A Grand Time for Lovefulness and to Know One’s Self

I don’t know about you, but in spite of all the perfectly valid reasons to be fearful about:

  • “the end” that appears to be upon us,
  • what is actually about to begin,
  • the chaos that is everywhere
  • threats that face humanity, and
  • whether there’s anything we can do about it, or
  • whether there’s time,

This is a GRAND time.

While I’m sure there are many who would beg to differ, It’s a grand time to be alive, present on Earth at this time in her history. Imagine, for a moment, that you have the power to re-create it in any way you want; what changes would you make in the world to make it a better place?

You need not tell me or anyone else your answer. Just imagine it sincerely, and love it into existence.

A massive effort has been made to keep you in a perpetual state of fear; deaf, dumb, dim, debt-ridden, diseased, and distracted. As such, the world is fraught with danger and distress, but imagine it changed. Picture your most wonderful dreams having come true.

It’s a grand time to be in the middle of things, to know the stresses that mount when we feel powerless, and the JOYFUL process of its re-discovery. It’s a grand time to realize that we haven’t been forgotten or abandoned, we’re not damaged goods, or that our isolation has been in belief, but not in actuality.

The task now is not in discovering our power, but learning how to use it consciously, lovingly. We have many things to practice on.

In every conceivable way we have been admonished to listen to and trust “experts” or “authorities” other than the One inside. We’ve been willing to offer ourselves in sacrifice, to allow the experts and “professionals” to make their best guess on what is “wrong” with us, and how to “fix” it rather than nurture and empower the Inner One that knows.

To fear for our lives means an active belief in the idea of “death” as an event we must avoid at all costs, or by any means necessary. The fears are unwarranted because death is but a phase shift wherein the Immortal Being that we are, dissociates from the mortal vehicle of earthly material, that we experience this reality through.

We are not, never have been, nor will we ever be the vehicle that is the physical body, itself a macrocosm to an ocean of microorganisms.

At death, for a final time, we “exit” the body through a stargate that is used over the entire course of the earthly lifetime while the body is in the state called “sleep.” The stargate’s molecular form is the pineal gland. This gives new meaning to the idea of entering the “temple.”

The only difference between our nightly sleep-time exit and final body dissociation is that at the final departure, the cord that persists during the physical lifetime between our Immortal Essence and the physical body, is cut.

Like an extension cord, this cord maintains not “a” flow, but the flow of divine energy that motivates, animates, and informs the physical form and all the life that lives, moves, and has their being within it, keeping it viable because it yet has a purpose to serve for you.

No force on earth can cut this cord unless and until the Immortal You decides that it is time. Even then, the cord cutter is YOU, the Immortal Being, and no Other. When and how the final phase shift occurs, is also up to YOU, for the experiential reasons that you chose prior to entering this realm.

Population Reduction, Armageddon, and End Times

Many are concerned about the population reduction intentions and initiatives of a few against the a vast portion of Earth’s population that are not only evident today, but appear to have been in effect for hundreds of years. Various prophesies, from the Bible and Nostradamus, to the Mayan Calendar and other sources, point to the times that we are currently in as significant.

Mass population reductions, or “phase shift events,” are not new on Earth. They go back much further than current shapers of opinion care to let be known.

The population of the “civilized world” has been led to believe that our present concepts of thought, science, mathematics, social order, governance, history, and most importantly, human potential, represent the most “advanced” there is, or has ever been on Earth.

Such thinking has led us to conclude that we’re a disparate group of fragile, mortal beings, alone on a hostile world and in a vast, lifeless universe, searching for extraterrestrial intelligence that may be like us, but afraid of any that appear different. While the U.S. government refuses to admit evidence of extraterrestrial visitations – recorded events go back hundreds of years – military factions prepare for war.

While I believe fear levels, with respect to ET’s are high in certain government circles, I believe it is more so due to agreements they entered into with certain ET factions – the HeLa cell is likely one such result, as it has made many “advancements” of the latter half of the 20th Century possible. This includes GMO technology.

The video below gives a small sampling of what has been going on.


While pharmacological research scientists had knocked on the door for decades trying to break in, the Human Genome itself had been virtually inviolate, that is, prior to the HeLa cell’s introduction.

After the HeLa cell, informational out-breeding across genetic lines was not only possible, it has now become accepted practice within $cientific circles. It has been duly named, “lateral gene transfer,” and has become very big business.

This ability to violate the natural integrity of the Genome is why a Monsanto can virtually co-opt “ownership” of entire species of corn and other crops via patent protection, because their genetically adulterated seeds were altered by the incredible HeLa-induced field effect that made gene mutation possible.


No one asked the public if they cared, but I think they’re going to find out soon. Monsanto isn’t alone in this one. Their fear may be more related to what humanity does with them when it finds out.

Being Immortal Beings too, but with the freedom to be unaware, the “lesson” of such people who run Monsanto, or the FDA, Syria, Israel, the various “ruling families,” etc., are between their conventional level of thinking and Higher Self.

‘Force Fields’ of Love

The time for the end of the grand charade is nigh, not because “they” are ready to let you see, but because sufficient numbers of you are ready to know and live in truth.

What does knowing and living in truth mean? It means loving love enough to be it yourself under all circumstances, toward all people. It means loving peace enough to embrace it yourself under all circumstances, toward all people.

A loving, peaceful person becomes a harmless person. And while the “powers that were” would have you think that the only way to protect yourself from harm is to “bare arms,” as in weapons of harm and destruction, becoming harmless actually invokes a much more effective power, in the form of your own force field.

The human force field is made of plasma, which is the same material as the silver cord that keeps the physical body functioning as it sleeps while we are away on other planes of experience.

Considered the fourth state of matter, plasma’s nature and dynamics are rarely discussed.

Our relationship to plasma, and more importantly, its ability work on our behalf, is largely unknown, and rarely consciously observed.

Better we think that we need guns to protect us, when in fact, a plasma field around us and within has been protecting us all along, that is, when we’re not believing in, or thinking of harmful methods so deeply as to bring harm to ourselves.

What we seek, we’ll find. What we fear will appear.

A plasma field protects the earth, as it is made of the same “stuff” that is issued forth from the sun. It transforms the sun’s energy into a form that becomes our visible, “living” forms. It also influences the interactions that occur between living beings in our respective dramas of earthly experience.

Plasma, the fourth state of matter, is within everything that is physical, and is responsive to the direction of the consciousness of an Immortal Being, i.e., you and me.

With or without your body, you are an Immortal Being. Irrespective of who you call “God,” or whether you believe in one, you are an Immortal Being. Your disbelief in, or disagreement over the nature of God doesn’t invalidate your Immortal Beingness any more than your being “born” on Earth makes you an “earthling.”

All of humanity are spiritual, i.e., Immortal Beings, having a time-limited experience on Earth. As such, they take on an experiential vehicle that is made of earthly material, for the duration of their journey here. When that purpose is served and the journey done, they leave.

Existence doesn’t begin on earth, nor does it end here. However, distortion created on Earth will need to be resolved here before moving on. Distortion in one’s energy field, the effects of lovelessness and fear, remains in one’s energy field, dims the light, and therefore restricts one’s interstellar motility.

Yet, one’s very willingness to love self and others, to forgive and be forgiven, to not only seek peace, but be an example, marks the lifting, not only the veil to more expanded consciousness, but the restoration of conscience, and opening to the Universal Life that has always been present, though previously unseen.

Fearlessness is not the same as Lovefulness. One can be fearless, while lacking wisdom. The loveful are wise. The loveful will melt hostilities because they value and respect the life, sovereignty, and kindredness of themselves with ALL of creation, whether “born” on Earth, or in the Heavens.

An isolationist, separatist, xenophobic mindset has been inculcated within the consciousness of humanity, through education, science, religion, health practices, and government. The idea of “good” and “bad” is the foundation of duality, and the means by which certain information has been held back on a “need to know” basis. And yet, for those who seek wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, truth cannot and will not be withheld.

If knowledge is power, and truth will set you free, is there any wonder that such efforts have been taken to impair the human Immortal’s knowledge of self?

If knowledge is power, self-knowledge is Self power. The power of Love, for freedom, health, and harmony, washes away fear. An inner harmonization occurs only when one is in a state of joy, laughter, or bliss. Healing is one result of inner harmonizing. Opening one’s eyes to truth, unafraid of what will be revealed, expands the consciousness, and where needed, activates the conscience. The conscience is our connection to the Immortal Being Within, that has guided us to this moment, at this time of great change.

Ignorance of self, and consequently, self-loathing, fuels our fear of others, and willingness to force our will on others. Yet, in so doing, we also subject ourselves to being “forced” by what appears to be those with greater “weapons of will.” The greatest “weapon of will” is not a weapon at all. It is self-knowledge, understanding, and love. It is truth, undistorted. It is responsibility accepted, and respect fully applied to self and to others. It is treating others as we would like to be treated… even if they do not appear to be likewise so inclined.

We can change our world, and in fact, will change it, in spite of the dire predictions of the fearful. Extraterrestrial life forms exist in all manner of persuasion, but the only thing that distinguishes a “threat” that any might represent is the degree of our own self-knowledge. This is something that can be revealed for no one, but one’s Self.

Video Series on Death from a Biblical Scientist

Meet Bill Donahue. I have often described myself as non-religious, having spent much of my early days within a Southern Baptist household. But a friend sent me one of his videos the other day, and I love his way of explaining the symbolism and greater meaning in the Bible. While he is definitely a biblical scholar, his teachings are liberating, not dogma-building.

He also mentions the origins of Abraham


This is another series of worthwhile videos. Enjoy.

Good stuff…
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