Memorial Day Reflections 2014

It’s Memorial Day in America, circa 2014. My heart goes out to all who feel the added weight of sadness and grief over actions past. However, instead of ending the observance at “remembering” the troops that have “fought and died” for our “freedom”, my attention is on the people who continue to send them there to do their bidding, only to treat them like fodder when they outlive their usefulness.

Such actions dominate not only the history of America, but world history.

Today this applies not only to sons, brothers, and husbands, but to daughters, sisters, and wives.

Yet, the instigators live in a mythological belief that they will be unaffected by this gross act of institutionalized misogyny. They think they will comfortably “survive” the holocaust that they seek to ignite before we discover what they’re doing. More are waking up each day, and vowing not to “play the game” anymore.

Someone wants us to think the country’s initiatives have been, and are noble and necessary, that the dangers and evils are just that great, when in truth, they are artificially contrived and maintained, as long as we believe in, and are fearful of and must combat “enemies.”

If we understand the Oneness that we are all aspects of, we may realize that there is, and can be no true “end” to who and what we are. As such, there is no “them”. There is only us. In spite of appearances, there is one Life that all are integral and necessary aspects of.

To harm an apparent “other” is to harm one’s self. On the other hand, harmonizing one’s self will have a harmonizing effect on others. Balancing one’s self will balance and normalize the lives and experience of those around us, including our relationships with others.

What acts of balance and harmonizing have you seen our “leaders” instigate lately? They are more intent on instigation by force, coercion, intimidation, sanction, or punishment. These are all destabilizing approaches that are driven by the momentum of outdated ideas.

We’re growing up, and must show it by standing behind, and standing up for new ideas and approaches to old ways.

Ideas don’t stop on their own momentum. Without a conscious change in awareness, and intention, by creators like you and me, ideas will propagate and grow.

The people – I’m going to assume that they are human, but that too might be debatable – who run many of the institutions that influence everything including government, education, energy policy and practices, military, medical standards and practices, and the media, do not yet appear to have had a change in awareness or intention.

Supporting evidence of this supposition is as follows:

  • We are still engaging in, training for, or preparing for war, and expanding the areas of potential conflict and methods of response.

I say “we,” but the instigating force is United States of America Corporation, the U.S. Constitution re-writing corporate entity (founded in 1871) headquartered in Washington, DC that has paved the way for corporations to have “equal” rights as human beings.

The president of USAC is currently Barack Obama, who is doing his job of appearing to represent The People of the united states of America. This is one reason why controversy surrounding his birth certificate has always been a moot point. These observations don’t apply to Mr. Obama personally, or Democrats or Republicans in general, but to anyone who would be what “insiders” refer to as POTUS.

This is not the first time legislative steps have been taken to shield individuals and corporations from consequences of their activities. Medical doctors have long had malpractice insurance. Pharmaceutical firms who manufacture vaccines enjoy protection from lawsuits. (See article.)

Some parents of autistic children, many of whom were healthy and responsive prior to taking a vaccine, often act as if the institutionalized insult hadn’t happened. They buy the story that there a genetic defect may be involved in autism. Better do that than recognize how we’ve been, and are being duped.

I suggest that parents are still being duped because (1) the medical industrial complex is till peddling them, (2) people are still taking them, and (3) they’re not acknowledging the environmental damage that the vaccine contents have on the body’s make up, even though it can easily be understood by any layman.

  • They’re still filling the skies with chemicals, referred to as chemtrails due to the long plumes that linger in the plane’s wake. Ever notice how the skies lose their “blueness” after a chemtrail application? That blueness is oxygen, by far the most paramagnetic of gases in the periodic table, and essential to life and health.

Ever wondered why so little is said about this activity? We tend to think that the spraying that we observe in our local area is isolated, but look at the region in the photo below. Imagine the expense involved, not only in chemicals, but in fuel to fly the planes. This has been going on for how many years?

This is more evidence that an agenda that differs from what you or I might think is going on, is actually going on.

We might think that the people who guide the institutions that produce our foods, or deliver our water, as an example, are looking out for the best interests of humanity and all life. Yet, the results suggest otherwise.

If chemtrails weren’t enough, a vast majority of food that is grown, is treated with chemical-based fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Chemtrails have been sprayed on plants for decades, and adopted as standard farming practice. As such, few took notice, or questioned farming practices as ladybug and bee populations began a precipitous decline and  incidences of chronic and degenerative disease began to rise.

Genetic engineering of seed stocks to make them “indifferent” when sprayed to certain brands of pesticides and herbicides hasn’t helped things. Perhaps someone knew that they wouldn’t, and that we’d get fed up with their indifference to labeling and outright opposition to GMO labeling ballot initiatives.

How is it that profit-driven corporations are exercising more clout and influence over matters that affect the lives and health of living people than the living people themselves?!

One phenomenon that has resulted from the growth in GMO production, is the dramatic increase in chemical-based soil amendments. Again, this is justified on the idea that insects that eat food that is unsafe or unhealthy for human consumption, are pests.

We have now observed that when food is healthy, “pests” don’t come and inoculate them with their eggs, which hatch to grow larva that eat the plant. Killing the pests off with chemicals preserves the unhealthy “foods” for livestock and humans.

Every microorganism is now considered an “enemy”, so that pasteurization became the rule in dairy farming since the days of Louis Pasteur. Turns out that the human body is a macroorganism whose health is fully dependent on balance.

Most people don’t know that raw organic milk from grass-fed animals was actually used as a medicine in the 1920′s. The Mayo Foundation used a diet of raw milk as a remedy for heart failure, diabetes, kidney disease, chronic fatigue and obesity.—Dr. Edward Group, Global Healing Center

I could go on.

The Medical Industrial Complex is certainly doing its job to hasten the decline in human health and well-being. It would have you to continue “asking your doctor” if this latest drug, approved by the FDA, is right for your condition, even if the “side effects” include thoughts of suicide or sudden death.

The point is that these initiatives and activities have not evolved through happenstance. They largely define our understanding of what is possible and inevitable, given the amount of information (also controlled by the same factions) available.

Evidence is now emerging that suggests:

  • We are not alone in the universe, and have never been.
  • We are not living in or on an energy depleted planet.
  • The planet produces abundant supplies of everything we need.
  • We live in a sea of abundant energy that is everywhere making the exploration and use of fossil fuels unnecessary.
  • We can live happy, healthy and abundant lives, no matter where on earth we may happen to be.
  • The power to heal is within each of us.
  • Ways to heal are abundant and affordable for everyone.
  • The only impediment to healing is lack of knowledge and continuation of destructive habits.

Seeing the system for what it is, I am taking matters of healing… i.e., normalizing my body… into my own hands. I am taking responsibility and reclaiming my power, which has always been mine.

More to come…

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