MMS Pre-Trial Shenanigans Begin

On the heels of my recent announcement of a defense fund for Daniel Smith’s March 3, 2015 (changed to May 18, 2015) trial for the sale and distribution for the Mineral (Master) Mineral Supplement (Solution) or “MMS”, someone, who called himself “John Q. Public“, added a video link in the comments thread.

It was a voice-synthesized, hack video aimed at dissuading people who might be inclined to contribute to Daniel’s defense fund, from doing so.


I’ll say this again. The video was aimed at people who might want Daniel Smith to be able to sufficiently present his case, which has gotten increasingly, and intentionally difficult to do, due to escalating expense.

Said expense is pushed even higher because so few are willing to do anything unless money changes hands first. (Boy! What planet did I come from? :-)) The more you appear to need help, the more the price of willingness seems to rise. The Medical Industrial Complex has made a good living off diseases and death, using the same model.

When money is always required before a humanitarian action is taken, then principle and truth become optional, and may never appear. I’m sure that the filmmaker referred to above, John Q. Public didn’t produce his epic, thought-provoking work, for free. If you believe in your work, and it is earnest, then you won’t mind being known for it.

Money factors like these make “getting a fair trial” unaffordable to most people, who then think their “rights” are being “honored” and “protected” when the Court assigns a Public Defender, whose main allegiance and responsibility is to the Crown. Practicing attorneys are members of the B.A.R., which is the British Accreditation Registry. They are “Officers of the Court,” which might as well be a foreign country for the uninformed.

But that’s just the way it is.

Presenting a Case

A sufficient presentation of Daniel Smith’s case might naturally include the actual science behind what “MMS” is, the chemistry it actually produces (there’s been much conjecture and some debate), and therefore, the harm that is, or is not done when it is used.

I don’t know what actual strategy Daniel has planned, but it makes sense that the actual science might be covered, given the original claims that the FDA published and went after him for in the first place.

As if it were shot straight from the Central Story Service (if such a place existed), the FDA’s first public “warning” about MMS July 30, 2010, stated that when used as directed, the product (MMS) “produces an industrial bleach that can cause serious harm to health.”

On October 1, 2010, the agency stepped things up even further, when it issued a Consumer Update under the heading: ‘Miracle’ Treatment Turns into Potent Bleach 

Harm isn’t truly the issue here — the mission is to discredit MMS and dissuade medical practitioners from using it even if it is effective. However, the agency led by claiming it was harmful. As such, the facts must support their claim too. So the first question should be whether the agency’s allegations are really true.

So this “John Q. Public” character mysteriously comes along to give a negative “stir” of the pot right after the defense fund campaign is launched, and doesn’t want you to help Daniel by giving a donation. His “logic” is that Jim Humble has publicly claimed that he knows how to precipitate gold, and can show you how. If this is true, as a “successful alchemist,” then why does he have to ask anyone for money? Why doesn’t he just convert some of the gold he has made into cash, and give it to Daniel? You can read his answer to his question below:

From the mind of John Q. Public.
From the mind of John Q. Public.

That’s it.

This person made two posts to the comment section of this blog. They didn’t appear immediately.

Awhile ago, after I began receiving comments to old, inactive posts that look real but sounded as though they were written by a robot, I elected to view and approve each, so there is sometimes a delay before the comment appears. This isn’t about only allowing people who agree with my opinion. My inclination is to approve all viewpoints, if they are real. When his comment with the video link didn’t appear immediately, John Q. Public posted a second one that was virtually identical to the first, a scant two minutes later.

Below is a screen shot of my WordPress “console” with comments displayed. If you click on the graphic directly, you can see the full-size image. (Just click your browser’s “Back” arrow to return to this screen.)

You can see the two video link replies by John Q. Public, one published, and one not.

A cursory search of the email domain that Mr. Public sent the post from pointed to, a site that provides disposable email addresses, ostensibly for “avoiding spam,” but also perfect for avoiding being identified or tracked.

Who you think uses disposable phones and emails?

A check of the IP address yielded the following information:

The number of this IP address is This IP address is related to Romania. IP Country code is RO. IP address is assigned to “Voxility S.R.L.”. In organization “Voxility S.R.L.”. It’s hostname is IP address latitude is 46.0 and longitude is 25.0.

The TOR server type is specifically used for maintaining anonymity. TOR network servers are popular among government agencies overseas so that they can communicate without detection. I guess Sony’s network didn’t have TOR servers.

Now who could have done this?

Well, I don’t know, and I won’t speculate, as the only thing I could hazard, would be a guess. However, it is interesting to note that some history exists within the Justice System of anonymous online criticism of a man whose company was the target of a federal inquiry. This happened in 2012 when U.S. Attorney, Jim Letten, stepped down when members of his staff admitted to posting critical comments to Federal targets. Here are links to three stories. (, Huffington Post, Washington Post)

U.S. Attorney Jim Letten resigns (12/2012) amid scandal over anonymous postings. (Source:

The reasons that made it appropriate for Mr. Letten to step down also apply in Daniel Smith’s case. In spite of his treatment to date, the Court and DoJ must still offer the appearance of fairness, which includes the presumption of innocence until proven “guilty.” If anyone associated with the FDA or DoJ were found to be connected to John Q. Public’s video production, it would lay bare an intent to defraud and defame the defendant, and by way of extrapolation, the people of America, on the government’s part. And for what?

To win.

Winning is all that matters. Truth doesn’t. Science doesn’t. Fairness doesn’t. Whether harm happened doesn’t matter. Just winning, baby! Winners climb the ladders of success. Winners get the promotions. Winners are remembered favorably (for a time). Losers watch and wish.

Justice is supposed to be the ethos of the system, not “winning” by any means necessary.
Having every imaginable advantage doesn’t even matter. Having virtually unlimited funds, technology, and clout to frame the argument is not enough. The mandate is to fabricate a case, sell a jury on the idea that a citizen with no criminal history, who broke no law, is a menace to society, and use every public agency, law enforcement organization, media outlet, and judicial influence, to get the win. 

All I’ll say here is what we wish upon another we create for ourselves.

So I don’t know who put a bee in John Q. Public’s bonnet, but it’s pretty clear that he, or whoever hired him to do it, didn’t want what happened to Jim Letten to happen in this situation.

You should know this side of the “justice” fence. You won’t hear it on the 11 o’clock news.

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  1. It’s a vicious circle where you need competent legal aid, but they are in the B.A.R. and thus not truly ‘on your side’. We know this from 6 years as pro se litigating a wrongful foreclosure case personally. Please support Daniel (and his family!) at and may his attorneys be profoundly blessed!

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