The Healing Code: Part I


A week ago I received a letter from a reader, strongly suggesting that I take a serious look at a book titled, The Healing Code: 6 Minutes to Heal the Source of Your Health, Success, or Relationship Issue, by Alexander Loyd, Ph.D., ND, with Ben Johnson, MD, DO, and NMD. I don’t know what specifically prompted him, but he knew that (1) the subject would be up my alley, and (2) based on his own personal experience, plus testimonials from thousands of people since 2001, it merited consideration. In other words, there’s something to it.

I purchased a copy, and after reading Part I (it is presented in two parts), I tend to agree.

Here is a short synopsis of The Healing Code from the site.

THE HEALING CODE is your kit for life. In 2001, Dr. Alexander Loyd discovered how to activate a physical function built into the body that removes the source of up to 95% of all illness and disease. The neuro-immune system can then do its job of healing whatever is wrong in the body. Dr. Loyd’s findings were validated by tests and by the thousands of people from all over the world who have used The Healing Code system to correct virtually any physical, emotional, or relational issue, as well as realize breakthroughs in career success.

The Healing Code came to my attention several years ago when I was introduced to the work of the Russian healers Grigori Grabavoi (Restoration of Matter of Human Being by Concentrating on Number Sequence) and Arcady Petrov (Trilogy: Creation of the Universe), who used highly unconventional, and you might say, non-medicinal approaches to affect amazing restorations of The Norm, as well as Australian Carol RobertsGenome Healing, and Lloyd Mear’s number sequence-based healing method. Before that, I read and experienced similar techniques that were outlined in Richard Bartlett’s Matrix Energetics: The Science and Art of Transformation.

Number sequences given to, and used by Lloyd Mear.

Given that my style of spirituality expresses in a more secular than ecumenical manner, it was easy for me to stay clear of the “churchy” framework that The Healing Code appeared to be wrapped in. Plus, while the book didn’t cost that much, there was a list of other neatly packaged “tools” available, ready to take $400-$800 more from your bank account. Given that I had other modalities to explore, it wasn’t hard to pass on this one.

All things in their time.

In my view, there is nothing that is not God expressing. That covers the entire spectrum of possibility, from pole to pole, best-of-the-best, to the worst-of-the-worst. If it can be imagined, it’s possible because God (Creator) is Infinite Love, the greatest Power and Impulse. In my way of seeing things, God is the Alpha, Omega, and all that is in-between; the First Cause of Life, in and through which Truth is implicit.

Free will gives us the option to elect to set truth or love aside, but it doesn’t disconnect us from Source, for there is no Life without it. However, we disconnect ourselves from the Gifts that love makes possible; i.e., health, joy, harmony, longevity, courage, freedom.

When, through judgment we withhold love from another (I’m “right/good” but he’s “wrong/bad”), we withhold the energy, power, and grace of God from our own being. This choice changes the biochemistry inside the body, and lowers our immune system. Much of our physical disease is due to a choice made to withhold love, thinking that it was the appropriate response because someone did the same thing to us. Alex Loyd describes such dynamics as issues of the heart, the most powerful aspect of who we are.

God is more than “watching” you (and me).

When I hear of God referred to in an anthropomorphic, humanoid, gender-fragmented context (“He” and “His”), or as the white-haired Santa Clausian accountant who “knows who has been ‘bad’ and ‘good'” and sits in wrathful or punitive judgment that we should fear, I tend to look at my watch, or bide my time until I can get to the nearest exit.

I do suspect that there exists beings who, at humanity’s current level of love expression (and mostly, the lack thereof), would be thought of as “gods” or mistaken as God by some. The article where the photo below comes from suggests the quandary that many will face when ET’s are initially confirmed. Particularly those whose holy books report of wrathful beings that appeared to control the forces of nature. They could be interstellar and interdimensional travelers too, but that wouldn’t make them any “closer” to God than you or me who, at this time, may not consciously know how to do such things.

Suppose this guy could just “appear” and not need a ship; would we think he is a “god”?

Our society is enamored with “things”; the possession, control, and accumulation of stuff and people, which we quickly lose interest in when we struggle to achieve (conquer), and then immediately get on the lookout for the next new something (or someone) to come along.

Yet, the statement, “with God — meaning First Cause, or Prime Source — all things are possible” rings true to and for me. This includes all aspects of life, including matters of healing. It is becoming increasingly evident to me that we — all of humanity — actually do have the power to heal ourselves as well as the planet… and (1) don’t know it, (2) don’t believe it, and consequently (3) don’t know how.

Our “experts” who bring you the FDA, vaccines, chemtrails, fracking, and fluoridated water, aren’t going to tell us. A 40 to 60-year gap is maintained between the technological capabilities that the military has learned and implemented (via hush hush “black” projects) from extraterrestrial beings that visit Earth and what they have shown to humankind by suppressing scientific innovation and the perception of human advancement.

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If and when ET’s are acknowledged, it will be presumed that they achieved something that humans are incapable of knowing (ergo, making them “superior” to humans). This belies the fact that inspired humans have found workable solutions for many of the problems we face today on our society, only to be shut down, reviled, ridiculed, or “disappeared.”

There exists ways to heal any and all sicknesses and diseases, for not a lot of time and not a lot of money. The fact that health care and medical treatment are so (1) ineffective, if not damaging, and (2) expensive, should be a clear sign that we’ve been had, but generation after generation have continued to fall for the rouse, and fall they have, like flies.

In an interview below, one whistle-blower, Randy Cramer, describes “med beds” that use a sample of an individual’s DNA and a form of light to regenerate lost limbs to “super soldiers” in a matter of hours. Cramer describes using the med bed while he was stationed on Mars when they got in a battle with local Marian colonies, and lost a limb or two. This was during a special 20-year service that he signed up, at which point he was age reversed to his enlistment age (and memory erased) when he was done.

Just happened that he recovered his memory. And what caused the recovery? Love… the memory of a woman he loved and lost during his tour of duty.

This video conversation runs 5 hours 17 minutes. Listen to Cramer’s story yourself and see if it is credible to you.

When you see this and other revelations releasing information that has been withheld from the public, you see how resolvable and unnecessary many of today’s social problems actually are. There is no need to be drilling for oil today, certainly no need to be drilling for as much as we are. Our fossil-burning vehicles are grossly inefficient by design.

This 300 mpg Volkswagen was not allowed in the U.S.

Engine management systems, imprecise fuel injection systems, and long molecule chains make for in-efficient fuel combustion. There is no shortage of useful fuels to run our current fleet with relatively minor modifications, What would it mean to you if you could get 4x the range from your present car or truck? These and greater increases are possible, but implementation has been stymied by government, to be sure, but very likely upon directions from “above top secret.”

Americans have been getting “accustomed” to images like this.

The dramas that we have witnessed lately; the social unrest, the corporate structure that has been fraudulently operating as a “government” since 1871, the constant and incessant threats of violence and war everywhere you turn, have in many ways served to distract the public from introspection and self-understanding. It is from the inside that one’s own impulse and power to heal can be activated.

If you knew that you can heal yourself, would you submit your body (and it is your body while you are here, on loan from Mother Earth, not the government’s “property”) to the treatment practices of a system that will poison it or cut it up as part of their standard procedures? Would you allow a doctor to “wage war” on tumors growing in your body is you knew that they (the living tumors) were there to contain and limit the damage of synthetic and mutagenic (gene altering) chemicals that you’ve knowingly and unknowingly taken?

Well, I know my answer.

But then, even if you reject the system, even if you know you have the power, the question remains, how do you heal?

After reading Part I of The Healing Code, I believe Alexander Loyd spells it out quite well. One thing for sure, the healing process need not take a long time, nor be expensive. It need not be that way because we always are, always have been, and always will be the Healer of our “dis-ease,” no one or nothing but us.

I didn’t plan on getting on a soapbox. I did want to read Part I of The Healing Code in its entirety before getting on with learning and then using the code itself. Several physical issues that have yet to resolve; namely, an apparent hernia that has caused my area of my scrotum to balloon to the size of grapefruit, restoration of my teeth and jaw, and my eyesight to 20/20, just for starters.

I was given some herbs by a naturopath when I was in Spain this summer, and taking other supplements (chlorella/spirulina), which is definitely removing heavy metals. I’m drinking more water, along with some other elements that I’ll discuss at a later time. I see what appears to be progress.

But it’s nowhere near normal yet.

Medical “$cience” of today tells us that such restorations must be (1) supervised by it, (2) surgery or drug-based, and (2) expensive. I reject them all, as I now know the damage that current methods do, and how such restorations (of health) are or would be possible.

I’m not going to get into the details of the “7 Secrets” that Alex Loyd outlines in Part I, but I will say that his assertion is that healing is a matter of the heart. This is beyond FDA jurisdiction, because earnest self truth is necessary, which is fully an internal process. There will always be those who prefer to lie and be lied to than know and be true.

The first truth that all should know, is that true love, conquers all.

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