A Manifesto of 'One'

What if the clouds that circle the planet were loaded with thoughts?

Increasingly, I am realizing that power and value exists in thoughts and ideas, and that said power and value are easiest to overlook or dismiss.

Love Proclamation: "To My Love"
Love Proclamation: “To My Love”

Ideas, represent compounds or collections of thoughts, in much the same way as a molecule is comprised of a number of atoms organized in a specific way. The ideas represented in my book, I Am My Body, NOT!, and in the Love Proclamations, may not seem that significant, but I have been around the sun enough times since I wrote them both to see what can and does happen when they are missing.

There is great evidence that the following traits are at an ebb in our current social structure:

  • Tolerance
  • Truth
  • Patience
  • Self-Esteem
  • Trust
  • Kindness
  • Love

None of these ideas can actually be considered “concrete” or quantifiable, yet it is clear when they are low, or not present. Most people are unaware of the perverse, pervasive, and systematic assault on the human social mind that has helped bring about this present, false state of affairs. If you and I don’t take steps now, waiting instead for our children to “be our futures,” the situation will only have devolved to a more acute state, as they simply follow our “lead.”

So I’d like to present another discovery, that I wrote in 2004 and forgot. I invite you to see if these ideas resonate with your heart, and imagine what the world might be like if more people did too. The Author’s Note at the beginning, is as I wrote it. Indeed, its boldness intrigued me to see (or rediscover) what followed.


We Are One

E Unum Omnibus1

by Adam Abraham

[AUTHOR’S NOTE: One consistent part of life’s internal dialogue is our need to categorize and “rank” everything and everyone; including ourselves. It is this subdural proclivity that fuels religious, political, and social debates everywhere, including those concerning the issues of “race” and “equality.” By definition, ranking assumes, and begs to argue, the superiority or inferiority of one individual or group, or point of view, as compared to, or against another. This piece suggests something else. While in places it is poetic, it is not a poem. It is neither an article, nor essay, neither wish, nor prayer. It is a Declaration of Truth. — A.A.]

I am free. I am equal. I am able.

To create the ebb and flow of my Life, I have and use the same tools that every other human being uses: they are my thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs. These tools “sculpt” my energy, shaping both my actions, and my reactions to the actions of others. They set the levels of achievement that I aspire to for myself or disparage in others. They create the conflicts that I allow myself to get into, and the solutions that I choose with which to resolve them.

Attitude is a habit that begins, consciously (+) or unconsciously (-), with a choice.

I am free. I am equal. I am able.

Though unseen, my thoughts have power that both live in, and extend beyond Infinity. All thoughts receive the same “voltage” from the Great Giver. “My” thoughts are based on the “filters” that I choose to embrace, or set aside. I AM the amperage that makes them meaningful, and therefore real, to me. The more Love that I AM, the more powerful and expansive “my” thoughts will be. The more fear that I hold near, the weaker and feebler my joyful thoughts will be.

If I allow myself to be guided by unchallenged fears, unforgiven resentments, and unquestioned beliefs, the journey to the Promised Land will needlessly take an eternity of sorrowful eternities. Love joyfully delivers me, to my true Home, Now.

I am free. I am equal. I am able.

My thoughts and I are One… As my thoughts go in this world, so go I. My beliefs support the thoughts I choose, although I seldom “look” at them. Indeed, has anyone ever “seen” a belief?

Yet we all have them. Like thoughts and attitudes, beliefs “filter” my view of myself and others, and the Life that I live. They are “conclusions” I’ve made about Life and my ability to enjoy my time on Earth. And while the purpose of my beliefs is to serve me beneficially, sometimes they don’t. So when I see through the dichotomy and the hidden link in the schism, by the Grace of Life, I can change my beliefs.

I am free. I am equal. I am able.

Political protesting to the contrary won’t change these facts. The quality of my Life doesn’t hinge on the passage of legislation or granting of reparations. I need not place my hopes upon “guilt dividend” schemes and “get even-ism” tactics. My conscience is unmoved by calls for preferential, “protective” treatment, which are based on hollow and divisive “truths.”


I need not wish for a winning lottery ticket, or to “hit it big” at the nearest casino. I need not resign myself to perpetual struggle, or to “winning” at someone else’s loss. “Getting over” in that way only “digs one deeper,” in actuality, into their own morass. To truly “win” in Life, I need only practice Love Unconditionally.

I earnestly create my own wealth by discovering, exercising and sharing the best of my Self; not only my body, but my mind, intelligence, and Spirit. I AM free to raise my standards of Life and living. I AM equal to the tasks that creating a new “gravitational field” of relationships will require. I AM able to look my Highest Self in the Eye with clear conscience and joy, knowing that We are One.

I AM powerful, passionate, creative, resourceful, generous, and kind.

I respect others as I respect myself. I give to others what I’d like others to give to me: the benefit of trust, patience, respect, understanding, and the willingness to listen with open mind. Whether they give these back to me is not my primary concern, for I AM the primary beneficiary of this way of being. However, those who do will be Golden, for we will recognize each other as Kindred.

How another expresses love doesn’t threaten or harm me.

My giving knows but one color: the Color of Love. I give this way because that was and is the Ultimate Irrevocable, Eternal and Infinite Gift to All. I received the Gift of Life and the opportunity to choose Love consciously, while no one appears to be looking, and to openly enjoy Its gifts. The Giver of my Life extends the same “life creation components” to every human being, without exception, along with the ability to discern what brings joy and peace, or pain and suffering, and the ability to choose accordingly.

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I am free. I am equal. I am able.

Then there are collective Gifts that the whole of humanity relies on and shares, but oftentimes forgets.

Picture the planet begin healed *through* you.

We are given and use, one planet, that provides for every need we can imagine.

On this One Planet we are given and use, one reliable, unwavering gravitational field that keeps us perfectly “planted” on earth and yet free to move about it.

We are given and use, specific elements in the air that, by the simple breathing process, will naturally sustain our bodies.

We are given and use, the same vital fluids – water and blood plasma – that further sustain the existence of our bodies.

We are given trees and plants that symbiotically, through their breathing processes, naturally create more fresh, breathable air for us.

We are given winds that keep our air fresh, and rains that ionize it once again. We are given a wide variety of climatic environments and settings that allow us to demonstrate the amazing degree of indomitability and stewardship that is naturally ours.

This amount of protection for everyone on Earth can’t be by accident or “chance”.

We are given one atmospheric shield that consistently protects all of earth’s physical life forms from meteors, solar winds, and other cosmic forces that would otherwise devastate the planet we travel through space on.

We are given and use light and its radiant energy by which to explore, exercise, exchange, and enjoy our experiences with other human beings.

We are given these Gifts abundantly, sufficient enough that we want for nothing and live our lives in health and harmony.

I am grateful for these Gifts, and for many more that live uniquely within me. May I share these Gifts as generously with others as the Giver has imbued them within me.

As some historians might tell it, human experiences together have often been anything but joyful, except for those who assumed that power, intelligence, worthiness, or “godliness” were something held by “us,” and not by “them,” or held by “them,” and not by “us.” Why would One that would give all creatures on earth light, air, gravity, and water, deny to some, grant to others, the power to make our lives manifest according to what we choose?

Oh really?!

Yet, clever enough to rationalize and believing assumptions of differentness and powerlessness to be “true,” we told our sons and daughters that it was so, who told their sons and daughters, who told theirs, and so on, and so on. That chain of unquestioned belief, passed from generation to generation by our words and deeds, has brought us to where we are right now.

Thankfully, yesterday doesn’t dictate today, nor does it foretell tomorrow, except when we hold on to the same thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and actions that dis-serve us. Real change comes first as we change internally. Positive change comes when our internal change is positive.

As much as we can care for someone else’s suffering, changing these invisible pieces of the Life creation puzzle is not a collective process, as it happens from within one’s self. No one can take an inventory of the “stock” of someone else’s mind. No one knows the extent that another is connected to his or her Highest Power, the True Source of our Health and Wealth, or their poorest, most loveless, self-perception. Only the individual knows for sure.

We can know when one is not. Simply look for the absence of Love in their eyes, Peace in their spirit, and Kindness in their actions. There you will find that untruth, rationalization, and deception attempts to mask their mental anguish and fill the void left in their hearts. However, they will remain slaves to their malaise… until they free themselves by letting it go.

Truth makes one free because the Highest Truth comes with Love. With Love comes a conscience that is clear: free of guilt, shame, resentment, pride, and polarity. Love unifies and heals all that it touches, and all that allowed themselves to be touched thereby.

Any “truth” that separates and destroys is not truth, but fear in truth’s clothing. Any “truth” that does not recognize the innate and implicit equality of the human spirit, maintains the “gap” between one’s highest wishes and dreams, and Now. Money will not bridge this divide; love, given freely, will.

All humans have the power to know, understand, embrace and embody Real Truth. It comes with desire, willingness, seeking, openness, awareness, and trust in one’s Highest Self. This process is activated by, and through the power of choice.

As the light of Loving Truth begins to shine forth from within us, to be shared, like the sun, with others, we will be able to say, one-by-one:

I am free. I am equal. I am able.

We will also know that…

We are One

1From (out of) One, All


One last note: These thoughts need not be uttered or declared in any way to anyone, except the one who looks back at us when we peer into a mirror.

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