentally “good” or “evil” who must do battle with each other in order to “survive,” in essence to “kill for God.” Another is the money is the root of all value, and your “value” or “worth” as a human being is based on the money that you possess or control, more so than the ideas and principles that you embody through your thoughts, actions, and deeds.

One Planet Under Siege

We think that we exist on this still lovely planet, which as it spins on its axis at almost 1,000 miles per hour while traveling through space and orbiting the sun, provides for our every need.

In spite of the natural bounty that is graciously given, a system of intercessors have stepped in to restrict, regulate, direct, and control… and even contaminate the natural supply, substituting unnatural ones in its place. From water to food, to atmosphere and environment, we are in the middle of a viral outbreak of planetary proportions, and seem to barely notice in-between playoff games, Oscar nominations, and false flag pyromantics.

It is sometimes suggested that we are the viruses, but I don’t recall anyone asking me permission to chemtrail the sky, lace water with chlorine and sodium fluoride, pasteurize dairy products, or genetically modify foods. No one asked me whether if it was okay to vaccinate my children. Instead, someone made it mandatory if I wanted them to have a “public education”. There are viruses at work, but it’s not The Majority of the population.

"What happened to the blue?"
“What happened to the blue?”

I say that we “seem” to barely notice these shenanigans, but I know that a growing legion of individuals and groups do see what is happening, and realize that these developments will not be changed by force, nor will they be suppressed by force. They will be changed by consciousness, by humans being human again, liberated by truth.

While many have come to think that being human is a “bad” thing, or weak, or in some way, an ignoble state, that is another unquestioned truth that must be re-evaluated, as well as the idea that “God,” by whatever name you wish to use as reference, is an elusive, undecipherable particle, or exists somewhere else, and not here, with you, and certainly not as you.

Who you are. Try to keep from blushing.

You are the truth that shall be seen when you see and then shed the lies that have masked them.

When you realize yourself as an expression of God/Allah/Creator–the name is meaningless–as is everyone else… when you see that you already are equal to every other human being, have always been, and always shall be… you can change the world within you and around you by the thoughts and actions that you embrace and embody, from hereon. 

Everyone has this power, because everyone is this power, right here, right now.

Everyone is free to embrace and use this power, or continue to act as though it’s somewhere else, in another somewhen.

Change Begins Inside

Part of the journey involves becoming at peace with yourself, your circumstances of the moment, even if they are not to your liking, and realizing that a greater purpose is being served by it. Being at peace doesn’t mean being complacent or passive. Indeed, it means being active and creative instead of being reactive. Notice that the words “creative” and “reactive” are the exact same letters, just slightly rearranged?

So I’ve got a few things to share that I’d prefer to keep to myself, but may be helpful if you’re interested in changing your life. I’m not here to tell you how to live your life. I can share why I’m living mine the way I do, and what I have come to understand and love about the Human Being that I AM.

I am, and have been an “early riser” pretty much all of my adult life. This time of the year, the middle of winter, it means waking up while it’s still dark outside. A couple days ago, as I awakened and took a deep yawn, I heard a LOUD CRACK inside my head along the top, between the Frontal and Parietal bones, at the Coronal suture.

A map of the human skull.

Perhaps it was a breakthrough. I gently felt my skull to see if it had turned to mush. It was, and is still hard as ever, but I believe this was an important event, and not in a bad way. In fact, I think that this may be just what I have personally needed to happen on my path to self-healing. Time will tell.

If you didn’t know it previous to now, I am committed to self-healing. More specifically, I am committed to restoring the normal state to parts of my body that have become progressively “abnormal.”

That would include the gradual disintegration of my teeth after a tumor episode 20 years ago that was treated by resecting and rebuilding half of my jaw, near sightedness that now goes back over 50 years, and what appears to be a hernia condition that has grown to the size of a papaya in my scrotum.

The night before the crack sound in my head, one of my remaining lower front teeth finally gave up the ghost… or I should say, became a ghost.

For the time being.
Here’s a peek at how “the grill” looks now.

The entire bank of teeth on my left side is a prosthetic appliance. On the other side of the canine (on my right side), only a single molar remains. The top is not too much better, but I think I’ve made my point.

I am not happy about these developments, but I have lived with them, I do live with them, and I learn.

And I’ll tell you this: if I had to give up what I have learned in order to have everything look and function naturally again, I wouldn’t do it. I am in a far better position to help not only myself, but others, with what I know now, not only about biophysics, biochemistry, bioelectricity and biomagnetics, but about consciousness, attitude, and will, and their effects on the first group. I have learned that what has been “torn asunder” can all be restored back to normal. It can all heal. We can heal, is a fact of life; not even a new one.

My preference would have been to do it first, and not declare it, but that’s vanity thinking.

Truth is, millions of people believe that healing is not possible. Many believe that $cience is diligently looking for “cures,” when they’re actually looking for ways to help sick people survive without being killed off on first dose. The reason for that is to allow for plausible deniability that the medication didn’t actually kill the patient, and the disease did. This way, the expected new patients keep coming.

The only way this is going to change, is that individuals who see what is happening, change their habits. I won’t place myself under the care of a medical system that is not dedicated to helping the patient restore health, especially when I now know that natural ways are provided, that are simple, effective, and inexpensive.

Please watch the following short video about the work of René Quinton (1866-1925).

As you can see, there was very clear, visible evidence of healing… not of a few people, but hundreds of thousands.

If we accept that healing is possible, then next question, is how?

In Quinton’s case, the patients were received something their body needed.

And before I move on, there will always be the “smartass” that’ll say, “when you heal yourself, then I’ll consider healing myself, but in the meantime, pass the prescription,” or something like that. You don’t have to wait for me to heal myself as proof, because if or when I do restore my body’s normal state, you’ll still have to begin the process of doing yours. No one can go through your healing experience for you, especially if you don’t decide to do it yourself.

I am not writing this to be “proof” for you. I am simply writing that you may better understand the human being that I AM.

A Medical Quagmire

warning20fda20approved1_thumb.jpgOne of the many disservices that the Medical Industrial Complex does to each person who still trusts it, is give them the impression that:

  1. the doctor knows more about your situation than you do,
  2. the drugs or procedures that said doctor uses on you are the only effective ways to *attack* the problem, and
  3. you face excommunication and other retributions if you
    1. question the doctor,
    2. take exception to the approach, and
    3. offer alternatives.

There are many other disservices that I could list, but that would be an article unto itself, since the list is very long.

The main, unspoken disservice revolves around several “false truths” that define Medical $cience.

  1. Diseases are pathogenic — a vestige of Pasteur’s Germ Theory
  2. Pathogens have an evil intent, such as in a “malignant” tumor. This suggestion — which is all it is — opens the door to do “no holds barred” battle inside the body. This is why a lie-sensed practitioner must be in charge, because if you knew the truth, you would be quite incensed.

The lie-sensed practitioners aren’t totally culpable. They innocently give their minds and souls to Medical $cience, which “rewards” them according to how well they assimilate their “life negative” ideologies and practices. Antibiotics are “life negative” as are vaccines. Rene Quinton didn’t graduate from a medical school; wasn’t a doctor, but facilitating the healing of over 100,000 people. Not their “survival” from some malevolent disease, not through some poison based counter attack, but by simple supplementation of something natural that their body needed, and was lacking.

All healing begins at restoration. I’ve known this for some time, but didn’t know what, until a couple of weeks ago.

I got a big clue watching this 93 minute presentation by Santos Bonacci.

Notice that he mentions Jim Humble and MMS in a complementary manner at around 3 minutes in. However, his talk is about something more fundamental. If anything in the first eight minutes rings true to you, by all means, keep watching!

I have written on many occasions that the power to heal is within us… well, so are the clues, and contrary to another synthetic truth that Medical $cience would have you believe, i.e., that “curing” must be left to “drugs,” or to professionals with white coats, laboratories, and millions of dollars to “prove” their hypocritical theories, it is a joy to learn how well Life has provided for us to live in, or restore health, naturally.

So why does Medical $cience recommend, and government agencies promote and enforce policies that involve injecting human infants with entire programs of antibiotics and vaccines even before six months of age? More importantly, why do we allow it?

The short answer is because the vast majority of the public

  1. trusts that the messengers and messages actually care about human well-being,
  2. believes the subject matter is over their heads (doctors have to go through medical school hell to graduate and be deemed qualified to be lie-sensed), and
  3. believe that there may be unwanted repercussions for not asking for the doctor’s advice.

In short, the public thinks medicine is about health and healing, when the overwhelming evidence shows that it isn’t.

Public education doesn’t help either. It tends to lead the student toward a vocational mindset, where “getting work” and “following orders” is a more important goal than loving life and each other, including what you’re doing. Children are not encouraged to discover their natural interests and gifts. Their innocent questions aren’t welcomed, nor their sometimes rambunctious energy channeled. It is more often likely to be squashed, punished, or suppressed with drugs. Each one of which plant seeds of future diseases.

Dr. Cary

So I decided to live with my physical issues, and hopefully, to learn, not only from them and about them, but about myself, and the body that I express myself through while I’m here. One of the authors that Bonnaci mentioned in his talk, Dr. George W. Carey (1825-1924), was for me, a mother lode of a discovery.

Dr. Carey wrote extensively about the human body in a context that I’ve not seen anywhere else. He wrote with the knowledge of physiology, both on systemic and cellular levels. He wrote about energy — its electrical and magnetic interactions and movement in the body, and the critical importance of a collection of twelve, inorganic salts, which were first discovered by Dr. Wilhelm Schussler (1821-1898) a German physician.

The “cell salts” (also called “tissue salts”) that Schussler called scientific attention to, are chemically pure, homogeneous to the cell minerals in the human body, physiologically and chemically in close relation to them. While they are not “homeopathic,” they are administered in levels so minute, as to be incredulous to a medical mindset where “more doses” mean more billings.

Studying Virchow’s and Moleschott’s works, Schuessler started his own investigations on cells and minerals. He wanted to find the most common mineral salts prevailing in the human body. In order to explore this, he analysed the ashes of dead bodies from the crematory. In doing this, he discovered that certain mineral salts predominated in certain tissues and organs. For example, potassium phosphate and magnesium phosphate were above all present in muscle tissue, while he discovered potassium chloride in the mucous membranes and calcium phosphate in bone tissue. Schuessler then theorised that these mineral salts were vital for the normal functioning and health of body tissues. Further, he concluded deficiencies in any of these tissue salts would lead to dysfunction and illness. Consequently, treatment of this mineral imbalance in the body by ingestion of tissue salts must be a vital factor in the healing process. Schuessler stated that the salts had to reach the diseased cells directly. For that reason he chose to have his remedies produced the same way as homeopathic remedies, where repeated dilution distributes the particles of the respective substance to such an extent that they are able to penetrate each individual cell.—Dr. Willmar Schwabe, Germany

Big molecules don’t get into cells. Cells don’t take in anything other than what they need. When you realize these two points of information about cells, the sheer uselessness of the health care system as it presently exists and practices medicine begins to cascade through. The answers that work, the ones that we seek, are simple, inexpensive, available, and abundant.

Dr. Carey took tissue salt understanding to another level of efficacy when he discovered the formula for what he called, bioplasma, by combining the twelve cell salts, which are found in the blood, in proportions that he considered necessary to create a healthy, chemically perfect blood.

Beyond that, Dr. Carey made two other remarkable contributions to available human knowledge; first, he recognized and pointed out what might be considered a “natural deficiency” in certain of the tissue salts, based on the time of the year an individual was born. This is because during the gestation period, the developing fetus is provided with each of the tissue salts, one of which is associated with each of twelve systems in the body

  • Skeletal System
  • Muscular System
  • Circulatory System
  • Respiratory System
  • Endocrine System
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Reproductive System
  • Lymphatic System
  • Nervous System
  • Digestive System
  • Excretory System
  • Immune System

To which there are associated twelve cranial nerves, along with twelve nerve endings in the solar plexus. As Bonacci points out, the human body is a “Whole system of 12.”

You would not  know it, if Modern Medical Practice was any indication.

Adept at exploitation, the Medical Industrial Complex creates specialists for each system, who treat the patient as though the area of specialization is discrete and unrelated to any other, meaning that you can be treated for a specific condition by lie-sensed practitioners, and be billed separately for each. However, each is protected from any culpability for the effect that their prescribed drug or surgical procedure has on your physiology. The “disease” will be blamed for any adverse reactions that occur. A residual cascade of future disease pathologies, such as that which might follow an appendectomy or tonsillectomy, would be considered “unrelated.”

Dr. Carey writes:

The so-called science of medicine has no claim to the name, science. We refer to the old system that treats disease as an entity—a something, or at least caused by a something instead of a deficiency, which all will admit to be a lack of something. It is useless for those who adhere to the practice of the drug system to try to defend it. We have the testimony of many of their most noted professors and authors, that their “system of practice is responsible for more deaths than war, pestilence, and famine combined.”

The body, which is part of Nature, knows how to heal itself. Life, which is implicit in, and of Nature, knows how to form itself, and hence, how to restore itself to normal form. Ergo, the Life within the body is the Healer. Exactly who is the Life within your body? Well, that’s YOU. The transporter of Life throughout the body is the blood. Remove the blood from the body, Life is gone. You are goneAlter the natural and optimal mineral elements within the blood, health is gone. Restore said elements, health restored.

According to Dr. Carey

When the arteries contain a sufficient quantity of the cell salts, the aerial elements that form the organic portion of blood are drawn into them by chemical affinity or magnetic attraction, and precipitated or concentrated to the consistency that forms the substance known as blood. The quality of blood depends entirely upon the chemical mineral base. If one or more of the inorganic salts are deficient in quantity, the blood will be deficient in vital or magnetic vibration and cell and tissue-building substance. And so to supply the organism with the mineral principles that form the positive pole of blood is the natural law of cure.

After purchasing five of Dr. Carey’s books and researching other available information about biochemistry and cell salts, I purchased a supply of cell salts for myself, and began taking them. The LOUD CRACK sound that I mentioned a long time ago at the beginning of this trip, happened after 1 1/2 days of dosing. I’ve not experienced anything else out of the ordinary yet, but then “out of the ordinary” has become normal. So I’m looking for, and expecting normal to happen, and it will happen, in its time.

Science has proven that every cell in the human body is replaced every 7 years. In the quest to figure out how, they overlook the most fundamental element; that is, the blood that is life itself.

The other discourse that make Dr. Carey’s books remarkable are the connection of the cell salts to our astrological “point of entry” into this world. During the gestation period of the fetus, nature provides the cell salts that will be needed. However, because the gestation is only 9 months and the solar (soular) year is 12 months, a “natural” short fall, or mineral deficiency develops, which would normally be supplemented through food consumption.

Now that we’ve become a society that insists on producing synthetic, big molecule, denatured (e.g., pasteurized) food, meat, and dairy products, you begin to see how the list of diseases grows. Dr. Carey’s last bit of remarkable literature, is the interpretation that the Bible is a piece of sacred literature that speaks not about a historical person named Jesus of Nazareth, but the biological and spiritual nature of the human body… this includes the crucifixion and resurrection. Read God-Man: The Word Made Flesh. 

I’m done for now.

And if you’re so inclined, welcome to your self-healing journey.

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4 Thoughts to “My Healing Journey: A Human Being Human”

  1. johnberk

    Despite living my life in harmony and enjoying its complexity, and eating rather healthy, I have to admit that I feel rather tired almost all the time. I don’t know if that is due to the fact that I spend most of my day in front of the computer screen, but it is slowly taking its toll. Thanks for your words and for your inspiration. It makes me rethink some of the basic concepts I set in my mind.

  2. Danny

    Adam, the knowledge you have shared has helped me in so many ways and I thank you.

    Ps. Just out of curiosity, where do you purchase your complete minerals from and what amount do you personally dose yourself daily?

    1. Hi Danny, I did a search for “cell salts” and found several sources; compared prices (which were very close), and purchased the Bioplasma (which contains all 12 inorganic salts), and the specific cell salt for my sun sign, from Swanson’s Vitamins. I take 4 of each, 3x daily. At that rate, 500 tablets (of each) is about a 45 day supply. This is something the blood needs in sufficient supply the entire life, which can and should come from and through foods, except that foods come laced with chemicals and big molecules, which can only create blockages, obstructing the flow of energy throughout the body. I suggest that you ask for guidance as to what frequency is best for you.

      The really wonderful thing about the cell salts is that if one were in a dire or most acute situation, they could be taken at intervals of every 14 minutes, for rapid replenishment. This gives you an idea of how little we know about the human body’s real needs. We’re only guessing, and if we see a little progress, we tend to want to add more to accelerate rate, when less might be better. This is why one should practice learning, honoring, and knowing one’s own needs. Ask and it shall be given.

      Best wishes,


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