A Story of ‘Mee’: Cold Feet and Self-Discovery

Nothing like a cool jog on a glacier… keeps you on your toes.

I haven’t forgotten “Mee,” my affectionate term for urine therapy, in all the hoopla over Daniel Smith and other issues lately, though there hasn’t been much time to think of much else. But it may also have been an excuse for me to stick with something I was more familiar with, and more “accepted.” The only problem is that whenever someone contacts me with questions or health issues, I want to tell them about urine, which is a part of themselves that they haven’t yet come to know.

It is so important to know ourselves, more than we know. I start my day with my first discharge, as a way of incorporating the practice into my life. I do have a few “medical” things that need adjustment, but I’ve not been inclined to make them the central focus of my life. I hope drinking my urine each day, along with occasional foot baths and other applications, will resolve my issues. I know that it helps, but that’s not why I’ve chosen to do this.

While I’ve been under some of the greatest “stress” at any time in my life that I can remember, I am calm throughout my day. Okay, not “calm” “calm,” as I do get animated frequently about subjects that are important to me. But I’m passionate and positive, even when things don’t appear to be going well in the moment.

We have grown so accustomed to looking outside ourselves for believable answers to our life dilemmas, that I simply can’t get excited about encouraging a person to miss an opportunity to exercise self-discovery and acceptance.

It’s that important.

Also, I am convinced that one’s urine is actually the best medicinal remedy that one can take, because it’s the only one that is natural, and specially formulated for the individual, including remedies for the specific unnatural chemicals that we’ve ingested, most of which we know nothing of. With Mother Nature covering our back, we don’t have to know the significance of every little thing.

I received this cool testimonial to that effect. Meet North Vortex, from British Columbia, who wrote me recently (that’s not him in the picture above, but it will make sense as you read on:

Hi Adam

I am North and want to tell you that I was introduced to Uro Therapy almost at the same time you were introduced to Urine Therapy.

My feet got frozen… not just cold, they were frozen like a piece of ice in one of my snow bare feet running.

That was something never happened to me before and I had done bare feet snow running many times before, but I do not regret because I do these practices in order to alter my consciousness and gain knowledge. Sometimes, this knowledge arrives in painful ways but at the end the pain always is transmuted into medicine, wisdom and many other good things.

Conexión (e) Tierra : Carrera con -17C sobre lago congelado

So, in that opportunity I was in a forest in B.C., Canada and realized I was getting something knew to learn. It was not clear why I got my feet frozen and what I supposed to learn from this experience, but when I arrived home with a lot of pain in my feet I was clear that I need to something quickly.

My first try was to put my feet in warm water, but the pain was so intense that I could not tolerate the warm (not hot!) water.

Then “I thought“… and this was the moment when in distilled the lesson… “How about if I use my urine? My urine will be at the right temperature of my body, so that I will not feel pain.”

That was the magic moment..! I can not tell you how long i took me to figure it out that drinking my urine will also help me to relieve the pain and inflammation. I attached a picture of my feet a couple of hours after I started to use Urine to treat them.


Imagine trying any other remedy under those circumstances. North has also used MMS with great success over the past few years.

Adam, you asked if somebody was interested in your project. Well, in the past I bought your DVD of MMS : conversations with Jim and home training course of MMS. As you mentioned those material were important pieces in our development and they really helped me to improve the my health… because I was really sick years ago and MMS helped me to get to this point where I feel healthy, but deep in my heart something told me that we keep searching for new medicines… something 100% natural, herbs, flowers, pure water and might be something from our own body. What could be that thing? I was looking for our own medicines and finally I got ONE of them, because I suspect there are more and more! But for now I need to demonstrate to the Universe I am doing my home work with Uro Therapy and then I might be ready for the next lesson.

I can relate to that. No criticism of MMS at all, just a desire to have deeper self-knowing. Ultimately, all answers are within.

Personally, I’ve been a “tenderfoot” city boy all my life. Running barefoot period would be a stretch for me, much less barefoot in the snow, but look at the discovery opportunity North availed for himself. Look at the self-knowledge he gained, knowledge that can no longer be taken away.

In a subsequent email, North also spoke of the importance of exorcising the MEME, “Urine is toxic waste of out body and it is dirty,” which I referred to as engrams. These are unspoken, unacknowledged, but active thought forms that will heavily influence behavior (or lack thereof), unless they are brought back to conscious awareness and knowingly dismissed.

Before we gain self-knowledge, it can certainly be diverted and deflected, particularly if we’re susceptible to over-reliance on the opinions of others. There’s nothing wrong with welcoming another’s opinion, but making it an immutable law is not wise.

If we are going to change our respective worlds, and I mean each one of us, as there is no way to know that there aren’t actually 7 billion versions of Earth, one for each human on the planet(s)… but if we’re going to change it, we’re going to have to take ownership of it. I can’t change your Earth, but I can certainly cast my vote for how things go on mine.

I enjoyed Beyond the Light Barrier, the Autobiography of Elizabeth Klarer. I found it rather sanctimonious of her son, a “born again Christian,” to add a second epilogue to the book titled, “Critique: A Christian Perspective,” putting himself in judgment over his mother’s ways, suggesting that she “saw the light” in her final days. Why didn’t he write his own friggin’ book?

Anyway, that being said, I’d like to share these thoughts from her before closing:

Only by becoming whole one’s self, as a minute particle of the universe, can one give form to that inaccessible reality known as truth. The collective unconscious of this world is no longer in tune with the universe. The practice of religions in the East and West only continue out of habit, and they have ceased to produce any results.

Overwhelming masses of people swarm over the surface of this planet, creating an image of quantity without quality. This submerges the individual, who alone must think thoughts that are capable of transforming this world.

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3 Thoughts to “A Story of ‘Mee’: Cold Feet and Self-Discovery”

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  2. I’m sure that Daniel appreciates your support.

    If his lawyer has a file of many of the times when MMS has been used successfully, hopefully not just anecdotal; and the lawyer can cast doubts in the minds of the jury about the real intentions of the FDA with examples of how the FDA has tried to suppress natural remedies. vitamins, organic farming, etc., then Daniel should win. Then he can file a huge counter defamation lawsuit.

    I feel sure that the jury will be secretly biased against the FDA as surely no sane American worships at the shrine of a US governmental agency or institution.

    I wish him success!

    My warmest regards,


    1. Peter:

      I am hoping that the judge will throw these stupid charges OUT of court …. and am also hoping that the judge doesn’t have a hidden agenda with this case as well.


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