Inner Vision, Power and Imagination

Events surrounding the Sandy Hook shooting have served as quite the wake-up call for America. The question that arises for each, is “what shall I do?” More so, how shall I “process” this information? What most don’t realize, is that this process constitutes the real workings in the “democracy” of how both our personal and collective reality unfolds.

A very determined, calculated, and concerted effort has been made to convince the populace that humans are incidental afterthoughts to the unfolding of events and life on Earth, when in fact, we, knowing and unknowing alike, are central characters. As such, most “truths” that we have come to accept and even revere, are actually lies. The “truth” about America being the land of the free and home of the brave, is one such example. The “truth” that the healthcare system is designed and intended to restore health, is another. Lies dominate the public consciousness, perhaps because the old truths are being superseded by new awareness, making the now falsehoods increasingly easier to see.

The beauty of the America idea is that it was founded on a real and incontrovertible truth, written in the vernacular of the day, that “All men are created equal.” This is true. Furthermore, it is true for all of humanity, not just “Americans.” What distinguishes each, is their awareness of what that means, and how we express it.

How can we satisfy ourselves by saying “God Bless America,” and not understand that the evil that our sons and daughters are sent to do in distant lands won’t eventually come home? The simple answer is that we’ve been led to believe that we’re separate, that we’re “right,” and “good”, and others who are not “like us” are not. How these beliefs have been cultivated, over hundreds of years in time, is truly mind-blowing.

But the time for “the spell” to be broken, is upon us.

While each individual has free will, along with the power of choice, we have also functioned under the mistaken notion that “who we are” is defined by what we have, in a material sense. In other words, we define ourselves by what we can see, feel, taste, hear, and smell. This act of reductionism distills “truth” down to that which is easily perceivable, measurable, comparable, conquerable, and contrastable.

Well, we’re more than that. We have abilities that transcend and supersede the five senses; abilities that are grounded in the quantum world of potential. This is the world of creation, versus “reaction.”

Notice that the words, “creation” and “reaction,” are made up of the same letters, rearranged. For a number of reasons, humanity has been in “reaction” mode, instigated by individuals and groups that sought to stave off the time when each would awaken to his and her power of conscious creation.

Each human being is creating at all times during their earth sojourn. But mostly, this is an unconscious process. In other words, when we’re reacting, we don’t know that we’re actually creating. We think that “nothing” is happening, particularly when the “delay” component due to the space/time distortion is factored in.

Get the population believing that a catastrophe is imminent or that a particular place is “dangerous,” and we’ll react sympathetically through our emotions, if we are not self-aware. The “danger” is then heightened, and will appear to have been confirmed by a spike in similar future incidences.

The beautiful thing to know here, is that the opposite is also true. What we “see” both with our mind and heart, is brought forth with equal ease, if one’s joyful, harmonious belief is unwavering.

Do you truly want to heal your body? Discover and understand yourself. Find and share your joy.

Do you truly want to live in a “safe” place? Discover and understand yourself. Find and share your joy.

Be not only true to your heart, but express it. Share it with others.

For all the fears about the unseen “evils” that may befall us, there are is ample reason to believe that there are likewise unseen powers available to protect, guide, and assist us. All we need to do is listen to, and follow the path of the heart, which is never done in fear.

The powers that I refer to will respond, without judgment, to consciousness. Consciousness is a trait or quality of sentience, which each human being is, irrespective of how “self-aware” he or she may be.

Said powers – which include the ability to reconfigure and normalize a human body (i.e., to heal), as well as bring peace to a chaotic situation – respond to human imagination, whether used consciously or unconsciously.

More and more people are consciously choosing what they will imagine. More and more are imagining from the heart, with love. No organization or quorum of any kind is needed, just a simple and sincere desire to create and live in a better, safer, healthy and abundant world. Each of us can represent a “majority of One.”

As the “pundits” and “gundits” prepare to fill the airwaves with the “pros” and “cons” of gun control legislation in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook event, the “con” on unconscious reactionaries among us moves into high gear.

Without me.

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  1. Again, an enlightening reminder of our responsibility and our freedom to be creational. Thank you.

  2. I am amazed at how simple it is, yet how complex people make their situations and circumstances; if they only knew just how transparent ether is and how it molds and shapes itself into exactly what it is that you are directly thinking and meditating on they would opt to create rather than destroy. But of course the “evil” that we will into existance is only perpetuated by what we take into our subconscious through our five senses. So I submit be very leary of what you let in. Speaking In general terms of abundance or lack thereof, if you THINK you can, YOU sir are right! if you THINK you cannot, then guess what? YOU are right again! Thoughts are things, if people only learn to speak LIFE into their situation and their circumstance and not dwell on the negative and lack thereof, they would be so much better off. The age of enlightenment cannot get here soon enough in my humble opinion.

  3. as per usual BRAVO. Its a pleasure and an honor sir!

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