Love, 'The Greater You' and 'The Question'

Its ours too.
Its ours too.

I often see references of concern for the “survival” of the human race and the planet Earth. Catastrophe and calamity, or the expectation thereof, dominate the minds of many. But I’ve come to a place where it appears that a major “point” is being missed. To put it succinctly, it’s about a question that only the individual can answer.

I wrote this short, poetic soliloquy to illustrate:

‘The Question’

Man’s ‘survival’
will never be in question…

He will always ‘exist’
Somewhere, somewhen.

When the Man awakens to the Truth
that He is far more 
than He imagines Himself to be,
is The Question.

…that Each can only answer
for One’s Self.

Here it is in graphic form:


In order for there to be a question of survival, there would have to be a question of existence. Western thought, medicine, religion, and science have taken the default notion that the physical body is the living being, when in actuality, it is not.

The physical body is the vehicle of expression for the living being on Earth, but it is not the being. I say this having had a fairly “traditional” Protestant Christian indoctrination as a child, if being raised in a Southern Baptist church can be considered traditional. I didn’t hear of reincarnation until I began studying Eastern and Arcane philosophical traditions as a young adult.

I wasn’t convinced initially in the idea of reincarnation. I had no memories of other lives, as far as I could tell.

Science Helps ‘Connect the Dot’

It was science that began to lead me toward accepting that there might be something to reincarnation. It began with the understanding that everything is energy, energy is everything, and energy can’t be destroyed, it only changes state. Well, we are included in the definition of “energy”. If something exists, it is energetic by its very nature. Since we exist, we are energetic, and cannot be destroyed.

If something can appear to be destroyed, then it must not be “us”.

We, the human being, are “energies that affect energy.” The energies that we are affect and influence the energy that organizes into the physical form. It keeps the physical form “alive” for the duration of the lifetime, even during “sleep” periods when the body is inactive.

Something unseen powers, and responds individually, to everyone.

Evidence suggests that the Being that we are, is never “inactive”, because it is not the physical body. When the physical body sleeps, the Being (You/Me) simply shifts attention to a different “where” and “when,” until we redirect it back to the form (physical body) within The Frequency Matrix of Earth. There’s no reason that other bodies, physical or non-physical, aren’t experienced in each different “where” and “when”, all at Once! The thought is easily dismissed, if it comes up at all, because we assume that there is “one body per life.”

What if there is simply One Life to which all bodies belong? I’m not saying that it is so, but I know that choosing love will take one toward knowing the truth about who we are, and choosing fear retards such progress.

We have limited our concept of what is possible due in part, to the linear/sequential framework by which we currently perceive the space/time continuum. There is nothing to say that this is the only way to perceive it. Indeed, some people already perceive reality in a framework of timeless space, and spaceless time.

These insights didn’t come overnight. At least, I didn’t perceive things that way. However, it eventually became self-evident that while we direct it, motate, and interact with each other through it, we are not the physical body. As such, re-embodiment, otherwise known as reincarnation, began to make perfect sense.

Why? Because death itself, is an idea that is not based in truth. Remember, energy cannot be destroyed; it only changes form. If an intelligent or living energy can form and animate a human body of Earthly material once, and cannot be destroyed in essence, then of course reincarnation is possible.

Here’s a fascinating “real life” story of reincarnation.


This is good place to plug my book, I Am My Body, NOT!, because it is almost automatic for us to begin thinking and acting as though the body is who and what we are. The government even thinks it owns the body, and if we think we’re it, then in all practicality, it owns us if we do nothing to reset this polarity-reversed social paradigm back to normal.


Even as I eventually accepted the reasonableness of reincarnation, it still had no great appeal to me. Some people look at reincarnation, or hear ancient traditions describe return after return to what we assume is the same planet, thousands of times covering many millennia. The suggestion is that it would take this long to reach a state of “enlightenment”, and therefore gain one’s liberation from the “Wheel of Karma.”

I cannot speak to anyone else’s experience. It’s a full-time job getting to grips with my own (although I am enjoying the process), but I see incarnation as a choice and opportunity, not a requirement. The choice and opportunity is whether and when to expand the boundaries of life’s Bliss Potential through love. Love is the only way by which to open and expand One’s Bliss Potential. As we choose to love, we change the energetic signature of our consciousness, which in turn, opens the door, and ushers us in to Bliss. I’ll thank my friend Dan Winter for his scientific exploration into, and explanation of the dynamics of bliss.


Reincarnation is proof that death isn’t real. Indeed, the Biblical story of Jesus “rising from the dead” (and other historical stories that follow the same archetype), can be seen in an entirely different context that is presently presented in most Protestant and Catholic religious traditions. However, our belief in, fear of, and flirtations with death without understanding the fallacy of its premise may be a factor in further entrenching one in the Matrix, limiting freedom in ways never considered by the framers of the Declaration of Independence, for example, in instances where transhumanism or nanobot technologies are seen as appealing.

Does “Nanobots to the rescue” sound appealing to you?

Only love liberates. Only love heals. Only love lives. Technology can’t hold a candle to it. It costs nothing, yet makes everything that is wonderful and priceless, possible.

The ‘R’ Word: Resurrection

Jesus taught and demonstrated love. He said that we’d do what he did, and greater things still. Do you think the current polarized track that political, scientific, religious, and social mis-leaders seem stuck on is what he referred to?

Christian theologians assert that Jesus “died for our sins”. What if this is not true? If death isn’t actually real, (and apparently Jesus knew it and had the courage to go through with a demonstration) then he couldn’t have “died” even if he wanted to.

Suppose Jesus allowed himself to go through the entire process of “dying” at the hands of the mighty Romans, and “rising on the third day” not to expunge humanity’s “sins,” but to demonstrate that “death” is not real!

Wouldn’t he be saying, in essence that trying to “kill” someone is futile, whether they know who they are (as Jesus did), or not (as applies to most of humanity today)? 

Clearly, we haven’t got the message yet, as many are still entrenched in the idea that they can die, or kill, when the evidence suggests that neither idea is true.

In another little gem I just received, Formula of the Universe: Cosmopsychobiology, Arcady Petrov writes:

The path of resurrection also passes through the soul, because it (the soul) is interconnected with the entire world, and not with some one part of it, and is able to harmonize, and balance both local and global events.

Petrov is intimating here and other places in his booklet that within and through the power of the Soul is the power to change our world, including performing apparent miracles, such as healing of diseases, regeneration of organs and limbs, and even resurrection from “death.” If death is just another lie that we’ve bought as true and not questioned, and been in fear of for all our lives, how could we possibly know differently?

Do you see how police, or anyone for that matter, including civilians, who are armed to the hilt and ready to kill another human being for looking at them the wrong way or not “obeying their orders” are fueling a closing of their own consciousness and bringing on greater limitation for themselves? Their fear doesn’t affect me (or you) unless I/you think it does, become reactive, and in resonance with said fear.

Harmonizing can only happen through loving and compassionate action. Police are equally capable of embracing the power of kindness and compassion as they can be fearful abusers of force. It would be unwise to judge one by their uniform. It is also unwise to defend the action simply because the perpetrator is in a uniform that you think is “on your side.” Uniforms don’t make the man, woman, or nation what they are.

When in doubt though, it is always better to know and harmonize one’s self.

Russian healers Arcady Petrov (L) and Grigori Grabovoi

Petrov and his cohort, Grigori Grabovoi, are the only writers/teachers that I know who discuss resurrection as a practical reality. Several years ago I found a blog with a manuscript for a book by Grabovoi that documented well over 50 cases of resurrection in Russia. In it he described the resurrection procedure, and included eyewitness accounts by people who asked that a loved one be restored, and then accounts of sightings.

The work titled, Resurrection and Eternal Life, had been translated from Russian to English, but it was still a hard read. I copied and pasted the entire manuscript onto my computer and eventually began re-translating as I read.

That activity didn’t last too long, and I eventually abandoned the effort, as it had become all-consuming.

I did learn, however, that It wasn’t all perfect openness, acceptance, bliss and harmony reanimating an individual either. There were various levels of denial by some upon learning that the resurrected one, even family members, had returned. This is not a “black and white” issue. People must become aware that the possibility is there, sit with the idea, and then become willing to experience it in their own life, whether as one who resurrects another, is resurrected, or encounters and interacts with a resurrected individual.

Acting like resurrection is impossible maintains emotional stasis, prevents maturation that is sorely needed.

The subject is worth exploring because if we continue to question and doubt our implicit, inherent, and inalienable immortality, we’ll continue to think of death as life’s, love’s, and truth’s “end”, when ample evidence — historical and contemporary — suggests otherwise.

Grabovoi’s manuscript was eventually published in a book, The Resurrection of People and Eternal Life From Now On is Our Reality! (2014), which I have just ordered. The following quote from the introduction is perfect Grabovoi:

Many of these facts may be perceived as a miracle, however, the following needs to be kept in mind: it is known that a miracle doesn’t conflict with the laws of Nature; a miracle conflicts with our ideas of Nature’s laws.

Adrift in a sea with no ability for conscious direction.

Our idea of reality, and hence, of what is real and true, is generally out-of-order. A world without truth is like a ship with no sails or rudder. It goes where external forces take it. External forces, in the form of thoughts that have become social conventions and behaviors, descend on the human consciousness in the formative years of the body. By the time the Age of Reason arrives, we have accepted and internalized innumerable impressions, patterns, and traumas, and made numerous assumptions about what is, and is not possible.

Most of what we think of as not being possible is corroborated by the fact that (1) we’ve not seen or experienced it personally, and (2) others (e.g., “experts,” “scientists,” etc.) say it’s not possible. Direct experience can be derailed by an effective “conspiracy of the majority”.  The notion is that if a sufficient number of people agree that a phenomenon is impossible, then they’ll be “right”. However, the truth will actually apply to them, and even then, only if their Soul says so. When the Soul says it’s time for one to know something, nothing can or will stop it from happening.

In the meantime, we’ve been swimming in a sea of lies. We’ve been accepting what we’ve been told and have seen with our own eyes, as truth, not knowing, seeing, or suspecting, the blinders that have been placed around the human mind.

Here are several more resurrection stories.

When I was in London recently, I met the man on the left below. He died in 1992 and was resurrected, at the request of his mother, by Sathya Sai Baba (1926-2011), the Indian guru and philanthropist that was considered by many to be a worker of miracles.


I met the gentleman in August 2014, as he attended a luncheon a dear friend arranged for me at an Indian restaurant near Wembley Stadium on the next to last day before my return trip home, I asked him to describe what happened. When I get the correct spelling of his name, I will post the video.

As a society and culture, humanity has adopted, inherited, or created and sanctified, a number of ideas and behaviors that are working against its evolution. We think some are “greater” and others are “lesser” than ourselves or group. Yet, we fear “losing” the qualities or traits (including limitations) that make who we think we are, “unique”. Each is unique in all the Cosmos, and yet each is connected to all of the Cosmos. We are infinitely free in ways certain sanctimonious truths are loath to admit.

Each must open his own eyes. Each will open his eyes… one day. It need not take an eternity of lifetimes to choose to live and love.

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