Trayvon Martin Verdict: Another Psyop Attack

With a change in context, the decision makes sense.

If you acknowledge that a major mode of communication is “spoken,” not in words, but in symbols, the extensively covered acquittal of George Zimmerman in the Trayvon Martin murder case symbolizes yet the latest psyops attack on the already battered American psyche.

The case, which was termed, “racially charged,” succeeded in fueling confusion and consternation with the “criminal justice” system, rather than confidence.

That was the goal. Mission accomplished.

The corporatocracy that runs such matters, which included government and the media, and a resurrected “New” Black Panther Party, did what it could to set the stage for a conflagration that did not happen.

I’m sure gun sales will be brisk for awhile.

The president weighs in. [NY Daily News Photo]
President Obama made his pitch for unconscious public obedience to “illegal authority” by encouraging the public to accept the jury’s verdict and reflect on ways the nation might curb senseless gun violence.

What about senseless verdicts?

My purpose here is not to defend one side or the other. It is to point out that the entire drama was staged to fire up everyone’s emotions. Everyone who is excitable. It was the perfect decision to anger every angry American, and make every fearful American more afraid.

Did you see that one coming?

The unspoken message was that it’s okay to kill another human being if one is fearful. Martin’s race was a convenient way to add fuel to any latent enmity that one may be harboring.

Put another way, fear is a justifiable reason to use deadly force first, and ask questions later. Police officers have used this guideline for years to do irreparable damage to, or to end the lives of recalcitrant citizens.

There will be a new round of debates over the “right to bear arms,” given the expected heightened anger and fear levels.

In the meantime, there were 20 homicides in the City of Chicago in just the first week of July. Over 90% of the victims were “black.” It is likely that the same ratio goes for the “killers.” No news stories. No protests. No calls by “activists” of any color, to proffer peace.

What makes Trayvon Martin’s death more worthy of a declaration of “war,” as Malik Zulu Shabazz, New Black Panther Party spokesman tweeted recently, than the tragedy that happens with such regularity, in Chicago?

Does the skin color of the murderer or the victim really make the act any “more” or “less” tragic?

As it turns out, there’s another “New Black Panther Party,” which disavows any connection to Mr. Shabazz’s NBPP. I guess an apparently peaceful NBPP wasn’t “edgy” enough.

Perhaps this would be a good time to reflect on the word, “act.”


While enticing citizens to remain “on edge” against each other is the real agenda for a small number of puppet masters, incontrovertible demonstrations of positive change is also happening.

I invite you to watch the video below; an interview with Karen Clayton, who recounts her amazing experiences in a Tucson school of “troubled” youth. The methods that she used can be done anywhere, by anyone with an open heart.

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