Discerning Truth, Love, and the Rhythm of the Heart

The public is perceived to be unable to see through the lies that “checkbook scientists” present as truth.

I take in much more information than I put out. I carry 3-5 books around with me virtually everywhere I go. I watch a lot of video on YouTube these days. (Some wonderful stuff, I might add.) Not only is there a lot to sift through, there’s the sometimes thorny question of what’s true, and even if it is true, is it meaningful?

The thorniness of the matter of discerning truth is greatly compounded by the fact that many of our general understandings about reality, science, religion, and even the “laws” of nature and the universe, which are presented as incontrovertible, are in actuality, not true.

For example, we’ve been told that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light (approx. 186,200 m/s). Before Chuck Yeager managed to safely pilot his Bell X-1 aircraft through it in 1947, the sound barrier was presented as the upper limit of air speed, in the same way that the 4-minute mile was considered the human speed limit in track and field before Roger Bannister surpassed it in 1954.

Elizabeth Klarer

Elizabeth Klarer (1910-1994), in her autobiography, Beyond the Light Barrier, recounts a fascinating story of the vistas and awareness that love can guide us to, if we are willing to set fear aside and trust in love. She traveled to another planet, called Meton, in the Alpha-Centuri star system, where she lived for four months and bore a child, fathered by Akon, the space traveler with whom she had first, not “fell,” but was uplifted, in love.

In the book she describes making the journey to Meton, which is 4.2 light years distant from Earth, in 7 months. Half of the time was for the steady acceleration out of, and deceleration into the respective solar systems so as not to disturb the space/time continuum. Scientists today would scoff at the notion as I’m sure many wondered what Jules Verne was smoking in his day. Her religious “Earth” son tried, in appropriately, to apologize for his mom posthumously for the “error” in her judgment.

Before I get too far along, notice the connotation when the word “fall” is used to precede love, as in “fall in love?” That is a meme; a colloquialism used so often by a culture that it influences perception and subsequent behavior… without question. In this case, referring to love as something we “fall” into, encourages withholding, circumspection, and conditionality.

It also sets one up for the drama associated with the control and loss of freedom that “loving” another, i.e., with strings and conditions, has come to mean. True love is without limit. It is ultimate freedom. Joyfulness, honesty, truth, courage, volition, tolerance, generosity, kindness, forgiveness, and the highest harmonics, mark its presence.

What most do not appreciate is that becoming true love affects one’s own vibrational, biophysical, and energy state, thereby affecting not only the health of one’s body, but of one’s relationships and one’s experiences, including that which is attracted, and repelled.

Not loving is humanity’s “fall.” It leads to limitation, sadness, dishonesty, lies, rage, oppression, and dissonance. But then, we’re taught, for example, in literature and music, to see love as fleeting, something that hurts, and causes pain. We try to live our lives without loving, which itself is an oxymoron, as there can be no life worth living without it.

The ascent of man?

More falsehoods masquerading and adopted as truths.

We’ve been led to believe in a linear progression of “advancement,” as evidenced by knowledge, and mastery over nature through technology. Opinion-makers justify the policies and actions taken by inferring that Western Civilization is the most “advanced” society on the earth. The question of whether any other races of intelligent beings exists in the universe is purposely kept in the realm of conjecture and speculation, in spite of massive evidence that we’re not, nor have we ever been, “alone.”

Through the distractions of war, poverty, mal-education, religious dogma, and disease, a profound majority of Earth’s human population have been kept unaware of the existence of non-Terran as well as non-humanoid intelligent races, even though evidence of contact, or attempts at such, permeate recorded human history, from ancient times to modern.

Furthermore, there are sufficient accounts from numerous researchers, authors, whistleblowers and contactees to surmise that relationships have been established with certain intelligent races. However, instead of seeking technology to help resolve many of the issues that have divided humanity, they used what was learned to increase the divide, and maintain the distracted slumber.

Until we look up and within, we won’t grow up and be free.

The downside of this practice of gross “head-in-the-sand-ism” is that emotional growth, equanimity, clarity, and maturity, an important byproduct of all-inclusive love, is stunted. If we haven’t demonstrated our willingness to restore the balance that we’ve disrupted and build harmony with other humans, who we know are equals, how are we going to be ready to handle meeting beings that look like this?

Benevolent reptilian being.

Even more so, what about a possible encounter with any of many who might present like this collection?

Your reaction to any of these images says more about you, than the image.

Did you have a particular or general reaction to any of the entities pictured above? What was it? Whether you are aware of it or not, we’ve been carefully and systematically programmed to shrink, stand back, repulse, or prepare to defend, without question.

Without questioning who? Without questioning yourself… your heart. Without first centering and harmonizing your self. Without choosing to be balanced your self, an action that only you can take for yourself. No one else can (not even Jesus), or will harmonize “you” for you. Only your choice to be lovingly at peace with and within yourself, will harmonize your being.

The choice to be in harmony, otherwise known as peace, changes you and your experience. It affects the nature and quality of the encounters that you have. It affects what actually happens when you not only know that you are one with, an expression of, and therefore equal to All of Creation (even those that look like monsters to our perception), but that by your own inner harmonics do you attract or repel your experiences.

These truths are not self-evident, but they are inviolate. ALL experiences occur only with your permission. What most don’t know is that “permission” can be conferred consciously, and subconsciously. This is particularly so when alignment between one’s thoughts, words, attitude, and actions, is missing. That is why so many lies are presented as truth, because real truth is aligned, and any one of the factors just mentioned, can be askew.

We’ve been led to believe that our thoughts hold no power, and words are meaningless, so many will speak without either thinking, or meaning what they say. Throw money into the mix, and more people won’t even care what they’re saying or suggesting, or the implications on the listener.

We’ve been led to believe in the lie of limitation and scarcity, which suggest that the “strongest,” “fittest,” “smartest,” “wealthiest,” or most “powerful” can and should take what they want, and anyone who is not of the previous group, should let them, if they know what’s good for them. The “blessings” of the few will “trickle down” to the many.

The many must wake up and use their Gifts of love, courage, and truth, to bless themselves, and each other with balance and kindness as this house of cards is about to fall.

Since the tragic event that was Fukushima (3/11/11), the scare has continued regarding radiation. But even that now appears to be a lie. This presentation, given somewhere in the 1980’s by nuclear physicist Galen Winsor, will tell you why.

Lies must appear to be plausible if the masses are to believe them, even if truth is not readily self-evident. Our reactions also come from what, and whom we have chosen to trust. Trusted elements include all that we have become familiar with, including dogmatic ideas.

This is a result in our belief in inequality of beingness, which creates the appearance of “lessers” and “greaters,” “can-ers” and “can’t-ers”.  Truth is, all are imbued with tools of experiential creation of equal power and influence. The differentiators of experience exist as a function of free will, self-awareness, attitude, knowing of one’s inner-value, and our willingness to trust, respect, and love the Gift that lives within us.

Weapons of Mass Distraction: Money and Technology

While neither money, nor technology determines a society’s level of advancement, we’ve grown accustomed to preferring both to sitting down and apparently doing nothing, which meditation suggests. Few people appreciate that meditation is far more therapeutic and healing than any medication (and so far, still beyond the FDA’s ability to regulate).

Evolutionary advancement is measured nether by money, nor technology, but by society’s demonstration of love; no more, no less. I’m not referring to love (or lust) of money or power, but love, respect and care for all life, which includes one’s fellow man and the planet itself.

The Greeks referred to this all-inclusive love as agape. In our “modern age,” we’ve adopted many apparently “good” reasons not to go that far, putting all sorts of strings and conditions on our love, not realizing that when we do, we play into a very well orchestrated and conceived lie.

Not loving is never “good” to, or for the withholder.

From first breath to the last, we’re fed a pack of lies at virtually every turn, oftentimes by people who, through no fault of their own, think that the lies they are telling you – that some professor, scholar, “expert,” pastor, or perceived “authority” taught or told them – are true.

As I now see things, the best part of “waking up” isn’t “putting Folgers in your cup.” (Another lie.) It is, by consciously choosing to love all, learning to see and know what’s true, and then being true to truth.

It’s becoming the truth of the truism made famous by William Shakespeare, “To thine own self, be true.” Why? Because truth isn’t something that exists outside of yourself. It exists through yourself. It is an idea that you either resonate harmoniously with, or not.

Being truth happens when your thoughts, words, and actions, all reflect the same thing; when you don’t change them, or who you are, based on who you think is watching, or may disapprove.

I dare say that Bill Shakespeare would concur with this suggestion: “To thine own self, be love.”

Being love happens when you let go of fear, not only of being and expressing yourself, but of others opinions and expectations of who and what you should be.

How many of you are living someone else’s expectation of “you?” How many of you are trying to get someone else – a son or daughter, student, or protégé – to live out your expectation of them? Cut it out! None of this is loving if the interest and willingness are not mutual. The very subtle disturbances that occur in human relationships as a result of fear-based habits are the seeds of future physical, emotional, and mental disease.

Discerning Truth by One’s Self

David R. Hawkins, M.D., PhD, (1927-2012) wrote what was, for me, a seminal book in Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior. In it he presented what appeared at first to be an improbable argument that human beings lack the capacity to discern truth from falsehood. He then proceeded to introduce what appeared, at the time, to be a radical new “energy science,” that was referred to as, “applied kinesiology.”

To show how times have changed, yesterday, while attending the annual Tucson Gem & Mineral Show, I picked up Applied Kinesiology: Muscle Response in Diagnosis, Therapy & Preventative Medicine, by Tom and Carole Valentine (Healing Arts Press). Inner Traditions, the publisher brings a bookstore to the show each year, and sells all titles at 50% off list.

While clinical muscle testing had been around for about 20 years when Hawkin’s book was first published (1985), it was still considered a radical, and perhaps even dubious practice, perhaps because nothing “external” was needed, other than one’s body and open mind. This points to social conditioning which suggests that answers to important questions were not available, or could not be trusted, unless a “scholar,” “expert,” clergyman, or “authority” (SECA) was doing the talking. And if said SECA was speaking, we were were to listen and obey, never to question them.

Sound familiar?

One other powerful element of Power vs. Force that Hawkins introduced, was the Map of Consciousness.

Our apparent inability to discern truth led to the supposition that the of the use of force is power. Hawkins pointed out that true power will always trump force, and gave numerous examples.

In order to discern true truth, he presented the merits of applied kinesiology, or muscle testing, which was slowly being adopted by “fringe” health professionals, i.e., chiropractors. Yet, humanity had been able to discern the truth from the beginning of time. Divination, such as the use of dowsing rods, or pendulums, being long-time examples of this craft.

During my long road trip of 2013, while in Nashville I had the pleasure of staying at the home of Dr. Ron Shefi, DC (retired), and his wife Sabrina. Dr. Shefi is the author of Ultimate Healing: Medicine Made Easy, an unconventional book about health, medicine, and disease remediation, if there ever was one.

Dr. Shefi has taken the fundamental fact that truth is knowable if you form the right question (and if you are sincere in the seeking), to quite a level in learning about the human being and its energetic nature. As such, his take on the causes, and remedies, can also be unconventional.

But then, when most of what we’ve grown accustomed to thinking is true, is actually false, then the true remedies may very well seem unlikely at first glance. That is why we are in exciting times, because an entire range of new potentials await our willingness to step outside the box of untruth that we have mistakenly, and for too long, called “home.”

Here’s the first half of my conversation with Dr. Shefi on a subject we have heard little about: heart rhythm.

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