Cast Your Vote Now! Elect Your Power Within!

Cast your vote!

On this eve of the 2012 election, I’d like to suggest a last-minute “write in candidate” and a slightly different electoral process. It involves casting a “vote” with, and within One’s Immortal Self. Whether Mr. Romney or Obama is named President of United States Corporation is not important here. What matters is the transformation of your life, and your world. When you are in harmony with the change that you envision, your “voice” will be heard throughout the Universe.

We’re always “in the voting booth” of life, but oftentimes choose “existing” by someone else’s “rules” than living by our own principles. Nervous about today, and fearful of tomorrow, we remain unaware of, or disinterested in our Inner Voice being “heard.” As such, it rarely occurs to us that taking time to sit and create an inner harmonic resonance, through meditation, might pay any appreciable dividends.

I’ve known of meditation for decades, but it took watching several more of Bill Donahue’s talks ( to appreciate the physiological importance of such practice as it relates to any human problem, “small,” or “large.”

Consider this video, titled, “Contacting ET.”

New take on “prayer.”

The centerpiece of this talk is an amazing transformation of the passive, impotent, fearful, and you might even say sniveling activity that “correctly implemented” prayer has evolved into.

People are inclined to “pray” when all other measures have appeared fruitless and they’re desperate, or when others are doing something we know is wrong, but are doing nothing about it. “Praying for our troops presently doing damage in Afghanistan,” is an example.

The connection that Donahue describes is a positive, aware, knowing activation, “turning on” a function that does not involve a “Higher Power” or “Deity” outside of yourself, but with the Inner, Immortal Being that YOU ARE. This is the result of a conscious choice, as well as a learned process that is available to everyone.

Whether you use MMS or chemotherapy, Rodin coils or Grabovoi numbers, it behooves each individual that truly wants to turn their life around, to turn this latent ability ON and let it be part of their healing or life transformation process. The implications affect far more than matters of personal health.

I watched his “Contacting ET” talk several days ago, and then queued up this blog entry yesterday, but the words that I wanted to add to it weren’t there initially. Until they were, it would sit.

Many Perspectives, Few Perceived Options

There is no shortage of people who have a point of view, with over 7 billion of us on the planet today, and counting. However, there are far less than 7 billion active points of view. Actually, there are surprisingly few.

Currently within the collective consciousness of humanity there is an abundance of viewpoints that support the idea of insufficiency (lack), limitation, opposition (conflict), that there’s something to fear, due to power disparities between some imagined “other” and YOU (Me).

  • “Terrorists”
  • Cancer
  • Global Warming
  • Famine
  • The Illuminati/New World Order Agenda
  • Martial Law
  • Collapse of the Financial System
  • Contamination of the Water Supply
  • Radiation Poisoning
  • GMO proliferation
  • Alien Uprisings

What, if any of these “menaces” do you feel you have any power to mitigate? How convinced are you that you are ill-prepared or under-equipped to do anything that could make a difference?

There’s good reason to believe that our notions of powerlessness, while carefully and deliberately cultivated, are baseless, but you won’t hear much about that from mainstream media outlets.

For my own edification, and to make the difference that I know is possible in the world at large, I share what I learn. What you or anyone does with it is a personal decision. Arguing for one’s limitations is nothing new, but uncovering and plugging in to one’s power can change everything.

It’s a change worth making.

As long as one believes a disparity exists between “the powerful” and “powerless,” “good” and “evil,” then the not-so-funny “game” of life as we currently know it, plays on.

Signs of natural, latent Divine Power that every human being is “pre-wired” for, are everywhere, including the Bible, even in the Book of Revelations, that often reads like a James Cameron disaster epic.

Some would call Donahue “sacrilegious.”

However, like so many ideas that make up our collective perceptions about the physical/material world, the list of what’s believed to not be possible is a long one.

The point of view that says Divine Power is within is also not new, but it seems that in spite of this truth, for a myriad of reasons, many who are suffering are nonetheless content to wait for someone else to exercise their power, not realizing that there is something that each can do that will matter, right here and now.

Taking a Personal Interest in Disclosure

Also for a myriad of reasons, a growing portion of the world’s attention is turning to the subject of disclosure, not in response to the question of whether we’re alone among intelligent life forms in the universe, but to relationships that have been forged with extraterrestrial intelligence entered into by the “powers that be” decades ago.

It is no secret that the United States Government, that private corporation headquartered in the CityState of Washington, DC, and actually has no legal jurisdiction over the American people, has maintained what are referred to as, “black projects,” meaning “for national security reasons we won’t tell you anything about them, including whether they exist,” which have their own equally “black” budgets. I mentioned, in a recent article, how on September 10, 2001, Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld announced that the Pentagon could not account for over $2.3 trillion.

‘Black’ Projects and the Armageddon Myth

What if a group of people in positions of great influence to, and even control over, the president believe in the literal interpretation of biblical and metaphysical (e.g., Mayan calendar) “end time” prophesies?

What if they think that a World War over the Middle East must occur in order for Jesus, “their King,” to return, and have been taking steps to instigate that very war?

Or, anticipating destruction and chaos due to a polar shift of the planet’s magnetic field, or other upheavals due to extra-planetary influences, they take measures to ensure their own escape (via interplanetary space craft), while maintaining control over the masses by controlling education, healthcare, monetary, and governance policies?

These are not hypothetical subjects. They simply don’t show up as talking points amid the $6 billion that is being spent on a “sham presidential election.”

In addition to such a world conflict, the seeds of an “extraplanetary event”, whether it is due to an asteroid, rogue planet, or a War of the Worlds-type invasion by extraterrestrials, have certainly been planted in the collective psyche of humanity, going back to the October 30, 1938 broadcast that was narrated by Orson Welles. Turns out that its origins were very terrestrial; a psychological warfare experiment that was funded in 1937 by the Rockefeller Foundation, an organization whose names shows up repeatedly in a long list of atrocities to humanity that have been “re-spun” and honored in the Beneficence Hall of Fame.

To add further injury to insult, suppose those very same people have authorized and orchestrated the construction of numerous underground facilities in anticipation of this surface conflagration, where they can retreat while those left on the surface would perish, as the vast majority of the Earth’s population is culled. The Denver International Airport gives graphic evidence that someone subscribes to this line of thinking.

Denver Airport Mural
Denver Airport Mural

The idea is that they would “survive” these cataclysms in comfort until it’s safe on the surface again, or using “black” interstellar-capable ships, they’d establish a base on another habitable planet.


This all sounds loony, right? That’s just the attitude necessary to justify complacency.

While we’re complacent, we sit and wait, sit and watch, look for signs that someone else is changing things on our behalf, while doing little that is positive on our own.

If we don’t have money, or status, or if our viewpoint differs from the majority, it’s easy to be self-dismissive, and discouraged. That’s the mind-state that so many people call “home.” It’s not a comfortable place. Yet, everyone has the power to change it.

With all the fearful chatter that we’ve grown accustomed to hearing, I want these times we spend together to be fear free.

What I’m learning is that each one of us actually has a voice, if not in the election of the next president of United States Corporation, then in the larger election, which addresses the question of “What comes next?”

Irrespective of who the “president” turns out to be, your vision of “what comes next” should be unwavering. If you are resolved that greater peace, harmony, truth, and love comes next by embodying these principles, then you are changing the world both within, and around you. No one can take that power away from you, try as they might.

Meditation is the Power Connection

It shouldn’t cost money to heal one’s self, nor to transform the world, and it doesn’t. This is because the catalyst for all forms of healing begins with the true intention to do so, which costs nothing to choose.

Not everyone who claims to be looking for a “cure” to cancer, or to poverty, crime or war, truly intends to find one. This applies to both the “cure vendors” as well as the “victims” of disease. The change that they both say they seek won’t come if they refuse to let something else go, such as judgment, anger, resentment, avarice, envy, or enmity. These states of mind keep one closed to, and disconnected from the feeling that indicates the Power is present and active.

When an individual chooses to meditate, they are making a conscious choice to harmonize their inner world. The long breath that they take in will bring oxygen, the long exhalation will push out carbon dioxide. The harmonics of the tone generated, “OM”, will heard and positively impacted on every cell in the body.

No guess work is involved. If a person really wants to make beneficial changes in their life, then inner, personal work, facilitated through meditation, should be part of their process. It will help everything else that they do, because they are putting fear aside and consciously taking the lead in their own healing process.

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  1. I dont know or remember how a notification of your latest piece here ended up in my inbox…but I am VERY happy it did..Its an honor and a “blessing”:…Thank You!!!

    a fellow galactic warrior: Dawnatilla the Hun <3

  2. Joe Riley Brazzeal

    P.S. I’m not going to throw the baby (Bible) out
    with the bath water either. Books of wisdom are
    valuable in anybody’s hands.

  3. Yes. The REAL election starts and is here. Thank you for the reminder.

  4. Joe Riley Brazzeal

    Hi Adam,
    Thank you for the introduction to Bill Donahue.
    I’m done with religion in general and mainstream
    Christianity in particular.
    (I just hope I don’t burn in hell forever :))

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