Actors on the Stages of Life

‘To Be’ From the Core of Love

I am grateful to all who sent birthday wishes Wednesday. At this stage of life, the birthday feeling begins three days before and ends three days after, lasting for the week, and centered on the day itself (in my case, 11/19). In time, I’ll expand my birthday season to include the zodiac (Scorpio) just like the Christmas season is expanding to start at Halloween. Perhaps I’ll go beyond that too, since every day represents an anniversary of a milestone in our life.

That being said, lately my birthday celebrations have tended to be simple, inner journeys. I feel no sensation of aging, though I acknowledge the advancement of stage.

Existing assumptions regarding life itself are now also subject to question.

The earth has traveled approximately 37,800,000,000 miles through space as the solar system orbits the Central Sun, since I arrived on the scene sixty-three revolutions ago. While I my body today, literally and figuratively, is different from the one with which I first saw the light of Earthly days, I am unchanged. While we may associate pain and a decline in health to aging, neither pain, nor disease are normal or necessary elements of “getting older.” Who we really are… who I am, doesn’t actually “age.” Pain and other signs of dysfunction are more so signs of stage than age.

My reference to “stage” of life points to the fundamental question of action, and acting… or acting and action.

Jaques: All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players; They have their exits and their entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages. ~ William Shakespeare

In what role or capacity are we acting? The answer is implicit in our answer to the question “How full are we living the life that we love?”

If we are not living the life that we love, then we are as actors on a stage. If we are not being the Being that we love, then we are actors on a stage, and are in essence, living in various states of untruth, disconnectedness, and unreality. You cannot know who you are if you’re not being true to who and what you are, which is love incarnate.

If, on the other hand, you are living and being the Loving Being that you are, you’re not acting. You are real. You are true… genuine, authentic.

It matters not how sinister the appearance or behavior, or how horrific the story, all that exists is, at its core, love incarnate.

Two actors who read, say, and do what they’re told… but not by the American People.

‘All’ Means All

Yes, even the corporate ladder climbers who bring us the FDA, as well as Barack Obama, and George W. Bush, present and past CEO’s of United States of America Corporation (USOAC), are love incarnate. If we understood their roles as president of USOAC, we’d realize that they’re just doing their thankless jobs, answering to their board of directors. If we want to resolve the problems that they are not resolving, the true Republic and Constitution would need to be restored, and government not proceed without the consent of the governed. This is all doable, by the way, although we might have to spend a little less time playing Fantasy Football or Farmville.

A lot of time and energy is spent personalizing the atrocities that have been, and are being perpetuated on people around the world by or through the Office of the President of USOAC. Critics presume, or would like the public to assume, that mandates come from these individuals (such as yesterday’s executive order on immigration), when in fact, they do not. However, these mandates do come from individuals who would prefer that you not connect them with their policies and mandates that affect you. They prefer that you think “the president” did it, and protest to “him” while leaving them alone, and allowing them to continue controlling the CEO of USOAC, whoever it may happen to be, irrespective of the party affiliation.

The manipulation isn’t limited to USAOC and its alphabet agencies.

Bill Gates is surely an actor. We remember him as the pimply-faced nerd who was the other legendary American success story with the ascendancy of his vaunted Microsoft Corporation to become one of the wealthiest public individuals in the world. You can bet that there exist individuals and families whose amassed wealth is so vast in comparison to Gates’ as would Gates’ wealth would be to a Wal-Mart worker.

“Peddle drugs or we’ll break up Microsoft… what will it be?”

However, Gates is new money, and I suspect that in order to continue being on the receiving of that money, he made some agreements, one of which may have been for the alphabet agencies, which take their orders from “higher” departments in Washington, which itself takes its orders from other departments in London, which takes its orders from Headquarters near Rome, which takes its orders from…

There are individuals on this planet whose assets are so vast that they could “reset” the “debt” of every country on this planet to zero, and allow a healthy, peaceful, egalitarian world to unfold, with former “haves” helping the former “have-nots” restore health to their lands, communities, families, and bodies. The love to do so has been missing. Where love is insufficient or missing, fear in one or more of its many permutations, stands in.

We’re Always Free to Express Love

You and I are nonetheless free to express the love within. We can create that world ourselves, when we so choose. Egalitarian doesn’t mean “same”. However, it can mean that we are guided by the power of love, truth, and mutual respect and not by the force of money and greed.

Courtesy: New Earth Nation

Some people might wonder what challenges are there to life if you can’t blow up a mountain, poison, a river, maintain secrets to mislead or conquer other human beings. Well, there are many quite intriguing challenges and opportunities that await our readiness to grow up and be the conscious adults that we already have the intelligence to be.

By what other logic could any intelligent and truly caring individual with means, look at a situation in Africa, seeing mass starvation and blight, and determine that the answer to that problem was drugs? Not food, not clean water, not infrastructure, but vaccines, even to the extent of forcing them on certain populations.

Don’t think it’s happening “over there”… ever tried to get your children in school without them first “getting their shots”?

Gates is among the crowd that have postulated the “earth is overpopulated,” and is on record as believing it wise to curtail birth rates (of certain people). The term for this is “eugenics”. I don’t know if he was actually given the choice to become a shill for vaccine spreading or have Microsoft (or something else he treasured) be broken up, but it is interesting how, given Microsoft’s predatory and monopolistic tendencies, they’ve been untouched.

As I wrote the paragraph above, it dawned on me to look and see if a threat actually did happen. I searched > “Microsoft broken up” and it turns out that such a case did come up.

However these events eventually unfolded, and whatever the true reasons, suffice it to say that Bill Gates is an actor.

They’re all actors on a world stage, and someone is writing these scripts. Embodied and active, love is the only way that I know to transform and transcend this trend. If you know a better way, I am all ears. The transforming and transcending may not appear as such on the surface. It begins within one’s self… within the individual that chose to love. While no one may know this decision was made by outward appearances, you will know; the Universe will too.

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Free Will Cuts in All Directions

Free will is just that, freedom to be who you are, as well as who you are not. However, within the entire bandwidth of potential that is free will, only by choosing to be true, by choosing balance, harmony, and love, do we pass through the door of evolution, to know and experience even greater freedoms than we have imagined. To love harmlessly and unconditionally, is the ultimate act of courage and expansion.

All around us we see cowardly behavior masquerading and promoted as courageous. We are encouraged to think we are vulnerable to evil acts, and to be afraid and incarcerate ourselves.

Turn your home into a prison.

Little do we know that when we act like we need to be prisoners, we create personal experiences to support the thought. These are subtle truths to learn and wake up to. And learn, we do, thank Goodness.

Learning is a critical activity that I make time for each day, as there is so much that I thought I knew about life and the world we live in that wasn’t and isn’t as we have been taught, or led to believe. True learning is truth hearing and truth knowing. It is also learning to know when what you’re hearing isn’t true.

Call me cynical, but the video below did not give me warm and fuzzies. With the exception of Eliza, the people appeared to be actors.

This video will save a little girl’s life. #SavingEliza

This is a GoFundMe “crowdfunding” video for Eliza O’Neill, who was diagnosed with Sanfilippo Syndrome. It is listed as a “rare autosomal recessive lysosomal storage disease.” That was and is probably the first flag. First was the term “rare,” then the rest of the description shed little light on what was actually going on. The campaign began October 2, 2013, with a goal of $1.8 million. As of the day I visited the site, they were just about there, having raised $1,792,030. Since funds raised on GoFundMe are available immediately, they’ve done well.

My dubiosity stems from how eager the parents were to (1) predict, in great detail, their child’s inevitable decline in health and eventual death, (2) the vague description of the treatment strategy, (3) the almost forced tears as they implored the viewer to part with their money, and (4) the slick, perfect video presentation, with perfect audio and impeccable soundtrack.

In the middle of the video, a graphic reads, “There is a cure, but without funding it won’t be ready in time to save her.”

The family has set up a 501(c)3 non-profit so that allows contributions to be tax-deductible. In a national interview, the parents said that the experimental drug that Eliza was taking was being delivered by a virus. They struck me more as actors raising money for the research hospital by tugging at the public’s heart-strings. There was no other option. Either the drug, or death. They even sounded a little defensive when Eliza wasn’t deteriorating as fast as they predicted.

I suspect that this family would not be too interested in learning about, or trying any other method to save their daughter that wasn’t rubber stamped by their doctor.

This guy is no actor. He is authentic.

Eustace Mullins: Who Are the Quacks? The AMA On Trial (55:47)

This is a good place to introduce some history, all of which can be traced and corroborated, about the illustrious professional institution (the Medical Industrial Complex) that would require $1.8 million before delivering a remedy that could help a patient’s situation. Eustace Mullins gave this presentation somewhere around 1990, and the only thing that has changed, is that in the past 25 years, the trends that he described and numbers involved, have gotten much worse.

The next two videos address a no less sobering aspect of our society today. For the past 100 years or more, healthcare sector practitioners and product developers have had to tread very carefully on their path, being mindful of what one could, or could not say or even infer about their product, even if it was true. On the other hand, if you were a member of the pharmacological fraternity, you were free to infer anything you wanted, as long as the requisite fees had been laid on all palms that needed greasing.

FDA: “Virgin coconut oil in soap is a drug!”

A recent recipient of a friendly warning from the FDA is Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap. This is an excerpt from a letter sent to the Company by the FDA.

Unapproved New Drug
The following claim on your product label provides evidence that your product is intended for use as a drug:
  • “Clinical research confirms that the saturated medium chain fatty acids (MCT’s) in [Virgin Coconut Oil], such as lauric acid, actually improve blood cholesterol by increasing the ratio of HDL to LDL cholesterol.”

I will not comment on the FDA’s logic in singling out this product, which has been around for over 150 years, but I suspect that the company’s position favoring labeling GMO products may have had something to do with it. IF, and this is a very BIG IF… the FDA showed even a modicum of (1) respect for the rights of individuals to decide for themselves what may be helpful or not helpful for them, and (2) interest in making all options available with equal fervor, they’d gain a modicum of credibility.

On the other hand, it seems that being or even appearing credible to the people doesn’t appear to be that important. However, it is.

The videos below outline why.

Consent of the Governed: The Freeman Movement Defined (2:50:05)

This is a compilation documentary pulled together from many. It’s almost 3 hours runtime.

Revealed: The Men Who Own and Run the U.S. Government (48:56)

The video starts with a speech given by Charles Lindbergh on September 11, 1941, which perfectly described the conditions in the U.S. sixty years later. From there, it outlines the origins of the ongoing dance that the United States and United States of America Corporation (since 1871) have engaged in with central bank debt. The film also chronicles the role that war has played, and some of the players that have put money behind both sides.

Near Death Experiences: An Entire Video Series

How about that for a segue? I stumbled upon a video series that focuses only on near death experiences, or “NDE’s”. Death is another aspect of life that can stand a fresh conceptual look.

One doesn’t feel aging, because we don’t “age.” The body either functions properly, or it does not. When it functions properly, we are deemed, “healthy.” When there is a dysfunction, it is often experienced as pain, obstructed neurological function, or a lack of energy. The condition is given a name, and some ritual is adopted by which to help the pain go away or restore the clarity. However, the potions generally cause further metabolic and bio-electric disruption.

When we succeed in restoring health, we think that the ritual or its associated product “won” the battle with the disease. When we fail to restore health, the disease is declared to have “won.” Will have lost a “battle.” It’s what we have told ourselves for a long time.

It’s one of many big lies that we just didn’t see.

And yet, as our eyes do open, we can see the acting job that we’ve done for so long (and for so little), and declare that we’ll “act” no more. From now on, we will be.

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