European Adventure: France and Spain

Just one of the views of Stonehenge

PUERTO DE NAVACERRADA, SPAIN ~ My European adventure continues at a breakneck pace. I started yesterday morning in Pombriego, Spain, spent the afternoon in Santiago, and ended the day in this mountain hamlet north of Madrid. With my Photonic Water Systems European distributor doing his best Fernando Alonso impression, we have traveled over 1,000 miles through the south of France and back to Spain over the Pyrenees mountains, to make a number of memorable meetings and alliances.

Outside of Lourdes, I can hardly remember all the places I’ve been, much less, their names, but the people we’ve met have been incredible. More meetings are scheduled when we resume the adventure by heading to Bolonia in Southern Spain, and the Mediterranean sea.

One week ago I visited Stonehenge, two hours west of London. It was a fitting culmination of a week that involved presentations of our water enhancement technology, meetings with friends, old and new, two interviews, and a LOT of walking as well as traveling to destinations on London’s Underground transit system.

The top picture is a wide view of Stonehenge, which I was keen on visiting on this, my second trip to England. Fortunately, I got a closer shot than the one above, but the sky just made a spectacle of itself, and I couldn’t ignore it.

But this is what you encounter if its on a weekend, and the weather is reasonably nice (it did rain briefly, but not enough to “dampen” anyone’s spirits.

The Stonehenge throng. I was one of ’em.

Perhaps it was all about taking a “selfie.”

There he is, and there’s Stonehenge.

While virtually anyone can take a great photograph these days, I’m still pleased to add my Stonehenge images to the perspectives now available.


So much has been going on in the world, and I’ve not commented on any of it. Not that anything I’d say is going to change anything. But then, it might.

I have been reading three incredible books, including When Stars Look Down (1976), by George Van Tassel, The Cosmic Pulse of Life, by Trevor James Constable, and The Invisible Influence (1934), by Alexander Cannon. The titles from Van Tassel and Cannon are available as downloads. Constable’s book was first published in 1976. The current edition was printed in 2008.

While I won’t attempt to offer a review of these titles, I’ll simply say that they are worth reading. Much, if not all of our society today is built on faulty, incomplete, and downright false principles that have been paraded as truths, as someone has sought to define and institute limitations upon the human experience that are thought to be immutable. Perhaps the biggest limitation rests in the idea that power is something reserved for “the rich,” “privileged,” “most learned,” or holder of the greatest destructive potential.

Science, education, religion, medicine, and government of states and nations, have all worked in concert to maintain these concepts as truths. Yet, they have never been, and will never be, unless we simply refuse to see ourselves differently.

In time I’ll find a way to share more pictures, but simply wanted to leave you with the thought and appreciation of your power, not only in the ability to change your life, to heal your “dis-ease” and repair wounded hearts, but to become the master of your experience, for by your choices, you are truly its Creator.

Here are a couple of pictures.

At the Chateau Chenonceau, Liore Valley, France


In the Pyrenees with France behind us and Spain ahead.
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  1. Thank you for the heads up on these books. I share your passion to learn and know our common truth.

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