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Let's get started!
Let’s get started!

Whether you’re new to this forum, or have been on this journey into quantum possibility with me for years (you know who you are), I want to wish you an amazing New Year. I’m sure it will be just that, because you are an amazing being. This is especially true if you have chosen to be amazing. I didn’t say proclaim it. I didn’t infer that this choice has to be on the public record. No one else has to know.

If you’ve chosen to exercise the Love within you, you have already decided to trust that it’s there, and share it because it is limitless. You know that when you choose to give Love, you are its first recipient and beneficiary. You know that there is great power in Love, as there is in truth. You know that it takes courage to be truthful, and favor harmony to harm. These simple choices can turn your life path in a new direction, or expose new dimensions that may have been “hiding,” as it were, in plain sight.

As you embrace and embody truth, you also make yourself a safe-haven for truth sharing. In other words, you make yourself safe for others to be truthful around and with you.

Truth has become a rare commodity in our society, so rare that “synthetic equivalent truths” have been become the rule. A synthetic truth is one that we have decided to abide by, even though it may, in actuality, be a false idea. The idea of ownership is a synthetic truth.

Here are some definitions of “ownership.”

a :  to have or hold as property :  possess 
b :  to have power or mastery over <wanted to own his own life>
:  to acknowledge to be true, valid, or as claimed :  admit<own a debt>
intransitive verb
:  to acknowledge something to be true, valid, or as claimed —used with to or up

The simple idea and practice of “owning” something has evolved to become a central component in a social structure that proclaims to stand as a protector of freedoms, but in practice, functions as the de facto “owner” of the very people it exists to serve.

Of course, without people to run it, “government” is a meaningless, empty idea. Essentially, it is a small group of people who run the people who run the governments (and banks, media companies, energy, medicine, and more), who established the systems and policies that we live by. These social systems catalog and “manage” the citizenry in much the same manner as it would a commodity inventory item, such as pens and paper. Perhaps the only distinction would be that the citizens would be classified as livestock.

I’ve watched and listened to some amazing videos over the past week, and produced one of my own, which is linked here, and below.

If ownership didn’t exist as an idea, slavery would eventually disappear. Ownership is purely concerned with the acquisition of “stuff”.  An individual’s “worth” is solely dependent on the material “stuff” that he or she “owns”, or “controls.”

Man will give himself, and has given himself, imaginary license to carry the idea of “ownership” anywhere his ego would take him. Between men and women, it was who would “own” who. Men have relied on brute force, some cultures more so than others, to “subdue” women. Women who are abused and marginalized by men in her life often eventually abuse the next generation of children.

The idea of “ownership” is an active part of these social dynamics, but not “noticed” or questioned.

Between tribes, ownership of surviving rivals might become one of the spoils of war. Conquerors may have had the option to pick and choose among the conquered to “own.”

As for natural resources. Who “owns” the oil that is extracted from the Earth? Or the water that falls from the sky as rain, or courses through rivers and streams. Some cities have made it illegal to collect rainwater! By what “authority” are such decisions made?

Synthetic authority, which fabricate synthetic truths.

Fascinating how in the quest for ownership, kinship has been forgotten.

Look at people who, after watching thousands of crime movies and television programs feel they must own a gun in order to be “safe.” The people they are most likely to use a gun on, would be a kin. Not necessarily related in the traditional sense of the term, but a kindred.  Once a person decides to use a gun on another human, so much energy is devoted to justifying the action that the last thing anyone wants to see is kindredness. In other words, how the shooter and the victim were far more alike than either would want to admit.

Just something to think about. I hadn’t even occurred to me before I sat down to write. That’s when writing is the best.

I have been doing The Healing Code: 6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Your Health, Success, or Relationship Issue, by Alex Loyd, Ph.D.. I have suggested the book to several people, including a homeopath who had never heard of it. When I showed him the hand positions, he said, “Of course! That’s self-Qigong!” 

When i got home I found quite a few Qigong videos, some of which taught healing through certain hand gestures they referred to as “sword fingers”. Here’s one video.

We are naturally capable of amazing feats, if we’re not afraid. Fear shuts amazingness down, as does competitiveness. The system that requires a “wrong” for each “right”, or a “loser” for each “winner,” doesn’t ennoble the victors.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I take some exception with how “prayer” is generally perceived. Nonetheless, I used the “prayer” that is in Chapter 10: “Your 6-Minute Universal Healing Code.” I didn’t let my “exception” stand in the way of the beautiful thought that the prayer articulated. I’m not going to reveal the prayer here. You can consult your copy of the book, if you have it. However, after using the prayer as my basis for my Healing Code sessions, eventually I came up with a statement that I am more comfortable with. I’m not uncomfortable with the one in the book, but I am more comfortable with the thought that came to me.

A Divine Acknowledgment

I AM GRATEFUL that all known and unknown negative images, unhealthy beliefs, destructive cellular memories, and all physical, emotional, mental, financial, and familial issues associated with my life, have been found, opened, and healed by filling me with the Light, Life, and LOVE of God.

I AM ALSO GRATEFUL that the effectiveness of this healing has been increased by 1 billion times, or more.

I feel pretty good after saying this passage and directing energy from my hands via The Healing Code. I have probably over-simplified the protocol, since there is much more support information and alternative methods one can use for specific issue. However, the first statement feels pretty comprehensive to me, so I haven’t spent time addressing specific issues.

For that matter, I don’t recite the second line any more either. If I’m grateful that God has filled me with Light, Life, and LOVE, then it was/is already 100% effective. Why would I need to “boost” perfection?


Below is a 3-hour conversation that I believe is important for you to know about history. I’ve seen others, and will post links to them too if you’re interested.

Before any real and needed changes are going to happen, it is important to see just how deeply and fully the “wool” has been pulled over the sheep’s heads.

Here’s to a most wonderful New Year, and thank you for inviting these thoughts to mingle and meld with your own!

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