Healing Self in Times of Geopolitical Pyromania


Could it be that the power to heal ourselves is with us, has always been with us, and all we lacked was the awareness or belief that there might be some truth to the idea?

Could it be that simple? Better yet, could it be true? You can bet your doctor and other “experts” don’t believe it. But then, their entire training regimen has taken them where they are, to the mistaken notion that Nature is “flawed” and by inference, so is Man.

More than a few learned exports would call the notion of self-healing “rubbish,” “hogwash,” or “poppycock!” They would admonish the unlearned masses that when diseases strike, medicine is called for! That’s where doctors come in, and tests are needed!

And don’t forget money, insurance, and Obamacare!

But what if, in reality, we don’t need any of these things?

What if it is really You that heals “you,” and Me that heals “me”? I mean some element, presently unknown but knowable, inactive but available, that when we choose to establish harmonic resonance, resets and re-established the original pattern? What if this is all it takes?

I’m not trying to make this sound simple, because in spite of our almost universal hunger for love, we’re a stingy bunch when it comes to showing it, much less being it in times of need.

Why are we so inclined to disbelieve in the power of Life, Love, and an Intelligent, Living Principle, and willing to endure chemicals and practices administered by people who’ve  never had it, and wouldn’t take it if they were in our position, that disrupt, maim, and kill?

These are important questions we must ask ourselves; ones that each must answer.

Medical Doctors are required to dole out these poisons in order to maintain their ability to “practice” medicine, and make a living, since most get so deeply in debt during their medicine education.  They are also required to stay away from, and unaware of, any modalities that stand outside of the ones “approved” by the licensing and government agencies.

Doctors are so highly compartmentalized (specialized) that they frequently issue drugs that are at odds with what other specialists have prescribed, creating chemical interactions that kill an already decimated ecosystem. This travesty happens in plain sight, and with the apparent approval of a distracted, misled, medicated public.

What is it about the white coat and stethoscope?

What if all those vaccines, medications, and prescriptions, and belief that a person in a white coat can tell us if a drug is right for what ails us, actually prevents and postpones our realizing, getting acquainted with, and choosing to embrace and embody an inner power?

What if we — each human being — already have what it takes to provide healing energy to ourselves and each other, if we (1) know we can, and (2) know how?

What if that healing power within us can transcend and overcome any malady that befalls us, if we simply remain in or restore a state of conscious, loving, peaceful, balanced, knowing?

There is reasonable evidence that the answer to these questions is yes. Indeed, there is evidence that the power to resolve any attempt to disrupt the human spirit — even that idea called “death” — is already present, simply waiting for you and I to invite it in, sincerely, earnestly, with humility… with truth, and with Love.

They just don’t know…

$cience is frantically trying to increase human health and mortality by selling us on the idea that technological integration is the way. Look up “transhumanism“. The tone in how the entry is written in Wikipedia sounds very much in support of the idea, in stark contrast to the Mineral Mineral Supplement (MMS) entry.

Our relationships with others and disease are inextricably interrelated. Medicine does not give any weight to these relationships. Yet, love is rarely, if ever, considered when chemistry and technology dominate the palette of “approved” remedies. If we practiced more love and less conditionality, we would have healthier relationships, and be healthier people.

This healthiness doesn’t mean that one would be all smiles, passive, or “sweetness and light.” I love humanity. I love life. I love freedom. I love growing up in, and being “American”. I loath what is being done today in the name of America, or freedom. To come from a place of love means having the courage to be honest or truthful with each other. When we set truth aside, we make room for tyranny, because everything is either made up, or covered up. We are asked to trust a system and people that wisdom suggests we should not. Wisdom suggests that we trust something within ourselves that “experts” would consider foolish.

I can’t name a single social problem, of all the insane ones that incessantly flash across the airwaves these days, that love couldn’t and wouldn’t make a beneficial difference in. That is, if people are being honest about their grievances.

She’s home to us all… for now.

Many of the crises that we hear of are being manufactured intentionally, or created under false pretenses. Many crises that have not presented as such yet, such as the proliferation and ubiquitous use of GMO products, hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) method for producing oil, are also being continued intentionally as the living planet, and the bulk of its living population, are looked upon as mere commodities; one as supplier for product manufacturing and commerce, and the other as “workers” (not producers) and “consumers” of said products.

One Massive Lie

This series of questions did not spring forth because I read The Healing Code: 6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Your Health, Success, or Relationship Issue, by Alex Loyd, Ph.D. Anyone who has followed my journey knows that I have explored many “alternative” modalities, and respect them all. Each one “works” in its own right for the people who it worked for. For the people who the method and the time was right for. I’m now realizing that it’s not the method that must be “right” as much as it is the person who, for their own reasons, known and unknown, is now ready.

That is very much okay with me.

The true spark for the questions we’re now entertaining and the answer that I suspect is true, is the realization that virtually everything that we have thought was “true” about our world, has been a massive fabrication. We have been told one story after another, and that’s all they are, stories! We swim in an ocean of lies, spoken by numerous actors, most of whom believe that the lies they’re telling are true.

A few weeks ago we took in a matinée of the movie “Interstellar” with Matthew McConaughey, which I enjoyed. The trailers leading up to the feature film were another story. Virtually all of them were of the “end of the world,” “death and dismemberment” genre in time for Christmas, plus this, for “The Interview”:

I couldn’t believe (1) the incendiary plot line of this film, made even more so by the lack of any attempt at fictionalization whatsoever, (2) that it was actually being made and someone thought it was funny, and (3) anyone thought this was a good idea. (It wasn’t.)

The film company (and whoever else was behind its making) intended to expose millions of people around the world to the idea of “our” CIA initiating an assassination on the head of another nation. This was a not-veiled threat of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. For what reason was North Korea targeted? Because we disagree with how they do things? Because they have no Central Bank, like some of the other countries that western thugs have invaded and took heads out or attempted to (Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya), or tried to pick a fight with (Iran)?

Just askin’.

If the media information that we’re getting is true, then I disagree with the way that the regime of North Korea treats its people. For that matter, I disagree with how Israel treats Palestinians in the Gaza strip.

Closer to home, I disagree with the equally delusional, exploitative, cancerous game that the FDA and its sibling agencies and Medical Industrial Complex is running on the American people. However, it would be the height of insanity to wish, plot, or parody their demise as a “remedy.” It is even more insane to theatrically dramatize such a plot against North Korea under the cover of comedy.

Beyond that, when the actors and puppets of mainstream media discuss the developments, the only “harm” that they considered as legitimate is that which would affect Sony’s bottom line! The “threat” that they direct to the hackers is about lost profits. They don’t recognize the lost connection to ethics and principles! From the CEO of United States Corporation on down, no one has taken umbrage with Sony, Columbia, or the media machine for literally shouting “fire!” in a crowded theater! Actually, this was worse than showing “fire!” This was tantamount to indicating an intent to plan it, build the tinder, and light the match. This is geopolitical pyromania.

Only if you’re insane.

Today Barack Obama says that’s not “who we are” to do self-censorship, because the North Koreans perhaps should have been “offended.” So he’s saying that “who we are” is a group who is okay with private corporations characterizing its “Intelligence Agency” with plotting the assassination of the head of state of another country. How does he think the heads of state of other countries might feel about his indifference? Please understand that I don’t mean this personally to Mr. Obama. It’s not “his” indifference. This simply shows that he is an actor, doing the bidding of producers and directors that ain’t you and me. If geopolitical stability were sought, decorum and diplomacy would call for one country to seek and find earnest, non-threatening ways to bring about change. But apparently, that’s not what we’re about anymore. We’ve been lighting matches all over the globe, looking for someone or somewhere to fight. I know I’m not the only one to notice this.

This same group of people do indeed use such tactics against its “enemies.” Today we can ask Barack Obama whether the world is still a better place after officially “killing” Osama bin Laden in 2011? Evidence suggests that bin Laden actually passed in late 2001 see link, link, link.) We know that someone was killed from the drone attack, justifying new animosities, all by the CEO of a corporate entity masquerading as constitutional government.

These are the same people who declare that their chief responsibility is to “keep Americans safe.” Another very large lie, or he’s talking about a very small group of Americans (and multinationals).

Actors are “celebrated” for doing what? Making you believe the fictions that writers, directors, and producers have concocted, are true. The problem is that the story tends to involve the human being frail, flawed, victimized, or at odds with some formidable, malevolent, “evil” force. Preachers, priests, and clerics of many strips give a similar story, which each will swear is true (“pass the basket please”).

Mass media is a perfect tool for mental programming. In a nifty little book (only 40 pages) I recently found by Arcady Petrov, titled, Improving Health in Oncological Diseases, he writes:

…we are not isolated from each other and, in addition to the personal responsibility for our actions, we have a collective responsibility for what happens in the family, in society and in human social consciousness as a whole. And when within a certain circumference abnormal people with a diseased psychology, a sick imagination and unhealthy goals gather, it is not surprising that pathologies and anomalies multiply in that organism. A diseased social consciousness also makes the physical body unavoidably sick.

What we’re looking at is a total inversion of consciousness, where sick is normal and sane is abnormal. Leaders are now mis-leaders. It is now time to look within.

I’ll leave you with one more from Petrov.

The media hammers the thought into the collective consciousness of every person: cancer cannot be healed, AIDS cannot be healed, and so on. But in the nucleus of every cell there is a program of eternal life. But people do not know about this; no one tells them about this.

It’s time we start looking for that Gift inside, on our own.

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4 Thoughts to “Healing Self in Times of Geopolitical Pyromania”

  1. “We’ve been lighting matches all over the globe, looking for someone or somewhere to fight.” This article is so well titled as geopolitical pyromania. I find your reasoned and calm presentation of the current level of insanity is a balm. It helps to creates a space to look at the solutions that you also present. Thank you!

  2. Arizona

    Thank you! I was beginning to think that I was alone in wondering why in the heck anyone would think that a comedy film about the assassination of ANYONE is appropriate in this supposedly enlightened world. “We” have advanced no further than barbarians.

    1. I agree! They talk about Sony’s possible revenue losses, and about “freedom of speech” as though they are the only issues that matter, with no consideration to the very human emotions and concerns these ideas might engender. There appears to be a central copywriting center where talking points originate, which frame all the interviews and sound bytes. The public is never asked what they though about a film like this. But then, if someone were interviewed, they’d only broadcast those favorable to their agenda.

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