Accutane, Dioxychlor, MMS and the DoJ Trial of Daniel Smith

Results Reveal a Pattern

Another example of how we’ve been led to believe that drugs in pill form fixes problems.

Each time I go somewhere, I return feeling enriched by what I have learned. This trip was no exception. Over the weekend I drove 2,000 miles, to and from Colorado in a span of roughly 48 hours, to attend two meetings, one of which I’ll discuss now.

Nathan Carr is a man of thirty-something years who first contacted me in 2012 as I wrote and published articles reflecting a new interpretation of the biochemistry of MMS. This new understanding ran counter to the “pathogen killer” hypothesis, submitting evidence that the actual heroes were revivified blood cells producing adenosine triphosphate (ATP), once again as a product of the Krebs Cycle, also referred to as the citric acid cycle.

Evidence suggested that MMS actually produced an electron reduced, negatively charged, stable molecule referred by some as chlorine dioxide anion (ClO2-), or the chlorite matrix.

Healthy cells are very busy, creating the “currency” of life.

The answer to how pathogens can be eradicated by way of cellular revivification and ATP production lies in the change in the ecological environment within the body itself. The restoration of cellular energy production makes the creation of new microbial life possible, such as aerobic microorganisms (bacteria) that naturally manage/consume anaerobic ones.

Few people stop to think that prescribed antibiotics actually kill bacteria, most of the time, aerobic ones. Ask yourself when was the last time your doctor also recommended taking a probiotic to replace the aerobic microflora that antibiotics he prescribed would have killed off. It’s generally not done. As such, an out-of-balance microbial and energetic state within the body is instigated, that progressively gets worse over time as the pattern of medical practice is repeated.

Through a form of natural or internal electrolysis — let’s call it bio-electrolysis — microorganisms are able to form, apparently “out of nowhere.” In accordance to the presence of energy and frequency, right from the waters in the body. It’s not a Star Wars situation, where tiny laser cannons are fired by the “good guys” at the “bad” pathogens. The environment, the elements, and energy therein determines what stays and what goes. When the cells are active again, that which was simply bringing about the death of the organism in response to the signals (frequencies) and environment that had been present — e.g., candida, yeast, cysts, tumors, etc. — simply go away. They are flushed out of the system.

While it wasn’t necessarily my intention, presenting this alternate explanation through articles and videos created some distance between myself and Jim Humble, the patriarch of, and instigator behind MMS. However, it made sense to Nathan, who had been on his own journey into the quagmire of Standard Medical Orthodoxy (SMO), had been helped by the MMS product that he purchased from Project Green Life. However, the great health improvement didn’t continue for him when he purchased MMS product from several other vendors after the FDA shut PGL operations down. He has worked diligently to find out, and wanted to meet me in person while I was in the area, and share his story.

In the fall of 1998, then pimply-faced with only 17 times around the sun under his belt, Nathan took a five-month course of Accutane (80mg) daily.

To quote Carr, “it was the biggest mistake of my life.”

Like many people who have taken the product known variously as the Miracle Mineral Supplement, Master Miracle Solution, or “MMS,” Nathan was not one to simply twiddle his thumbs after suffering the effects of this exhaustively “tested and approved” SMO treatment.

The following is an excerpt from a letter Carr wrote to Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez, medical director of the International BioCare Hospital, in Tijuana, Mexico. Dr. Rodriguez did extensive research with Dr. Robert Bradford, the original formulator of a similar compound the preceded MMS called, Dioxychlor®. One major difference between MMS and Dioxychlor is that the latter did not require activation before consumption. Its core ingredients were activated in vivo. Dioxychlor is unavailable, having been “sequestered” from public knowledge or availability.

Long story short, I took Accutane 12 years ago and have suffered from chronic latent side effects ever since. My symptoms resemble severe Sjogren’s Syndrome; dehydration, dry eyes, dry lips, dry skin, dry nasal passage, and many other problems including Type 1 Diabetes (diagnosed 2007), systemic autoimmune disorder, and Interstitial Cystitis (diagnosed 2006) which isn’t surprising because Accutane probably degrades and dries out the mucosal barrier lining the bladder and urethra. I’ve discovered some dietary changes and supplements that have significantly improved my symptoms, but I haven’t found anything that’s cured me 100 %. The supplement I’ve discovered which has given me incredible benefit is called Dioxychlor, it’s similar to another product on the market called Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS), these supplements get more oxygen into the body and help the immune system’s stem cells by reducing the viral bacterial and fungal pathogen overgrowth burden in the body thereby reducing the amount that the immune system stem cells have to grow and divide to fight infection.

Due to the severe dryness that Accutane inflicts on the body, this drug causes Sjogren’s Syndrome in virtually everybody who takes it. You’re hearing it from me first because nobody else has discovered and reported about this connection, even though it should be blatantly obvious to the medical professionals. For some people the dryness effect only lasts while they’re on the drug, but for others like me it can be permanent. Sjogren’s Syndrome always happens to elderly women over the age of 50 and it never happens to young males who are in their twenties like me, unless they’ve been exposed to Accutane that is.

I’ll interject here that nothing in or of this world is “permanent,” not even “death” nor “taxes.” However, two things that are permanent are Life, and change. The “permanency” of the damage that may result from a disease pathology last only as long as we stubbornly insist on thinking and doing things the same way, such as believing that the key to “the cure” is in the idea of eradicating “bad” pathogens with “good” drugs (or proton beams).

It is not.

From, here is an orthodox description of Accutane.

Accutane was created by Roche Pharmaceuticals and approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1982. The drug is used to treat severe acne in people older than 12, and teenagers are its primary users. Treatment can last up to six months and may be repeated if acne returns.

Unfortunately, Accutane is linked to a series of serious side effects, including bowel diseases like Crohn’s disease, liver damage, depression, and miscarriage and birth defects if taken during pregnancy.

In fact, women of childbearing age are required to enlist in a special pregnancy prevention program before beginning Accutane treatment. Because of these injuries, more than 7,000 lawsuits have been filed against Roche Pharmaceuticals.

Roche stopped making Accutane in 2009, but generic versions of Accutane, known as isotretinoin, are still available.

Any substance that had the effects… not “side effects,” but effects that Accutane would normally have on a human body if ingested, would appropriately be called a poison. However, it’s not even considered snake oil in SMO, it’s a valued “weapon” in their arsenal against “disease.”

The only requirement indicated for pregnant women before a prescription is written, is for them to take a special pregnancy prevention course as a condition of treatment.

You’ve been warned.

These young patients have no idea that the “zits” that they are so desperate to get rid of are caused by already having too much chemical content in their body, and that their condition will be exacerbated by taking this compound, if not sooner, then later in life. Since the medical Standard of Care “recognizes” no connection between chemical causes and adverse pathological effects, it not only continues on the path, it accelerates the rate and frequency.

This is how blind we have become to the ubiquitous, unquestioned and unchallenged effects of chemical compound insinuation throughout our society. It’s not just medicine. It’s food production, milk and dairy, it’s genetic engineering, it’s geo-engineering, it’s patented viruses and vaccines. It’s smart meters and the “dirty” energy of the electrical grid, everywhere you look and turn.

And yet, protections and solutions are available, as we look within and know who, and what we are, and redirect our trust therein.

More from Nathan Carr:

One thing that people need to understand is Accutane cannot be categorized into the same list as most if not all other drugs because its mechanism of action is highly different to most drugs. Accutane aims to alter your DNA/gene expression. There is a huge difference between most drugs and Accutane, most drugs out there don’t aim to alter your DNA/protein transcription. Accutane is a really toxic drug that causes side effects in 100% of everyone who takes it. Everybody gets dry/chapped/fissuring lips while on it which is a clear sign of vitamin A toxicity.

“New studies have linked retinoids and other similar chemotherapy agents to telomere shortening, causing many to believe that telomere shortening is Accutane’s mechanism of action. Telomere shortening leads to an increase in the rate of cell death within the body, which could possibly explain why Accutane causes side-effects such as premature epiphyseal closure, depression, and others.”

(Accutane) …was originally developed by Roche to be a chemotherapy drug to reduce stem cell growth and proliferation all across the body. The amount of dietary retinoic acid (from vitamin A) that gets into the bloodstream is tightly controlled by the liver, because too much or too little retinoic acid has dangerous consequences (blindness, vitamin A toxicity, etc.). When people take Accutane they’re bombarding their body with about 400 times the amount of retinoic acid that it normally handles.

A drug supposed to be used only for chemotherapy that accelerates the aging process by reducing stem cell growth/proliferation and obliterating the water-holding molecule Hyaluronic Acid in the connective tissue down to levels of someone who is 90 year old, drying out the entire body before its time. About one third of the Hyaluronic Acid in the body is turned over every day through a continual process of breakdown and synthesis, Accutane disrupts this important process.

All these insights, and many more, were compiled by an intelligent private individual, who doesn’t have a title before, or initials after his name, didn’t let the Denver Broncos or Nuggets, or any of the thousands of other distractions that he could have embraced, stop him from finding meaningful answers and workable solutions to his medically induced problem. The gatekeeper and protector of access to human vulnerability, through trust, which was and is the very agency that is trying to criminalize Daniel Smith for selling MMS, which helped Nathan Carr so dramatically after Dioxychlor was forced off the market.

Sick people don’t know why they get sick, and it’s not enough for them to go to the doctors to receive standard medical treatment, if they still trust the system. The medical Standard of Care pretty much dictates that only artificial, scarce, expensive, Life-disruptive and negative solutions need to apply. It can’t seem to tolerate the idea of people actually getting well from products that are not under its control; products that promote true balance and healing. Indeed, the authorizing “public benefit” agency has a history of not “recognizing” or “approving” such products, even when they have the money to jump through the high hoops that they demand.

This system cannot and will not sustain itself and will crumble under the weight these truths, and as its actions become understood by all to be indefensible.

WF10, another product in the chlorite matrix family — you could say a much stronger form of MMS — has yet to receive FDA approval in spite of the fact that clinical trials showed cellular repair on cancer patients even after chemotherapy had been administered. Both Grant Maanum and I wrote about this in 2012 and cited Dr. Frederich Kuehne’s patent abstract that he was awarded for his formulation. (Click here for Grant’s article, “In His Own Words, ‘The Chlorite Matrix,” and mine, MMS, the HeLa Menace, and a New Hypothesis.

Nathan Carr continues:

I started having digestive problems in the years after I finished Accutane, then between 2004 and 2008 I developed Interstitial Cystitis which basically felt like I had a permanent urinary tract infection and my genitalia became so hypersensitive that I had to stop wearing boxers. Then in 2007 I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and I’m now required to check my blood glucose and inject insulin every day. I know that the chronic latent effects of the Accutane caused all of my systemic autoimmune problems including Interstitial Cystitis because the drug probably degrades and dries out the mucosal barrier lining the bladder and urethra, which caused me long episodes of burning urination to varying degrees.

“Dioxychlor was originally used to treat gangrene in World War I when antibiotics were not available. And another positive thing to note about Dioxychlor is that once it treats an infection, it does not promote the infection to mutate into a resistant strain. This is very important factor in the treatment of such infections.”

“Dioxychlor works to oxygenate the blood by releasing one of its oxygen atoms during chemical reactions. This extra oxygen can help in properly equipping the body’s cells before fighting infections. When the cells are in top condition, it is easier for them to keep an infection from spreading. This can be especially important as a patient ages and the body’s response system slows. Another factor in the promotion of oxidation is that Dioxychlor could help reverse the damage of aging. As a person ages, oxidation occurs – sunlight, pollution, etc. –and the body breaks down, causing wrinkles, sagging skin, etc. However, if the body were to be able to oxygenate in a more rapid fashion – perhaps by Dioxychlor, then this damage may be halted or reversed.”

BioChlorDox is a product on the market that is claimed by several websites to be the same formulation as Dioxychlor, it’s made by a different nutraceutical company called MBi Nutraceuticals, but I’m convinced that it is NOT identical to Dioxychlor. For instance, when I tested the pH of Dioxychlor it was alkaline, but when I tested the pH of BioChlorDox it was acidic at 5. Websites on the internet are promoting this product as a similar formulation to Dioxychlor, but clearly it is not the same because I tested its pH to be acidic.

If you’d like to read the entire 110 page report that Nathan Carr wrote, please contact him directly (ncc2746 @ and he will send you a PDF.

When Dioxychlor was forced off the market, Nathan found MMS. Specifically, the MMS that was packaged and sold by Project Green Life. The great improvement that he had enjoyed with Dioxychlor continued.

This is how you know if something was really effective at treating diseases, just look at the actions of the FDA because if they take something off the market, that’s how you know that it was really good. You can always count on the FDA to do the wrong thing because they always take the really good stuff off the market (Dioxychlor, Project Green Life MMS, etc.) while leaving the toxic ineffective dangerous stuff on the market (chemotherapy drugs, Accutane, Vioxx, etc.)

Dioxychlor and MMS are different in solution strength. Dioxychlor was a 2.5% solution of sodium chlorite (NaClO2), where MMS1 as it is now called, is 22.4%. Dioxychlor worked well for Nathan and did not require activation. Given his success, and acid sensitivity, Carr took MMS without activating it too, a big departure from standard MMS practice suggested by Jim Humble. Yet, the benefits that he enjoyed with Dioxychlor were equaled with the MMS he purchased from Project Green Life.

An Unexpected Plot Twist

The shut down of Project Green Life by the FDA might have been just an annoyance to Nathan Carr. Since PGL was the only MMS supplier that was targeted, he could buy product from others. The only problem is that he didn’t get the boost in energy, normalization of blood sugars, restored tear duct function, reduction in inflammation. Remember that Carr was not using the citric acid activator that is the typical MMS protocol. He used only 1 drop of MMS in a gallon of water, which he’d then drink throughout the day.

Perhaps the Accutane treatment made his body hyper-sensitive to the effect of compounds upon it. Or there may be a fundamental difference between the sodium chlorite used to produce MMS by the suppliers that he purchased from, and that of PGL. He’d like to know. This is not to say that people aren’t benefiting from MMS intake today. I have no way of knowing, nor am I suggesting that this might be so. As noted previously, I do know that over 150 children have reversed their Autism spectrum traits since including MMS in their treatment regimens.

If you still have some PGL MMS that you can spare, Nathan would love to receive a sample to test and compare. Grant Maanum had informed me on numerous occasions that pure sodium chlorite is the very best medium with which to make MMS, and that it’s possible to make your own through an electrolysis method.

I have labored all day to craft these words to objectively convey what I’ve come to understand. What if the FDA targeted PGL because its source sodium chlorite was free of sodium chlorate, which is the best therapeutically, and left the rest alone because the grade that was generally available to him was still therapeutic, but not as much as PGL? Wouldn’t that constitute as much a “victory” for their cause as it would if they shut everyone down?

In my experience, I have no doubt that Jim Humble and the people who make MMS available are sincere in their desire to help people heal. Daniel Smith’s trial is more so a referendum on MMS and FDA dominance as an “enforcer” of its own self-conceived, unlegislated, and scientifically unfounded “laws.” You can bet that this case will receive quite a bit of publicity, negative at that. They will want to “protect” the public from hearing anything positive about PGL operations and the defendants, but promote negative stories in the general media as the worldwide publicity machine did when they were taken into custody.

The Department of Justice appears to believe that they can make the case look genuine even if the facts don’t support it. Or perhaps they’re so sure they can get any motion that they want approved, or any motion that Smith offers on his own behalf denied, that it won’t matter.

But it will… it does matter.

Truth matters. No truth, no justice. No truth by Justices who are public servants, no Republic. The court can be sealed to the gills. If there is no truth, the public will know… and care. This case cannot look as though it is a kangaroo court. If it is not open and above-board and even-handed, the public will know… and care.

That is why it will be important for everyone, whether you use MMS or not, to not only be watching this case, but let the Justice Department know that you are watching them… and that every allegation that they make will be held up to the light of truth. They watch us thinking that the surveillance is only one-way.

It’s not enough to say that we have been lied to, because the lying about the true nature of this society, at unconscionable costs, continues to this very day. The only way that the Justice Department can make a case against people stopping their use of MMS is if harm was proven, or barring that, if the source material is compromised sufficiently that therapeutic benefit is diminished.

MMS isn’t the only way to restore health, but the health of the medical system itself is terminal, and it doesn’t seem to know it, or care. The health of the jurisprudence system is terminal as well. It will be evident if Daniel Smith et al, do not get equal treatment under the law, and if the agencies that brought them, by coercion and force into the court system, are not held to the same standard of truth.

I will leave you with these final thoughts from Nathan Carr. These are not necessarily my opinions; they are his:

If you do a thorough search on the internet, you will soon discover that there is a conspiracy involving the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies to discredit and sabotage the MMS movement while at the same time they are probably secretly creating their own versions of sodium chlorite to be used in the treatment of infections, autoimmune disorders, and cancers. As I said before, after witnessing firsthand what they did with Accutane (poisoning millions of people with a very dangerous synthetic vitamin A derivative) I wouldn’t put anything past them.

The modus operandi of the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies is always the same, they use their power and political influence to remove from the market a natural non-patentable remedy that was actually safe and effective in its original form and didn’t have to be changed at all. Then after they have removed their free market competition, they are going to create their own version of it in the laboratory by tweaking the formulation a little bit so they can then patent it and sell it for an unreasonably and overly expensive 100,000% price markup.

The FDA and pharmaceutical companies are still promoting toxic and ineffective chemotherapy drugs for cancer patients, even though for decades these drugs have been destroying the health of these patients and not offering them any benefit. For every patient that cures themselves of cancer using MMS, the pharmaceutical industry is going to lose between $200,000 to $800,000 that they would’ve made from selling this patient very toxic and ineffective chemotherapy drugs.

There is big money on the line here, so it is absolutely a given that the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies are going to try to discredit and sabotage the MMS movement any way they can.

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