Road Trip 2013: California II

MORRO BAY, CA – As this jaunt along the west coast draws to an end, I share this silhouetted view of Morro Rock, the icon of the bay and town that is named after it.

Here’s a list of the towns we’ve stayed in.

  • Bakersfield, CA
  • Red Bluff, CA
  • Mt. Shasta City, CA
  • Klamath, OR
  • Redmond, OR (2 nights)
  • Salem, OR
  • Chehalis, WA (3 nights at The Reiki Ranch)
  • Salem, OR
  • Arago, OR
  • Acata, CA
  • Santa Rosa, CA
  • Monterey, CA
  • Morro Bay, CA

Today we’re on our way to Port Hueneme, where I will meet Joseph Johnson, CEO of ABC Organics, and microbiologist who first demonstrated, and I documented, the amazing difference a “structuring” device had the strawberry field that he managed.

The learning has continued, as well as the experience. Only now, the manufacturer is different. Joseph will share some new insights we’ve learned when water is not only “structured,” but infused with a spectrum of, shall we say, “frequencies,” with a device that was manufactured by Greenfield Naturals (, and sold at Photonic Water Systems (

I shot the video below a couple of months ago in Platte, South Dakota, when I met Gary Greenfield and Jeffrey Riggins, of GFN, and Joseph Johnson. It was Jeffrey who arranged the original visits to Port Hueneme, where I first met Joseph. He was present at the first video shoot. I went out there three more times.


In South Dakota I had a chance to meet and spend time (six days) with Gary Greenfield. We also visited several Hutterite colonies that first began using the GFN product in the 2012 growing season, one that, for them, was marked by a severe drought and cutbacks in water allocations.

The significance those factors lies in the fact that, in spite of these adversities, colonies that had GFN units installed enjoyed one of the best harvests ever. The GFN “Mineralizer Units” were complimented by natural “soil amendments” produced by ABC Organics, which re-introduced microbial populations.

Just before taking this trip, I made a mad dash to Colorado, to document and witness the installation of a GFN unit on a pivot irrigation (sprinkler) system in the town of Pritchett. After a mere two weeks in use, the farmer is experiencing accelerated growth and additional cuttings on the alfalfa field. (I’ll be adding that product to when we have new photos upon I return home.)

There is much more to share, but it’s time to hit the road again.

After Port Hueneme, we’ll spend a day in Los Angeles, then head home.

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  1. Do you have more information on the yields from the Hutterite Colonies? Would like to correlate “geographic data” with that?

  2. Adam,

    I hope you won’t mind a bit of critical thinking regarding the muscle test video on structured water. The demonstration seemed to me to rely mainly on the power of suggestion. Therefore, any results are tainted by the participants knowing exactly what was being tested and having a vested interest in the outcome.

    It would be very easy, and more convincing, if the tester and the subject did not know which water was being tested. In other words a “blind” test. Place the different samples in similar bottles unknown to the subject and tester but labeled so that the outcome is completely from the muscle test without bias.

    As I watched the video I was embarrassed for the participants as they seemed to be sincere in their beliefs. In this case “belief” is the problem with that demonstration.

    Perhaps you could convince them to do a real “blind” test. That demonstration that would be truly interesting….and convincing.

    For me, the strawberries and other crops tell me all I need to know about Photonic structured water devices. 🙂


    1. I agree. After following your blog for over 3 years, I have every confidence in your sincerity. I want to “believe” that obtaining life-giving water is this simple. The strength of that belief makes me very susceptible to suggestion as well. Videos showing unbiased testers would go a long way towards helping me gain confidence in this technology’s efficacy.

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