An Orchestrated ‘Drought’ of Self-Awareness

I love California. It is one beautiful, often congested, hectic place, but I’m happy to be home, to a different kind of beauty and hecticness. I returned with bronchial congestion that I didn’t leave home with. I suspect it is something that the atmosphere has been spiced up with.

Not to worry, I have some “natural helpers” that are already taking care of the matter.

This last trip of 12 days, took me to Tulare, to the 2014 World Ag Expo, then to Ojai and Santa Barbara, then to San Ramon and Vacaville, in the “straight” between Sacramento and the Bay Area where I received an exam from the Natural Health and Wellness Center (it’s for women, but I was given a pass), then to Paradise and Chico, then Sacramento, then to the San Francisco Bay Area, then toward home, with stops on the Central Coast, Santa Barbara again, with a layover in Pasadena before motoring home.

Multiple purposes served, and many observations.

The World Ag Expo is a big deal to the Farm Industrial Complex. That’s the one that is manufacturing material that looks and behaves remarkably like food, but generally lacks the single most important element that defines what food is; namely nutritional content.

You may not know it, but America – not “third world” Africa – is probably the most malnourished country on the planet. Americans don’t die of starvation as honestly as they do in Africa. We do it in the relative comfort of our ignorance of how the abundant range of products that we are “blessed” to be able to choose from, have been systematically rigged to withhold what is most important: that is, the ability to nurture and sustain life, in the form of nutritional content, such as minerals, proteins, enzymes, and even bacteria, which has taken a bad rap.

To be malnourished, is to starve. We simply don’t call it for what it is. It’s like a man hooked on prescription medications devoutly asserting he is not an addict simply because the doctor told him to take them.

The question to ask is, “who, or what orders the doctors?” Human life and health are no longer their priorities either. Paying for the medications and treatments – a bill guaranteed to rise unless other changes are forthcoming – are now the #1 medical priority. Services will be given to those who can pay, or from which billings can be received.

This is an evolved practice, not a necessary one.

This trend of misdirected priorities isn’t an isolated situation, it is a pandemic of planetary proportions. Someone doesn’t want you to know who you are, nor do they want you to be who you are.

Someone wants you to continue acting like a slave or powerless victim while thinking you are brave and free. Keep clutching and fighting for the right to hold or control that gun as though it makes a difference. It doesn’t.

While the reasons aren’t about money, money is, and has been, a very effective tool of control.

Anytime you set aside your human values for the sake of “money,” then the people who want to treat you – and encourage you to treat others – like sub-humans, score a little victory.

But in my opinion, their influence, while pervasive (and perverted), is short-lived.

Corporate Overlords and Underminers

Corporations have become the prototypical “new human,” the hive that exists for its own purposes. It has been given life and credibility, even a certain form of “equality” to humans, although unlike Data of Star Trek: The Next Generation, they will never be one.

Data of Star Trek: The Next Generation

However, corporations cannot exist without human beings. The bigger the corporation, the more human beings it needs. But human beings have been taking a back seat to the chief objective of corporate activity, acquisition of money, power, information (i.e., data) influence, and control.

Control by who? A much SMALLER group of human beings, infinitesimally small compared to the general population, for whom money is virtually meaningless.

Control over what? Human perception and imagination.

If they can make you think you’re in danger, then you’re most likely to agree to their “plan” of “protection.” Virtually every institutionalized corporate activity follows the same agenda.

We have been allowing events to unfold according to a coup de la conscience against humanity that began over 1,000 years ago. The printed word has been used, not as a predictor of the future, as in prophesy, but as a primer of the human imagination, which is able to create through the simple expression of will. Everyone has that ability. No one was “short changed” by God.

The first scribes, and later, the first owners of printing presses, have guided (and goaded) humanity along in how to think and imagine, not only about the past, present, and future, but about the individual self, which one is taught to think of as “inferior” or “superior”, as the case may be, to some other individual, group, or idea.

These concepts are false.

The molders of the human mind are not alone in culpability. Money is not their motivation, since they know it is little more than an idea construct. We sabotage and denigrate ourselves because we think money, which we often have too little of, would deliver the power and control that the puppet masters hold.

In other words, we think that power and control, like God, Allah, the Creator, exists independently of the Creation. It’s the same rationale that suggests that guns are, in and of themselves, dangerous.

People make guns dangerous, as they embolden people to think they can do things they would not ordinarily do to other people. Yet, if you are led to believe that you are separate from your fellow travelers on earth, and that your very intangible thoughts mean little or nothing, then you’re not likely to take much responsibility for your actions. This is especially true when so many “experts” are ready to tell you how incapable or vulnerable we are, and how “advanced” and “smart” technology — ours or someone else’s — is.

Yet, as long as money is so meaningful to so many human beings; as long as it is deemed more important than creating harmonious relationships (something everyone is capable of) with other humans, then we set ourselves up for major hoodwinking. That is one reason why the parties to the Trans-Pacific Partnership referred to below, are so tight-lipped, and we are too distracted to care. (Source:

It was greenhouse grower, Roger Daggett who several years ago shared with me his disappointment with the Farm Industrial Complex when he tested the nutrient density (expressed as sugar content) of tomatoes in a Whole Foods market with a refractometer. This value is referred to as a Brix measurement. The tomatoes looked good, were priced at a premium (they were “organic” after all), but weren’t up to snuff where it counted.

Instead of taking a lead to turn this trend around, the alphabet agencies target the conscientious producers. Spend a short amount of time searching and you’ll find numerous examples of gross abuse of force (not power) by these organizations against the rights and best interests of the People, for the rights and money interests of corporations (i.e., small special interest collectives).

Much of the FDA’s budget is paid for by Big Pharma instead of the taxpayers, which creates a serious conflict of interest. Despite this funding from industry, the FDA publicly stated that it lacked both the funds and the expertise to do its job, even before farming was piled on. It continues to state that because of lack of funds it cannot do what it is required by statute to do—therefore it is operating lawlessly.

Don’t blame Whole Foods, as this phenomenon isn’t exclusive to them. Don’t blame the FDA, as this phenomenon isn’t exclusive to it either. Don’t blame the media. They are just doing what they’re told (and paid) to do.

Don’t blame the colleges and universities. They too are simply chasing “golden carrots” as they have for generations, just trying to survive. Natural Science, or the science of nature now appears to be pseudo-science to them, where in actuality, pseudo-science has become today’s “science.”

Don’t blame religions that keep their believers thinking they are superior to “non-believers” and that we’re separate from, and not expressions of God. Teaching that some are “closer” to God (but not you or me) and some are further away puts the self-appointed on pedestals, in seats of adoration where your (tax-deductible) gifts to the institution supports their lifestyle, often at your own expense.

Don’t blame the Medical Industrial Complex. It’s EXPENSIVE to fight “disease,” the latter-day evil and alien invader, that warrants every dollar we can muster to protect life. How ironic that the “fight” is actually to protect lifeless practices and policies, not only in medical science, but in agriculture (GMO), industrial (fracking), and military sciences as well.

This is no time to blame anyone for these crimes against humanity. It’s time to see them happening, and to stop wiling our time away being entertained by Fantasy Football, the juvenile antics of Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus, or becoming evangelists for The Biggest Loser.

Don’t blame them: they’re clueless too.

Paying closer attention to the word “entertainment,” you see another underlying concept, purpose, and meaning which is entrainment. In this case, “entertainers” (entrainers) draw your attention away from Self-Awareness, which is entered through introspection, where the power to change your experiential world, through Inspired Imagination, is accessed.

Entertainers (entrainers), who live opulent lifestyles that many dream of having, distract you from the truth that love and happiness are within everyone, and are not conditioned on the exchange of dollars. Your distractedness from true power, led by the examples of other well-paid entrainers such as television newscasters, newspaper columnists, and various truthskirters, allows an attitude to emerge that suggests “The End” may be near, and you should be afraid.

What can you do? Turn off the TV would be one thing. Spend time listening to no one, but the silent Voice within you. If you have multiple conversations going on inside our head, then the one that is loving is the one you should allow to guide you, because everyone knows what is, and is not, loving.

When we become unmoved and indifferent to unloving behavior, then our experience of it will increase, not by “fault,” but by default.

Everything that we focus our attention on, is a reflection of Self. If it is a reflection, it is also a projection, as it exists within us, who are Observer/Experiencer.

Boy, did I get on a tangent!

Before returning home, I shot and produced three videos, related to the water issue in California. One was shot in Sacramento, on the lawn in front of the Capital Building. This was on the day it was announced that $687 million will be spent on ways to address the water crisis in the state.



A couple of days later, heading south from Salinas to Santa Barbara, I stopped at Oceano Dunes and shot these next two.



And this one.

More to say, but it’ll have to be another day.
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  1. Don’t stand so close to the ball that you have to bend your elbows to accommodate the club. At the same time, don’t stand so far away that your arms are fully outstretched.

  2. With all the rain this past week perhaps the drought is no longer. However, I’m sure our government will distort it just to spend the money anyway. Between Fukishima and HAARP affecting us its no wonder you “picked up” your infection. Great article and very appropriate considering the control our government is pushing on us (goes along with vaccines, poor food quality, toxic work environments, and more stress etc). Keep your crystals nearby but swallow the products I gave you- thank you for the “plug”.
    To health, endurance, well being and future posts! 🙂

  3. Bruce

    Whole Foods major shareholders are the same as Monsantos…

    1. Bruce

      Also, please be aware that this is a “High Tech Drought,” brought to you by Weather Modification and HAARP. Please check out

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