Not a "Miscarriage,' An Abortion of Justice

An Eye on the FDA

My recent posts have been related to the two-part trial brought forth by the Department of Justice at the U.S. Courthouse in Spokane, Washington at the behest of the FDA against Karis DeLong and Tammy Olson (December 1, 2014), and Louis Daniel Smith (March 3, 2015), for selling the product referred to as Miracle (Master) Mineral Supplement (Solution), or “MMS”.

[UPDATE: The court proceedings against Karis DeLong and Tammy Olson that were scheduled to commence on December 1, 2014, have been canceled after the two signed plea agreements. This frees the government from having to offer the same argument twice, at eliminate the risk that they be refuted before the main trial.]

I do not write as an advocate of MMS, but to call your attention to another miscarriage of justice in the making. No… it’s not a miscarriage of justice; it’s an abortion.

Even in the unbiased, ever-reliable Wikipedia, the definition for “miscarriage of justice” reads as follows: “A miscarriage of justice primarily is the conviction and punishment of a person for a crime he or she did not commit.”

With that as a baseline, I will offer here that an abortion of justice would therefore be the intent to convict and punish an individual or group of individuals with no criminal history, for a non-crime, where no harm was done, and for which grounds used to prosecute, are not supported by scientific facts.

To make matters worse, the accusing agency, which is also a public fiduciary, has approved the dissemination and use of literally thousands of expensive toxic substances that purport to “cure” certain pathologies, without being held accountable for the damage that they further, while denying approval to hundreds of products and methods that heal, and dissuading producers of truly beneficial products to even suggest its beneficial properties.

And we have not called them out on it.

I call your attention to this subject… whether you are 1, 100, 1,000, 1,000,000, 100,000,000, 1 billion, or 100 billion, so that someone else might see and take umbrage to how the system is working now. This is not about MMS, but about an inhuman, corporation-biased system that operates as though the People are its subjects (if not property) rather than the other way around. This is about an egregious breach of trust. It is also about a corporate mentality that seems to believe, by its policies and practices, that there is no adverse biological consequence to the continued indiscriminate and unconscious insinuation of metabolically disruptive, antagonistic chemicals into biological systems. Fear of “the disease” has been enough to rationalize this approach. In the process, common sense has suffered from a serious case of atrophy.

Seeing Chemicals For What They Are

I have postulated that the real “enemies” behind the growth and proliferation of new, strange, and apparently more “aggressive” disease pathologies, are not in so-called “superbugs.” They are not “bad bacteria or viruses,” not “super tumors”, or anything connected with organic life. Viruses, bacteria, tumors, cysts, parasites and fungi are all organic lifeforms, but they might as well be aliens from another planet, which by our present way of doing things, we’d kill first and then try to determine causality and motive during the autopsy.

The real enemies are unnatural, unconscious, non-adaptive, information-altering chemical compounds that alter, impede, and retard natural information and energy movement through the body and other living systems.

The methods of insinuation of these chemical compounds are ubiquitous. The FDA isn’t the only alphabet agency that is culpable. The process was in full operation before the Food, Drug and Insecticide Administration was named in 1927. The FDA’s origins actually go back to 1862, when Charles M. Wetherhill was hired as the first chemist of the newly formed Department of Agriculture. (See full FDA history at their site.)

For a short time (1901-1927), as the division grew, it was named the Bureau of Chemistry. The present name has persisted since 1931. Interesting enough, the agency’s early initiatives were centered around the question of adulteration of natural processes in the preparation of food products. They were protectors against such adulteration. Now they are the chief overseers of adulteration, not only of our food, but medicines as well. Now they insure that adulteration will happen, rather than protect it from happening.

Agency personnel are steeped in, and devoted to, pharmacology, a branch of science that didn’t exist when the agency was originally formed, but was already in motion with the formation, agenda, and activities of the American Medical Association (AMA).

A target in the AMA’s fight against medical quackery.

The Power of Our Thoughts

Today, miracles happen in cases where people heal in spite of treatment under the present medical Standard of Care. But even these aren’t miracles. What we don’t know or appreciate, is that we — human beings — are the miracle workers. We cause miracles to happen because the power to transform thought is within each of us. We’ve been encouraged to think that we’re nothing, but we’re everything.

When we are in inner conflict, we lower our own immune system. When we think we are under stress; when we think we are “at risk,” or vulnerable, it changes the environmental chemistry inside the body, and the cell. When we trust the opinion and “authority” of others, essentially placing trust or faith in one’s self (and hence, the Creator thereof) in a secondary position, we increase our susceptibility to hypnotic suggestion.

We’re all being hypnotized, to one degree or another.

You may not think that you’re under hypnotic suggestion, but your beliefs and attitudes are always the framers thereof. Simply believing that someone else is an authority over you, and can decide your fate and you have nothing to say about it, is an active hypnotic suggestion. Why? Because it’s all thought.

Thoughts are the real tools that we work with in the creation of our reality. Human beings can send and receive existing thoughts, and we can originate thoughts. Seeing things differently, we can create different potential outcomes that become reality, through the power of rational thoughts trusted, believed in, and acted upon.

The FDA and the people who run it, along with the AMA and all the associated corporate entities, are instigators of irrational thoughts, which they institutionally suggest to the public. When we trust the institution, believing its methods are tested, vetted, and their intelligence or power is beyond our own, we “understand” their position, meaning that their position becomes superior to our own.

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Words are thoughts, audibly expressed. Thoughts don’t require expression as words in order to be powerful, meaningful, or even effective. A thought harbored is known and responded to by others even if it is not expressed. Feelings of resentment, guilt, abandonment, shame, envy, inability, powerlessness, and fear will all actively influence one’s experience, if harbored, and not examined and released.

Whether they are expressed audibly or not, thoughts are comprised of (1) intent, and (2) information. Intent holds the thought’s “polarity.” My first thought about this statement is that in a polarity context, intent would be the proclivity for the thought to be of a harmonizing or disrupting nature. But I don’t think it’s that simple. Daniel Smith and the FDA would not coming from the same place of intent, but they are part of each other’s lives, as am I, to the extent that these thoughts are given value. Belief or disbelief, agreement or disagreement are not measures of a thought’s value or power. There may be disagreement with these thoughts by both parties, yet they are part of the matrix of ideas that are influencing this case, as this case has influenced me, the thoughts’ transmitter.

As readers, these thoughts affect you too; your consciousness, which not only governs your experience, but what you do about the experiences that come your way. This is an ongoing process. As consciousness becomes more loving, inclusive, harmonious, balanced, and centered, the feedback loop changes, which changes one’s worldview. One day, even the people who fashion themselves as the protectors of public health will see the great damage that they have perpetuated, and the dis-service that they have done. They will see how they have declared white as black, and black as white, making denatured products the rule, and natural ones, the exception.

I don’t know when it will happen, but it will, just as surely as the people may have had good intentions in 1862, but even they might be appalled at how things are at this moment in time.

Water Affects Life in All Ways

We now know that life forms in and through a water solution. ALL life forms in this way, from virus and bacteria, to animal and human being. There is no spontaneous creation of new life without water. Even the body of Jesus Christ formed in an energized field of water. As such, the content of water, its energy state, combined with intent, determines what life emerges as a result.

Andreas Moritz (1954-2012)

Our unquestioned, unchallenged, and unrestricted use of chemicals as food additives and drug staples, has had, and is having, an immediate and profoundly adverse impact on health of all that is living. Life is not the enemy. Unnatural products and remedies are. This is a concept that was presented by the late Andreas Moritz (1954-2012), in books that he wrote (Cancer is Not a Disease: It’s a Defense Mechanism), and two interviews that I did with him.

I found this on Andreas Moritz’ Facebook page, which is still posting information:

Tumors act like sponges for the poisons that circulate and accumulate in the blood, lymph and tissue fluids. These poisons are the real cancer, and they continue circulating unless a tumor filters them out. By destroying the tumor, the real cancer remains and keeps circulating until a new tumor is generated (called “recurrence”). By adding poisons in the form of chemotherapy drugs, antibiotics, immune-suppressants, etc., the real cancer (consisting of poisons) continues to spread and becomes ever more obstructive and aggressive. By removing the only outlet for these poisons, which is a tumor, the real cancer now begins to destroy the body. In other words, the treatment and neglecting to remove the real cancer (poisons) from the body are what kills the patient. Cancer cells don’t endanger a person’s life, but whatever causes them does. To repeat, cancer cells inside a tumor are harmless; and cutting out, burning or poisoning a tumor does not prevent the real cancer from spreading. Unless the real cancer is being addressed by cleansing the body and restoring normal digestive, eliminative functions, the growth of cancer cells continues to play an important role in the body’s natural attempt to survive.

This is one of the conversations I had with Andreas (2007).

So what we are failing to see, and medical science is refusing to acknowledge, is that the pendulum has swung much too far in the other direction.

The only objective position is at rest, in the center.

For all the potential gain that may have been realized once upon a time (if ever) through the use of pharmacological remedies, a great deal of harm is now being done. People are not just dying, they are being killed by approved and protected methods of treatment. The practitioners are professionally shielded from accountability for adverse effects of the drugs that they prescribe. They have to prescribe them in order to maintain their license to practice medicine. They have to remain disinterested in what patients did if they took matters in their own hands and found ways to heal themselves.

There should be a moratorium on any vaccine injections, whether for infants, or adults. I don’t expect that to happen, but it would be a good start. We would also have to deal with the fallacious thought that the planet is over populated, and that it is unable to feed the present population. The planet has ample ability to produce everything humanity needs, including fresh water and nutritious food, without genetic modifications.

No one wants to believe that they have been duped. No one wants to believe that we have been fed a bill of goods since we first entered this society. Few are willing to believe the lies that we’ve been told, and the good-hearted people who have been silenced, eliminated, or prosecuted for the “sin” of taking steps to help people.

Here’s the latest example: a 90-years loving man in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, who has been arrested several times now for feeding homeless people.

Is this the example we want to represent now?

Are you “proud” to “wave the flag” when this is what it has come to stand for?

Here are two videos that I watched recently. The titles and conclusions are the producers.

Our Governments Are War Criminals

Truth About Cancer and the Medical Monopoly

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