Beyond the PsyOps: Reclaiming Your Power to Heal Your World

Your mind is being messed with by things and people you don’t see.

After more reflection, I am convinced that the Trayvon Martin incident and verdict is in fact, part of a larger “psyops” (i.e., psychological operations) assault on the individual and collective psyche of American people, as was such events as 9/11, the World Trade Center bombing of 1993, Sandy Hook 2012, Aurora, CO 2012, Columbine High School (1999)the Siege in Waco, TX (1993), and many more that preceded them, plus many more that constitute an ongoing medical and social holocaust that we have thus far failed to see or refused to acknowledge.

America, and more importantly, Americans still represent the concepts of life, liberty, and freedom within a culture of unprecedented ethnic, religious, and political diversity. That we have remained essentially a peaceful nation of People is more a function of the more evident divine nature of each, more so than the effects of drug-induced passivity. If we can be convinced to turn on each other in stark raving madness, we’ll set a new destructive tone for the world.

So far, in spite of ample encouragement to take the bait, few are biting.

I shared some of these and related thoughts on Greg Rasheed’s Soul Seeker radio program on this past Friday evening. You can listen to it now by clicking this link.

If this supposition is true, the first natural question would be “why is this happening?”

The simple fact of the matter is that the real unraveling that is now happening, is the truth behind the actions of what might be considered a small group of “elites” whose efforts have effectively run the world for hundreds of years. They have been the instigators of war, financiers of both sides.

They are behind the creation of the modern State of Israel, as well as the targeted persecution of Jews that lived in peaceful co-existence in various countries to facilitate the region’s re-population. Israel has served as a destabilizing force around the world, particularly in the Middle East, that has enjoyed “Above Suspicion Status” (ASS). (I couldn’t resist that one.) Consider the 1967 attack on the U.S.S. Liberty.


But like the Trayvon Martin incident not being about racism, bringing up Israel here is not about Zionism. The point I’m making here is that the veil to the deception is lifting, and people are starting to see the truth.

And what is the truth?

They’re seeing that true Transformational Power rests within each of us, not in the apparent “centers” of influence, power, money, and wealth. They have had apparent power because we have mistaken it for force, which is their principle tool. Force is the fiat currency version of power. It is a proxy for the ability to affect and manipulate change for the temporary benefit of a few, at great expense to the life, liberty, health, and freedom of many.

We have believed… we have given our trust to “the powerful,” and they have obliged us by suggested that trusting, and thereby enriching them was the “right” thing to do.

This has also been facilitated through religions – not just Christianity, but Catholicism and Islam, with their concepts that God exists as an outside, judging entity, to whom the terms “wrath” and “fear” shall apply, and for whom interceding “middlemen” — ones “closer to Him,” — were needed. The idea of God being a loving, Creative Presence that is behind and within all that exists, both “Yin” and “Yang,” is generally ignored or dismissed as meaningful.

Does this notion sound ridiculous to you now?

Education, pharmaceutical-based medical orthodoxy, chemical-dominated farm, dairy, and food processing conventions, chemical-dominated water treatment practices, public and secret government policies and regulations, the “justice” system, the monetary system, plus “entertainment” and mass media broadcast elements have all worked to support the myth that You should be subservient to them; that they know more of what’s better for you than you do.

Look at the subliminal programming to maintain your trust and subservience at work in the following video:


Truth is, they need you more than you need them. Actually, they need your trust. As long as you give them your trust, the charade can continue.

However, their unwarranted “trustee” status is being revoked, not by my word, but by their own very actions.

It is time.

The next question is what are they trying to get you to do?

They are racing against the time when your/our self-awakening reaches critical mass. We will see the deception for what it has been, and is, and emphatically say, “No more!”

We will not seek to destroy “the enemy,” because we know they are parts of ourselves. We will no longer fear them, because it is our Power that we have given them. We will not let guns “speak” for us, because they are only used in fear. Can you imagine shooting another human being in love? What would God think?

The power that is within each of us is the Power of Love. It is the Power of God/Allah, The Creator and Creation. It is Power of Intention and Will, the Ultimate Organizing/Harmonizing/Healing Force of ALL realities in the Infinite Omniverse. No exceptions, irrespective of your belief or disbelief.

There is no need to live in “lack” and “fear” consciousness when we KNOW that Abundance and Health are Natural Truths.

“The push” by the puppet masters is to instigate a new round of mutual destruction, where citizens turn on citizens, thereby giving the erstwhile controllers “justifiable” reason to come in and, via overt forceful take over, continue their game. If people refuse to be baited, and resolve within themselves to heal their differences with other rather than allow them to fester, their destructive vision will be deflated.

Trust should begin, with self.

The bogus promissory note-based currency states “In God, We Trust.” However, in their worldview, you ain’t God. Yet, without your trust, they don’t exist. Capisce?

Therefore, divisive flames have been fanned. People are buying more guns and bullets (or so the news reports say), preparing for martial law and civil conflict to “protect” property and fight for freedom through a New American Revolution.

Initiatives to “control” guns are, in effect, designed to get people to buy more. It’s good for corporate economics, but more so, for potential armed domestic warfare. The benefit to the shadow controllers, is that their tyranny would have continued to go unnoticed, allowing the charade to continue.

What’s an individual to do?

“You’re getting stupid if you believe this stuff…”

Turn off the television, or at the very least, see the information that comes through it as the manipulative tool that it is. Virtually everything that you are shown on TV and hear in the media, is delivered by people who make their living saying what’s put in front of them; their “opinions” and attitudes are orchestrated, written, and produced by someone else. Their “allegiance,” is to the worthless dollar before conscience, the American People, or Humanity.

Know for yourself what is “true.” Be one with that truth. Do your own research, starting with an appreciation of who and what you are, which is an Intelligent, Loving, Immortal Being (I-LIB). Let the term “I-LIB” be synonymous with liberating yourself. Do so by Loving yourself and others. Do so by becoming at peace within yourself, irrespective of what’s going on around or within you, even your perceived shortcomings (we all have them if we’re honest). They develop a sense of humility, which is different than humiliation, and in fact, is healthy.

To hurt another is to hurt yourself. So why would you do that if you knew better?

We are indeed equal, each to everyone, irrespective of their or our perceived “station” in life. Fear and ignorance differentiates and divides that which is, in truth, undifferentiated and indivisible.

Your unique perspective is unmatched in all of Creation. Your power is in your imagination and the quality and extent of yourself to Love and BE LOVED. If you are quick to judge others unfairly or unjustly, then so shall you be. If love guides you to forgive others, then you will be forgiven.

Revolution is upon us, but in spite of the incessant efforts to incite you by people representing corporate agencies that you trust, there need not be bloodshed.

Then again, you shouldn’t fear that either. Your willingness to love fearlessly, IS where YOUR power to heal your world shall be reclaimed.

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  1. Great post! A lot of truth! people need to be aware of this type of information. We can no longer live in the dark. We must escape the matrix.

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