DC "Suicide by Cop" Operation

Should we call these "Peace" Officers?
Should we call these “Peace” Officers?

Intent on stoking emotional fires of stress and fear upon the American people, police in Washington, DC this week, quick to shoot first and ask questions later, even if the answers must be sought via autopsy, were cast in the role of accommodators in what may have been a case of “suicide by cop.”

Miriam Carey, unarmed, whose “accomplice” was her 1-year old child, drove through a “random checkpoint” that law enforcement authorities set up near the White House, as part of U.S.A Theater Company’s “Government on Furlough” program.

The entire mainstream media machine, from the NY Times and NBC News, to the Times of London and Sydney Morning Herald, appeared intent on finding a way to make the actions that law enforcement took, appear appropriate.

Having lost their ability to assess a “real threat” when they see one, they are reduced to making their policy of deadly reaction where compassion is actually needed, sound as though it was the “right and proper thing to do.”


Since Ms. Carey was unarmed, and actually had her infant child in the car with her, authorities, adept at spin control, assert that she turned her vehicle into a weapon. The officers will rationalize their actions by asserting that they “followed orders,” or “feared for their life.”

It was fascinating to listen to newscasters marvel at the “restraint” the officers demonstrated, when Ms. Carey, cornered by police officers with guns drawn, backed up and forced her way out, leaving a barrage of gunfire in her wake. The CNN reporters expressed surprise that the police didn’t open fire on her sooner.

This was a sanctioned extermination.

It was interesting how the public information officer, told reporters that the suspect had been “pronounced…” and that was that. It was a way of not saying she had been killed. You were to understand that she was dead without her actually saying so. She also spoke as if they killed the car, and not its driver.

An Associated Press story reported that Ms. Carey “suffered from postpartum depression,” which is being referred to as “mental illness.” This is a telling statement, one that will raise barely an eyebrow for most, but makes an amazing interview that I listened to right after this incident, which makes total sense.

This is a two-hour interview with Jeanice Barcelo, that reverberates in your consciousness long after the conversation has ended. If postpartum depression is mental illness, then the health care system has produced, and is producing Miriam Careys by the millions each year.

And precious few are noticing, even as the U.S.A. Theater Company seeks to herd millions more into the medical system that delivers disease while claiming that its intention is health.

1st Hour >>

2nd Hour >>

This is an amazing conversation, with the second hour being available to paid subscribers. However, I couldn’t leave you hanging. There are other amazing interviews at Red Ice Radio that you should listen to as well, but this one hit home now.

Ms. Carey died because of forces, procedures, and practices that she totally accepted, without knowing how it adversely affected her. It took me many years to understand that my wife’s (now ex, but still family) insistence for me to leave the relationship barely months after the fact of my son’s birth, was postpartum depression. I don’t know whether she ever came to that conclusion, but our “conventional” hospital birthing event fit the patterns described by Ms. Barcelo.

My own trauma-filled birth entry into this world, which involved a 36 hour labor, a final yanking with forceps, topped off by a circumcision (which she describes in the second hour), may indeed be connected to how the inguinal hernia that I am now intent on normalizing consciously and naturally, first began.

The birth experience, with its subsequent “turning over” the “ownership” of the body to the state, through the Certificate of Birth, is just one injury added to insult after insult that humans are subjected to upon entry into this world. It is a hazing experience beyond compare.

Ever wonder why government agencies treat citizens like “property?”

But what is the lesson? Is it to angrily rail against another blatant injustice that Ms. Carey fell victim to? I don’t think so.

For those who watched, and were touched by this experience, it’s an opportunity to wake up… to become something other than complacent and unquestioning. It’s an opportunity to transcend your fears and redirect your trust, from that which appears to be outside of you (which others can see), to that which is within (which is unseen).

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