The Math of a Harmonious ‘From Hereon’

So much has been going on, on the world stage, my lack of comment or opinion has been noticed by some of you. I thank you for your concern, and will begin filling in some of the blanks that my silence may have caused. For now, let me assure you that I am doing well. I have been, and AM, processing the times, and converting them into harmoniousfrom hereons”.

Do you know what a “from hereon” is? Before I wrote the paragraph above, I had never heard of the concept. That was a clear sign for me to keep writing. 🙂

A from hereon is a unit of perception; a nexus point in the space/time continuum.

You might call it, “Now plus.” Since “here” is an integral part of the from hereon, the plus component introduces two variables, or “X” factors; intention, and Will.

Electrically, intention is likened to amperage, whereas, Will is voltage. In a magnetic context, intention is polarity (+/-), Will is flux density or strength (expressed in “gauss” units). To have power to change consciously, both will be present, resonant, and coherent within the individual. Both are manifest as a result of individual choice, or free will.

Please note that the power to change is always present. That is what we are, creators, facilitators, instigators, and allowers of change. However, the vast majority of the change that we experience happens through unconscious factors, meaning that we see no personal connection between cause and effect. If we see no personal connection to a tragic event that happened, then perhaps we have no way of influencing future events. This would not be true.

Formulaically, a harmonious from hereon (HF), looks like this:

HF = N + (I*W)

The power to create harmonious from hereons rests within each of us. In fact, the sentient travelers of earth the only ones who can create them. No “power” can change or usurp this fact, because there is no “hierarchy” of “nearness” to God, Love, awareness, or Salvation.

Each is an expression of God incarnate. You are free to disbelieve or debate the statement, but I know that I AM.

Each is Love incarnate. You can deny or debunk this truth, but I know that I AM.

You are the awareness you seek, or allow, as am I. Harmonious answers to the questions, problems, and challenges of life are available to ALL who choose harmonious means to adjudicate them.

That isn’t a “harmony machine” he’s carrying.

Ask yourself how harmonious has the “law enforcement” system been in seeking to adjudicate the recent spate of tragic events, or any such anomalous event in history, recent or otherwise?

Have you ever noticed that in spite of all their training and presumed courage that they represent, police officers are instructed to use being in fear of their life as justification for using deadly force against other human beings, who oftentimes have no weapons at all, and certainly not equal force?

If they, or military personnel, are trained to believe that it is okay, and even smart to act out in fear, then what “impression” is that making on their consciousness, psyche, and spirit? If you want a clue, just look at our military personnel. These are our sons and daughters.

The “experts” seem unable to fathom why loving beings (that is what we start life as) would kill themselves rather than unfairly harm others.

Many are choosing to kill themselves rather than to continue inflicting needless and unjust harm on others. Talk about acts of courage! Yet, if they don’t “follow orders,” they risk getting dishonorable discharges and are treated like pariah by the very organizations that lured them into “service for their country.” The real service was for a few at the expense of many.

We proudly go about claiming our “support” for our troops — boys and girls in uniform loaded down in armor and weapons — yet let the political types continue maintaining the “high level” hostilities that make it appear that the danger is justified for us to need to send “low-level” personnel to “manage.”

The nations don’t have the financial wherewithal to purchase the bombs and bullets, and tools of destruction, so certain organization happily supply loans: to both sides of the conflict. This practice is not new. It has been going on for centuries.

We have not given peace a chance enough to know how we could profit as a peaceful world, because it has been possible for some to profit from war. Even they don’t know that there are greater profit pathways through peace, health, abundance, and harmony, than through war, hostility, destruction and disease.

Look at the numbers, from Time magazine.

There is no “win” in war, or in maintaining hostilities. Not even for the self-declared “victors,” as it creates a disconnect, similar to a short-circuit, in one’s soular integrity.

Our obsession on controlling money and things at any cost has led to a willingness to set love and humanity aside. A small population believing they are in a superior or privileged position, has had no problem with this state of affairs. Yet, I suspect that they will see the light, just as you and I will.

As such, there is no “win” in a “war on terror,” or any such form of “combat.” In fact, the ones who are most intent on “winning,” are very often behind the terror itself. (See this article that suggests CIA creation of al Quaeda as a “forever enemy.”)

The “war on cancer,” scheme has become so acute that the mandated treatments by licensed medical personnel and institutions, will potentially cause cancer, or make it spread. Then the disease gets blamed for killing the patient, while the system and its practices escape scrutiny, and are protected from responsibility. Except that no one actually escapes responsibility for their actions, conscious or otherwise.

Have these truths become evident to you yet?

It’s just like our “energy crisis.” I’ve been learning that there is plenty of energy, everywhere. The crisis is contrived. The raping and pillaging of the planet and the poisoning and deceiving of the people of Earth, is part of a much larger orchestrated effort to prevent a general awakening to a few simple truths.

You are your own Salvation, because only you have dominion over your Being. Each has a harmonious element, that must be chosen in order to activate. That is the domain of Intention.

Even the hurricane needs a peaceful center in order to exist.

When times are turbulent, as the highly destructive winds of a hurricane, each can remain calm within themselves. Each can seek the truth within themselves, and know it. Each can set a direction for their life based on their own core values.

Relative to the question of salvation, each must ask and answer the question of whether their core value will be Love, or Fear?

If fear is chosen, the illusion of danger will continue to appear real. If you choose love, literally becoming what you already are, the illusion falls away, gradually disappears.

What’s left with the awareness of amazing power, is truth.

The truth is inside, and it is AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL. The question is, can you handle knowing this about yourself?

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  1. Dear Adam, you write most curative articles in the world! We, who think like you, hope that we are not alone. All
    what needs to happen is to learn all those around us to feel the same. Only in this way ”Humanity will save World” (Paul Watson)

  2. bornoutsidethebox

    Brilliant and powerful. Thank you so much for your continued contribution to our amazing adventure in self discovery and remembrance.

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