2012 Election: A Mockery of Democracy

Romney and Obama face off at the second “debate.”

In its beginning I thought of YouTube as a haven for mindless information, but it is only a reflection of where human minds are. Fortunately, there are many who now use the medium that YouTube provides, to put out information of a richness and diversity you’ll find nowhere else.

Right before our eyes we’re witnessing a gross example of government and corporate tyranny. The election process has been manipulated and distilled down to look bipartisan and support diverse points of view, but to represent a monolith in actual practice. The Democratic and Republican parties and their appointed representatives, are just two heads on a single snake. They don’t represent the American people, which is why they saw fit, especially the Republicans at their convention, to not even allow another party member, Ron Paul, who earned delegates during the Republican primaries, to speak on the convention floor. By the conspicuous absence of commentary, it seems that mainstream media hardly noticed.

In my opinion, neither candidate represents the best interests of the Republic of the United States, or its People. This truth hit home while, in response to the Gulf Oil Spill of 2010, a group of like-hearted souls banded together to find a non-toxic, restorative solutions. We impressed enough people to have our micro-organism-based bio-remediation strategy presented to president Obama by a well-placed representative. The Corexit sorties continued. Many other natural, restorative approaches were presented and shot down. BP’s actions were of greater danger than that done by any “terrorist organization.” If it were anyone else ordering the chemical dumpings over the gulf, which also produced benzene in throughout the Coast region, it would have been seen as a hostile act. Instead, we were facilitators.

The FDA’s indifference to inundating the population with GMO products without even the courtesy of a label, has been another example that began long before Barack Obama became president.

Legally, the candidates don’t have to care about the American People because the individual that will be voted upon on November 6, 2012, will become president of United States Corporation, a corporate entity based in Washington, DC, a “branch office” that answers to the CityState that it was patterned after, the Vatican. We’re the ones who have thought they were talking to us on the campaign trail.

The legal clarity with which I see this now comes courtesy of another conversation with Grant Maanum, which I turned into a video titled, Beyond the CityState: The Forensics of Freedom. I had already learned about the president’s role and responsibilities to United States Corporation earlier. In it he traced the historical chain of events from roughly 525 BCE and the Roman Empire, to the Maryland Constitution of 1776 and the true beginnings of sovereignty on this land. These revelations made the many paradoxical and freedom limiting or ignoring government actions, make sense.

The upshot of it all was the fact that the jurisdiction of the CityState ends at its boundaries. That is, unless we believe the corporate entity that is United States Corporation actually represents, or ”governs” us. What it’s actually doing is treating The People as though they were owned property, like inventory held in stock. If you listen or watch the above mentioned video, it’ll put the New York Stock Exchange in an entirely different context.

These are not long-held opinions about America or our government. I have voted, or would have voted for Hubert Humphrey (1968), George McGovern (1972), Jimmy Carter (1976, 1980), Walter Mondale (1984), Bush I (1988), H. Ross Perot (1992), Bob Dole (1996), Bush II (2000), Michael Badnarik (Libertarian 2004), and Obama in 2008. Today, the American People have no candidate. On the surface, American corporations, which themselves exist because of the American People, have the politicians’ ears. But when $6 billion is being raised and spent to get a “message” out, it’s clear the money isn’t coming from regular individuals.

The video below, “Romney Exposed,” is chilling.

Sobering, even if you’re not drunk.

Shows the massive amounts being spent. It’s the new hedge fund. No matter who “wins,” the corporation will have his ear, and he’ll be obligated to listen.

Money is even coming from other CityState connections.

I waited several days after recording before putting this video up. How to exercise our voices so that they’ll be noticed, requires some thought.

Got it off my chest.

This subject affects the health of everything, from our individual lives, to that of our communities, nation, and the planet itself.

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0 Thoughts to “2012 Election: A Mockery of Democracy”

  1. Gilgamesh

    I think the American people would like to see Obama talking about
    disclosures about the new technologies, free energy devices, disclosures about cancer cures,and new medicines, healing the environment, changing the patent laws,and making laws that would protect the people, and not just the interest of big corporations.
    But so far, on his campaign trail, he said nothing, that would make real change. Maybe Obama have no knowledge of the suppressed new science and technologies?
    If Romney get elected as president,will he make these disclosures?
    And make real changes?

  2. grant


    1. IT IS TIME to educate your children on points of Human Rights, AS SET OUT WITHIN THE 1776 MARYLAND CONSTITUTION.
    2. KNOW that when you apply for, and receive your child’s BIRTH CERTIFICATE, you have handed that child over to the City State of Washington DC, which answers to the parent City State of the Vatican at Rome, AS A STOCK WHICH REPRESENTS A SOURCE OF LABOR. The red letter number on the Birth Certificate is listed as a stock in the New York Stock Exchange.
    3. KNOW that the child, by laws of the CITY STATE, has only SEVEN YEARS after birth, to declare him/her self a FREE CITIZEN.

    People. Do you want this CITY STATE caused violation of your rights to go on? Stop this WHILE YOU STILL CAN. Do the workshops, involve good legal minds. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

    Take my words seriously. This return to the Magna Carta-based 1776 Maryland Constitution IS THE ONLY WAY.

  3. This video might wake a few Americans up to the fact that it doesn’t matter who is elected as president … they will say anything to get in that position. The debates are just a mental gymnastics practice for being a talking head and a job to just keep the American people seduced into thinking that they have elected a person that will take care of their needs…. all the while the REAL decisions are made in the background by a small group of men.

    How many times do Americans have to get s screwed over by their country’s leader to finally wake up to the fact that they are being led down a path (yet again) that is stripping them of their rights and liberties. Is it denial ? Ignorance ?…..


  4. Albert Krauss

    A call for revolution long in the making and/or coming. Allons enfants de la patrie (The French national anthem, La Marseillaise, written in 1792 just 220 years ago), is probably too radical for the nimbie brained fearful American voting public. But Obama, if he wins with a working majority in both houses of Congress, will present the country with a supreme challenge. The proof, in the “pudding” so to speak, will be the administrative and legislative agenda of post election months. On the other hand, a Republican victory will very likely set the stage for a breakdown of civil order

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