Say Hello to “the Stupor Bowl”

It’s Stupor Bowl Sunday… wait; did I call it “Stupor Bowl”? Oh, I mean Super Bowl Sunday, the forty-eighth time the “big game” has been staged. I’m sorry if I sound a bit cynical, although it is definitely intentional.

However, the cynicism isn’t directed specifically at the football game being held today in New Jersey, which I will watch. It is at the entire, and not so fun “game” of life that is being run on the human species, which, apparently by design, puts them into a stupor of consciousness and self-unawareness, and does its level best to keep them there.

Rest assured, this is not by the design of any divine “God” or Creator. It is not loving. That is a conclusion and a description of the cause of the problem. The game that we’re playing, is the effect of an artificial reality that has been fed into, and maintained by the human-generated energy of fear.

We have been afraid because it has appeared as though we should be. We have not known of how thoughts work as stimulators of feelings, and precursors to experiences, and how harmonious thoughts and feelings, followed up by resonant actions, can cancel out and nullify disruptive ones, creating new and wonderful experience timelines.

From birth, to the moment of consciousness-expanding choice, we are traumatized, brutalized, deceived, exploited, and hazed, courtesy of rituals passed down for so long, unquestioned, unchallenged, and unopposed because someone said they were “Holy,” and we believed them to be “true.”

Well, perhaps they were right, in that “holes” were created in the newborn’s auric or energy field, through pain, trauma, and fear, to allow engrams to be imprinted and become active influences in one’s subsequent imaginings, proclivities, and actions.

I’m just speculating here, but this entire “reality” that we have become so accustomed to, is for all practical purposes, the opposite of virtually everything the “educators” and “protectors” of the public good, profess it to be. And it is certainly not the “advanced” society we’d like others to think it is, and envy.

When the president of United States of America Corporation says his first responsibility is to “keep Americans ‘safe,'” he really means to protect the interests of a very small cabal through the auspices of American “workers.”

We are the Mikey’s of this reality. Why else would we be protecting poppy fields in Afghanistan for all these years, and have now built a palatial embassy in Iraq, the largest in the world, if interests not apparent to the American people, weren’t being served?

Why else would there be such an invasion of individual privacy and rights, and an increase in unilateral decision-making. Did you notice how, in the SOTU address, Mr. Obama speaks only in the context of “workers” and jobs, and added costs of health care, maintaining “advantage,” and keeping our “allies” strong (Israel), but nothing about peace, prosperity, reconciliation, not to mention atonement for the many atrocities that Americans have been coerced into doing by military force.

Why would there be no mention of “black” projects that are so far out (such as space missions to other planets, and long-standing relationships with beings from other worlds), that we are automatically set on “stunned” at the mere suggestion?

From the late 1940’s, deals were struck with intelligent races that were not of earth by factions in government and the military to maintain a sense of superiority over human “enemies.” The betterment of life on earth for all human beings, never crossed their minds.

No mention of the countless ways that Americans are being sprayed (chemtrails), poisoned (vaccines and water supply), medically assaulted (medical policies, procedures, and practices, drugs), bullied (raw milk producers, GMO insurgents, etc.), the country’s water supply jeopardized by fracking as a function of oil exploration, the deliberate, government-mandated and artificial limiting of fuel mileage improvements when we know that today, the internal combustion engine can run on the most abundant fuel, meaning water.

We haven’t done better because we’ve been encouraged to believe we can’t do better. Instead, we’ve become “experts” at sitting around, taking sides and positioning ourselves against each other, not knowing, nor believing that someone has, for a long time, been manipulating things to create and maintain tensions.

Did anyone tell you that having a “birth certificate” issued was tantamount to turning your child over, or you being turned over to the United States Corporation? Ever wonder why they act as though they “own” the citizenry, and think that they can make unilateral decisions without due process, as outlined in the Constitution?

Maybe not, as few know that the Constitution was essentially set aside in 1871, with the “incorporation” of Washington D.C., and many are more inclined to follow “fantasy football” than Common Law.

Truth is, there is due process that is beyond the Constitution. It is in the realm of thought, attitude, action, and deed. It is beyond the province of religions. 

Religious teachings have done little to help an individual understand the primacy of harmony, even though love is often touted as supreme. Science has concerned itself with (1) the material world, and (2) pursuing only paid areas of study. They shy away from commenting on areas where benefactors may frown. This is true of medical science as well. 

As such, “The Game” that is the Stupor Bowl is far bigger, more pervasive than the Super Bowl will ever be.

It is worldwide, and has been going on for centuries.

At the core of the Stupor Bowl’s ability to continue, is your and my not understanding who and what we are; not knowing the power vested in us, and how to use it, not being the Love that conquers all enmity, and the light that consumes darkness.

One way to continue to retard the evolution of human consciousness, is to establish and promote an entire way of living that induces a state of constant fear, stupor, stupidity, and low self-esteem, and call it “normal.”

Creating “money” establishes a “reward” system that doesn’t require ethics, conscience, or humility. It appears that one can “advance” through the use of force. What is not apparent, is that through fearful force, one cannot “advance” where their heart truly wants to go. They will remain blind to far greater riches than their fearful minds can imagine.

The moon only looks isolated. There’s far more “out there” than meets the eye.

You see the blackness of space? Now, imagine that it’s not really “empty,” but awaiting our willingness to wake-up and love.

In addition, the system promotes and even celebrates meaningless activity, such as professional athletes. It throws ridiculous amounts of money (artificial value) at them, and they unwittingly become evangelists for products that maintain the stupor, both their own and the public’s.

This ad for Red Bull is one such example.


The ad ends by saying “Red Bull Gives You Wings.”

Perhaps it sounds poetic, romantic, or hopeful, but in my opinion, it’s a lie of the worse kind. The sponsor gives the public the impression that Griffin’s gifts (or any athlete/actor), are due to the beverage. The unspoken message is, “if you want what they have, drink what they drink.”

However, this is the path to stupor.

Although I used Red Bull and Blake Griffin as examples, this isn’t about them. They’re just players, either wittingly or unwittingly, in the game.

Speaking of beverages, water can and will give you wings… if you can find or create water that is, itself, in a healthy energetic state. Being “clear” doesn’t determine water’s energetic health.

We’ve all heard about the many contaminants that are increasingly present in water, even after municipal treatment. Furthermore, the process of delivering water to the point of use, whether it is the home, office building, factory, or farm, takes the substance further down the slippery slope away from metabolic usefulness and benefit. In other words, devitalized, traumatized water becomes a largely unacknowledged part of our problem, with a direct effect on the health and clarity of consciousness.

Stupor is facilitated and maintained through water, whether it is consumed by drinking, used to shower or bathe, or is used to grow crops. It can also be eliminated through water.

It seems so unlikely that water could be that important, or that its energetic state could be an active factor in the onset of diseases. It seems even less likely that correcting the energy state of water,  i.e., restoring its balance, clearing vibrational imprints (memory), and bringing in energy (from the Universal Supply), could contribute to a beneficial shift in our health and well-being. Yet, after five years of observation, searching, question-asking, and experience, I now know this to be true.

As you begin to see simple truths, the complex lies that the pubic is fed each every day, begin to compound.

Here is one example how, through no fault (or sin) of our own, a life spent unconsciously swimming in an ocean of lies bites hard. This is happening millions of times, right now, in America, and around the world.

A Facebook friend just posted this morning, a distress call.

<3 I am humbly calling out to my friends because I am in need.. I need a whole lot of angels – and I know I have them as my friends.. Please pray for me. I recently found out I have cancer and will soon be having surgery.. I am feeling scared right now.. So there it is universe.. do your good stuff.. I am not looking for attention or pity.. just some good ol prayers.. in gratitude <3

She sent another post, saying that it was a 5cm tumor in her rectum, discovered after a colonoscopy.  I sent back the following reply.

… We don’t need to know each other personally to empathize with your situation. The FIRST thing you should do is CALM your FEARS. Not just calm them, nor put them away, but transmute them. Surgery will not change the conditions that caused the tumor to grow. However, the medications that go along with the treatment will likely make matters worse. AND, the original cause will still be unknown, and most likely operative.

Your body has an imbalance. You may also have an *energetic* imbalance due to a trauma experienced at some point in your life. Your polarity may be reversed. All of these factors affect your biochemistry, yet none of them are “chemical.”

Instead of visualizing and imagining the worse that might happen after surgery, please devote some time to VISUALIZING and IMAGINING your health RESTORED, and your JOY turning present fears into distant memories.

There are MANY ways to restore health from cancer. I’ll say it right out that surgery is not one of them.

Please look up German New Medicine. Also look up Rene Quinton marine plasma. Another to look up is the National Cancer Research Foundation ( The founder of the last one had pancreatic cancer over 30 years ago, and gave his body what it needed to heal itself. You need not be afraid, if you know for yourself, what’s good for you.

You are blessed with many options, the first being the internal power to heal. Only you can access that knowledge FOR YOU. Bless yourself with your Gift, for it is real. The only thing that turns it off, is fear.

I don’t know this person personally, but experiences like hers are the effects of our individual and collective stupor that a small few have gained great benefit from at the expense of countless millions.

Here’s a short video about Quinton’s work.

Quite literally speaking, a holocaust is happening as we live and breathe, not only to humanity, but to the planet itself. We have been trained to “observe” and “debate” the relative dangers involved, dividing ourselves into polar forces, defined by who is “right” or “wrong,” “good” or “evil,” “qualified” or not, “worthy” or not, etc.

What doesn’t get suggested when solutions are asked for, is “Where is the imbalance indicated, and how can we restore it and harmony?”

Equality doesn’t mean sameness. Equality is not subject to externalized definitions. Equality is an implicit part of our being. It is an element of consciousness that inxists, inside each of us. Yes, I just made up a word: “inxist,” “to be inside,” as the counterpart to “exist,” to be “outside.”

In truth, there is no “outside.” However, there does appear to be one. So the “existence” of anything, including the human being and physical form, is the appearance of being outside of, and disconnected from, Source. It is powerful because we do not know that We are The Source of this reality, and the Source is “us.”

No reality can be created, individually or collectively, without our permission. However, we can give “permission” without our awareness. One way is to imagine or do nothing different when we see moments unfolding that go against the grain (and harmony) of our Heart.

When we consciously choose to harmonize… to be instruments and beacons of harmony and truth, “The Game” changes. We not only “have that power,” We are that Power.

Karma is the idea that suggests, “what goes around, comes around.” It becomes an effective, self-fulfilling suggestion as long as an individual is inclined to (1) believe, (2) think, and (3) do the same things that they’ve habitually believed, thought, and done.

As long as we believe in a limitation, or inequity, for example, in money or power. As long as we equate having the possession of money with having power, versus the possession of dominion of one’s own mind, heart, and imagination, then one will remain on the “karmic wheel.”

Thinking that we are “better” than others or that others are “the problem,” (never “us”), leads to an unwillingness to create new harmony, and a willingness to “defeat” one’s “opponent” or “evil” through a “show of force.”

All of this keeps the game going… and the suffering, stagnation, poverty, disaster, disease, war, and fear.

I will be watching the Stupor Bowl today, having seen the 47 previous ones. I used to care about who “won.” I’ve freed myself from that yoke.

It is amusing to see how the commentators (who themselves are actors) try to make everything seem important and “historic,” when it is neither.

Please know that you are important, whether “the experts” think you are or not. Please know that you are powerful, with a natural ability to be at peace and in-tune with something Wonderful that is within you.

That Wonderfulness inxists irrespective of the state of health of your body, mind, or actions. It inxists whether you choose to recognize it, use it or not.

But wouldn’t it be interesting if you looked for your Wonderfulness and found it?

Just a thought.


Great Video – Culture in Decline Episode #5 Baby Go Boom

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