MMS, the HeLa Menace, and a New Hypothesis

There are some very compelling reasons for being clear on how and why MMS and the chlorite matrix works that are bigger than Grant Maanum and myself, or Jim Humble. It is easy to fall into the trap of thinking that the benefit that others gain from our works means that we, or our “product” did it for them. If we become so self-absorbed, everyone ultimately loses, with the actual gain never measuring up to the potential, or the need. As such, my search will take me wherever common sense leads, not only among outside sources, but within, not relying solely on established conventions of thought, but to consider new perspectives, and see if they reveal greater truths.

Yesterday I spent some time studying the F.W. Kühne patent, (No. 6,086,922) that was awarded for the “Use of a Chemically-Stabilized Matrix for the Parenteral Treatment of HIV Infections”. The product was subsequently called WF10. Filed March 19, 1993, the application was awarded July 11, 2000.

“Parenteral treatment” refers to methods of delivering nutrition or medication by other than oral intake, bypassing the alimentary system which includes the gastrointestinal tract, through intravenous or intramuscular injection.

Even if you are unfamiliar with biochemistry or biophysics, certain truths about the chlorine dioxide subject, vis-à-vis the chemical nature of MMS, will reveal themselves at first exposure, to anyone truly seeking understanding. I’ll say right off that to me, these truths prove the efficacy of the MMS idea.

The usually cited sources of information on chlorine dioxide, of which Lenntech and The Sabre Companies are prime examples, correctly describe the chemical dynamics of chlorine dioxide. Said description is appropriate given their business objectives and sectors; commercial operations that include bleaching (paper), and various forms of disinfection, e.g., foods, produce, odor control, or environmental remediation.

While it is becoming increasingly synthetic and man-made, the human body cannot yet be classified as inorganic, as it is teaming with life. I dare say that the most important, and yet most overlooked elements inside the human body are the many species of living human cells. By and through their health, they make a healthy life possible for each of us.

The “invention” that was officially recorded as Patent 6086922 was applied for by, and awarded to a scientist whose intent was use it in vivo, or within a living human organism from the very beginning. As such, the care by which he moves through the chemical landscape, with respect to what effects are, or are not sought is especially meaningful.

A Clear difference between ClO2 and ClO2

From the very beginning, Dr. Kühne expresses his intention to formulate and use what he referred to as the chlorite matrix, which he describes as an isotonic solution that contains ClO2-. Everywhere in the abstract it is clear that his intent is to produce ClO2– and not ClO2.

By taking the time to examine some of the other cited patents, and then even earlier patents that they cite, it becomes evident that a progression of understanding has been, and continues to be at play. In other words, new levels of understanding can be seen between a patent issued in 1951 and 1993. For example, consider the first references to chlorine dioxide, shown as ClO2, which represents a chlorine atom bonded to two atoms of oxygen. The molecule was observed to be highly unstable or reactive. If you wanted to blow something up, that could be a good thing, depending on what it was.

With further experience it was discovered that ClO2 has another chemical side. The same molecular components are present, but it possesses a negative charge. It was designated ClO2-, and referred to as chlorite. In an earlier patent (No. 4,507,285), Dr. Kühne described the molecule as “stabilized activated oxygen which is incorporated in a matrix of chlorite ions.”

Oxygen, as is known, is the prerequisite for the formation of chemical energy in the living cell, for example, in the formation of adenosine triphosphate. Oxygen deficiency leads to various deficiency diseases and complaints during advance age. Moreover, oxygen shortage in the tissue areas involved also leads to a severe drop in the pH value.

Sound pretty familiar, eh?

Dr. Kühne surmised that the problem could be solved by means of a “stabilized oxygen enclosed in a matrix of chlorite ions.” The “matrix” of chlorite ions (Cl-) surround the oxygen, thereby making stability possible. Given the dramatic potential that chlorine dioxide could bring outside the cell, it is possible we haven’t previously explored what benefit a stable oxygen and chlorite combination might bring within it.

…because the oxygen according to the invention participates directly in the oxygen transport and outstandingly and to a hitherto unattained degree, supports the function of hemoglobin during the transport of oxygen into the cells. It is also well tolerated physiologically.

Moreover, the stabilized activated oxygen according to the invention is in a position to normalize again a lowered pH value. As a result, all of the processes associated with the cell membrane such as the energy production of the cell, the immunological processes or enzyme reactions are influenced. The stiffening of erythrocyte membranes is eliminated and erythrocyte flexibility is restored.

For anyone now on chemotherapy or radiation therapy, just as an example, contrast the above described cellular changes with the indiscriminate devastation that today’s Medical Standard of Care for cancer requires.

The stabilized activated oxygen of the invention, which is enclosed in a matrix of chlorite ions, can be produced by reacting a chlorite, such as sodium chlorite, in an aqueous solution with a hypochlorite, such as sodium hypochlorite.

Dr. Kühne’s chemical process for “stabilizing” the oxygen, which also included the reduction/elimination of chlorine dioxide, took 4-6 weeks to achieve, using the chemical elements described in the patent.Remember that the concoction that Jim Humble first made when the men on his expedition contracted malaria, was created from that stabilized, meaning chlorine dioxide free, solution.

Dr. Kühne took careful steps to prevent and suppress the formation of sodium chlorate, which we now understand produces a different species of ClO2 than when only chlorite is involved. That is also why dichloroacetate (DCA), is produced with pure sodium chlorite.

Dr. Kühne’s recipe differs slightly from the one used to produce MMS. However, the purpose and principles of use are the same; i.e., the safe and effective application inside the human body. “Safe” not just to the human being as a whole, but to the cell.

Kühne cites another patent worth noting here. Patent No. 5,019,402 discloses:

a solution containing a chlorine dioxide or a chlorine dioxide-liberating mixture or a chlorite, a weakly acidic buffer and a heat-activated saccharide which can be used for the sterilization of stored blood components with the exception of those which contain red blood corpuscles, i.e., of leukocytes, blood platelets, coagulation factors and globulins.

He states that in whole blood, disinfection does not occur because the red blood corpuscles are more quickly attacked by the chlorine dioxide than the investigating microorganisms. For those reasons, he felt it was not suitable for a parenteral administration.

He felt that his own previous patent (No. 4,507,285) was suitable for external or oral therapeutic use, but not intravenously.

As I continue forth, I recall Jim Humble stating that it took too long to produce stabilized oxygen according to the schedule outlined in Dr. Kühne’s recipe. He wanted to develop a way to produce it quickly. Surmising that anaerobic microorganisms and pathogens were the actual cause of diseases and that chlorine dioxide could rapidly reduce them without introducing new toxicity, it makes sense why he believes ClO2 is the beneficial agent. Given the results that were achieved through Dr. Kühne’s work on WF10 and the earlier work with DCA, wherein Cornford et al (1971) demonstrated that the chlorine dioxide (ClO2) molecule was not present, there is sufficient evidence to entertain a hypothesis that equally remarkable results, if not even greater, may be possible if a chlorine dioxide detoxifying strategy were embraced with respect to the presentation and understanding of MMS.

This does not diminish anything that Jim Humble has done. He is a human being whose greatest gift to humanity is that he has tirelessly striven to bring something to our attention that would help us all. He did it well enough to have helped millions. Our medieval medical system is pursuing and enforcing treatment policies and practices that will not only harm humanity, but jeopardizes what it means to be human. The plan is not only in effect, but has been so for decades.

Are We Moving Toward a Mythological Reality?

Lateral Gene Transfer is a term that didn’t exist before the early 1950’s. On a planet that has existed for 4.6 billion years, do you ever wonder why purported “human history” goes back only 5-6,000 years?

And what about the labyrinthine body of information that we know as mythology, which is replete with beings that exist in hybrid-human configurations?

If you want a way to conceptualize lateral gene transfer, this is it. The human genome was designed to be inviolate. That was changed when the HeLa cell came along.

Notice how the year 1951 is cited as when the first papers on the subject were published? This tracks with the same time that the HeLa was purported to have come from the cervical cancer tumor of one Henrietta Lacks (1920-1951).

It is EASY to dismiss the HeLa, as results such as these may be unlikely. Yet, science, technology companies (e.g., Monsanto), government policies, enforced by alphabet agencies such as the FDA, and medical practices are increasingly experimenting with all of us, with neither our knowledge, nor our consent. No one asked me if I wanted to be vaccinated. Parents are told their children can’t go to public school unless they “submit” to vaccination.

Knowing when to say “NO!”, and what to say it to

May not be a figment of an artist’s imagination anymore.

This photo of a sculpture by Patricia Piccinin from the book, Art, Myth, and Ritual in Classic Greece (Barringer 2008) may creep you out, but it presents what has become a real possibility through the auspices of lateral gene transfer.

This isn’t going to affect you or me in such a dramatic way today. It’s the future of humanity that weighs in the balance.

Genetically speaking, we are what we are, and that’s a good thing because the Original Design is perfect and inviolate. However, the indiscriminate and unbridled proliferation of products that use lateral gene transfer, thanks to HeLa cell influences is, and has been ongoing for decades now. We’re part of a holocaust that we’ve not seen or arrested. Instead of arresting the people who are making it happen, we are respecting them, listening to their directives, and obeying them without question.

Our opportunity, as a human species, is to respect the Design, the Designer, and each other enough, is to stop the adulteration. Our responsibility as individuals, is to know ourselves and become stewards and guardians of our personal temples (the human body and the trillions of lifeforms that live within it). The reward is sustained and/or restored health and longevity.

In addition to cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, this is more likely the kind of anomalous physical phenomena that we’ll see in our generation thanks to lateral gene transfer, courtesy of HeLa cells. These have all been considered acceptable consequences to the Medical Autocracy. Since we hadn’t noticed, they’ve had nothing and no one to answer to.

Morgellons… legions, fibers, rapid shifts in location…

Morgellons disease is certainly a HeLa-related effect of lateral gene transfer that is touching more lives. Notice where it has been prevalent.

Would you be surprised if autism and Alzheimer’s also skewed heavily in the same regions of the world?

In addition to being carcinogenic, HeLa cells are mutagenic and neurotoxins. After breaking the bond that holds the two chromosomal strands together with its 15 million volt per meter field, they change DNA information. They have also opened the door for other thugs, gangsters and thieves.

That’s why and how Monsanto scientists could “break in” to the information-set of corn and insert instructions that make the strain tolerant to their “Roundup” or other glyphosate-based product. This made the corn seed patent-protectable, and caused farmers to overload their soils with pesticides, which deplete said soils of natural nutrients and contaminate water tables.

There are plenty who are blowing whistles on the other subjects, but not many on this one. It seems far-fetched until you examine what’s happening right in front of our eyes. Every vaccine has HeLa cell elements. They cause Hepatitis B and open the door for years of disease susceptibility due to a chemically compromised immune system, thanks to standard medical process

It wouldn’t be worth writing all this if it couldn’t be changed. We can fix it all, first by realizing that the real problem isn’t whether Jim Humble, Grant Maanum, or I am “right” about MMS. If you know what HeLa cells do, and are doing, you can say “no” to anything that contains them. There’s precious little literature available on the HeLa cell that shows it in this context. A Conspiracy of Cells (1986 SUNY Press), by Michael Gold is one. Grant’s book, Birth, Net Worth, Cold Earth (2013 Phaelos Books), will be another. I’m considering writing my own book and producing a new documentary on the chlorite matrix, and also cover this subject.

Secondly, you can take measures to inactivate HeLa that are likely to be present within your body. This will not be done by blowing holes in bacteria. However, a detoxified chlorine dioxide solution using the chlorite matrix has been shown to inactivate HeLa cells. (DMSO has done so too.)

Speaking to Grant the other day, he commented that, if the Krebs Cycle is operating properly within each cell, there can be no disease. He also said that the Krebs Cycle is bidirectional, meaning that dysfunction can be restored, and if so, it will self-repair.

We are still stepping through the new hypothesis of how the body might heal itself from a cellular context if chlorine dioxide troops are not present and involved in an extracellular war.

The answer is coming into view.


A Conversation

This conversation was on September 30, 2012 (74 minutes)

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  1. Yes Jim, I get it. Why don’t you mix up some sodium chlorate, and hydrochloric acid in an MMS bottle. It will produce chlorine dioxide, but do you want to use it on humans? All chlorine dioxides are not the same, nor do they behave the same chemically. You chose one that helps miracles happen. However, you’re presenting it in such a way that gives some people reasonable doubt. I am bringing this up to remove doubt… to help people be clear what will and will not help them.

  2. grant

    People, as I listen to this commentary, I actually piss myself off. Making the same point over and over is no way to present anything. What usually happens during conversations between Adam and myself, is Adam doing quick Google searches based upon points which I raise. This didn’t happen here, and I began repeating myself in order to buy time for Adam to locate more complete info. Well, that didn’t work out.

    Chemistry is very easily done wrong, but is incredibly difficult, IF NOT IMPOSSIBLE to do right. Theoretical Chem is based upon a set of constants that are mathematically produced using an incredibly ridiculous form of Math. That Math is the version discarded by the genius, Issac Newton. So, why is that Mathematica Principia useless? The issue is the seemingly endless issue of Transcendental Numbers. Transcendental Numbers, BY DEFINITION, are NUMBERS WHICH CANNOT BE USED IN ANY ALGEBRAIC EQUATION.

    Look at an advanced level Periodic Table of the Elements. Note the values assigned to the Elements and their parts. There are Electrons, Neutrons, Protons, Neutrinos, Anti-Neutrinos, etc. All have mathematical values. Are ANY of those values correct? NO! Not one is correct.

    Then, look at the evidence of the Tenured Individual’s pissing contests. This is in reference to the double publishing of states such as Electronegativity. Should you go with the Linus Pauling version, or the Hannay-Smyth version. Is one of them correct? NO. Both use transcendentals, Both are wrong.

    Should we go with Nels Bohr or Ernst Rutherford, regarding the Atom? Both are wrong, but Rutherford was ABSOLUTELY CORRECT with regard to the Anti-Neutrino.

    Do we go with Bohr Magnetons, or should we go with Nuclear Magnetons?
    Let’s now consider the many constants which are regularly used with the Sciences. Are ANY of them correct? Well, ONE IS CORRECT.

    Max Planct, the Father of Quantum, produced a constant which was accurate FOR THE MATH OF THAT PERIOD. AS there was no SI yet, and Planct worked with incredibly LARGE NUMBERS, we can forgive a small error. The Planct Constant has been changed SLIGHTLY, and is now the only correct constant used in the Sciences. Planct’s work involved the “photon”, and he described that as Quanta or “packets” of light energy.

    People, there is very little accuracy in Chemistry, and even less accuracy in Math. You can trust what is found through Emission Spectroscopy, but trust little else. What about the Math? Is there, or has there EVER been a form of Mathematics which is accurate? Yes, there was/is an accurate form of Math produced by the INCREDIBLE Norwegian Mathematician Sufus Lie. That math was called Lie Groups, and truly was the RAGE throughout Europe during the 1800’s. Although the cutting edge group of worldwide mathematicians use it exclusively to this day, nothing of it is taught in schools and universities.

    The only person that I know of using the Lie Groups in North America, is the genius R. M. Santilli of Florida.

    Summing up, my only excuse for the first 20 minutes of the “conversation”, is that I needed to actually KNOW where Adam was with regard to Chemistry. As Adam wants to use Chem terms, that is a valid concern. Once again, I strongly recommend that we stick to talking about the “found” results published in Papers.

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