European Adventure London: 'The War' with Love

LONDON – One thing I’m grateful for in the first few days of my arrival in London, is the return of exercise; my own. Due to traffic congestion, a premium of space, high prices of fuel, and an excellent mass transit system, walking is the order of the day for a large majority of the people. You must walk to the Underground or bus station. Got luggage? No worries! Bring them too! You can take the Piccadilly Line of the Underground all the way to Heathrow airport to the west of the City. The District Line transports you to Gatwick to the south. I’ll take that ride Sunday when I fly from here to Madrid, to begin Phase II.

London is a shopping mall unto itself, replete with historic landmarks everywhere you go. Many of the stores that you enter are, in and of themselves, landmarks. The Beretta Gallery in St. James, a block away from my hotel, has been around since 1526.

Hunting accessories, anyone?

The major news story this week in London is the 100th centenary (centennial for Americans) of Britain’s declaration of war against Germany, which became World War I, which might also be described as Depopulation I.

I know, there have been many wars, all of which resulted in some unnatural level of depopulation. For as much as combatants on all sides may have claimed to have “God on their side,” War is not an “Act of God.”

Many people who presently refer to themselves as “Christians” — I claim no such label — and see life through a religious lens, are on the watch for what they call, the “anti-Christ.” But they would be hard pressed to admit that by our own choices in any given moment, each one of us are either the anti-Christ or the Christ. A man (or now woman) who participates in an activity that leads to the unnatural and adversarial separation of a soul from body, and the forceful destruction of life, is not doing the work of Christ. And if it’s not the work of the Christ, it’s the work of an anti-Christ. Anyone who is not conscious can be an anti-Christ “channel.” Anyone who doesn’t honor and respect life is anti-Christ. If you label yourself as “pro-Life” and are yet okay with war, you are an anti-Christ.

What makes a person not conscious? Acting out of, or from any state but love. Taking actions without regard to the consequences to others, as well as one’s self, and without knowing or even seeking to know the truth.

The fountain at St. James Park Lake on a beautiful day.

A great deal of truth has been, and continues to be withheld from the public. Knowledge that would make abundant energy, abundant food, abundant healthy fresh water, abundant health and longevity, available to all, has been not only withheld, but artificially and forcefully suppressed.

The fact that science yet today acts as though we’re the only “intelligent” life-forms in the Universe, is another demonstration of available knowledge and truth that shapers of perception don’t want the public to see. Otherwise they want to promote a fearful view, predicated on the potential threat of “death” by alien.

Another untruth — there is no death. What we think of as “death” is itself an illusion. Who and what we are cannot be “killed”. We only change form.

A lonesome guard… just a kid in a costume.

Yet to think of “life” as existing only in, or through the physical form, maintains the “theatre” for which the whole world as we know it, is but a stage.

We don’t know that our thoughts drive all experiences that are created while in this world. When we want to change something, we must change our thoughts, which includes their polarity. In changing polarities, we alter what is attracted and repulsed.

When conflict and war is glamorized, it is perpetuated.

Most people would think that the polarity change that I’m referring to is from “negative” to “positive”. However, I’m suggesting that the change is from negative or positive, to neutral, or “zero-point.” In other words, become non-polar. Send your thoughts out, with love, but without a polarized orientation, such as “for Good,” or even, “for God.”

Memorials abound, but then the city is over 2,000 years old.

Simply be the Love that you are because that’s who you are and choose to be. This means being truthful, responsive, as well as fearless. Being fearless doesn’t mean that you don’t feel fear. It means that you aren’t governed by it. It also means that you don’t compromise your own innate, implicit value for the sake of another’s acceptance or condemnation. When you treat yourself with love, you’ll know how to treat others, and how others should treat you.

The London Eye on the world-famous River Thames.

I’ve walked more in the past few days here in London than I have for months at home. And while I’m sure there may be what they call “crime” here, its shadow doesn’t loom over one’s thoughts as you walk the streets, whether by day or night.

Theaters are everywhere. This one is down the street from Piccadilly Circus

Today I am going to experience a treatment of a relatively new healing modality that addresses some of the true, overlooked, dismissed, and fundamental factors that cause what we think of as “disease”, as well as correct them. Medical science isn’t embracing it because it would actually turn practitioners of symptom treatment into real healers of disease. It is called, Biomagnetic Pairs.

With that, I’ll gather my stuff and prepare to walk to the Green Park Underground and take two trains to my destination.

More to come.

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  1. Hi! Thanks for your blog. I always enjoy your musings. I’m glad you’re enjoying my home city. Careful though…you can’t get to Gatwick directly on the district line. You need to tale an overland train from Victoria station all the way into the Terminal. BTW what would would you recommend as a personal water energiser? Bio magnetic pairs? Sounds interesting. Please let us know how you get on.
    It’s a great Life isn’t it!

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