A New Earth Vision Formed with All-Inclusive Love

Now that the 2012 election appetizer is over, we can get on to the main course. Some people are elated, some are terrified with Mr. Obama’s re-election. I’d like to suggest that there’s another position available, which is exemplified by a growing, but unacknowledged plurality, i.e., those whose vision for a balanced, re-harmonized, detoxified, abundant, safe, and peaceful world, is undeterred.

The importance of undeterred vision cannot be over-emphasized. It means being held in spite of apparent prophesies to the contrary in the Bible or Nostradamus, predictions of Planet X/Niburu, or further encroachment in civil liberties by a corporate oligarch.

An undeterred vision of reclaimed freedom and restored health of the People includes, but is not limited to the citizens of the United States of America. It would include the citizens of the world.

It is achieved, not by external force, but by individual “order.” Not by totalitarianism, but through the acknowledge of, respect for, and expression of individual sovereignty.

The basis of collective government, is self-government, mutual respect, and responsibility.

This is not the Fatherland’s “New World Order,” but it will lead to the unfolding of a New World that All would love, because Love, by All, for All, and in All, would have brought it into being.

Irrespective of external developments, this unfolding New World receives my vote with each breath that I take.

Every human being is capable of such love, but most have a long list of “justified reasons” for choosing a much narrower version. However, the number who embrace this all-inclusive love, is growing, and by their intent, thought, and action, so shall it come into being, irrespective of who would “win” the presidential elections of life.

The world we know today is a reflection of what we’ve accepted to be “true”, much of which is, in actuality, false. The world of tomorrow depends on what new truths we’re willing to embrace, and the new choices and actions that come from them.

While the election outcome was in doubt, thanks to the $6 billion public relations campaign that the candidates and PAC organizations mounted, I didn’t tune in or follow the exit poll results. I didn’t sit mesmerized at the TV set with bated breath to see who would be the first to project the winner from exit poll data.

I had a problem with both candidates, as well as the system so intent on controlling the population that it can’t risk any true diversity of opinion, and so practiced at shaping and controlling information that a yet large percentage of the population doesn’t even know that the government doesn’t work for its benefit in spite of a daily stream of supporting evidence.

Even fewer know that the president of United States Corporation and the federal government are just pawns in a much larger game.

The statement above, while metaphorical, caused me to pause nonetheless. It suggests that forces or entities are influencing the moves that the president, Senate, and House of Representatives, make, as well as the Alphabet agencies, both overt and covert, and the military. They are getting the mandates from someone or something, and it’s not helping the people of America, nor of the World.

Some examples:

  • Divisiveness – Politicians portray the United States as the icon for freedom and “righteousness” and anyone who takes issue with us “or our friends,” are enemies. They think that “might” gives us “the right,” and “wealth” gives us power to control, punish or otherwise negatively interfere in the affairs of others. When others take exception to our policies, we use that as confirming evidence of that our policies are “right” and their “enemy” status is justified.
  • Dissension – When diversity of opinion is stifled; and when real solutions to problems are ignored while false (and even destructive) solutions are promoted, dissension will naturally rise.
  • Destruction – After 9/11, U.S. Armed Forces were sent to invade Iraq on the premise of looking for “weapons of mass destruction,” and what did we do? Destroy much of the country and kill thousands of people, leaving depleted uranium material wherever “conflict” was engaged. We insinuated ourselves into war in Afghanistan, and what are we doing? “Killing terrorists” (so we say) and protecting opium poppy fields. Other sanctioned ongoing destruction programs include cutting down rain forests, incorporating poisons in farming practices, genetically modifying food supplies, poison-centered medical treatment standards and practices, poison-centered inoculation/vaccination policies, chemical (read toxin) or synthetic, nutrition-less foods.
  • Disease – The many destructive methods described above, coupled with our dissatisfaction about them, eventually become diseases, which start new, sometimes multiple or simultaneous rounds of toxic treatments.
  • Debt – This is the true state of the “land of the free.” The country is in debt, the people are in debt (or so they believe), because the system is designed to create the illusion of freedom, but actual slavery.
  • Disinformation – Clearly, a lot of disinformation is going on, because much is being hidden. Why is it being hidden? Because if you knew the truth, you’d really be mad, and more importantly, you have the power to change it.

In spite of these factors, or because of them, it is time well-spent to take stock of our personal vision and the knowledge or belief that support it. It is the one thing that each individual can “control” irrespective of what others do, whether they agree or not.

For example, we “honor” U.S. veterans and combat personnel around the world, but what hope do we offer them? Over 320,000 vets have brain injuries alone. 18 choose suicide daily. Thousands more were wounded or maimed due to combat. My New World Vision offers them the hope of natural, not technological restoration. If they are a “force” of anything, it would be of friendship and peace. I see more travel than ever, because the destinations are safe, the people are friendly, and the memories would be Golden.

Don’t get me wrong; “The future” is at stake. However, NO ONE is able to speak with any certitude on what is going to happen. Everyone believes something; everyone feels something, but neither are expressions of known certainties.

There are those who predict a collective blooming for humanity (in the positive sense), and those who predict gloom. Who is to say that both aren’t right?

If your vision of the future isn’t a joyful one, isn’t one that you’re looking forward to, or is stress-causing rather than harmony increasing, I have little to offer that will change your mind. However, wherever you are on the “what lies ahead scale,” you may find the videos below worth your time.

Richard Hoagland: Government Secrets—What Obama Knows about December 21, 2012

Given in 2011, this presentation by Richard Hoagland uses “HD” or hyper-dimensional physics to guide his perspective to the global events of our time in general, and as they relate to December 21, 2012.

The significance of his thoughts on harmony at the end are easy to overlook.

He addresses, in some depth, many of the issues that have surfaced surrounding Freemasonry, Pyramids, Washington, DC, the presidency in general, and Mr. Obama in particular.

Mr. Hoagland, as well as the presenters below, point out substantial variances from the truth that certain scientific, political, social, medical, media, educational, and corporate operatives have relied upon to influence on our view of reality. In other words, much if not all of what we have held to be “true” has actually been false. This is a massive charade that we are waking up from and beginning to see.

The presenters also agree that we must be the solution, not some last-minute “savior”, a sentiment resoundingly echoed by Bill Donahue. How we change our inner relationship with self, will affect our geopolitical relationships with each other, and signify our readiness to be conscious, active, and equal members of an intergalactic community, and not fodder for human chomping aliens.

Notice how such membership never comes up in “New World Order” conversations?

However, in order to “be the solution,” we also need to recognize the extreme measures that have been taken to pervert the truth, and then keep it in protective custody through an entire matrix of “authorities.”

Just why things have been this way is not as important at the moment as realizing that most “truths” are actually not, and finding out what is.

Now what “truths” am I talking about? Here are a few that come to mind.

  • Darwin’s theory of human evolution
  • Germ theory
  • The speed of light is as fast as it gets
  • “Birth” is the beginning of life, and “death” is the end
  • The physical body is the being.
  • It is okay for a government to deceive, mislead, or oppress certain of its citizens
  • It is okay for a government to deceive, mislead, or disrespect the sovereignty of the citizens of other nations
  • We can dismiss the place of consciousness as a key factor in the involution of our problems, as well as the evolution of our solutions

The last item would more likely be classified as an unspoken truth, which, when they are detrimental, are the most insidious.


I have been reading several books lately, some of them are available free, online. One of which is The Dulce Book, by Branton. While I’m only halfway through Chapter 12, this book led to names of others, such as Dan Burisch (below), John Lear and a man referred to only as daniel, that fill in many blanks.

Watch them if you dare… and if you care.

Project Camelot Interviews Dan Burisch – Part 1

A five-part series.


Lloyd Pye – Everything You Know is Wrong

I differ with some of this conclusions, but his hypothesis is compelling.
Fasten your seatbelts!
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  1. tim huff

    great post leads one to ponder and seek the future they want and go for it Merlin’s

  2. Bruce

    Thanks Adam. This is the kind of vision that I can get behind whole-heartedly. For so many of us who don’t fit into the “program” running here now in 3D, this shift to a world of All-Inclusive Love is what we came here to realize. We don’t need to manifest another of humanity’s string of disasters in order to get there.

  3. bornoutsidethebox

    Thank you for reminding us that we are the ones we are looking for…that our undeterred vision is re-creating reality, one thought at a time.

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