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The Power of Harmony and Balance

Let’s put our hands, minds, and hearts, together and BE our best.

Heartfelt wishes to everyone on this Thanksgiving Day. I started this essay a couple of days ago, but as always, they emerge in their own time and place. Seeing what there is to be grateful for in these times, is of immeasurable, critical value, not only on this day, but every day, every hour, every minute.

We live in fluid times.

Thwarted in its efforts to instigate new wars in the Ukraine, Syria, and the South China Sea, the polarization effort by the long-fraudulent government structure of the United States of American Corporation has intensified at home. The events that have unfolded in the aftermath of the Grand Jury decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson for killing 18-year old Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, was and is intended to polarize people along racial lines, to increase the perception and belief that a threat of war between races, is real.

In my opinion, it is not.


If there was an interest in doing anything more than writing and selling books about “race wars” so as to sell more guns and assault weapons, and live in fear, it would have already happened. There are greater issues to see and change that won’t be resolved by exercises in intramural annihilation.

Consider the fearful mindset that is convinced that this kind of force is needed.

However, there are enough people who think that using force, even lethal if they can get away with it, to “subdue” an adversary that doesn’t “obey orders” is okay by them, even when lethal force is gross over-reaction.

Just like soldiers and doctors, law enforcement officers are chosen, judged, and promoted by their willingness to go against every last ounce of inner guidance and follow orders without questioning, and certainly not overriding them when they know that a better approach is called for. They give up a little piece of their humanity in the process.

While I do not, and will not judge Darren Wilson for his action or Michael Brown for his, both will come to terms with what was ultimately best, in their own time and way.

Not a ‘Death,’ a Phase Shift

Michael Brown is not “dead.” His Soul withdrew from the body given the trauma that it had just sustained (and perhaps some internal timing that we cannot know), but he lives on to learn from this experience and consider future embodiment, perhaps as a police officer who will have to make a split-second decision in an emotionally charged situation.

I am not presenting this from the viewpoint of any religion. There is ample scientific evidence to support the notion of the indestructible nature of consciousness (energy), and that the body’s purpose is to serve as a vessel for the indwelling Spirit or Soul on this plane of perception or existence (not the government or its puppet masters). (See related story.)

When the bio-energetic and electric voltage in the body falls below a certain point, for whatever reason, “death” happens. This signals Mother Nature to reclaim the “raw materials” that the body was made of. The individual’s awareness and consciousness continues, albeit on an other-than-physical level or plane of perception and existence.

Darren Wilson: Wish him well too. He is not “the enemy.”

Darren Wilson, an unwitting prisoner in the Matrix, has been affected by this experience in ways that he has not yet been prepared to understand. However, he has an amazing opportunity before him to learn of and possibly embrace truth that transcends polarity states. The choice will be his, and his alone.

This is what AP wants the public and police to fear, not choosing better solutions.

A More Fundamental Threat

By arguing the merits of Michael Brown’s “innocence,” pro or con, in racial terms, the larger issue that faces every American goes unnoticed, leaving more pertinent questions unasked, and prudent actions untaken.

The fact is that all Americans are under attack. Increasingly, the American societal system itself, the one that we have pridefully claimed is the beacon of freedom around the world; the one that exists to serve all, now effectively functions as the plantation overseer and covert enslaver of all. The government that Americans think they elected through legislative process is not the actual “owner,” mind you; it just carries out the agenda of the de facto owners. This enslavement, which expresses through psychology and culture, is directed at, and maintained from the mind. It is not limited to Americans either, but lets just keep it local for the moment.

My sympathies go out to people on all sides of this issue; the ones whose eyes have seen too many killings of innocent people, and have seen too many innocent people killing others under orders from some heartless “authority”. I suspect that Darren Wilson didn’t start his day planning on killing a black youth. However, he has been trained to stop “bad guys,” and given the authority to use lethal force in that capacity.

Just like young men and women who see the evil in the world and sign up for military service, not seeing the puppet masters who manipulate the course of human and political events behind the scenes, young men often go into law enforcement with good intentions, to make a difference. They are trained to see action and determine that the actor is “bad” or “a threat,” and not a person who is out of balance.

This is like doctors who are trained to see viruses and bacteria as “good” and “bad,” and will use lethal force to kill off the “bad,” even though the materials used create an environment that bring even “badder” microorganism into being. While they should know better, they don’t. Those caring, intelligent, and courageous doctors who learn that there are indeed effective ways to treat their patients and help them to restore health and take steps to use them, more often than not, lose their professional “privileges” and become enemies of the system. What does that tell you?

Factors We Fail to See

Michael Brown

Michael Brown was an unbalanced individual, not a “bad” one. His crime didn’t warrant being killed for it without remorse and with a sense that he brought it on himself, even if the latter statement is true. He did bring it on himself, but did he know he was doing so, or how?

For that matter, do you know how his behavior could have been instigated by factors that seem innocuous and immaterial, but can change an individuals’ consciousness without their knowledge? And if you did know, would you still limit your focus to Michael Brown’s “guilt” or “innocence,” or would you pledge your support to restoring balance, wherever it was needed?

I don’t need to know Michael Brown to know he was unbalanced, and very likely, under chemical assault. If he ate at any number of fast food restaurants, such as McDonald’s, he was under chemical assault. If he drank the white liquid that is sold as pasteurized milk or ate processed foods or chugged “energy drinks,” the entire ecosystem inside his body was under chemical assault. These chemicals affect consciousness, health, and behavior. If he took a shower or bathed daily, he was under an ongoing chemical assault. Visit to the City of St. Louis Water Division web site and you’ll find the reassuring statement: “The Water Division always maintains a sufficient amount of chemicals on hand for use in purifying and disinfecting the water.” The energetic and informational frequencies of said chemicals remain biologically active in water when they reach your faucet or spigot, unless they are cleared before ingestion or use. They affect everyone who doesn’t seek to understand such matters and haven’t taken steps to mitigate the adverse effects of the chemical assault.

If planes have ever flown over the St. Louis area, leaving long trails of clouds in their wake, everyone, including Michael Brown, was under chemical assault.

Another example of chemical assault.

Chemical assaults affect everyone in one way or another. Some healthy people get sick suddenly, such as many children after taking vaccines. Some pick up weight. boys grow breasts and develop shrunken testicles, some get seizures, others decreased organ function, such as the pancreas or kidneys. Some children (and adults) exhibit “attention deficit” or “anger issues”. These are all examples of states of imbalance that will respond well when the imbalance is removed. None of it is natural or necessary, and all can be corrected.

I hear much talk about teaching children “right from wrong,” but this is an oxymoron if we are living our life in an out-of-balance or dis-harmonious state. Unquestioned and unchallenged chemical assaults on Americans, of all races, genders, and stages of life, negatively affects inner balance and harmony, which affects energy and bio-electricity, behavior and experience, and we’ve been too distracted over who is “right” or “wrong” to see or understand the importance of this connection.

Furthermore, we have trusted “experts” in universities, research laboratories, and government, to look for and find solutions, and simply tell us what it’ll cost, without holding them and the system accountable, and demanding that methods be changed when we know they are harmful. They responded by making everyone bend over, and say “ouch!”.

As such, we still allow “authorities” to obstruct and restrict access to remedies that help, i.e., neutralize the synthetic chemicals and heavy metals that the body had stored. What and who would we have to fear or resent if we understood that all have equal access to this knowledge and to solutions that work?

If Michael Brown had been vaccinated, he was under chemical assault. The materials, known and unknown, that are put into vaccines and prescription medications, affect human consciousness. If this were not true, why would the endless array of ads on television for FDA APPROVED medications feature obligatory disclaimers that can include potentials as “headaches,” “vomiting”, “sudden death” or “thoughts of suicide” before encouraging viewers to ask their doctor if the medication is right for them?

How is it that any medication that can elicit thoughts of suicide — or of killing — be approved (by an FDA) or mandated (by an AMA) for treating a situation that is most likely a state of imbalance? Do you see the larger questions that are going begging here?

Michael Brown was a product of our culture. Not “black” culture or “Midwest” culture, but American western culture. His problem is everyone’s problem. To see it in racial terms, or in who is “right” or “wrong,” shows how blind we may yet be.

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Chemicals, Chemicals Everywhere

Synthetic chemicals, whether they are additives in food and water, whether they are direct, or indirect, such as placed in animal feedstock and subsequently ingested by humans, or whether they are environmental, such as chemtrails, are assaults on human health, which includes mental and emotional health. NONE of these factors, which are also consequences of our present way of living, are being factored in to the conversation around Michael Brown and justice. They affect communities everywhere, rural and urban. They affect behavior, attitudes, scholastic achievement or the lack thereof. They affect crime, not only white on black killing, but black on black.

Where is the outrage and search for answers when the race of killer and victim are the same? More guns, and amored police forces and tougher laws aren’t the answer. More prisons aren’t the answer. Balance and harmony is, which is achievable by individual and collective choice.

This is not about race. It is about Life… what kind of life we as peace, freedom, and love-loving people, want to live. There are those that would prefer that you not consider these more fundamental questions, because you may reject some habits that you had come to think of as sacred, and defined “you.”

As such, in Ferguson, Missouri, other distraction factions, notably members of the Ku Klux Klan, threw gasoline on this intentional bonfire, by distributing a “warning” to what were termed, “terrorists masquerading as ‘peaceful protestors'”, in Ferguson that they would use “lethal force,” under a Missouri statute, to defend themselves.

Whether this is intentional or incidental, such interactions have been anticipated and encouraged by the powers that have been, as it would be one way to cover its tracks and remain, not in power, but in force.

The hackerati group, Anonymous traced the source of the KKK letter to a member of the St. Louis County police department, and reports indicate that Darren Wilson may have been a Ghoul Squad member, that is, a silent member of the Traditional American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan, non-violent, patriotic, the law-abiding, Christian-based that promised to use lethal force to defend themselves. While I appreciate the balance that Anonymous is trying to bring, and the justice that the group wishes to ensure, the larger picture still needs to be unveiled.

Hopefully, it will.

Outed KKK-affiliated police officer in St. Louis County PD.

These are polarizing events that are meant to polarize. News reporting is meant to polarize, in addition to propagating fear. These events are also intended to create probable cause for the voluntary consent of the governed to hand over further freedoms to “corporate protectors.” They are intended to give us reason to continue believing that over-compensation in the use of force remains the best approach, not just against black protestors, but any protestor. In this way, a state of social imbalance will persist. “Justice” does not bring peace; the restoration of harmony and balance will.

Police Shooting Misso_Schu(6)

De-personalizing an Agenda

These events are staged, but the motive behind them is not so that “Barack Obama” can come in and re-establish “his” power, as some have suggested. It is so that the small group of individuals (via corporate control) that control United States of America Corporation can. This is not about Barack Obama. It is about United States of America Corporation (USOAC), which has been in place since 1871. This is what every protestor, and every “defender,” Christian or otherwise, should consider examining.

In the videos linked below, please consider the entities, corporations yes, but still run by individuals, that “own” USOAC. These are not my allegations. You can check and verify the facts for yourself.

This video was produced when George W. Bush was CEO, and gives an audit trail to how USOAC came into being.

Here’s just one screen shot from the video that gives you some perspective on where “authorities” are coming from.

Actions appear to support this statement.

The Ku Klux Klan and the New Black Panther Party, serve as instruments of the deception, to froth emotions and polarization on both sides, to pit Americans against Americans, who would be “unified” as it were, in fear.

Only a fearful, cowardly, inhumane, or non-human individual or group would condone pointing and shooting or directing another human to point and shoot to kill other humans, especially if the individual or group is unarmed.

Instead of bulking up with more armor (and fear), police officers should be trained to apply no force “against” an aggressor, but simply learn how to turn the aggressor’s force against himself. In the vast majority of cases, this will suffice, with little harm happening to anyone.

An officer of the law should be a model of balance, respect, and courage, not an instrument of imbalance, disrespect, and fear. It should be known and understood that the officer has no desire or intention to cause harm, but is perfectly capable of protecting him or herself. Confidence should be so high that the public is confident that if your intentions are harmless, you’ve got nothing to fear, but if they are harmful, you do.

Here is an example of the kind of power that I’m referring to. It exists within all of us, but of course, must be sought, cultivated, and mastered. Fear must be left at the door to walk this path, but that is the case for all true human evolution. Fear is surrendered to Love.

War On Humanity Has a Long History

A war on humanity has been waged, without notice, for hundreds of years. Our history chronicles battles wherein “losers” declare themselves as “winners” (e.g., USAOC historical claim of victory over the Nazis and Japanese in WWII). We simply haven’t been paying attention. We have trusted “politicians,” “authorities” and “experts” interpretation. We’ve read the books that they put before us, with the stories that they wanted us to take as gospel.

We trusted that their grasp of science was solid, and superior to our own ability to discern the truth. We believed that the “threats” that politicians have warned us of were genuine, hardly considering that they were contrived and orchestrated by factions within, above, or subject to, the Corporation.

Directing your anger and/or frustration at Barack Obama, or any individual as being the culprit in this grand deception may be convenient, but a waste of time. The entities that have established an apparently “legal” framework by which to claim “ownership” of the very body that you express yourself through, long ago stopped caring anything about your well-being. The well-being of “the bottom line” became their obsession many generations ago.

This does not mean that they maintain power over you or me because of the head start. It simply means that they have had the time and resources to create, operate, and control a fraudulent, unreal social structure. The prudent answer isn’t to “oppose” them. It is to know Self.

Become aware of, learn, and embrace the Power within.

No entity in all of creation can force you to do anything without your permission/consent. However, we must learn how permission/consent is given. One way is by surrendering to fear and intimidation. This doesn’t mean being in defiance to “authority,” but knowing where true Authority rests. There is no greater connection to Source, the truth Authority, than your own. This occurs when you are in a state of psychological balance and emotional harmony. Now imagine how the events chronicled above can affect one’s psychological state. If you embrace the anger, resentment, and fear, it weakens you in every way, including physically.

You should know that you can heal yourself, and that in fact, if you heal from an ailment, it was you all along. While the doctor would likely claim credit, it was never the drug, whether approved or unapproved by the FDA.

Drugs don’t “cure,” and they certainly don’t heal. Only life does both. Life will take you out of the drama, or restore your ability to play.

It is inappropriate to associate “drugs” in the same idea of “curing” disease, because when you examine the evidence, the only true rectifiers of disease are harmonizers and balancers, such as nutrients that are normally found in unadulterated foods. Once upon a time, the FDA was created to prevent such adulteration, but now, it protects the ability of corporations to continue insinuating more chemicals on us without detection or accountability.

The onus is now on you to neutralize and mitigate them if and when they arrive.

A History of International Exploitation

The Food & Drug Administration is as much an instrument of this fraudulent system as any other alphabet agency, overseeing the organized and systematic poisoning of the entire nation, not without its knowledge, but with waning trust, and grandfathered permission to continue.

Being a subsidiary of USOAC isn’t what makes the FDA an instrument of fraud, any more than being a police officer makes a man or woman a “bad cop”. It is obedience to doctrine that reveal an indifference to human welfare, pushing fraudulent drugs as real medicine, and obstructing real medicines (e.g., hemp oil, MMS, Dioxychlor, etc.) by prosecutorial fiat.

The agency engages in the arbitrary and false manipulation of information (e.g., publicly claiming chlorite is industrial bleach and quietly branding it as an “orphan drug”), expects mindless obedience to fairy tale “laws” against the threat of punitive consequences, all at unconscionable expense in terms of money, health, and well-being to the public.

Human exploitation is a well-oiled machine that very likely pre-dates anyone’s birth on Earth in their current embodiment. I say “likely” because there may indeed exist some who understand that a natural and normal human life span can extend hundreds, if not thousands of years, and are actually living in that truth. The fact that human lifespans are as low as they are is a testament to our “sins” of dominance, adulteration, and competition, with war being its most common expression, and lately, the attempt to control an entire population through life-antagonistic synthetic science, chemical adulteration, pharmacology-dominated medical practices, genetic engineering, and other forms of nature abandonment.

To get a glimpse of some of the players that may enjoy the rarefied position of dictating the affairs of nations, please take a look at a historical account of the Rothschilds, and you can see how they play at a level that is way above the pay grade of Barack Obama or the Bush family.

Say hello…

History of the House of Rothschild (Click the link to read.)

I am, by no means, an expert on the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, or others of this small cadre of very influential people, but there is plenty of information available on their history. They funded the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, ordering the murder (1918) of Tsar’s Nicholas’ entire family as payback for supporting Abraham Lincoln (1864) over 60 years previous when Russia provided naval support for the North (bypassing high-interest loans offered by the Rothschild bankers) during the Civil War.

China is a country with a population of over 1.3 billion people. We in the west think of it as a monolith of communism, when in truth, Communist Party membership numbers only 70 million, just enough to control information inflow and out, with the cooperation of western media, which agrees to report on China as “a Red menace”, just as they did with Russia during the “Cold War.”

In September, 2001, Zim Shipping company, which was 50% owned by the State of Israel, broke its lease and vacated its offices at the World Trade Center a scant week before that tragedy. What do you think someone there knew?

Getting back to the events transpiring in Ferguson, Missouri, I’m not saying that the Rothschilds are behind it directly, or that they are not. I certainly don’t know. I am saying that they represent a group that has both the resources and history of controlling the course and policies of nations. I’m saying that there is no president Barack Obama or Mitt Romney unless the factions on the other side of the curtain have weighed in. I’m saying that the system of government, essentially an oligarchy that is facilitated through corporate “personages,” gives them a more persuasive direct guiding voice than yours or mine individually.

If a mere suggestion was sent to the FDA or Department of Justice by the Rothschilds or one of its agents to back off from its aggressive campaign against private citizens who harmed no one, such as Daniel Smith, et al, in the case involving MMS, you can bet that they would back down in a heartbeat. They have been trying to make a case of harm where harm hasn’t been evident, which is consistent with their history. The FDA had trouble getting an indictment, having to convene several Grand Juries and modifying their story until they could get one to “stick.”

The public is advised to accept the Grand Jury’s non indictment of Officer Darren Wilson for Michael Brown’s murder as final. The bigger problem would be if there is no expansion of vision in terms of how behavior is impacted by “normal” customs and practices of today, which in and of themselves, have become unnatural.

I give thanks for the balance and harmony that you choose from hereon.

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