Heal the Planet, Heal Myself

Crater Lake, Oregon

I’m sprinkling this article with a few of the images that I captured on our road trip through California, Oregon, and Washington. I hope you enjoy them.

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It’s been a week since we returned home after our 21-day road trip. So much to share, or perhaps so much that could be shared. The question that comes up for me each day is, “What is really important?” and “What is the best way for me to go about presenting it?” I want to be brief, but I don’t seem to be “wired” that way.

Perhaps I shouldn’t be so concerned, and “in my head” over these matters, but then, that’s me. From the feedback that I get, what I have to say and why is important to a larger number of people than I realize. I am sincerely grateful for the time, consideration, and regard that you give to these transmissions.

The title of this piece “Heal the Planet, Heal Myself,” is one of those rare ones that came first, which turns out to be a greater challenge for me to write. However, healing represents, an intention and action that, in spite of prevailing attitudes or beliefs to the contrary, is not only desirable, but eminently doable.

I say this, not as someone who has “healed” everything needing correction and/or repair in my life, but am committed to learning and mastering the process.

For each of us, healing starts “on the inside;” at levels so subtle, a virus could, by proportion, be likened to the sun.

Metolius River, near Sisters, Oregon

Acknowledging/Accepting Our Power

This section began as, “Reclaiming” Our Power, but the word suggests that healing power is somewhere other than inside us, and must be taken back. It’s not. The power to heal is always present and available, though being consciously aware, and trusting of this truth is iffy, not by design, but by social conditioning.

By acknowledging and accepting that your healing power is within you, a shift in focus occurs. Another way to say it as that your “Center” changes with respect to where, who, and how future changes in your life are going to be “authorized.”

Instead of the overriding factor being someone or something else – such as a “bad” bacteria or virus, or the president of United State of America Corporation and the so-called “health care” system, or the Attorney General, or the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, Dow Jones, “the Fed,” Al-Qaeda, or the Pope – you become the chief motivator and actuator of your experiences.

Understand that you are already the chief motivator and actuator of your experience. Always have been. Generally speaking, that perception hasn’t been either apparent, or nurtured as the truth that it is.

The human self-image appears to be that of a helpless, vulnerable, dumb, inferior (or closet superior), alienated and alone species, needing to be “managed” as a “worker race” by others who know more than us, to do their bidding. Ostensibly, their actions are in our best interest, but curiously, the “laws” we are expected to abide by don’t appear to apply to them.

We expect to see these signs of knowledge, but don’t consider who or what is being served by it.

We defer our power to such people who are “licensed,” “credentialed,” or otherwise deemed “experts” or “authorities.” Their “degrees,” “certificates,” or “awards” serve as proof of their inside knowledge, status, or power, and reason why we should defer or transfer our trust… from Self, to them.

Lassen Peak Hwy, Lassen National Forest, California

Humanity currently pays a high price for this act of blind allegiance. Each time we put someone else, their profession, religion, politics, or their agenda, on a pedestal, we put time and distance between the creation and realization of our own heart-felt visions; whatever that vision may happen to be.

The power to heal is inherent within the power to visualize, which itself is inherent in the power to imagine, which is inherent within the facility of intention. It’s not something we need to ask, bargain, or “pray” for. It is a state of being we only need to rediscover and embrace. Some of the qualities of the healing state, are harmony, joy, forgiveness, compassion, balance, and gratitude. At any time that we are embracing or expressing these states, we are healing. The beneficial effects are not limited to the body. They benefit the totality of One’s Being, and the Life itself.

This state also influences our thoughts and ideas, as well as our subsequent actions. It influences who will speak to us and what they way, as well as who steers clear and chooses to remain unknown.

Many people today, buying the idea that we are on Earth by “chance,” adrift on a spinning planet going to who knows where (if not to hell), do not consciously use their power of intention. Even fewer know that they can change an expected outcome by simply holding a harmonious vision (and ignoring any naysaying), or that they can use their power to heal wonderfully. Like any muscle, the power gets stronger with use. Mastery comes through practice on one’s self.

As such, the positive and harmonious actions that we do not conceive and act on as if they are done, we will not achieve.

And yet, not achieving healing at the visible level does not constitute proof that the power to heal is not present. If one has become harmonious within himself, he IS healing himself.

Heal the Planet

This sounds like a major undertaking that will require the agreement of countless others who seem sworn not only to disagree, but to maintain or even create new disharmonies. Fortunately, agreement or compliance in or by “others” is not needed. Self-awareness, acceptance, respect, and realization is key.

To that let’s add, equanimity, based on an implicit understanding and acceptance that, irrespective of external appearances, you exist as an equal to any and all of creation.

Capturing the beauty of Nature

Yes, we may see ourselves as a “higher” life-form to the plant and animal kingdoms, but it doesn’t make us “superior” to them. On the other hand, our sense of superiority to some life-forms (including certain humans), opens the possibility of perceiving ourselves as inferior to others. Particularly when it is confirmed, without a doubt, that we are not alone, as an “intelligent” life-form, not just in the universe, but even on earth.

Inter-Galactic Communication? Old Suppressed News.

In the foreword to The Zeta Message: Connecting All Beings in Oneness, by Judy Carroll and Helene Kaye, Judith Elizabeth Coli, PhD writes:

…we stand on the threshold of an area of conscious interaction with a host of benevolent off-planet beings, and fear is not a strong position from which to have meaningful interaction with them.

Guess what? It doesn’t matter whether the “being” is Earth human or not, or whether we deem them “intelligent.” Fear makes the fearful one, weak. It not only “dumbs” one down, it also dims.

McArthur-Burney Falls, California

It seems that a concerted effort to keep humanity dim has been ongoing for thousands for years. Our readiness to fear everything, and let said actions lead our behavior, has perpetuated the official “quarantine” that has shrouded the earth for so long, making the official denial of encounters with off-world beings seem acceptable, even though we knew the officials were lying. Their lies were acceptable to us because we didn’t know what they were actually doing and not telling us.

This has not been to humanity’s benefit.

Even in our lifetimes, decades of denial and deception regarding the ET question – while maintaining active liaisons and exchanges of “goods” and “services” with them – have robbed humanity of precious time to grow emotionally mature enough to be secure in, and loving of one’s self and other humans, in the presence of others who may appear to possess greater physical prowess or intelligence, or technological tools that suggest greater “advancement.”

“Diversity” is about to take on far GREATER meaning.

We have bought the notion that technology defines or validates “advancement.” But this is not so.

Love… the willingness to embrace it, to give, receive, and BE it, determines how “advanced” a being is.

Two blooming citizens of Chehalis, Washington

Listen to mainstream news and information outlets and you are given reason to believe that it’s a dangerous world (soon to be solar system, galaxy, and universe), full of alerts of various intensities of color. Yet, if you interact with people directly – strangers and friends alike – you’ll find reflections of yourself.

The perspective, light, and tone that you bring to the situation are far more influential than might be apparent. Bring love… BE love, and it will touch and enrich everyone present beyond measure. Be fearful, and an entirely different quality of experience will unfold. The impression that you make depends on the you, you choose to be.

This applies to every form and type of experience.

Fear is not ‘the Enemy’

This is not to say that in order to “evolve,” fear is verboten. Fear is arguably the “default” first emotional response to virtually any and all sudden or unfamiliar situations that we find ourselves in.

Yet, fear is moderated by equanimity, which can be the difference between a further shutting down of common sense and “preparing for the worse,” and leaving a small place in one’s consciousness for a positive outcome.

As I wrote the words above, a segment of Modern Marvels played in muted silence on the television. The subject was Tiny Weapons that can have a big impact on the battlefield.


The question for the need to “do battle,” or to prepare for such battle, is never raised. The inevitability of more battle is presumed by the actors, who are doing as they have been paid, or commanded to do.

The viewer is left with the perception that when battle is engaged, “our side” will be well served. More people are beginning to question and challenge the practice of preparing and arming for war when Peace is the True Desire and Intent. Speaking for myself, this is true.

The Reiki Ranch, near Chehalis, Washington

From a humanitarian perspective, all sides would be better served by mutual respect and peaceful co-existence. Clearly, there exists factions on Earth that have gone to great lengths to maintain a system of scarcity, limitation, hostility, fear and “death.”

For something that is such a natural and necessary part of the life process, death and the threat and promulgation thereof, has long been a tool of “enforcement” by certain factions who seek to dominate and control.

What are they seeking to dominate and control? It’s your mind. They’ve enjoyed a greater amount of it (i.e., dominance and control) than most of us realize, because we have willingly handed our trust over to them, or it has been forcibly taken.

This is the price of not knowing ourselves as creations and expressions of The Creator, God/Allah, who are one with said Creator. We exist within said Creator/God/Allah, and Creator/God/Allah lives within and is expressed through each of us. The names are not important. The Power is, and neither judges, nor discriminates.

We are multi- and inter-dimensional beings

Science does a poor job of explaining dimensions, in spite of the fact that all life forms are, and each human being is inter-dimensional by nature.

Instead of thinking of ourselves as purely “physical” beings, the fact that we’re not taught about our inter-dimensional and subtle energetic nature, is part of the Grand Deception that makes this reality fertile for fear.

While this can’t be just about money or greed, the actual reasons for things being this way aren’t important. At issue is what to do.

For me, the answer is to heal.

Heal because we can. In spite of what your doctor, or other “expert,” says.

Because we live, we are dynamic multi-dimensional beings.

What does that mean?

It means that our true nature is a composite that is made up of multiple layers of energetic frequencies, densities, and wavelengths. The senses of touch, hearing, smell, taste, and sight, each represent a discrete level of perception with its own wavelength.

Furthermore, there are naturally more than five senses that make up who we are, more than five “scales” or octaves of perception, as there are musical octaves and scales on a keyboard.

What appears to us as the physical sensation of touch, is actually, part of our feeling nature, associated with the emotions and heart energy center or chakra. The nerve system, which is generally referred to as the “nervous” system (see the fear embedded slant?) is also connected inter-dimensionally to the emotional body.

Hummingbird feeding at the Reiki Ranch

There exists inter-dimensional elements that are referred to as ORME, which bridge vibrational worlds. ALL life is inter-dimensional, as it appears to come from nothing, except for water. ALL life needs water, in a certain quality or state, in order to facilitate the formation of the form at the physical wavelength or density. This means that water is inter-dimensional, and a female womb is, in essence, a star-gate – a gateway for the emergence of life from a subtle, unseen plane of existence, to a denser, seen one.

We exist on subtle planes preceding, and throughout the physical life experience, as well as after it. Each night when the body sleeps, we travel, and where we go is limited only by the boundaries of thinking and fear that we shroud ourselves in. Liberation is really expanded allowing, fueled by the willingness to be harmonious. One cannot and will not cause harm in a harmonious state of consciousness.

Life is lived on subtle planes simultaneously “out of body” with the life that is lived “in body.” Being superluminal, it is possible to visit any point in time or space. Yet, while the signs of this truth are everywhere, this is not commonly understood. We have, among the subscribers to this blog, members who are exploring conscious Out of Body Experiences (OBE).  Look up the work of Robert A. Monroe and the Monroe Institute, and The Projection of the Astral Body, by Sylvan J. Muldoon and Hereward Carrington (1929).

The important point to appreciate, which connects with the oneness that we share with life throughout the cosmos, is that experience evolves and unfolds from the subtle to the dense. Before they are seen and felt, they are formed from the thoughts and attitudes that we embrace, even before actions. Before thoughts and attitudes, are desires, awareness (of our oneness with Creator/God/Allah and ALL CREATION) and Intention to channel this Infinite Divine Power with love, because that’s what It IS, and hence, WE ARE.

To Be Wary or Aware; That is the Option

Our society places little importance on awareness.

When I refer to “awareness,” I’m not talking about what or who Kim Kardashian had for breakfast. I’m talking about awareness of self. We’ve defined “self” in only physical terms, and disconnected ourselves from the benign, corrective, balancing, protective, creative power that actually serves as the foundation of all creation and being.

We proclaim some allegiance to a “God” of Love, but disdain and destroy His creations; i.e., ourselves, each other, and the planet and the life that lives on it.

I don’t profess to know how or why it started, but that’s how I see things now, and I will take steps to restore health where there is disease, which is done by re-establishing balance.

Face Rock at Bandon Beach, Oregon

Heal Myself

We have nurtured and assumed to be true, a very limited conception of who and what we are. Those who awaken sufficiently to see the Grand Deception and point it out to others, are sometimes met with skepticism, if not scorn or worse, as it may not be safe to question orthodox beliefs.

But that’s the appearance. Transformational change never happens without individuals like you and me choosing to set fears aside and be our Inspired Authentic Self.

I have been reluctant to talk or write about my personal normalization journey, for a number of reasons. Truth is, I’d prefer to have “fixed” everything that I think is “wrong” and talk about how I did it, but then, that’s my ego, bless its heart.

It’s self-conscious about the body’s teeth, as well as an inguinal hernia in the groin area that developed after fat, or a portion of the small intestine has dropped into the scrotum through a weakness in the inguinal ring.

This may be due, in part, to the fact that I have become mostly sedentary, punctuated by occasional very active activity, carrying video camera bags, laptops on in backpacks, and tripods, without much exercise.

With hernia repair surgeries performed annually worldwide numbering over 20 million, this is not an unusual phenomenon. However, it is not without its own risks.

The possible medical risks are not why I am choosing to go against conventional wisdom and self-heal. Nor is it my lack of insurance coverage. The fact is that the medical procedures are not oriented toward true solution; they provide apparent solutions. The weakness in the tissues that allowed the slippage through the inguinal ring would not be corrected by placing an inorganic mesh material in the area.

On the other hand, inserting such foreign, inorganic, meaning non-living and unnatural, material would create its own problems that few people who agree to surgical procedures, myself included, ever stop to consider. Why should they? They go to the medical system and follow “doctor’s orders” under the mistaken belief that its methods represent the best available options and deserve their trust, and that one’s own natural ability to heal can’t be trusted.

An old Ford is engulfed by blackberries in Arago, Oregon.

The minute we put our trust in the medical system and its methods, we forego an opportunity to know or at least, discover something that is inherent within self, i.e., Nature’s healing power. Furthermore, we immerse ourselves deeper into the consequences of turning away from Nature.

The lure of a “quick medical fix” is seductive. Take a pill. Cut out this. Transplant that. Take out the “bad” and replace with a “good.” We bought it, and many still are.

All because we trust.

The tranquil blue Pacific near Carmel, California

Now that I trust something that is within me more than methods that I know will further complicate rather than improvement my health, I will follow the road less traveled, visualizing a restoration of balance and The Norm.

This doesn’t mean that I’ll simply sit and hope the condition will repair itself, but I feel good knowing and trusting that it can. I have learned of many methods and supplements, along with various tools and exercises.

(While MMS is a great antibacterial/antiviral, I won’t be using it for this. Something else is going to get the intestine back through that opening.)

The next thing is to allow the process to happen.


The following video is also about healing, as the qualities of joy, harmony and gratitude are active ingredients. These were our hosts in Redmond, Oregon.


Enough said for now.

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  1. Do you remember the scene in Peter Pan, when Tinkerbell was dying? Say with me, everyone: “The power to heal is inherent within the power to visualize, which itself is inherent in the power to imagine, which is inherent within the facility of intention. It’s not something we need to ask, bargain, or “pray” for. It is a state of being we only need to rediscover and embrace” I believe.


    Here is another link that you will find very interesting to investigate: pictures of watercrystals discovered by Masaru Emoto.

    ‘Things ar’net always what the seem’ and ‘truth is stranger than fiction’! The latter is the title of another wordpress blog of mine! 🙂
    Love and light Simunye

  3. Compliments also to your ‘nature pictures’. Ikm a hobby-photographer myself and have a look at some of my ‘nature’ photographs in one of my blogs! :-
    Love and light

    1. ‘Believing is Seing’ 😉

  4. Dear Adam
    This is by far the best article you ever wrote for me. It says all I feel and believe with words I could not find.
    Nothing happends by chance!
    True knowledge comes from within!
    True healing comes from within.
    We are one (meaning of Simunye).
    The meek will inherit this planet!
    (Hought are actions on the spirit-plane’
    And they materialized, wheather we believe it or not, even if we not aware of it or see the prove.
    I have seen PROVE many times for it!

    Anybody believing that God created tthe universe for (mostly ignorant) US alone, is dim; if not dumb!

    I meditate every day on ‘healing the earth and everything on, in and around iit’ by ‘joining in my mind ALL lightworkers to surround mother earth with a cloak of love and light’.
    This is soooo my way of thinking, believing and doing and it is not secont nature to me but first.

    When I see a negative situation, be it in real life, on TV or elsewhere I send IMIDIATLY ‘love and light’ to that person, animal or situation. I don’t put it off till later!

    Everyboody can do this regardless to which religion they belong, because Believe is a personal thing between us and God, not a religion!!

    I’m sorry to hear about your health-problem and I will do what I can do to help you heal ‘right now’ !

    God bless you abuntantly Adam
    ‘Love and light and healing’ to YOU and all who read this!

  5. As always, inspiring. I love to see your new posts in my inbox. May I just say, no! dont be brief…. elaborate.
    Love & dlite Lynne

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