Facebookers Object to 'Self Healing' T-Shirt Ad

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MOAB, UT — I am in the unenviable position of arriving for the first time in a natural paradise in the still of night, and leaving before sunrise. However, Ft. Collins Colorado is my destination for reasons that are, at this time, more important to me, and will become evident soon enough to you. So I’ll be brief.

Since I need to reach 300 people who are moved enough by the idea of Healing Yourself to want to buy a t-shirt supporting the idea, I took out an ad on Facebook that would run for just a day. It launched without a hitch. However, about an hour later, I received a note from Facebook that the ad had been pulled, as apparently it drew negative responses or complaints from some who saw it or read the information on the site itself.

Here’s a link to the campaign.

Here’s the full abstract:

Inspired by the “Do It Yourself” movement, this design, in iconic style, serves as a symbol and reminder of where all true healing begins and ends.

As a society, we have fully embraced, adopted, and stopped questioning the idea of whether chemicals are appropriate or effective solutions to disease treatment. In fact, standard medical science operates under the assumption that living microorganisms — bacteria and viruses — can be pathologically “good” or “bad,” and when they are “bad,” they can be killed off chemically. The chemical is billed as medical science’s “good guy” to the bacterial or viral “bad guy.” Even if it means killing the host as chemotherapy frequently does in cancer treatment, the “side-effects” of the chemical are deemed worth the price of eradicating the “bad” bacteria or virus.

The results — dramatic increases in chronic and degenerative diseases, as well as the number of deaths due to standard medical practice — do not support the earlier assumption.

Hence, the “Heal Yourself” icon, emblazoned on a T-shirt, gently suggests, to anyone inclined to ask what it means, that natural answers exist to every disease pathology.

Raise awareness! Be part of a new trend, by being the first in your circle to sport the Heal Yourself t-shirt!

Now this is no complaint against Facebook, as I see how they could get them. For their part, they suggested that I reword it and resubmit. However, there is ample evidence that the above statements are true.

This strikes me as an example of how long and deeply we’ve been drinking the “Koolaid” of an idea that warlike, adversarial chemical solutions are better than complementary natural ones.

It also tells me that whether this campaign meets its goal in the time frame that I set, I need to continue presenting the idea that self-healing through the restoration of balance, meaning mental, emotional, energetic, ecological (inner and outer) and environmental, is not only natural to us, it is the only way that healing is done.

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