‘University of Earth’ T-Shirt Launch

Make a statement.

It has generally been an easy thing for me to get behind someone else’s idea, but slow to support my own. Beyond that, it has also been hard to ask for the public to pay for a product I created. This habit hasn’t worked that well for me financially, even though I have had a good idea or two. Perhaps the “newness” wears off for me before anyone else has had a chance to consider or act on them. Perhaps I’d rather just give and not worry about receiving.

Maybe in another world, but it’s certainly a challenge in this one.

Well that’s a pattern that needs to change, and fortunately, technology is providing fewer excuses for anyone to not take positive steps toward a heart-felt objective or goal.

With that said, it’s my pleasure to introduce the University of Earth™ T-shirt, the first in a line of offerings under the trademark. I have just launched an introduction of the design via, a “crowd funding” site created specifically for launching t-shirt designs.

The idea for the “U of Earth” t-shirt came to me 8 years ago (2006), as Della and I were returning home from a trip to Maui. While making connecting flights through San Francisco International Airport, we passed a store that sold high quality collegiate apparel, mostly t-shirts and sweatshirts, for STANFORD, CAL BERKELEY, UCLA, USC, etc.

While there are many people who would proudly wear one of these garments, they wouldn’t be caught dead in another. That’s no fun, such is the polarized nature of our culture. It occurred to me that it would be great to have a shirt that acknowledges everyone’s “Alma Mater”; the Original, that everyone can wear, anywhere.

The University of Earth T-Shirt was born.

If the piggybank is smiling, I like to collect such shirts when I travel. My latest is a University of Chicago hoodie that I picked up at the end of my 9,200 mile road trip last year (2013).

This is the closest one I can find to it now, and they have many that are priced well north of $50.

Yet, the Earth’s “campus” is everywhere. It is everything! Our being here on Earth, from first breath to last, is evidence that we are duly qualified, enrolled, and that the proper tuition has been paid. Is the only reason for us to live on Earth, to be “workers” and “employees?” I think not.

I believe that our purpose for being here, on Earth, is to wake up and know who we are, and be who we are, while herenow, on Earth.

Not “way over yonder.”

I believe that we are Love personified and incarnate.

It is evident to me that the laws of physics that we have governed ourselves by are, in actuality, artificial. As we learn to be true ourselves (and what is love without truth?), as we choose to be harmonious beings, we will defy, or I should say, transcend said “laws” of physics, even while we’re still here.

If you are Love, you are kind. You are compassionate. You are not “afraid for your life.” Nothing can “take” your life. We only believe that life can be “taken.” Part of who we are is immortal, is connected to all of Creation, is limitless, is aware, and it powerful. It also possesses the wisdom and the patience to allow each of us to argue for our limitations, and be “right.” There’ll always be someone available to play with us if we are addicted to misery. But many are now ready to truly life and let live, and to love and let love.

When you are Love you have all that you need. There’s no need to “take” from another, when you need only imagine what you desire and know it shall be given, or come to you.

If you are Love, and you know it, you wouldn’t imagine bringing harm to others. That is why there has been such a campaign to get you to believe that someone or something is hell bent on harming you, and that you are susceptible to that harm, and therefore, require protection via the “use of force.”

Whatever you believe about life, love, relationships, or yourself, will be true, because your experience is your creation.

We have grown accustomed to painting ourselves in corners, whether as “friends” vs. “enemies,” “our” nation vs. their nation, that we leave ourselves fewer places to be at peace, not with others, but within ourselves. If one is not at peace within their own mind and heart, they cannot know or be who they are.

We hear people (politicians mostly) talk about “God ‘blessing’ America,” but how myopic is that?

What about the rest of the planet? Do we really think that God cares only about America and Americans, when all of humanity are of the same Source? Do we really think that God supports “bombing al-Qaeda” or building walls to keep certain “undesirables” out, when in truth, the walls are erected to keep “the owned” in? Does anyone really think that God loves what appears to be the absolute worse human being any less than a saint?

The answer to that last question is probably, “yes”, but what loving mother or father turns off their capacity, willingness, or desire to love even the most wayward child?

When you turn your heart off to Love, you become heartless yourself. But mass media, motion pictures, and the “news” outlets will continue pumping you with what appear to be good reason to go into your shell and stay there and hide until they tell you it’s okay to come out.

By that time, you won’t want to live in the world they created while you weren’t looking, or in your own way taking exception to their actions.

Why are these simple truths not more apparent to more people? Why are crimes perpetuated against humanity not only tolerated, but vehemently defended, by the targets of said crimes?

I will suggest that it’s part of the psyop operation that humanity has been unwittingly and unknowingly subjected to for generations. As such, the crime is not seen… that is, until it is. When you love, your eyes will open, as does your heart.

We are far more intelligent than we are led to believe. Also, we are kinder, generous and benevolent than we are led to believe as well. All are not only valuable, but the creators of that which is perceived as wealth, even if it is funneled into the hands and coffers of a few. It’s only stuff.

Look at the vast preponderance of programming on television, as well as the motion pictures that are produced. They are heavily skewed toward a crime focus involving a “bad” guy versus a “good” one, both of whom carry guns. Both of them believe that the physical form defines one’s existence, and that if that form is eliminated, the problem of the moment will go away.

I submit that a sufficient percentage of humanity now knows that this isn’t true, but you won’t see evidence of this in the media.

The media is also a convenient and effective tool to offer suggestion, you could call it of the hypnotic kind, of the attitude one should take toward a given situation or circumstance.

Thousands of messages for drugs are broadcast every day. Their effects (not “side-effects”) are so extreme and harmful that if it weren’t for the fact that a doctor “prescribed” it (from the book), he or she could (and should) be prosecuted for giving it out.

However, the medical system has a long history of protecting the administering of poisonous drugs to patients by licensed practitioners, and going after and if possible, shutting down purveyors of harmless and effective remedies.

Fortunately, the University of Earth T-Shirt steers clear of such matters. It’s simply a way to say that you care about something that is bigger than “you,” and at the same time, it says something – in my never to be humble opinion – pretty awesome about the wearer too.

Below the blocked-text “EARTH” are the Latin words, thanks to Google Translator:


  • Integritas: for totality, or wholeness.
  • Verum: Truth
  • Amor: Love (In all its ways of expression)
  • Libertas: Freedom

I might have added “AEQUALITAS” for equality.

That will be for the next go round. With these being the first, they’ll quickly become collector’s items, I’m sure.

On the Radio

This Wednesday evening (March 19) I’ll be a guest on the Proof Negative Show on Freedomizer Radio, 7pm (Pacific).

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5 Thoughts to “‘University of Earth’ T-Shirt Launch”

  1. Adam, Great T-shirt! Can we get it in a sweatshirt (no hood). How about some colors? Yellow maybe? Or a blue? I trust you will get a good response to these t-shirts. Thanks!

    1. I see they don’t offer sweatshirts. How about making one of the other t-shirts colored, whatever color would go best with the logo. Maybe the Gildan shirt in Yellow or Royal (Hm purple or orange might work)? TY

  2. susangoodstein

    Maybe promoting things like drinking bleach (MMS) to cure people’s disease isn’t such a GOOD idea.

    1. Susan, where have you been? These subjects were covered a LONG time ago, and I dare say that MILLIONS of people now know that sodium chlorite (“MMS”) which you have to stipulate because it SO OFF TOPIC, either on its own, or mixed with a light acid, IS NO BLEACH.

      You didn’t hear any remorse in anything I wrote about “promoting” MMS. I’ve said what I have had to say about it. The RESULTS that people continue to report after using it has been POSITIVE. We’ve come to better understand the chemistry, the efficacy of which THE RESULTS confirm.

      Please spend some more time asking questions or taking in information before spouting off, not even half-cocked.


    2. Susan, please research MMS a bit more yourself. My family uses MMS and we especially like to use it when we feel a ‘cold’ coming on. It helped me detox from oxygen-depleting effects of mercury in 2007. It is simple and very cheap and you will find is NOT, chemically, bleach. Blessings of health to you!

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