Science without Conscience is '$cience' Fiction


After my last post, MMS, WF10, and the FDA: A Drop of Medical Tyranny, I received comments from two people who appear to be sympathetic to the FDA’s position with regard to actions against Daniel Smith for selling the product. One, who has “stilguilty” in her email address, says that she occasionally visits Jim Humble’s Genesis II Church Forum site, and virtually no one is posting success stories from MMS (like they used to). She also noticed that the number of recent postings has dwindled to virtually nothing since 2012.

There could be many reasons for that, although I won’t speculate.

Stilguilty also writes that the church’s Facebook page doesn’t have the many “likes” that you might expect (how many should one expect?), and, like the forum site, it has “gone dead.” She spends more time than I do on the various MMS sites, because I don’t spend any time on them.

Proponents of MMS have altered the formulation methods over the years, to the extent that the product that Daniel Smith is being called to task for selling is now specifically referred to as “MMS1”. That is all that I have any experience with, knowledge of, or have written about. That is the one that the FDA speciously and incorrectly referred to as being “bleach”. I have not studied how the others compare to MMS1 biochemically, and after making the clarifications that I did with the help of Grant Maanum in 2012, have directed my attention and energies elsewhere.

Obviously, however, I have something to say about this matter, but it is neither as an advocate, nor critic of MMS. There’s an immensely larger “elephant” in the room.

Given the track record and policies of the Medical Industrial Complex, of which the FDA is a component, not taking exception to this assault on Daniel would constitute tacit acceptance. The people who work for the agency that is bringing the “charges” are in the perfect position to consider themselves (and said agency) to be “above suspicion,” and “above reproach,” but they are not. They are, only if we stay silent and give them the impression that we don’t see and understand fully, what they are doing.

Stilguilty had a few comments I’d like to respond to here.

Adam frequently writes about his support for Daniel Smith. It is my understanding that one of the reasons he is on trial is he was ripping off his customers. He was taking their money and not sending them their orders they had paid for. That is theft.

The DoJ/FDA did not go after Project Green Life for “ripping people off”, nor did the Federal Trade Commission, under whose jurisdiction such matters would more naturally fall. With planning and forethought, they laid in wait, shut his business down at gun point, and not only prevented PGL from sending orders customers had paid for, the agency prevented PGL from selling any of the products it offered. They stopped him from having any income, confiscating all of his business-related physical assets, including computers, shut down bank accounts, and looted personal assets as well. If anyone was “ripped off,” it was Daniel Smith, et. al, and his company’s customers.That’s theft alright, but not on PGL’s part.

I have never known of any company that sold, or sells MMS exclusively. The FDA didn’t have him shut down just his MMS sales, like Health Canada did with Subtle Energy Therapy in Edmonton in 2009. I was present in their offices the day the letter arrived. They did in fact, cease MMS sales, repackaged it as Water Purification Drops” for a time, but have since stopped offering the product altogether. If there was some restitution to be made with regard to MMS, PGL would have been able to issue refunds if said assets hadn’t been seized.

Stilguilty goes on to say:

Adam implies that the government i.e. FDA went after Smith because he had a product that worked. This is kind of faulty logic is often expressed by people who support treatments that haven’t been shown to work, haven’t been tested for safety, and have been shown to cause life threatening side effects. If this claim about the FDA were true, then why aren’t they going after everyone who sells some kind of supplement that is claimed by the seller to work? The obvious reason is, because these other things don’t present a danger to the public.

I suppose she believes that her logic is sound, so there’s no need to comment. We’ll agree to disagree there.

Given the time context outlined above, and stilguilty’s admitted monitoring of the Genesis II web site and forums, it is evident that the activity and testimonials have been there. In one of the videos that I produced right after the agency shut PGL down (in 2010), some viewers with short attention spans or comprehension faculties, actually think that I was speaking against MMS, because I titled the 3-part video, “The ‘Dangers’ of MMS”. One writer called me an NSA operative, then stated how he solved some long-standing health problem with MMS.

Another “YouTube Intellectual” wrote the following unedited comment just a week ago:

your full of shit. your so good you really believe it your self. well done beliefs are setup sustain them self which means you always get to be right..  as for me im free of a chest infection iv had for 3 months mms cured it in one day. and ive used it to cure lots of infections with other people.   Dr stands for Drug Retailer

So there remains evidence that people are finding benefit by using MMS, even today.

I am in no position to say what is, or is not effective. However, I will say that life is not lived in a laboratory. No laboratory can approximate or emulate the wide range of conditions that people are living in when chronic or degenerative diseases come to light. Life is the laboratory; our choices, environs, actions, and patterns of reactions all contribute to the resulting pathology. Medical science “experts” that the FDA stands behind, want us to think they can figure out how to solve, or “cure” such issues with products hatched in laboratories. Their evidence, also administered in “controlled” laboratory settings, are then “peer-reviewed” by people who only know their way around sterile, antiseptic, perfectly lifeless laboratories. Their peers, all of whom are on the gerbil wheel trying to get their own credentials and tenure, are only too eager to wait and see what the experts will say, and withhold using their own intelligence until their superstars weigh in.

This is why common sense has become uncommon in scientific and health care circles.

This is why science has lost its conscience, and has become $cience Fiction.

If it weren’t possible to discern the efficacy of a hypothesis without “peer-reviewed” opinion seeking, no innovation would ever occur. No leadership would occur either, just followship. That’s what the FDA expects the public to do: follow their advice. That’s what the AMA expects doctors to do: follow its mandates, or lose your license to practice. Problem is that they’re leading the public into an “approved” cesspool of chronic sickness, disease, bankruptcy, suffering, and premature death. Healing is possible, and need not be expensive, except that the public has been led to believe that it must be the way it is.

The Medical Industrial Complex, which includes the FDA, AMA, medical schools, pharmaceutical companies, research facilities, and more, are not even questioning the efficacy of their methods. If anything, they are intensifying their approach. So one can only surmise that there is no real desire to change them.

The other critic took exception to my calling out the FDA’s long history of (1) approvals of poisonous, antagonistic, truly damaging drugs and (2) suppression of numerous solutions that could be shown to enhance or restore health. He writes:

I’m not talking about the FDA. Im not talking about history. What im saying here is that the effects of mms are completely undefined and standardless. Are you a biochemist? Nutritionist? Doctor? Do you want doctors and biochemists to confirm yours and humbles assertions? Why not produce papers?

These are my “papers”. I looked at the evidence based on my own search for understanding, and one thing that the evidence pointed to was the fact that information on the true causes of diseases, as well as “approvals” for their manufacture and use, was not going to come from medicine itself.

Doctors must be “lie-sensed,” just like attorneys and lawyers. They must be sufficiently “sensitized” (actually desensitized) so as to be able to lie to the patient or client with conviction. This is why they can only practice medicine, or law. They practice these professions because medicine is not about healing, and law is not about justice. There can be no healing or justice without truth, and truth is not important in medicine or jurisprudence. Covering one’s ass (legally) is more important than truth. As such, practice is the best you’re going to get if you go to court.

Therefore, both professions have implemented systemic protection schemes (law enforcement, government, and military, too) that allows them to carry on operations while making a living by lying to the public, secure in the belief that they will not have to “pay” for their misguidance.

Even they know this is not true. They’re still human. They still live. They know that they will pay, sooner or later, they will pay… not by my choices or actions, but by their own.

I’m not talking about punishment either. I’m talking about evolution. I’m talking about self-knowing. I’m talking about LOVING, both giving and receiving. I’m talking about being able to sleep at night, confident that you haven’t fucked someone’s life up just in pursuit of a title, gold star, or a “bonus” in worthless debt instruments.

Ultimately, the FDA is made up of people, who have the same range of motivations and potential actions as you or I do. Human beings are “full spectrum,” not dissectable into discrete units of “good” and “bad.” The distinguishing factor in any and all of these issues, is conscience, whether one makes choices with, or without it. Conscience is more important than any American Express card. For your own evolution to advance, you must take it with you everywhere, in every choice. With conscience, one’s intention will tend to lean toward actions that benefit both one’s self and human evolution. Without conscience, intention beliefs, and resultant actions tend to be devolutionary, drawing one backward into the rabbit hole.

The second critic added more:

Modern science is broken, but the scientific method is not.

He’s right, but what is “modern science?” There is no “science” without people who inquire with open minds, and cannot be thrown off a subject for fear of not receiving a paycheck, or worse.

Bjorn Nordenstrom, M.D. (d 2006)
Bjorn Nordenstrom, M.D. (d 2006)

I can give you lists of scientists. Some were  Nobel prize winners. One individual, Dr. Bjorn Nordenstrom, was such an esteemed medical scientist, he served on the committee that chose Nobel laureates in Medicine. Nonetheless, after he developed a safe and effective way to treat breast cancer through electrotherapy, Dr. Nordenstrom was marginalized by that same medical profession. Dr. Nordenstrom thought that his approach was novel and original, meaning it appeared that he was the first to come up with it, only to discover that the very same approach was documented in a book on medicine that was originally published in 1887!

That book, which I’ve held personally, is at the World Research Foundation in the Village of Oak Creek, Arizona, near Sedona.

Here is more about Dr. Nordenstrom and his work.

Last piece from my second critic:

Until you or jim mans up this “miracle cure” will forever stay in the hands of yourselves and a few dozen loyal followers. Real doctors and real scientists need to speak with one another in technical terms and papers are how its done. It has nothing to do with the fda, vaccines, obamacare, big pharma etc. This is about having something to show for… How many decades of mms?

This isn’t about Jim Humble or me. Whether I agree with how he has gone about bringing MMS forward, bringing it forward and introducing it to the public in the best way that he knew how was “manning up.” If the practice of medicine was about healing — truly healing people — and it was successful at it, people would not be searching for, or open to, MMS. Yet, in spite of overwhelming evidence of the failure of the system to deliver on its public claim, we let the wolf of an FDA and DoJ act as the Inquisitor and arbitrarily deciding who has “sinned” and the penance they must pay.

In the time it has taken me to write this post, thousands of people have succumbed to conditions brought from the complications of standard medical practice. It’s easy to be the critic. Man up and offer something yourself. If it has merit, people will rally around you too!

Medical science should have been interested, not in marginalizing MMS or Jim, but in verifying its efficacy and, if it proved to be as describedthanking him for bringing it forward, and then taking it in as part of a doctor’s tool box. IF “curing” or healing disease were the Medical Industrial Complex’s true objective, its agents would not be trying to criminalize a private citizen for doing what they did not deem practical to do.

Modern science is not “broken;” it is corrupt. It is working exactly as it is designed to work, as intended. It flourishes on managing a trusting but unaware public’s sickness. It needlessly takes their health, money, and their lives, with our trusting, ignorant and lazy consent.

It’s Not Just Medicine

Better growing through chemistry has been the rule for too long.

Corporate-controlled agricultural and food production practices, and water treatment methods create the conditions whereby disease pathologies in the trusting, but unaware general population, can be reliably predicted. Because the public “trusts” that disease is a vexing “battle” that must be “fought”, and can only be figured out by (mind-controlled) PhD’s, they “American Idol” their minds (or find other meaningless distractions) and become the devil’s playground.

Our society is so oblivious of the adverse psychoactive properties of the myriad drugs and synthetic chemicals that we ingest every day, driven by the econometrics of their distribution, drugs are never even considered as a contributing factor in the growing trend of abusive interactions and relationships.

“Protected” from the effect of their abusive proclivities by the “shield,” many law enforcement officers are playing out the effects of OTC medications as well as prescription drugs. Beyond that, processed foods (no donut jokes here), with “artificial” colors, flavors, and other code words for genetically modified substances, make their contribution as well.

A “star struck” mainstream media, addicted to controversy like a crack whore (which can be a woman or a man), will not ask questions or tell the public the truth about how the manipulation works, largely because they don’t see their own complicity in the mind control system itself.

As such, I write about Daniel Smith the way I do out of conscience, because he acted with conscience. For some reason, life placed me in the middle of this story, without my trying. I also write about the social system that we live in out of conscience, because I now see how it works perfectly just the way it is. The FDA and Dept of Justice, Congress, the U.S. Senate and Barack Obama, are nowhere near the tip of this pyramid. They are doing what they have been told.

They’re following orders from “above,” but the order givers are no “better” (or worse) than you or me. They are more practiced at what they do.

Yet, even those at the “top” must observe and obey “rules”, and those at the “bottom” must wake up from the lie and learn the real rules are. Here is a good diagram:

Our power comes from within, not from anything that you can see, or feel; not in fighting the “evil” empire, but in seeking the truth, knowing who we are, imagining the world as our hearts would have it be, and then being true to the vision. In other words, spend no time or energy wishing ill of anyone. Spend time and energy being grateful for the amazing changes that beckon, as though they have already happened.


Supporting My ‘Habit’

Given that this is what I do — learn and comment — I need it to support me financially while this system yet exists. This has not happened, through no one’s fault other than my own. I do receive donations occasionally, which I am most grateful for, but while I continue to reconstitute my water product, I must make something else happen.

I have almost 5,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel, which isn’t much for Miley Cyrus or Lebron James, but is pretty substantial given the topics that I cover and length of my videos.

Because I have what is considered a substantial video audience, I have the option of either converting my YouTube channel to paid subscription (which would unsubscribe all existing subscribers), or creating a new one. I have chosen the latter option. I have named the channel, Thought For Food TV.

Presently there are no videos there, but that will change soon. I will comment more as my plan unfolds.

Santos Bonnaci

In the past few days I’ve watched several video presentations by Santos Bonnaci, who is in Australia. One thing I can see doing is actually taking presentations like the one linked below, and adding my own addendums here and there. His work is well-researched.

Your Soul is Owned by the Vatican

I have just located and downloaded a book (pdf) title that he recommended, titled, God-Man: The Word Made Flesh, by Dr. George W. Carey and Inez Eudora Perry. It is one of several books from the same author that defines and describes the true human nature, which is God in flesh. If you knew that you were God in flesh, would you try to “kill,” defraud, deceive, or control others?

The evidence suggests that you (and I) are indeed that. The suggestion is that we are not; that we should see someone who has superior knowledge, income, and social status to our own.

Much $cience Fiction.

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2 Thoughts to “Science without Conscience is '$cience' Fiction”

  1. Hello Adam

    Long time no see from me here!
    But that does not mean that I deserted your blog!
    Your artictles are as great as ever, and you are titting
    the nail on the head of each subject you discuss!
    Keep it up…and ignore the naysayer

    Allthrough I seldem use MMS latey, that is not because
    I don’t believe in it anymore! It did after all cure me from
    asthma in 2 days after usingvall sorts of medications
    and pumps for years!

    But my health has generally improved since I’m on
    pension in South Africa!
    Cleaner air, no smokers near me, taking cayenne-pepper &
    calcium pills and having almost every day a yoghurt
    with honey, ginger & cinnamon, I had not one cold last
    winter! 🙂

    Also the availabilty here is a problem, so I keep what I have
    for ’emergencies’ like when I have a food-poisoning or so 😉
    I have stopped arguing with people who are ‘brainwashed’ &
    following like sheep after governments, movie or sport–star
    & religious ‘bulls…ters’ , when there is more evidence about
    their lying, cheeting and criminal activities then about Jim!

    But never mind God is not asleep and he knows who is
    crucked or not! The law ‘of cause & effect’ or ‘as you saw
    so you will reap’ will catch up with all of them soon!

    The ‘Kingdom of God’ cannot bevprevented anymore, because
    To many people are waking up spiritually and taking
    Off their ‘blindfolds’! All we can do is determent which way we go!
    With those that will still have to pay for their actions, or
    With those that repend, do Gods Will and will be saved one way
    or the other by ‘GOD’s new world order’, not by the immitation
    ‘fake new world order’ of the world governments!

    Love & light and Gods blessing

  2. There really are people “out there” who believe that the FDA and Big Pharma have our interests at heart. I used to think this too. They simply don’t know what is going on.

    Anyone with a modicum of intelligence should be able to join the dots between “FDA”, “Big Pharma”, “Big Pharma is a major funder of the FDA”, “loss of profits for Big Pharma, if MMS, colloidal silver, etc. are not stopped”, and “The FDA case against Daniel and MMS”. It’s a Primary School level exercise, in my opinion.

    Thank you for your blog. It’s service to mankind.

    My warmest regards,

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