Fruits of the Tyrannous Tree and Golden Gift of Peece

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a pioneer to the workings of what I have recently begun referring to as “The Tyranny Network,” nor in the value of urine therapy. After a month of personal practice (I start each morning with a “mee cocktail” (no ice) and water chaser) and continued research, I now heartily recommend signing a “peece treaty” with one’s self, as it offers benefits to one’s psychological health as well as to the physical that, like self-esteem, will be known to each though hard to measure initially.

Through the tireless, selfless, and in some cases, timeless work of many others, I have awakened to such an extent as to see both the tyranny and the Gift for what they are. The Tyranny Network is dedicated to our individual and collective enslavement through destabilization, controlled ignorance and instilled overreaction. Irrespective of what we ingest or are exposed to, our urine represents Nature’s personalized formula that can kick-start a genomic correction, metabolic re-awakening, a re-balancing of the body and mind, a re-connection of the heart, and the restoration of healthy life and being.

All should become familiar with the Tyranny Network, because virtually everything we believe to be true about life — religions, politics, science, education, health, threats and safe harbor — is influenced by its agenda-based workings. What we think we know, as well as what we should know that has been suppressed, what should be in abundance but is scarce, what should be trusted to help, but is actually doing harm, have all been processed through this tyrannical mind.

A perfect example of overreaction courtesy of this collective force is the practice of administering vaccinations to our children for ailments feared that haven’t come. If they never come, like with diphtheria, health care providers will credit the vaccine and reinforce the practice. If diseases do come, they will rationalize that the vaccine wasn’t enough (not that it was ineffective), and seek to increase dosing. If new ailments show up, they will see it as reason to develop and force the use of more vaccines, and not related to the introduction of more complex chemistry.

We’re used to allowing this insult by the Medical Autocracy to our children’s bodies and minds, because we’ve been conditioned so thoroughly to respect medical “authority,” and “knowledge,” thinking that the “professionals” know better than we do. We therefore bow to their will, and don’t take exception to the lack of common sense that their standard practices reveal.

Rose: a “blond moment” she’d regret.

The beautiful young lady pictured to the right, Allyn Rose, also exemplifies the sad fruit of the tyrannous tree. She is competing in the 2013 Miss America beauty pageant, representing the District of Columbia. Miss Rose caused quite a publicity stir by announcing her intentions to undergo a double mastectomy — removal of both breasts — after she completes her duties as Miss America, should she win the title. She would do it because her mother died from breast cancer and she has been diagnosed, not with cancer, but with the same gene.

If you believe what Rose is saying, which is subject to question because she is, after all, trying to get a leg up on 52 other contestants, she has been so thoroughly convinced that breast cancer is inevitable for her that she fashions herself as making the “smarter,” more “noble” decision to favor “life over vanity.”

What a crock.

She has no clue of what having breast cancer is like, nor does she know that the current standard treatments, all of which disrupt and destabilize metabolic balance — including surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation — are most often worse than the condition itself.

She also has no clue of how abdicating to a non-cancerous breast removal procedure, never knowing if she would ever get or conquer it by other means, would affect her mentally and emotionally. Personally I believe it’s just a publicity stunt. However, millions of people are watching and listening.

To add injury to insult, she says that her father is encouraging her to take this insane action (if she means it — it could be purely for the publicity), but the greater insult is that there is virtually no reaction of common sense from the media. Instead, you see companion stories of other “celebrities” who underwent the same surgery. This is not a young lady simply having a “blond moment.” This is a false flag event just like the planned abduction and child sacrifice that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Why else would there be such a vacuum of conscientious objection, plausible alternatives, or an ounce of outrage in the media?

Thank the Tyranny Network, which pays people to read what is in front of them without personal feelings or intelligent analysis, so that it can give you the options and point-of-view that it wants you to embrace. If you want anything else, you’ll have to seek and find it on your own.

I’ll say right now that by being here you’re in for quite a journey.

We are not “sinners,” “infidels,” “disadvantaged,” “at risk victims,” “heathens” or “powerless.” Freedom is not won by simply shifting or exchanging imbalanced states. We liberate ourselves through the restoration of balance and harmony. We are equal in our ability to create and re-create our lives and our world which, contrary to appearances, we now understand happens from the inside out, rather than from the outside in, or “top” to “bottom.” We need not wait for good to “trickle down” as we choose to be channels for love to radiate from within and flow into the world around us. Everyone has been gifted with this power.

A “corrected” view of the Tyranny Network will be helpful in allowing one to accept a fundamental truth about the nature of One’s self; including the ever-present, reliable, affordable, perfectly formulated, and always benign power to heal from whatever ails us, even that which was brought forth through the actions of the Tyranny Network.

The Tyranny is BIG, VERY BIG, but So are WE

The Tyranny Network is pervasive and multifaceted. It doesn’t seem to be one thing, but virtually everything. Once you notice it, wherever you look, there it is. Until that time it operates invisibly.

Time after time at key points in history, social conventions were adopted and institutionalized under the guise of “protecting health” that actually took us away from health. As an example, hospitals are the one place you’d think you could go or work in to stay healthy or to heal, but extended exposure is likely to increase the onset of sickness and disease.

Medical science and history are rife with examples of safe and effective healing discoveries that were not approved for use, technologies that were suppressed, and practitioners ostracized or even sanctioned for succeeding in helping their patients heal using “natural” or other “alternative” means.

Conventional medical science of today has yet to realize that it is the “alternative” modality because by definition, pharmaceutical-based and even “natural” supplements that feature commercially processed chemical isolates, will always be foreign and inferior to that which is unadulterated, full-spectrum, and produced by nature. By no means a waste product, urine is one such naturally produced substance. If you don’t understand this simple fact, don’t expect your doctor to tell you. This is the fruit of the tyrannous tree.

Trying to keep someone else’s version of the “American Dream” alive, we’ve drifted further away from health into chronic disease, from freedom into slavery, and away from peace into conflict, war, ambivalence, apathy, and destruction. We have embraced ideologies that make “divide and control” strategies plausible, including, economic, social and political systems, religions, science and educational concepts, plus various “isms” of race, ethnicity, nationality, and gender. The net effect of these practices has been to keep or concentrate power in the hands of a few “Overlords” at the expense of a great many who mistakenly believe themselves to be, by comparison, powerless.

In the face of this longstanding onslaught, it is hard to wrap one’s mind around how well they have succeeded in their aims. Wrap we must do nonetheless, if we are to change the present storyline of human history.

It is hard for me to believe that over four years have passed since I produced and uploaded the video titled, “The Meek’s Prayer,” below (link here). Only 300 people have viewed it, and yet it speaks to a phenomenon that will happen inside each who steps forward and reclaims dominion over their life.


We are a great many, and The Great Many. For far too long we have paid a heavy price for our own indifference to, or ignorance of the Overlords. For far too long we have believed that we had little power, and amounted to nothing of consequence.

We are clueless as to the great lengths that some people have gone through to create such a believable perception, along with “appropriate, defeatist behaviors” about ourselves.

Wealth that Boggles the Mind

We listen with concern to the trending stories of the day. One day it’s the “fiscal cliff,” another, it’s gun control, or the flu epidemic that we’re surprised to learn is hitting us so hard. We wouldn’t have known it if we hadn’t seen the story on the Evening News.

If you want to know the truth, it’s all a big mindfuck, set to inject “fear-o-toxins” into the ancient center of the neocortex at the base of the brain, the so-called “reptilian” center of “fight or flight” response. You could add “fright” to the list, as the Overlords profit most when we are afraid, ready to fight, or suffer, or ready to flee. These are all irrational, primal “instincts,” intentionally and artificially cultivated.

Politicians and other “people in the know” banter back and forth about a purported “fiscal cliff,” now hovering around $16.5 trillion and expected to reach $20.5 trillion by the end of FY2013. No longer tied to precious metals that would naturally constrain the amount of paper currency printed, this debt is owed by the United States Corporation, with We the People presumed to be guarantors.
This “debt” represents the difference between monies sent out of the country, typically via commerce and trade imports, and incoming receipts via exports. Given our more natural ability (we’ve got more money on average) and predilection toward importing goods from abroad, a number of countries are left holding a surplus of U.S. dollars, many of which are converted into bonds (“debt”) owed by the U.S. government.

The debt is further increased by government spending to support its overt and covert costs of war, which accrues relentlessly and annually. When politicians lack the funds to pay for all of these disparate and sometimes nefarious activities, the Federal Reserve is only too happy to print more money and loan it to the U.S. These “loans” (bonds) aren’t free. They are issued with the presumption of repayment, with interest.

However, the Overlords are not passive, neutral parties in the geopolitical affairs of nations. History shows them to be active instigators of conflict, enablers of mutual destruction, and shapers of both public understanding (through education) and opinion (via mass media outlets).

What most of us don’t know is that talk of fiscal cliffs and public debts is an exercise over a moot point. We entertain the conversations, not knowing the VAST WEALTH that has been sequestered by the Overlords, obfuscated, stolen, or forcibly taken from The People, not only of America, but People around the world, through numerous “false flag” methods that pit targeted groups, ideologies, and causes, against others.

American History and Debt: A Constant Dance with the Overlords

The chart below provides telltale signs of Overlord involvement in America dating back to the formation of the Republic and the status of Central Banks.

All of the positive spikes along the graph indicate increases in the public debt as a percentage of GDP, with huge increases around major “stress events” in American history.

Much of the fiscal cliff/national debt figure is the result of the cost of wars that we couldn’t afford to wage, that not only took away from our ability to maintain such things as national infrastructure (roads, bridges, sanitation, etc.), but true innovation. Yet, it’s not about money. It’s about the keeping a social climate of stress and hostility alive.

Cooperation, respect, comradery, and friendship among nations, peoples, and religious ideologies is not good for business. A good famine, ethnic cleansing, suicide bombing, or World Trade Center destruction guarantees a “bump” in the Overlords’ influence, which means their security. Wars have kept nations, religions, ideologies, and people at each others’ throats, killing each other at the capricious behest of a “sovereign authority” who possessed neither the courage, grace, nor dignity to respect others.

That’s just the overt part. In recent times, the covert part has funded a “black” space program, treaties and joint projects with intra-planet and off-planet intelligences, a global high-speed subterranean transportation system, and much more.

Some of these individuals, operating under the delusional notion of infallibility, have incited perpetual enmity and hostility through conquest, persecution, and inquisition, instead of inspiring, through their example, greater cooperation, harmony, and peace.

The true icons of peaceful consciousness to humanity often meet with tragic, ignominious fates; that is if you buy the still popular notion that “death” ends the life when the body ceases to be. In this dynamic, but increasingly transparent social structure, sickness and disease have been on the increase instead of health and healing.

Stress and fear have been on the rise in a clever setup for humanity to destroy itself by its own hand. I don’t know if it almost worked or not, but in spite of the reportedly high levels of fear, the odds of a planetary and social implosion appear to be diminishing because more people are waking up to the truth.

Meet the Overlords

While not the only one by any means, the Rothschild family has made a significant contribution to all of these shenanigans, and I don’t mean in humanitarian terms. It is one of several families whose wealth is so vast, so prodigious, that they prefer to stay out of the limelight as much as possible.

As an example, preferring not to call undue attention to themselves, the Rothschilds are never included among the list of wealthiest people on the planet. Yet, with numerous central banks, along with the Bank for International Settlements and World Bank among their assets, you begin to get an inkling of the capital that are, or have been, under Rothschild control. Did I mention Royal Dutch Shell and the Federal Reserve Bank?


Funding the communism concept introduced by Vladimir Lenin and the Bolshevik Revolution are on the Rothschild’s resume, which evolved to include the Korean War, the War in Vietnam, the Cold War with Russia and the nuclear arms race. Decisions to go against policies that they were clearly behind imply a connection to the assassinations of four U.S. presidents:

  • Abraham Lincoln – printed $400 million “greenbacks” to fund the North’s Civil War effort after the banks were going to loan him money at a rate of 24%-36% interest. An emasculated congress rescinded Lincoln’s Legal Tender Act of 1862 (Greenback law) after his assassination.
  • James A. Garfield – One blogger wrote: “It seems that James Garfield knew that the financial industry was one big scam. Even in 1881 before the creation of the Federal Reserve, a regulated financial industry was forced to operate under corrupt fractional reserve principles.”
  • William McKinley – Like Garfield, McKinley favored a bimetallism monetary policy, as well as the gold standard, which he referred to as “sound money.”
  • John F. Kennedy—While some have written that he was authorizing the printing of silver certificates with Executive Order 11110, there’s legitimate question as to whether that got him killed. Kennedy’s sin may have been a genuine desire for peace and disinclination to escalate war by sending forces into Laos, using nuclear weapons in Berlin and Southeast Asia, and instigating a total withdrawal from Vietnam by 1965. (Here is a great article with more information on the subject.)

Nation Building and Destruction

The Red Shield inspired the name Rothschild, and in blue, became the icon of the Jewish state of Israel.

The Rothschild family is even behind the creation state of Israel, the six-pointed shield actually being derived from the “red shield” that gave the Rothschild family (originally Bauer) its name.


While it is not my intent to single the Rothschild’s out, you should know that actions and initiatives instigated by them and their cohorts have influenced the twists and turns of human history, enough to directly affect the quality of life and health of every person on the planet, as well as our attitudes about life, each other, and ourselves.

How did Gates get the notion that pharmaceuticals were better than nutrient-rich food for health? Oh yes, they’re trying to reduce the population, not heal it!

Actions of the Rothschild Overlords, are part of why, with famine running rampant in parts of Africa, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is committed to “fighting” disease by making sure children get vaccines, sometimes by force, instead of nutrition-rich food. Such initiatives began long before Mr. Gates was a spark in his parents’ eyes.

Rothschild activities, along with the Rockefellers and others, can be traced to the origins, initiatives, and actions of such organizations as Monsanto Corporation, the American Medical Association, and the FDA.

To teach the Rockefeller drug ideology, it is necessary to teach that Nature didn’t know what she was doing when she made the human body. But statistics issued by the Children’s Bureau of the Federal Security Agency show that since the all-out drive of the Drug Trust for drugging, vaccinating and serumizing the human system, the health of the American nation has sharply declined, especially among children. Children are now given “shots” for this and “shots” for that, when the only safeguard known to science is a pure bloodstream, which can be obtained only with clean air and wholesome food. Meaning by natural and inexpensive means. Just what the Drug Trust most objects to. — Hans Reusch “The Truth About the Rockefeller Drug Empire: The Drug Story”

I will interject here that re-ingesting urine is a safe, reliable, and natural way to purify or re-normalize the bloodstream, especially since it is derived from the blood and contains one’s own plasma, many nutrients, and antibodies to the synthetic chemicals previously ingested.

Speaking of accounting, it’s difficult to fathom the amount of wealth that have been concentrated into the hands of a tiny few, but it is important that we do, particularly when you consider the heartless, manipulative ways by which said wealth was obtained, if not outright stolen.

The Staggering Sequestered Wealth of Humanity

While media talking heads fret over the financial “abyss” that the so-called “fiscal cliff” represents, and suggest that we gird ourselves to shoulder this illusory “burden” through the extraction of higher taxes, I’d like you to see the “dark side” of banking. I don’t mean in an evil context, but simply, that which has been available to a very privileged few.

What you are about to see are balances that are in just one of bank account of the Committee of 300’s shadow government world banking system. If you haven’t heard of the Committee of 300, that is a journey unto itself. Just know that the Chairman of this group, and signatory to the account listed below, is Elizabeth Windsor, Queen of England. (Source: ALCUIN AND FLUTTERBY)

This particular account (#5525525424AM) is at the Federal Reserve Board, “Spiritual Wonder Boy,” audited in December 2008. On another page was an inventory of over 900 accounts, the balances of which were frequently in 10’s, 100’s, or thousands of trillions. Understand that the Committee of 300 isn’t even at the top of the pyramid! However, enjoy this whopper:

1. Special Federal Reserve Board Account no. 5525525424AM with account name of Spiritual Wonder Boy and with standing balance of US$ 2, 178, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 reconfirmed and reconsidered matured audit dated December 1, 2008 that guaranteed and reconfirmed earned worth of US$ 410, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000 from the month of October up to this month in the total of US$ 2, 588, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000, 000.

In plain language, in 2008, the US Federal Reserve Board had an invisible account on its off-ledger books holding 2,588 trillion trillion trillion quadrillion US Dollars. That is 2588 followed by fifty one zeroes.

That was just one account. There are numerous others controlled by the Committee of 300, some held at the Fed, others at Bank of America, Citibank, Chase, Wells Fargo, HSBC, etc. (See more at this link.) Many of these individual accounts are of such a size that they could wipe out the “debt” of the entire world in a single stroke. Yet, we continue to stress about how to pay for ill-gotten gains.

The Overlords have been playing the game of “take away keep away,” “divide and conquer,” and “bait and switch” for so long, it is important to realize that this is value that humanity has created; value that the Overlords have not wanted you to see, understand, accept, or to know.

It is easy to under-estimate our personal value and power amid constant efforts to claim, usurp, steal, or confiscate it to prevent us from enjoying the fruits of our genius and creativity. Ask all those Magnificent Immortal Beings who have cured cancer but were persecuted, who showed us how to run our existing vehicles on water and were executed, who traveled to Mars and Saturn but were silenced and imprisoned, and showed us the keys to unlimited, clean energy, but were marginalized or discredited. A New Day is upon Us.

Possession is said to be 9/10ths of the law, but disclosure and truth will eventually trump possession. There is so much that we’ve not been told, and much of what we have been told, through a thoroughly controlled media and education system, is a minor subset of the truth, if not an abomination altogether.

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