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I am loving The Healing Code: 6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Your Health, Success, or Relationship Issue. I heartily recommend the book. At present, I do the protocol an average of twice daily, sometimes three times, as the author, Alex Loyd suggests. Time will tell what happens physiologically, but several changes have occurred and are occurring, which I will write about soon.

In spite of the myriad subjects that one could get upset about these days, I feel great. This doesn’t mean that the news stories about police brutality and icon downing, such as is happening with Bill Cosby, aren’t upsetting. They tend to stimulate racial polarization, each in their own way. One tends to exacerbate bad will, while the other breaks down long standing good will. The net effect is the same, an unpleasant aftertaste in the heart.

A major mirth outlet was compromised by this.
A major mirth outlet was compromised by this.

I’m ever more inclined to believe that what we see happening in our society is intentional. Not suggesting that it is either “bad” or “good”… just intentional; not by happenstance.

What we  have here is an exercise, not in judgment, but in how to judge. Choice is judgment. If we have free will, which I believe we do, and if we are indeed equal, which I believe we are, then the lesson of, and about the “advancement” of humanity is not in, or about technology or space travel. It is about consciousness, which is expanded, or contracts, based on the choices we make, and hence, our judgment; whether to love, forgive, atone, harmonize and balance, or to criticize and condemn, and cloak our hearts in fear.

Some people believe that God will judge us after we exit this realm. Like Santa Claus, “He” will base his decision on whether we’ve been “good” or “bad.”

Some folks have decided that God doesn’t exist. They conclude that this life is all there is. While the notion doesn’t resonate with me, I am not inclined to try to convince them otherwise. I bring it up to point out that these are all judgments. “Truth,” like beauty, rests within the consciousness of the holder.  It changes as consciousness changes. Consciousness changes, and in particular expands, as we choose to love.

Since we are making choices each moment, we have judgments about every aspect of our lives. How we’ve come to think that the only “judgment” that matters is the one that God makes after the life is over, would be a fascinating story to learn. Look at how we abdicate our power to make effective and beneficial changes for fear of it being a “bad” choice, or preferring to let someone else “more qualified” make it for us (e.g., “Ask your doctor is ________ is right for you.”).

In the mean time, some astonishingly heinous “traditions” continue, with apparent honor and respect left intact. Yet, when such behavior becomes the rule, expansion of consciousness and hence, human evolution, must wait.

Changes in consciousness happen during the lifetime, not afterwards. They affect freedoms that the reality reveals and allows as certain conditions are met.

Changes in consciousness affect such practical matters as whether over armed police officers choose to use overwhelming force to subdue unarmed citizens, and cite “fear for life” as justification when he crosses the line. Changes in consciousness affect whether a person uses force of will at all, or whether he elects instead to trust, embrace, and embody, the power of love.

It’s the same thing as the difference between treating a symptom and healing the actual cause.

I hear a lot of people who profess to have some belief in, love for, or closeness to God, who express everything but love. Yet, love, in all its derivative forms of expression (e.g., respect, tolerance, patience, cooperation, harmony, courage), is the only choice (judgment) that will actually improve human relations, expand consciousness, and open new levels of experience.

We’re not a thousand years away from this reality. Such change can be as close as the next judgment you make.

This is tyranny.

Irrespective of where you sit on the scale of police actions and reactions against citizens, it is clearly evident that the law enforcement system has established a set of operating conventions that have left its personnel woefully under-prepared to deal effectively with what’s really important; which is, harmonious relations with said citizenry.

This too, I believe, is intentional. Question is, what choices will you make?

It seems that the act of beefing up law enforcement officers, our latter-day civilian soldiers, to the hilt with weapons — guns, gases/sprays, clubs, tasers, and more — has emboldened many into the false assumption that their orders should be obeyed even in the absence of reasonable cause. This practice has retarded their judgment. At no time does the responsibility for a police officer to respect the rights, liberties, and life of the citizen get waived. On the other hand, that same responsibility applies to the citizen.

One should not go into a police encounter expecting to get his ass kicked for any reason.

To cover for judgmental retardation on the officer’s part, those who shape the justice system have resorted to legal gerrymandering, to “serve, rationalize, and protect” the boys in blue. They also rally around each other to protect themselves, either by making truth take a back seat, or citing legal precedents and opinions that might exonerate when they know they’ve crossed the line.

Everyone knows when they’ve crossed the line. Everyone knows when they’ve made the wrong judgment. Everyone understands when they’ve done unnecessary harm. They certainly don’t have to wait for God to tell them. They know instantly.

If a “law” exists that one can cling to that suggests that what they did is “okay,” even when it isn’t, then most will take it. Police officers aren’t the only ones inclined to take this route if they think they can get away with it, but then that’s what we’ve been led to believe; that some people can get away with murder.

They cannot. No one can. Truth will eventually surface, as a matter of consciousness.

To help our society get re-acquainted with the truth, one who has made an unfortunate judgment need only ask, “if I had been in the other position,” for example, on the receiving end of blows that I as a cop had dealt out, or taking the bullet that I had fired, “would my action still have been okay?”

Everyone knows the answer, but if they can stonewall it, few show the courage and humility to acknowledge the human truth, which would then make an apology appropriate.

The scale of justice is out of balance. It hasn’t been in balance for some time, but even the appearance of judicial balance and impartiality is now being stripped away too.

And that’s good.

The problem is that we have been conditioned to make our judgments on external factors, such as race, religion, nationality, type of clothes worn, economic status, education, position, etc., are reliable indicators of just how “positive” or tolerant, or “negative” and intolerant we should be toward someone else or their behavior.

There’s a bigger elephant in the room that no one’s “dying in” for.

I’m not singling out law enforcement officers either. The people who are now protesting, blocking freeways, doing “die-ins (above), and calling for changes in law enforcement and the justice system, should be doing the same thing in their neighborhoods and communities, where far more killing occurs.

They should be making every commitment and effort they can to make their neighborhoods safe places to live and grow. Many people are, but when the ghost of injustices past haunts a human mind, indifference and apathy will not be too far away.

The hashtag #BlackLivesMatter is supposed to be a rallying point that one group uses to “raise awareness” of members of another group. Wouldn’t the term be just as correct if both the killer and victim are black, as is the case in the overwhelming majority of the time?

On the other hand, if another group came forward with the hashtag #WhiteLivesMatter, there could be an outcry of racism. Racism is color blind. We’ve gone too long thinking that one group’s racial insensitivity is okay while another’s is not. Who is willing to take the lead by caring for the living, without regard to the color of their skin?

I did an image search on Google with the search term, “white lives matter,” and virtually everything that came up were images for “black lives matter.” It’s as though it has never occurred to anyone to create such a graphic, even to express the skewedness of it all.

The truth is that #AllLivesMatter. When “people of color” stand as readily in solidarity against injustice for their fellow man, irrespective of color like the two beautiful spirits below, and for the sanctity of all life, including their own, then the healing that is so obviously desired and needed by so many, can begin to happen.

Healing cannot and will not happen when the heart remains hardened.

Could you see this picture being taken with everything reversed?

We look to, and for external cues to make our choices by, when the only ones that truly matter are internal. Technology will never be as effective or reliable form of communication as the internet of consciousness, of which and to which all are connected, though most are unaware.

This is where equality begins, builds, and fans out to become one’s day-to-day experience. We are equal, have always been, and have not known this fundamental truth. The debates come when comparisons are made to external factors, while the internal factors of consciousness, which govern patterns of thought, belief, attitude, and intention, are considered to have little to no meaning. In truth, they are the difference between who ends an encounter with a handshake, and who gets handcuffed.

Racialistic thinking, the habit of believing that the color of one’s skin or ethnicity overrides one’s innate discretionary power to be in harmony, pulls the rug from under most hopes and dreams, because once one is so convinced, and become bitter, with closed heart and mind, their dreams get shaded toward under-achievement. What they are under-achieving is not money, fame, or fortune, but joy, happiness, freedom, truth, and love.

A society bent on cultivating a “workforce” cares little for individual expression. Instead it judges people on their ability to regurgitate rote information about history, science, government, and religion, and the attitudes that go with it. They are encouraged to take on the yoke of the group, carrying on its legacy, whatever it may be. They don’t see, or even suspect, the social conditioning that they are subjected to. It’s not “just blacks” being conditioned. Everyone is.

Humanity is being played like a piano that’s out of tune, producing a cacophony of chaotic, emotion tugging, social issues that no one could realistically keep up with.

How much practice have assault weapon worshiping young men had pointing at other “bad” human beings and pulling the trigger? Think some of them may be on police forces or in the military today?

“Games” help buyers get comfortable with the idea that one day they’ll need to do this.

How many of them imagine this “woman of their dreams” rewarding them for their skill at playing the Game of War?

Hollywood glamorizes a “game” that so not funny, nor fun.

How many thousands of hours have we watched crime show after crime show, seen mindless murders dramatized by paid actors who then become “celebrities?” I mention “paid” because these people make a living by saying or dramatizing thoughts written by someone else. We have allowed money, itself a debt instrument, to be the reason we set aside our innate humanity.

It’s a choice, and we’ll be the judge.

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