The Tyranny Network and a New Appreciation of ‘Mee’

There’s something to be said about first impressions, particularly when it involves the introduction to a life-changing idea. While it would be true to say that all ideas are life changing, the choices that we make based on an idea will not necessarily be beneficial. You could say that the idea itself is neutral. What we do with it, makes all the difference in the world.

“Looking prepared” and actually “taking” a life are two different things.

In this hyper-alert, trigger-ready culture that we have been led to believe we live in (please note my skepticism), electing to use a gun on anyone, even in “self-defense,” will change your life, but not in beneficial ways. This is because the motivating force behind the action is fear, which has a devolutionary, rather than evolutionary effect. If provocation is succumbed to, even under “cover” of law, the course of a fearful one’s life will change, but not in the direction of their heart’s desire.

Therefore, a true act of courage would be, instead of looking to a gun to feel “safe,” to help others release their fear by mastering one’s own without the gun. You’ll discover that you’re not defenseless.

Instead of imagining one’s self as a victim of harm, one should commit one’s self to building harmony. The starting point would be within. Care enough for your loved ones to include the loved ones of others in your care. Don’t wait for anger and fear to spread and build until a mob is born. Unite with others in peace one person at a time. These things you can do now.

Light candles of peace with like-hearted people.

Being peaceful within one’s self and unafraid even while in an ocean of fear would not cause one to drown. Instead, love enhances emotional and mental buoyancy. Knowing that you cannot “die” even if the body goes, likewise means that you know you cannot “kill.” As such, a gun is an unnecessary distraction; a deterrent to collective spiritual evolution.

Being harmless and harmonious does not mean being defenseless. When you value and respect life, starting with your own, you invoke unseen powers that most cannot fathom, and the few who bait the many into such useless, evolution-retarding activities, greatly fear.

If their rhetoric were to escalate into actions Second Amendment fundamentalists, who swear by their “right” to bear, and by extrapolation, to “lawfully use” their arms, would take themselves down a rabbit hole that few can imagine until it’s too late. But even then, they can lift themselves up by waking up and choosing to honor and respect life, all life.

Tyranny is a Many-Headed Thing

This is not to say that tyranny shouldn’t be responded to. The issue is recognizing what methods will yield the intended results for the peaceful, who need not be flunkies, lackeys, and sacrificial lambs for corporate entities, politicians, or their puppet masters. We have been led to believe that it is logical to be fearful, and sensible to “protect” our loved ones through the use of deadly force. Yet, instead of using the power of kindness and friendliness, we allow ourselves to be physical targets in ideological game of “divide and dis-empower.” This is one effect of watching a thousand too many television shows and movies, and hearing a million too many news stories about dangerous situations that were complicated with guns.

Guns never resolve anything. They only complicate and delay the very thing the users say they want. We’ve become easily bate-able, which is part of an insidious tyranny that many do not see.

There THEY go!

The current “fiscal cliff” charade is an example of such tyranny; a perpetual drama, with its manufactured stresses, that a caring and concerned citizenry is led through. The creators of the debt system are also the recipients of its spoils, while We, the People, led to think that “the debt” is ours, brace ourselves to pay more.

Corporate entities shield the debt manipulators from the consequences of their actions – note the paltry $1.9 billion slap on the wrist that HSBC was fined recently for money laundering with drug cartels in Mexico and Colombia for over 10 years, as well as having over $15 billion in unexplained “bulk cash.”

If HSBC was laundering money, you can bet that it wasn’t the only culpable institution. Yet, no criminal charges have been filed, either for the bank, or any employee. There’s no real incentive for the behavior to change. This is tyranny too, and it’s related to the fractional reserve banking system that we have lived under since 1913, a system designed to create and increase personal debt, not to manage and grow personal assets.

The medical industry, of which the health care system is part, is also plugged in to the tyranny network. It promises to lead the “fight” against disease to “protect” the public health, but eschews, denounces, and even suppresses through hostile methods, many modalities that actually achieve such ends. Government “alphabet” agencies with police powers are run by un-elected administrators that have virtually no responsibility to The People. They are, on the other hand, quite responsive to corporate interests, as evidenced by policies and guidelines that, when followed, ensure widespread human sickness today, and in the foreseeable future.

Stressed livestock does not become healthy food.

Farming trends which are gradually moving from family run to corporate run entities, allow the pursuit of, and justification for profitability to overshadow the real aim, which is the ongoing diminution of humanity.

This isn’t the hog’s fault.

Intolerable growing conditions for cattle, poultry, and other livestock, hormone injections and antibiotic treatments, transfer high amounts of trace chemicals in their market products.

Large and small farms are spraying more than ever.

Chemical herbicides and pesticides upset the natural mineral balance of the soil, affecting the microbial life therein, retard the natural nutrient uptake in plants, thereby diminishing their nutritional value. This is a pattern that was escalating for several generations prior to the advent of genetic modification (GMO) practices.

Science and the overall education systems are part of the tyranny network too. We are led to believe that what they tell us is true, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. We are led to think that there is no other truth beyond what the scientists and “professors” profess.

Be yourself, love yourself, whoever that is.

Students are judged, graded, advanced, and awarded (or not), on their ability to recall and regurgitate the information that educators feed them. Deviation is frowned upon. Questioning is done at great risk of ostracism, or worse. “Popularity” is measured by one’s proclivity toward mediocrity.

The jurisprudence system is the linchpin of the tyranny network. First, you’re considered DEAD, an abandoned “corporate” entity. The “you” that it recognizes, JONATHAN STRAWMAN DOE, is the body, which the government presumes to own. If you think that you are your body, then you’ll believe that the debt that the system has lured you into and maintained, is yours. A trust account is established at the time of your body’s birth, and traded. The body represents a “stock,” with an account number (typically printed in red on the back of your social security card). If “charges” are ever brought against your corporeal personage, they are made against the trust account THAT YOU ARE TOLD NOTHING ABOUT.

“Corporations are people too, because WE said so!”

The justice system doesn’t care about truth. It cares about “pressing charges,” proving guilt, and passing judgments against The People. As noted before, many people have been sorrowfully affected by the actions of HSBC, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, and others. Remember Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital delivered a 173% annual return to investors over a ten-year period, and he won out as the only other “viable” alternative to Barack Obama in the 2012 presidential election. Bernie Madoff, of Enron infamy, only delivered 10.5% return, and got life in prison.

The video below, which I included in a post titled, 2012 Election: A Mockery of Democracy, puts much of what I’m saying here in prospective. While the focus is on the Republican presidential wannabe Mitt Romney, the real issue that is on full display is the tyranny. It’s blatant, endemic, and ubiquitous.


And yet, there are many who won’t see it.

It’s NOT About Money

We’ll blithely tell ourselves to “follow the money,” in order to discover or rationalize the root cause of the injustices that we see, as well as the solutions, but it is a short-sighted effort. The agencies, institutions, and individuals that are behind these efforts have or control most of the “money” in the world. The true reason, and ultimate effect of the blinding, poisoning, intimidating, and destabilizing of humanity, is control.

In other words, to keep us from recognizing and becoming who and what we truly are, i.e., Magnificent Immortal Beings. We’re awakening and growing up.

What we’ve NOT been told about ourselves, would literally blow your mind, and warm the heart.

Guns Won’t Help You Here, but LOVING Will

Inter-dimensional Nordic

Recent studies of such “exopolitical” documents as The Dulce Book, The Blue Planet Project, and newly discovered ones such as The Pulsar Project and The Krill Reports (meaning they’re still on my “to do” reading list), all give a large hint as to what we have to get up to speed on.

Sassani Female (Human/Zeta Reticulan)

That is, we live on a planet and in a galaxy that is teaming with other intelligent physical and inter-dimensional life forms, that are both humanoid and non-humanoid in appearance. The problem is that we have been led to believe they are “fictional,” or “mythical,” with no reality to concern ourselves with. Furthermore, if they don’t look “human,” our first thought is to think they’re hostile or evil.

One can do “evil” and look just like us. One can do “good” and look demonic. The key is whether we have discovered, and are broadcasting our own inner harmony.

Humanoid Reptilian

We need not wait until “disclosure” is official to begin getting over the cover-up efforts that spanned over 60 years, and then get on to the more practical and important issue of self-comportment that only comes by being self-accepting, loving, and aware.

I just finished reading Transylvanian Sunrise, by Radu Cinamar with Peter Moon, which ET Hybrid Cynthia Crawford ( loaned me after our interview. It is an account of a discovery, in 2003 of an ancient site in Romania, which dates back 50,000 years, that was created by a people who, based on the scale of the facility, had to be much larger than humanity. I would guess that they are the Nephilim, but this is a guess. The next book in this series, Transylvanian Moonrise, which is on order, may tell.

We are not alone on Earth or in the universe, and have never been. We are not even “vulnerable” or at risk, except if we are uninformed, or misinformed about who we are.

Mainstream media, which serves as the information management arm of the tyranny network, has done a great job maintaining our sense of vulnerability and fearfulness. Television and cinema have been major tools of influence and control.

By way of contrast, the Internet has been the great equalizer, because it allowed people to do their own research and communicate directly, interactively, and instantly with one another, much faster than the Information Overlords could produce propaganda in their own spin.

My early babysitter.

The seminal events of our lives which include, but are not limited to – the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Watergate, Oklahoma City bombing, the World Trade Center (9/11), Fukushima (3/11), and lately, the Sandy Hook tragedy – have each shaped our worldview.

Many more events, while less obvious, sometimes have even greater impact, such as the chlorination and fluoridation of drinking water, the pasteurization, hormone injection, and antibiotic treatment of dairy products, the forced vaccinations of healthy children, destruction of forests, and the deliberately artificially maintained inefficiency of fuel-burning engines, just to name a few. Knowing of nothing else, we believe the line that our way represents the “leading edge” of all that is possible.

Just like we believe the term, “land of the free, home of the brave.”

A Personal Embracing of ‘Mee’

This is quite a bit to say prior to telling you how much I am excited by, and am coming to value “mee”, otherwise known as urine therapy. While I am developing a routine for incorporating the practice as a way of life, rather than as an act of desperation as some skeptical types might view it, I am also considering how to present this subject in a documentary form, as I did when I produced my film on MMS.

Speaking again of first impressions, my first impression to this subject was The Water of Life, written by J.W. Armstrong, who employed a urine and water fast for his patients. The results were no less than amazing.

The link below is to a film produced in 1999 on urine therapy that covers much of the background on the subject. Yet, I believe I’ve got a few other issues or thoughts to share that have not been presented anywhere, as far as I’ve been able to see so far.


Someone needs to speak for Mother Nature. “Speak” may be the wrong term here. Someone needs to be willing to simply see and acknowledge what Nature does naturally for every human being, bar none.

I will share more insights from this new relationship with “mee” that is unfolding for me. I felt it important to paint a picture of the world as I now see it, with the tyranny network resplendent in full regalia, to give better context that allowed seeing this Natural Gift for what it is, and can be.

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0 Thoughts to “The Tyranny Network and a New Appreciation of ‘Mee’”

  1. grant

    People, there comes a time to review your stated positions and stated expectations with regard to your rights as citizens of not only YOUR COUNTRY OF RIGHTFUL RESIDENCE, but also your standing as a RIGHTFUL resident of this Planet. Of course, specific sets of Laws apply. In Canada (where I live), we are LEGALLY GOVERNED by the Magna Carta placed by King John of England during 1215 AD.

    Unfortunately, due to the DUMBING DOWN of Canadians, few Canadians realize that the Magna Carta had given the Common Man the never-before held right to Habeas Corpus. This 1215 law forced the courts of England (and it’s possessions) to not only provide all arrested people the RIGHT to a speedy trial, but also forced those same courts to allow the accused the RIGHT TO FACE THEIR ACCUSER.

    Now, I will describe the criminal BACK DOOR Bill C68 which REMOVED THOSE RIGHTS from a SPECIFIC PORTION OF HONEST, LAW ABIDING Canadian Citizen, simply because they wished to either retain the firearms which THEY ALREADY HELD/OWNED, or desired to purchase. Bill C68 had other serious issues due to it’s being truly RACIST. Bill C68 effected all Canadians EXCEPT FOR CANADIAN INDIANS.

    Bill C68 served TWO PURPOSES. One, it truly did DIVIDE AND CONQUER Canadians. Two, it created a new group of CRIMINALS out of Law-abiding honest Canadians whom collectively had no previous history of any crimes whatsoever.

    What it is that I am stating here, is that ALL CANADIANS whom have signed Bill C68 documents such as FAC, PAL, POL, etc, have signed their right to trial away. And, they don’t know it.

    Now, let’s consider the US “tag a long” idea of Gun Control. Americans truly need to step away from the idea of ending their RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS! This is why.

    The 1776 Maryland Constitution is the TRUE DOCUMENT which provides the Laws governing the Citizens of the United States. Every part of that document is of GREAT IMPORTANCE to the retention of American Rights and Freedoms. The most important parts of that Constitution involves the RIGHT TO BEAR ARMS. Within that Right, exist many other critically important laws that give the individual the right to prevent TRESPASS, and also the Right to protect the person and property. Those rights exist as CASTLE LAW.

    People, if you believe that the Right To Bear Arms is not needed, GIVE YOUR HEAD A SHAKE!!!

    When you hand those rights away, you actually give away your right to PROTECT YOUR FAMILY, YOUR FOOD, YOUR PROPERTY, and YOUR OWN LIFE. When the Castle Law leaves, so does your right to prevent TRESPASS!


    WAKE UP!!! Just because you retain your rights to BEAR ARMS, that doesn’t mean that you WANT TO KILL ANYONE. Preserve your Rights and Freedoms which your Forefathers FOUGHT FOR!!!

    KNOW what the 1776 Maryland Constitution is, and KNOW WHAT IS STATED IN IT! Don’t become a Country populated by IDIOTS, such as what Canada has become. Don’t piss away your rights and freedoms over misplaced ideals brought forward by the FEARMONGERS.

  2. wyatt ward

    ok I read the article on mee I am very open to alternative things and since reading the article on mee have done some research on it it seems to be valid but my question is have you tried it and did it work or did you die

    1. Wyatt,

      As to the last part of your question… I didn’t “die.” Yes, I start my day with a glass of my first flush. It is the strongest, and also serves to remineralize and support the immune system. As to did it work, or is it working. My body is correcting a number of long-standing conditions that will take time, but my energy is great, and I believe that “mee” intake is opening up other important areas of perception that I will soon be writing about.



  3. Gilgamesh

    Hi Phaelosopher
    In my opinion, disclosures. protests, changing the government, occupy anything, will not change anything.
    The real changes will be when there will be a shifting in consciousness in people from a dependency consciousness, to the more self sufficiency consciousness
    If people would be 70-90% self sufficient, they would not depend very much on the system, or government ,or corporations, or the drug industry.
    This shift in consciousness would be a change in life style.
    This kind of change in consciousness
    already is working in a small way, or big way in Russia, after the Ringing Cedars Of Russia by Vladimir Megre
    were published,

    1. Greetings Gil,

      I agree with you here. Consciousness is key, as people discover their power to be more “proactive” in how they imagine their lives and world unfolding. That was one of the key insights that I gained from reading the Anastasia books by Megre. While the books never mentioned it, I also believe that one way that allowed Anastasia to sustain herself, as well as an activator of some of her abilities, involves and is related to the ingestion of her own “waters.”



  4. No need to fear aliens: the real enemy looks very human.
    Besides when the ‘day of the Lord’ comes, and that day is closer then we think, all ‘other’ life that has been tempered with or created with, willvanish just like all those who won’t live by Gods law in future. Alien are NOT above the law either!
    love and light 🙂

  5. pamgotcher

    I read Transylvanian Sunrise when it first came out and loved it, Moonrise was not out – need to get it on order – thanks for mentioning it!

    1. I’m finishing up Transylvanian Moon now (comments to follow), and the third book Mysteries of Egypt arrives today.

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