Truth, Ebola, and the Medical Way

Thomas Eric Duncan

With reports of the first American death, the Ebola drama points out everything that is wrong with medical science as it is presently practiced. The only problem is that few will notice it enough to call it out, although I believe this is changing.

The biggest problem with orthodox medical science today is that it, as well as the general public, has been sold on the idea that “disease” is something that must not only be “fought,” but that it is something that can actually be eradicated by “killing.” Consciousness is the cause and creator of “diseases,” and is not affected by orthodox medicine’s methods of eradication.  However, society continues to operate under the mistaken notion, you could call it the hypnotic suggestion, that “prickly problems” can be solved by “killing the prick.”

With that idea firmly entrenched in, and romanticized through history lessons, religious dogma, and incomplete or incorrect scientific assumptions that have been treated as laws, we have come to think that killing is, under certain circumstances, a reasonable response to certain situations, and that dying is an inevitable conclusion to life. This suggestion is thoroughly exploited by the Medical Industrial Complex in its massive and well-entrenched practice of applying cheap and abundant chemicals to pathological conditions that were caused by the Commercial Industrial Complex’s use of cheap and abundant chemicals to produce materials that look like food.

I say “look,” because most processed foods today have preservatives to inhibit microbiological activity and prolong shelf-life, and nutritional substitutes in name only that don’t nourish in actuality. The epidemic of chronic and degenerative “diseases” that we are witnessing and many are suffering from is a result of this process being adopted as cultural standards of behavior. When the inevitable happens, the Medical Industrial Complex steps in and steps up the dosages, bringing about an expensive, and regrettable death when with a restoration of natural balance, the condition was actually reversible.

The “disease” gets blamed for “killing” the patient, and the Medical Industrial Complex’s agencies — the pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, government “authorities,” doctors, hospitals, medical schools — get their pockets lined.

And still, the public doesn’t appear to see it.

In order for a medical “solution” to be considered, adopted, and especially “approved,” by the government agency, it must be (1) synthetic, (2) patentable or protectable as intellectual property, (3) complex, (4) of limited availability and (5) exorbitantly expensive. The complexity or limited availability may or may not be real, but the public must believe it is sufficiently true to accept the price that is set. It must also believe that absolutely no other remedy exists. Furthermore, the public must believe that the problem is so pernicious and complex so as to be beyond its ability to comprehend, question, or challenge, so as to not apply common sense to the propositions and compromises that medical practitioners will ask (or demand) that patients to make.

The public trusts that the medical industrial complex exists to serve a vital public need — i.e., “curing” diseases, some of which are “killers” — and that its practices are intended to fight this great war. This is one of the greatest deceptions and travesties of our generation. This is a holocaust that is actually in progress, which makes all previous ones pale in comparison.

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A Long-Standing ‘Error’ Campaign

The Ebola drama is just the latest in a series of terrorist attacks that have been, and still are aimed at the minds of peace-loving people around the world. It is being brought to the territories presently occupied by agents of United States of America Corporation to foment fear through the threat of disease. Fear, sincerely believed to be justified, makes unnatural and untenable solutions, such as taking chemicals to “kill” the “bad” or rouge bacteria, sound reasonable. We’ve been agreeing to staged terrorist attacks against the microbiology in the human body for decades, ever since Germ Theory was embraced as Gospel by a pharmaceutical co-opted and corrupted medical science and research community.

I am a member of the generations that bought the idea of “better living through chemistry” first instigated by DuPont Corporation and delivered to millions of impressionable human minds through the medium of television. This form of institutional advertising, which was not product focused, addressed the very underpinnings of our individual and collective worldview, and the progressive turning away from Nature because technological (including chemical) approaches were deemed superior and more “convenient”. Processed foods and beverages with chemical “preservatives” that suppressed biological activity to increase shelf life, became the rule, rather than the exception.

We preferred pasteurized milk to raw milk because the (bad) “germs” had been eradicated and it stayed “stable” for a longer period of time. We did not know that the aerobic microorganisms, enzymes, and vitamin D in raw milk are necessary to the maintenance or restoration of health. In areas where the people did understand the superior and beneficial nature of raw milk, legal and legislative measures were taken — by various state Dairy Associations — to suppress sales, or harass raw milk producers until they (1) converted, (2) sold out, or (3) went out of business.

Not sharp image, but the differences between raw and processed milk are clear.

These are not isolated or limited activities. We can point to virtually any and every part of American and Western “ways,” and find that they are rife with examples of similar institutionalized decisions that were antithetical to life, health, and well-being, and have brought us to where we are today.

For all the lip-service that is given to “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness,” we have been an indentured people who have been told that we’re “free,” by a corporate entity that actually functions as the “owner” of our physical form. The New York Stock Exchange had been in existence for almost 100 years when Standard Oil of Indiana was organized in 1889. It is known for the elite businesses whose stocks are traded and whose fortunes often guide and direct human thought and behavior. However, its business wasn’t always the familiar corporate stock that you know.

The predecessor of the New York Stock Exchange was established by a law passed in New York (1711) to create a marketplace that was convenient for the renting or selling of “Negro and Indian slaves.” (See historical paper by Alan J. Singer.)

There exists “corporate stock” that few people know of, and would find it even harder to believe. That is because if an individual is born in a hospital, the parents are required to fill out and submit a “birth certificate”. That document is then registered with the state’s vital statistics registrar (in some states the birth mother is (or was once) listed as the “Informant”), and a copy of that record is then sent somewhere else, CAPITALIZED with an amount of money, and then traded like a commodity.

What you actually do in, or with your life, has no bearing on the value of the trust account that exists in your name. The CAPITALIZED version of your name on a document indicates a fictionalized version of “you” (and “me”) that is held in trust, and treated as though we, the living being, have abandoned it. When “charges” are filed against a person in a criminal case, they are made against that person’s trust account. It is part of a private set of accounting books that we are told nothing about, and can be worth many billions by the time one has been around the sun as many times as I have.

Here’s a video that explains it:

This is not limited to America, or Americans. Most countries that have central banking systems, have the same type of reporting system and trading platforms.

The United States of America Corporation long ago set aside the Constitution and the system of “checks and balances” that we were taught exists within the government structure. It is not an agent of peace or conciliation, nor is the network of other corporate nations, or the people who run them. Please to not take my statements to mean that all people who live or work in such organizations are that way. People are as snowflakes. You will find all flavors and forms everywhere. That is why going within and realizing where one’s true power lives, is so important.

A larger drama is unfolding on Earth involving humanity that is bigger than any government, religion, race, or ethnicity. It is the fundamental question of who chooses to wake up, or who chooses to slumber. Who recognizes the lies we’ve been told and become (not “embrace”) truth, and who continues to live and propagate lies.

There is no energy shortage. Energy is everywhere, in everything, and convertible at the point of need if one knows how. Said know how is not beyond the ability of a human mind to comprehend or achieve. It has remained cloistered in obscure corners of science, fought tooth and nail by those who protect and preserve the orthodox view.

A Matter of Balance

Even if it is “man made,” the Ebola virus can be eradicated naturally, simply by restoring balance, beginning with one’s mind and heart. Ponder the term equanimity. One way to begin the process is to turn off and reject any stories about Ebola and the harm that it may cause. Consider that what you’re seeing may not, in fact, be true.

Here’s some evidence:

If you marinate in the idea that Ebola can do you harm, the idea will escalate to “Ebola will do you harm.” These are all thought forms. You may not be the instigator of the thought, but if you voluntarily choose to marinate in it, you empower the thought to act on you… to affect your life negatively. The Ebola virus may not even exist. Your belief in the Ebola virus is what gives it its power over you. In actuality, if you were infected, it would be you (unknowingly) affecting yourself.

Do you see how powerful a mind game can be when you are convinced that the danger is immediate, someone else is looking out for your welfare, that the solution is scarce, and you can catch the “disease” simply by breathing? If you vividly visualize these thoughts as “true,” and trust the source, then you create the reality for yourself and by yourself. The first and best way to cut off Ebola is to turn all reports off. If that is not an option, simply remain neutral when “exposed” to the thought. Better yet, find something more joyful to think about or do, and immerse yourself in that activity. Such actions change your resonance frequency. It is by similar oscillation, or resonance that all experiences form and come into being.

The bigger truth that has been withheld from humanity is that neither disease, aging, nor death are part of our natural pattern or nature. This is because the information pattern or field that cause molecules to form into a human “you” or “me,” are perfect in their creation and inviolate by nature. If a thought had a discernible form, it would be helpful to see this information pattern as its skeleton.

It is not uncommon to hear people speak of our divine nature, but what does that mean in a practical sense? It means that an Animating Principle is what powers you. Put another way, you are an Animating Principle. Another word for the Animating Principle that you are, is “Life.” Life is inherently and implicitly intelligent. It is (you are) also eternal. In other words, Life doesn’t (you don’t) “die.” It changes (you change) form, it travels from here to there, but it’s not (you’re not) really subject to being “overpowered” by other Life, except with some level or degree of consent or agreement, the reasons of which only God knows.

Orthodox science and our society as a whole professes to respect life, but believes in killing it (you). However, Life can’t be “killed.” The genetic engineering muckrakers try to control Life (you) by altering the behavior of plant, animal, and human life by altering the instruction set. However, your original instruction set is inviolate, and cannot be destroyed. As such, the original can always be restored. We have believed the concepts of death and dismemberment into the fear-based unreality that has become all too familiar. So complete has been the belief, we’ve stopped questioning and challenging, and continued fearing, and embracing untruth.

The great news is that we can create a true reality at this level of experience, and not have to wait until we get “way over yonder” to be “free.”

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