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This stretch of I-10 heading west toward Los Angeles gives you some indication of my recent whereabouts, and actually, my planned whereabouts too, as in a couple of days I’ll make a return, but it’s the whatabouts that are of the greatest interest. The original plan was to attend my No. 1 grandson Tyler’s high school graduation, but that didn’t happen. He graduated, but through a Comedy of Circumstances, we weren’t there.

Not to worry, we had a nice chat on the phone and will make plans to see him later this summer.

As such, the real reasons for our visit to the City of Angels were to unfold.

One was to meet Dave Becket, a retired aerospace engineer and new Rainmaker H2O™ reseller. Dave already sells Blushield, a product that mitigates disruptive electromagnetic frequency (EMF) signals that are having a profound impact in the quality of life, and decline in human health. (

This is an important, if transitional product category, as it takes into account the growing evidence of how vibration and frequency produced by technology effect biology. More specifically, discordant vibrations and frequencies have a negative affect on biological systems, which translates into health trends.

The vast preponderance of the technology that we use today produce or emit discordant vibrations and frequencies. Even the environments that we dwell in, due to their predominant shapes, also inhibit the natural harmonics that enhance and perpetuate health.

It’s almost as if this was all done on purpose, but I shouldn’t digress..

After much research on water technology, and given his background in aerospace engineering, Dave called me one day with questions about the Rainmaker H2O water transformation technology. His own understanding of the energetic enhancements that are designed into the Rainmaker H2O units that take water into a “structured” state, but doesn’t stop there, led to the conclusion that this was the most advanced and beneficial product in this technology sector yet.

Is there something beyond “structuring” water? Yes.

Restoring the “structure” of water is tantamount to its “reboot,” or starting with a blank sheet of paper. This process has less to do with what is “in” the water in a molecular sense, and everything to do what is not present in an informational sense, what is present energetically, and the quality of said energy.

Restoring the “structure” to the water molecule clears water of the informational imprint that it carried prior to passing through the device. Standard water treatment systems, such as filtration and reverse osmosis, do not perform this important step, which is to leave water like the “blank” sheet of paper, much like the one below.

The next sheet sample is technically “blank, but it retains an imprint of previously recorded information. It may have no pencil lead or ink residue because it may have been under a sheet that was written on, but discernible, actionable, information is clearly present. Like imprinted paper, water is an information carrier.

To “structure” water would be, in effect, to remove all prior imprints. This apparently minor detail is more important than words can convey. Whether the imprints are “removed” or not, is not the salient point either. The salient point is whether they are biologically active. Do they have an effect on the consumer?

With all the “stuff” being reported to be found in water these days, chlorine and fluoride being only the beginning – is it any wonder that water’s possible contribution of the growth in chronic and degenerative disease is the biggest question not being asked in our society these days?

This is somewhat like parents who see the connection between compliance to have their healthy children take vaccines only to soon discover the signs of autism develop thereafter, but not demanding a moratorium on the issuance of vaccines even though the incidence rate, as of March 2014, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1 in 68 (1 in 42 for boys and 1 in 189 for girls). A five-hear moratorium would answer the question pretty quickly, given that vaccinations have been mandatory for over 100 years. However, formulation, strength, and frequency have all increased dramatically, even since my youth.

The reason such questions aren’t asked, or moratorium demands made would be that we would be looking directly and honestly at problems so that we’d know they are what they are, and have no excuse for not making it go away. We’ve been too content to let “experts” allay our concerns while we do nothing but consent, sign waiver forms, and hope for the best (knowing this is wrong), which is exactly what they’re paid to do.

Rainmaker H2O™ devices are installed inline, at or near the point of use, to raise water’s energy-state as it passes through.

In the panel discussion below, several water experts describe the difference that energy-state has on water.


Dave Becket was inspired to make a Rainmaker H2O unit the centerpiece in a cool “portable” water treatment system. Taking a Shower/Under Sink unit (they are the same core product with different fittings), he demonstrated how he made it using food-grade buckets from a brewing supply company..

In a case of “prepper meets engineer,” Dave has created a way to quickly (less than 1 minute) turn about 6 gallons of water into a high energy, hydrating elixir, courtesy, Rainmaker H2O.

I shot this on video, but some of the stills get the message across nicely.

Dave is in the process of building a new web site that will feature both the BluShield and Rainmaker H2O products. I’ll add it in an update when it is available.

As we talked about health and in particular, the normalization of what appears to be a “hernia” condition that I have chosen not to treat medically, I also learned that Dave is a Practitioner (CSP) in the Church of Christ, Scientist (Christian Science), who stated, in no uncertain terms, that the condition can be healed through spiritual intervention. The church was founded in 1879 by Mary Baker Eddy (1821-1910).

Mary Baker Eddy is quoted to have said, “these mighty works are not supernatural, but supremely natural…” to which I fully agree.

We have come to expect the abnormal and abhorrent to predominate our “normal” experience. Wondrous and joyful experiences are seen as rare, unlikely, and “miraculous.” We question whether we “deserve” such gifts.

For these reasons we have gone to doctors who are taught to medicate, mutilate, and outright butcher patients, not knowing that they are unwitting captives in a system that, with apparent impunity, chews sick people up, squeezes them dry, and then spits them out.

I say “apparent” because in spite of appearances, all will reap what they sow.

Becket’s presentation to me was not the “you must accept Jesus Christ as your personal savior” pitch that members of many religious denominations evangelize. I listened with genuine interest. Christian Science Practitioners cite Jesus’ teachings, as chronicled in the Bible, as well as his example, not as “the only begotten son” of God, but as a man demonstrating what can happen when Oneness with God is (1) conscious, (2) active and (3) fully realized… and greater things still. Eddy’s book, Science and Health with Keys to the Scripture, is also an important reference text.

I have no interest in joining any religious organization, or stating that any one is better than another. However, I will not throw a concept out simply because it is surrounded by biblical bathwater. Indeed, it is because of the bible’s existence that the story of Jesus is meaningful, for believers and non-believers alike. On the other hand, medicine, as it is practiced today, is based far more on non-substantiable claims, and non-scientific belief than religions are. Any success that medical practices have on patients is as much a result of faith and trust as anything, except that it will be at great cost, and the institution of medicine will take the credit.

Doctors are taughtrequired to use very specific medical techniques as a condition of maintaining their ability to “practice” medicine, not because the remedies are effective in “curing” disease. In spite of extensive efforts to control information and education systems disease and health expense trends are going in very direction the Medical Industrial Complex wants them to go. If medical doctors want to retain their license to earn a living, they will “practice” as they are trained and required to do.

Health and healing are not important in the business of medicine. The plausible appearance of movement toward health and a “cure,” at a very high price, are all that are matters. Your belief and trust that the medical system is or can be effective, is what makes its continued existence possible.

Given what I have learned over the past seven or so years, I cannot, and will not put my health in the hands of, or under the influence of destructive institutionalized practices that ignore and even repress so many viable and effective ones. I will not contribute monetarily to a system that is fraudulent at best, and to which the term crime against humanity would be more appropriate.

David sent me a transcript of a lecture on Christian Science given by Dr. John M. Tutt (1879-1966), a medical doctor who renounced his medical training and successfully facilitated the healing of 100’s of patients who came to see him in the early 20th century. I read the document with interest, and I fully agree with the precepts of Christian Science. Here’s another, taken from site.

Christian Science teaches that it’s never God’s will for anyone to suffer, be sick, or die.

This concept tracks fully with those presented in The Door of Everything, by Ruby Nelson and featured elsewhere in this blogspace. This is a fundamental, but non-apparent truth that begs to be explored more fully and consciously, except that we’re blinded by the boxes that we live in and have become accustomed to. Clearly, at least to me, the greatest journey, as well as the greatest reward, comes from getting to know the Grand Cosmic Being that exists within each of us.

A loving Father/Mother Consciousness, Allness, Higher Self, Oversoul, God sources everyone and every living thing in all of Creation. We are not here by accident. There are no “mistakes”. It appears that things have systematically evolved on this planet to make these now self-evident truths questionable, and then to fill the human mind with the idea that we are mortal, insignificant, belligerent people who are alone on an isolated planet in a vast galaxy.

If we don’t know and love ourselves, we won’t become emotionally mature enough, or courageous enough to open our eyes to what has been “in plain site” for a few, but ignored or feared by a multitude.

I refer specifically to evidence of:

  • the normal continuation of life (consciousness) after functional cessation of the physical form, irrespective of whether you are religious or not, and
  • a wide range of intelligent life-forms throughout the universe, some humanoid and some who are not

I’ve watched a number of Christian Science lectures over the past few days. Some of them have the same “our way is better than ________” that is a turn off.

Religious proponents implore believers to be all about their particular “superhero” or doctrine – that includes the Church of MMS – when what is actually needed is for us to discover and know the nature of who we are. Membership in a religious organization is neither a requirement, nor a guarantee of “right”, meaning loving, consciousness. The only thing that actually expands consciousness and opens previously closed portals of harmonious and expansive potential, is love. Everyone has the capacity to love, and most are nowhere near the full potential of love expression. We’ve grown accustomed to setting what we love and who we love aside while we pursue money, telling ourselves that we’re doing it — including (apparently) killing others — because we love someone.

I believe that healing is an act of consciousness, that involves the action of love, and all that the word entails, involves, and empowers. This is very much the Christian Science message and methodology, to the point that they admonish that no other “outside” remedies are needed. Who has the courage to take them up on the offer without getting into a pissing contest over ancillary beliefs?

I have come to the same belief by studying the dynamics, nature, and science of energy. My next step is personal transfiguration.

This was/is a great presentation on the Religious Science history and way.



Companion Products for Rainmaker H2O

This article has taken longer for me to write than the actual trip took. 🙂

The introduction of a line of water transformation products by Rainmaker H2O in an attractive, compact form factor – in this case the blue anodized aluminum bodied Shower unit inspired me to look for unique or unusual products to go with it on my site.

The perfect supplier, Alfitrade, was in L.A. too.

The company imports contemporary decorative plumbing fixtures. Showerheads, high-end bathtubs with air and water jets. One’s overall experience with all of these products are highly dependent on the quality of water that passes through them.

We can confidently predict a better experience with such products if a Rainmaker H2O unit is involved because the water will be changed; naturally soft after passing through a Rainmaker H2O device, without surfactants or chemicals.

For example, the network of nozzles in the showerheads, or the jets in the whirlpool in the bathtub, like the one pictured below that is built for two people, won’t clog.

The clear sides on these tubs will also stay clear when the water is in an optimal, high-energy state.

Conventionally treated municipal water, and even water from wells or aquifers, will make the magic potential of these products fade quickly, through no fault of the manufacturer. It’s the energy, or lack thereof, that dramatically influences water’s behavior.

Optimal water, such as that produced as a result of placing a Rainmaker H2O unit inline, will enhance and extend the service life of all these appliances, including water heaters, washing machines, and ice makers.

The most important benefit that these devices deliver is the hardest to conceptualize, because they affect health. Optimal water is absorbed into cells where water with more complex molecules do not. The only place that hydration occurs, is inside the cell. More sedate, energy-dissipated water that has been cooped up in pipes with little movement and no natural light, may retain its “wetness,” but also, all that unwanted information, and little vital energy. Such water will be hard pressed to effectively energize the cell (via hydration) and remove waste.

I had a great visit with Eldad Alfi, president of Alfitrade, who with his wife was preparing for the birth of their first child any day. After explaining some of the factors that affect water’s energetic state and health, and that a natural birthing clinic in Phoenix uses technology like this to condition the birth water that newborns are born into, Eldad wanted his son’s birth to be in a high-energy, low stress environment. I was happy to help it become possible.

Roughly twenty-four hours later, Zion Alfi, who had been considered, “overdue,” entered this world under the best birthing conditions imaginable, in a bathtub filled with Optimal Water with the help of Rainmaker H2O technology.

Water receives a lot of passive attention as consumers try to find relief from the many “adverse additives” that are routinely delivered to our faucets, both with and without our knowledge and consent. Chlorine and fluoride are the most well-known additives, but there are many more. Since we must take in water for both hydration and personal hygiene, there’s no getting around it. However, the low energy state that is typically in when it reaches the faucet enhances the bio-effectiveness of the adverse additives.

As discussed in the water expert podcast above, adverse additives are no longer biologically active when water is in a high-energy state. This is not common knowledge. If it were, more products would incorporate similar functions as the Rainmaker H2O technology. However, as more people understand the consequences of delivering and consuming low energy water, they will “vote” in the marketplace with new product preferences.

I did an interview with Eldad, which will go online soon. I really like the products that he carries, and know that ours will make his customers enjoy their products better too.

I took home a Rainshower head with LED to go along with my Rainmaker H2O unit. I like the “light show” aspect!

Perfect Drinking Bottles

Given the importance of water’s energetic state and how it will change, positively or negatively, to transient changes in its environment, it’s important to take steps to protect or stabilize it. This came through a response that I wrote recently to a customer who asked how long water would stay energized if she put it in a container, after passing through the Rainmaker H2O unit, and took it to work with her.

Here’s my response:

Water is VERY DYNAMIC, and is ALWAYS interacting with its environment. When I say “its environment” I mean the energy field in which it happens to be. An energy field is also an information field, as it is the information within the field that defines the state of the energy. Energy is either harmonic or dis-harmonic. This is also referred to as having entropy (disharmony, disruptive, destructive) or negative entropy (harmonic, organizing, healing).

Samuel Hahnemann, Physicist

ALSO, if an environment is high in positive ions, which many, if not most of our homes and offices happen to be, water will exchange electrons with them. Positive ions contribute to cellular stress, and the reduction in availability of essential elements such as oxygen. Water will naturally interact with the environment both outside and inside the body.

That being said, the answer to your first question about placing water in the container and taking it to work is, “it depends” on the factors above.

With one exception that I know of; a water bottle made of Miron glass which has a deep violet or indigo color. These glass containers were first conceived and developed several hundred years ago by the German physicist Samuel Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy.

These are drinking bottles made of miron glass. To me, they are extremely beautiful as well. I love the color.

Miron glass is class for drinking bottles.

Hahnemann found that the remedy grew stronger, and more potent, as the molecular traces of the original compound was reduced and remained potent when all traces of the remedy was eliminated.

The next challenge that had to be overcome came when he discovered that his homeopathic remedy oftentimes did not work by the time it reached his client. The clear glass allowed for interaction with the energy of sun, as well as the factors mentioned above.

So he developed a glass that would protect and preserve the energetic state of anything placed inside.

Miron glass drinking bottles are perfect vessels for water. It’s great for anything else where preservation of energy is important. We tend to be pretty oblivious of the energy factor as a contributor to the quality of our life, partly because of our obsession with the “material” aspect of life (the effect), barely giving notice to the non-material, which is actually causal.

Turns out that the U.S. representative for Miron Glass products is also in Los Angeles, so I contacted him, became a reseller, particularly for the drinking bottles, and picked up some product to make available on in a 1 liter size.

Pyramid Mecca, GEM Spheres, and Scalar Energy

The last leg of the journey, and perhaps the most significant to my evolving understandings about the nature of reality, was spending an afternoon with Nick Edwards, pyramid artist and designer, and the force behind For over 40 years Nick has been designing some of the finest energy forms, pyramids and a spherical work he calls arkatrons, are available.

Made of high strength titanium tubing, but also very light in weight, Nick is a beacon of pyramid consciousness and subtle energy wisdom. I am currently reading a pre-publication copy of his book written with Joseph Marcello titled, Power of Pyramids, that has greatly enhanced my practical understanding of energy fields.

Sri Yukteswar and Paramhansa Yogananda

Early in the book he sets the stage for new understanding by citing the admonitions of Sri Yukteswar, guru to Paramhansa Yogananda to his students, that “Environment is stronger than will power.”

This is an astonishing statement; it means that – even beyond our every assurance that we are autonomous beings with the power of choice, we are even more greatly shaped and influenced than we would like to believe by the atmospheres within which we exist – much as are the creatures of the sea.

Edwards further explains the consequences of de facto environmental influence, many of which we have taken as immutable, unknowing of our own tacit, if unconscious acceptance and perpetuation, reinforced by culture-driven habituation.

Today, de facto environmental influence means isolation from the movement of the full spectrum of energy, not only of the earth, but of the cosmos. Energetic discordancy “filters out” the higher octaves, leaving us only the lower by which to define and experience our reality.

Examples of such isolation include:

  • We function predominantly in an ungrounded state. Rubber-soled shoes, concrete sidewalks and roads, chemically treated lawns, all have an either isolating or disruptive effect on our being. None of these habits are harmonizing, or enhance natural life harmonies and rhythms.
  • Our domiciles are predominantly positive ion producing. Radiation from television sets and computer screens, microwave transmissions in the kitchen, the hum of the refrigerator, and the 60 hz frequency of the electrical grid, not to mention the effects of Wi-Fi and “Smart” meters.
  • Cubist architecture wherein “boxes” dominate design create environments that are energetically stagnant. Ever tried your best to stay awake in a school classroom? The environmental systems likewise work from energy production methods that produce positive ions, wherein a net negative ion environment is health enhancing and sustaining.

Most people don’t realize – myself included until recently – how shapes affect energy, in both beneficial and detrimental ways. “Squared” angles tend to turn moving energy fields, particularly in the higher octaves, back on themselves. They keep certain energy bandwidths (beneficial) “out,” and others (harmful or discordant) “in.”

You might say that the miracle frequencies have been systematically “edited” out of our predominant experiential range, when in truth, they are as available from the Source as any other. They are not “special”… some would simply have us believe that they are, and reserved for a special, privileged few. It is incumbent upon each individual to learn how to “open” The Door, as it happens from the inside.

Choosing not to give energy to systems and beliefs that don’t actually serve us, begins the journey to self-discovery and liberation.

I took home one of Nick’s Mothership pyramids, modeled after Cheops, with a 42.5 in. base, and hung it over my bed.

I can definitely relate to the following passage in Nick’s book:

I do not see angels, visions, signs and symbols; I hear no prophesies, experience no delusions of grandeur or arcane revelations – I only feel this benign, consistent, current-like flow non-judgmentally surrounding and infilling me.

It does not instantly lift me into transcendence, out-of-the-body experiences, nor endow me with miraculous powers and abilities. But if I am agitated, it softly conspires to bring me back to myself, if I am weary it quietly begins flowing into my system, and if I need healing, seems to provide a peace-filled refuge.

This describes my first two weeks of sleep-time under a Mothership pyramid, the only one with a GEM Sphere also existing within its area. This is tantamount to the first steps of making a Heavenly experience on Earth.

I have more to share from Nick Edwards too, as we talked on camera about pyramids, their nature and varieties, and some of the many applications that his art forms have been used in.

I’m pleased to announce that we’ve launched, which is the first offering of the “orbs” according to a formula and protocol introduced by Judy Beebe after a 20-year journey that started as an out-of-body experience and meeting with Nikola Tesla.

As some of you may know, I first met Judy Beebe in late 2013 after reading her eBook that is titled, The Hydrogen Cipher. She was touting a material formulated from water, plus hydrogen and oxygen. When mixed together in a very specific way, a unique form of plasma was produced, one that generated what she calls, biological scalar waves.

I spent three days with Judy at her home in Montana, producing over 5 hours of video. I’ve done several Talk For Food episodes on the subject. Here is a link to the playlist for all four that I’ve done so far.

This is an introduction video:


In addition to the web site, I’ve been learning, along with Douglas Harkey, how to formulate GEM material, which looks quite innocuous, but is doing something much anticipated.

I sought Nick Edwards out after getting more involved with the development and production of GEM Spheres.

In the picture above, taken of a GEM Sphere on my bedroom window sill, the sun is rising in the background, so the visible light isn’t coming from “inside” the orb. However, the condensation is. This is evidence of ionic (charged particle) activity going on inside. It will never go away as long as the atmosphere inside is maintained. It will also generate biological scalar wave indefinitely as well.

We are about to learn what that means.

From her exhaustive research and experimentation, Judy came to the conclusion that the hydrogen atom is the presence of God.

Now it could be reasonably argued that everything is the presence of God, but in the same way that Christian Scientists know that they can expect a certain quality of experience by calling on the Christ energy, having a GEM Sphere in your home (or wherever you are) offers a similar expectation.

In his day, Moses had a Burning Bush. Today we have GEM Spheres.

The first batch will be shipped tomorrow, July 7, 2014.

Before my eyes cross, and tomorrow comes, I’m sending this out now.

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