Fraud, Justice, and the MMS Story

The MMS Saga Continues…

UPDATE: The trial of the United States (corporation) v. (corporate entities) KARIS DELONG and TAMMY OLSON that was scheduled for December 1, 2014 in Spokane, Washington for their involvement in the now defunct, Project Green Life, which distributed the product known as Miracle (Master) Mineral Supplement (Solution) or “MMS”, has been canceled. Living representatives (natural persons) for the two corporate entities signed self-incriminating agreements (written and offered by the Department of Justice), which are intended to give credibility to the Fed’s allegations against corporate entity LOUIS DANIEL SMITH. It is likely they were also required to pay a nominal fee, which made a binding legal contract. Now a matter of commerce rather than justice, truth becomes unnecessary. The government also avoids the need to try the case twice.

The trial against corporate entity LOUIS DANIEL SMITH remains scheduled for March 3, 2015. His living representative, who I know as Daniel, has chosen to stand on facts and speak on the fictional entity’s behalf instead of retaining an attorney, whose primary responsibility as an Officer of the Court, is to put the Court’s objectives ahead of the client’s.

Daniel has remained steadfast in his choice of self-representation, referred to as “pro se,” in spite of numerous suggestions by the Court that he retain or accept a defense counsel.

Since when did innocence stop being "presumed?"
Since when did innocence stop being “presumed?”

As such, the CORPORATE FICTION Department of Justice, an arm of UNITED STATES INC. (which I have been referring to as UNITED STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION or “USOAC”), has forced the organizational entity, Project Green Life out of business by insinuating that CORPORATE ENTITY “LOUIS DANIEL SMITH” purposefully intended to “defraud” the government which, in actuality, is itself A FRAUD.

Many Americans now take the FDA’s condemnation of a product, as a sign it’s a good thing. This isn’t wise either.

I am not trying to be coy with words here. I am attempting to decipher and describe these relationships as it appears they actually are. Given how we have been brought up; what we have been led to believe about America, its history, principles, and our place in the world, it is all an act, a lie, an illusion.

It is fraud. Injustice masquerading as justice. Not about harm or intention, but about contracts and commerce. Being a profit-motivated entity, USOAC does business with friends and enemies, and where an “enemy” is needed to advance its agenda, one will be created, blamed, or framed.

Lies have been the norm in this system; its tools are behind-the-scenes coercion and overt force.

It’s All About ‘the Story’

Truth is not relevant to a system such as ours. It’s all about the story. The government’s goal is to get a jury to buy its story, which will be treated as truth and therefore be unquestionable enough. This strategy has worked for generations!

Government actors, led by George W. Bush certainly gave us a story after 9/11. Barack Obama used similar tactics while trying to light a match under Syria.

Two actors, playing their roles. They don’t write the script.

These same tactics dominate medical orthodoxy, where the pharmacological treatment of symptoms has long been The Way, and the story of the disease is considered truth and unquestionable. Treatment policies and practices are based on little more than plausible conjecture.

How many times do we hear conversation stop on various subjects for reasons of “national security”? What about the levels of “security clearance” that permeate government and military circles? These practices have become the rule, rather than the exception, because we believed the stories we’ve been told, trusted the principal players in the deception, and the principles that “America” purports to stands for.

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National In-Security

So much of The America Story is misrepresented or hidden, one must assume that the reasons for secrecy have more to do with how Americans are being misled and exploited (thus concerned with preventing discovery) than for any benefit or advantage that they are actually receiving. A private monetary system whose “assets” are actually debt instruments, backed by the corporate personage of each American, is the perfect slave-making machine.

The system operates under a perfect cover. We assume that the “laws” enumerated as the tenants of our nation are themselves meaningful, and its principles are genuine. We assume that our system actually respects the rights that we were led to believe are inalienable (they are), the ones that make this a special place… “the best place on Earth!” There is some truth to the assumption, enough to prevent mass concluding that things are otherwise.

However, the evidence of FRAUD is everywhere. It’s just a matter of time that all Americans will know.

The plight of the forefathers to keep America afloat through war and conquest after the Revolution, with expansion across the continent coming at a sad and severe price to Native American cultures, eventually left the country indebted to its former master. So when slavery was ostensibly “abolished” in the mid-19th Century, a system evolved that turned everyone into CORPORATE ENTITIES, mostly without their knowledge.

Juris Imprudence

Fictional Character that made “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” Sound Cool

The court system is also party to this deception. This is not a deception of LOUIS DANIEL SMITH, but of all American people who mistakenly think that “truth, justice, and the American Way” go together. I realize that no one ever said outright that they do. The concept was part of the opening preamble for Superman television show starting in the 1950’s. That ideal was never promised any of us officially. It just felt like the right thing to do.

“Justice,” was presented as being blind, when in fact, it doesn’t need to be. It needs to be unbiased.

Justice needs to be indifferent to both sides, and willing to hear, with objectivity and equanimity. That is when justice is fair. There is nothing in any statute that insinuates that LOUIS DANIEL SMITH’S activities were so heinous that his natural person had to give up expectation of objective, equal, and hence, fair treatment by the justice system.

But then, most people are unaware of the “overlay” that the Justice System is actually addressing. There should be confidence in the justice system, but it must be a just one. Truth: not fabricated and unsubstantiated innuendo, would be required by all parties in order to have a “just” system.

This doesn’t describe what I’ve witnessed, not only in the case of CORPORATE ENTITY LOUIS DANIEL SMITH, but many other cases, landmark and otherwise.

I am not a conspiracy theorist. Theories are a collection of hypothetical ideas and concepts whose factual basis have not been confirmed. Upon confirmation, they become truths. We have many facts that have not yet been accepted as the truth that they are because so few have cared to look.

Forget the Wall Street Bankers: Meet the Banker’s Boss…

In my previous post, I wrote about the Rothschild influence in American and world history and society. The short video linked below (and here) was first posted in 2009, elaborates. As important as this subject is to every American, it had registered just under 52,000 views as of this writing.

The “for profit” corporate entity that is UNITED STATES INCORPORATED, organized in 1871 and operational since then, is a fact . The “registration” process, wherein “title” to newborns are handed over to the government — one reason that hospital births are “encouraged” — creates the FICTIONAL CORPORATE ENTITY “you” and “me.”  Our entire language is formed from the mindset, and in support of, this illusion. When we refer to ourselves as “persons”, the legal definition of CORPORATE ENTITY is supported. The FICTIONAL CORPORATE ENTITY functions as an overlay to the individual, just as the physical body functions as an overlay to the Soul/Spiritual Beings that we are.

The US is a Corporation Shipwreck On the Sea

The speaker in the video below expresses her shock and indignation at learning the truth about the formation and operation of United States Corporation (37,000 subsidiaries).

Now in my sixty-third trip around the sun, i only learned this information two revolutions ago. It is still “sinking in”. We have been fed a pack of lies, not just by the government, but by science, religions, medicine, environment, media, education system, business, and technology.

The Story of Your Enslavement

This video, with nearly 3 million views since its introduction in 2014, touches on an important tool that makes humans manipulable; fear of death, which distills down to fear.

Let us each have the courage to open our eyes to see the truth, our ears to hear the truth, and our minds and hearts, to know, love, and be the truth.

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  1. Peter

    Thank you for the videos and information. So, Obama is the CEO of a corporation. One day the truth will become widespread and cause the system to collapse. The truth about 9/11 alone will cause a collapse. Let alone the truth about free energy. I am so glad that I don’t live in the United States.

    It’s sad about Daniel. MMS will now be driven underground in the US and will be bought on the internet by Americans, and shipped to the USA as something else. It’s pointless trying to stop Americans buying it.

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