Baking Soda-Gate, Part II

I am pleased to report that the YouTube video with Jim Humble showing how to add baking soda to MMS to make it taste palatable has been removed. However, a second copy of the same video is still online, which was posted by someone else on June 17, 2012.

Viewer beware… STILL.

That’s the simple part.

Yesterday I received email replies from both Jim Humble and Dr. Ron Neer, the gentleman seated with him in the video. I wrote to Jim privately and asked him to take the video down and recant the advice regarding using baking soda to abate the taste. In informing me that they removed the video, Jim’s letter suggested it was in spite of my urging, rather than because of it. He went on to correct what he saw as errors in our reasoning. Given the limited exposure that both of them have had to anything we’ve said on this subject compared to what they have done, their responses and skepticism are reasonable, and to be expected. So while I have my own opinions about what each says, I am going to publish them both, without editing, rebuttal, or comment.

Not knowing the basis of the suggestion to not use baking soda with one’s MMS intake, it’s also easy for both of them to assume that neither “my source” nor I have “the full picture.” Fortunately for us, we don’t assume that we do. However, we have an element of, as well as a perspective on “the picture” that few have even considered, referring to the HeLa cell, which is affecting everyone, and needs to be known, acknowledged, and dealt with, else the infecting injecting of humankind will continue with our permission.

Perhaps this is the beginning.

Before we get on to the responses, I have also recorded two more conversations  with Grant (the latest one lasting 2-hours this morning), specifically on points made in Dr. Neer’s and Jim Humble’s emails below. In the process I gained a better understanding of the power of the chlorite species and the distinction between chlorine dioxide (ClO2) and the chlorite matrix (ClO2-).

This was brought out in research done in 1971 by Cornford, Herring, Frost & McDowell, of the University of British Columbia, as they explored the chemical nature of Dichloroacetate (DCA), which itself was first proven in clinical practice in London, 1936.


MMS could be considered a grandchild or analog of DCA, as both compounds involve the detoxification of sodium chlorite (ClO2-), with a light acid. Not just any light acid, but research has shown that detoxification is achieved with any one from the list below:

  • acetic
  • ascorbic
  • humic
  • citric
  • lactic

In the Cornford tests, 10% acetic acid  (1 part acetic acid to 9 parts distilled water) was applied in a distilled water solution which was forced through a high-speed jet, like a car wash sprayer, to mix with a 28% solution of 99.9% pure sodium chlorite (NaClO2) under equal pressure at a 45% angles to each other.

High-speed “mixing” of sodium chorite and acetic acid.

The above image provides a visual impression of the electron spectroscopy tests that were run.

It is possible that each acid has its own area of effectiveness, which may be why Oxo Chemie’s WF10 used all five on its HIV/AIDS trails. The original attacks on DCA were likewise based on the assumption that chlorine dioxide was being produced. The case against this assumption was proven by Cornford, Herring, et. al, but was not publicized.

The Chlorite Matrix (ion) with the minus sign.

I will comment on the replies below after I finish producing the first of our conversations on the chemical ramifications of adding baking soda to MMS. Takes much more time when there is no image to work from, but I’m getting through it.

I debated whether I should just send the audio as it is, but have decided against doing so because the HeLa cell factors in to this equation as an issue that few, even in the medical industry, are aware, or think is problematic.  It is, in my opinion, a greater problem for humanity than our present debt crisis. For reasons that will unfold, it is critically important that if a person takes MMS, they actually get what MMS can do for them.

Grant has been very clear that the way Jim originally formulated MMS, which he believes had no sodium chlorate involved, would be perfectly safe because it follows the example set by both DCA and WF10. The 1971 work of Cornford Frost Herring, & McDowell proved the non-toxicity of the chlorite matrix through emission spectroscopy which showed that the chlorine dioxide species (ClO2-) was formed, but disappeared in less than 1/3 of a second. This is in stark contrast to the 300,000 year life of chlorine dioxide (ClO2).

As such, I am adding visual information to support the audio, so as to help the listener/viewer better appreciate the authenticity and weight of the problem, and the context and importance of effective solutions, which includes, but is not limited to, properly administered MMS and DMSO.

While I finish preparing the video, here is a short selection from today’s conversation, discussing three specific points:

  • the research that supports these recommendations, which go back to 1971,
  • the HeLa cell, and
  • the chemical effects of adding baking soda.

Here is Jim Humble’s response:

It would have been nice if you guys had checked with me before starting to throw things on the internet indiscriminately before knowing what you are talking about.  Luckily you got enough stuff right that it isn’t all wrong.
I have been going to take Ron’s stuff off of Utube and anywhere else for some time, just now got around to it.
Your logic is flawed in a number of places.  Fortunately that does not make you completely wrong and the same with your “Source that you trust.”
The first point is where you say that MMS sodium chlorite puts oxygen into the system.  Well that is totally incorrect.  MMS brings no oxygen to the system what-so-ever.  When the chlorine dioxide molecule destroys a molecule it is itself destroyed.  The two oxygen atoms that are released are released as carbon dioxide.  Oxygen atoms, yes, but they have no power as oxygen.  The reason that the chlorine dioxide ion kills pathogens is because it is positively charged and it attracts the negative electrons of the pathogen.  Electrons are what hold the parts of the pathogen together.  Namely the outer layer of the pathogen.
Only chlorine dioxide ion does the killing, because it is the only thing that can. When in water the chlorine dioxide ion returns to the chlorite condition only part of the chlorine dioxide ions return to this condition and the chlorite cannot kill the pathogens.
What you and your source are looking at is the chemical explanation of what happens and you are grabbing on to points in the reaction that only last 1 millisecond or so and thinking that is where it all ends.

The chlorite cannot kill a pathogen.  When the pH is brought down under 9 or so the chlorite deteriorates into chlorine dioxide and that is what kills the pathogens.

Don’t go to google to find your answers.  Google answers are mostly college chemistry which isn’t wrong, but you got to know how to apply it to actual commercial operations and your source hasn’t yet understood it.  He might be good, but I doubt that he needs to tell me I should get my shit together.

Let me suggest that you both go to Lenntech.  That is a company that has been using chlorine dioxide for many years commercially and they have the technology pretty well explained.  Once you have learned what chlorine dioxide is and how it works to really do the work then come back and correct me but don’t put a bunch of crap on the internet.  Go ahead and say don’t use sodium carbonate.  We have not been using it for some time.  But don’t tell anyone that chlorine dioxide is chlorine or that chlorine dioxide does not kill pathogens, because of all that chemistry, it is the only thing that does and it is destroyed in the process being changed to chloride.  No useable oxygen is ever added to the body.

And then please tell me how adding 18 mg chlorine dioxide along with 10 mg of sodium carbonate can produce many grams of carbon dioxide in the body.  Your trusted source isn’t making sense yet.

Lenntech has written it up and explained the chemistry pretty well and so have a number of other commercial companies.  They are light years ahead of Google Chemistry Answers and even the Universities.

Please don’t be like all the rest of the critics.  Just start talking before you have a clue and please tell your trusted source the same thing.  A dose of MMS IS 3 DROPS.  That is a total of 18 mg of chlorine dioxide.  The amount of sodium carbonate was less than 10 mg for that one dose.  Then to say it doesn’t matter how little sodium carbonate is used.  That in itself is crazy as amounts do matter.

So anyway if you guys are going to write it up please get it right before just writing and go over all the details before you say that chlorine dioxide never does the job as it is the only thing that does do the job, and in hundreds of places in hundreds of water supplies throughout the world, and if sodium carbonate was the terrible thing that the trusted source says, we have thousands of people using it and no problems reported.

Still we have found that using sodium chlorite to bring the pH back up when needed works best.  I have just been working with the worst cancer you ever saw and I used CDI which uses sodium chlorite to bring up the pH.  And if your trusted source is going to come up with ideas about using sodium chlorite to bring up the pH he will compete with a couple of universities in Spain who have used it extensively in the past 6 months.

Adam, my suggestion is you read the technology on Lenntech carefully before writing another article and that you either take this last article down or you change it.  Don’t just make me wrong.  Your are supposed to be a trusted friend. Friends don’t just start writing stuff about friends without at least talking to them first.

Jim Humble

Now, Dr. Neer’s letter:


hope all is well in your world

we have tested the formulation with baking soda very much so prior to suggesting it to people.

There is no msg or co2 formed when you add baking soda to it.  There also is no balanced equation that would show anything otherwise.

Jims mixture has more acid in it then is required to activate the mms.  so there is excess acid in it.  This is called stoichiometrically imbalanced. as excess acid contributes to diarrhea and throat burn and bad taste we calculated what little bit of bicarb would be needed to get rid of the excess unused acid.

Also the original mixture of mms left of ph of 2.5 to 3 making it hard for people to handle therefore many people stop taking mms. our ph is around 5 and helps be more receptive to the stomach and throat.

our attempts to help people not give up on mms and continue were the basis for the small addition of bicarb.

turns out many hundreds of people have reported back to us with great testimonies and can once again continue to take mms otherwise they would not.
the mixture of mms has chlorous acid, chlorite and chlorine dioxide in it.

the chlorine dioxide test strips are precalibrated to test specifically for that.  you eliminate false tests by adding some glycerin per instructions then the reading is solely chlorine dioxide.

this is what turns mixture yellow,  what gives it the odor and is a well known action.

the reaction is somewhat confusing but we understand the chemistry along with the help of some of our Ph D friends and other experts working in the chlorine dioxide field.  this team of experts has much knowledge to help those whom really want the truth and want to help mankind. One of the original doctors whom helped jim write his book have even tested and approved our bicarb addition.

chlorite appears to be the carrier but it is the chlorine dioxide that is the agent used to kill when needed.
chlorite itself can do pretty good by itself but even the smallest of activation helps it to be even better.

here is other research from other great knowledgeable folks whom have very similar views.
you and grant are welcome to contact us anytime and we are happy to help folks better understand the believed truth behind the chemistry of mms.  I am also available to go on the radio with you at anytime to help educate people.  We want to help people get well.
the bicarb will NOT hurt anyone and frankly is vital so people do not quit as most people simply can not take it the other way. The testimonies speak volumes.
dr ron

Nuff said… for now.

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9 Thoughts to “Baking Soda-Gate, Part II”

  1. Rondelle

    I’m still completely confused about this.
    Regarding Grant’s opinion…
    Is the MMS from Keavy’s Corner ok to take or not?


    1. grant

      The Keavy’s Corner mms has ZERO sodium chlorate, therefore will not produce the long-lived ClO2. That is what makes it safe.

      1. Rondelle

        OK Keavy’s is safe. Good to know. Thanks so much for your research and information Grant. You are saving lives!

  2. clarification: “This probably has to be one of the most significant discussions in the developing field of biological science along with any other turning point understandings that have taken root within the past 100 or so years!”

    I was referring to the overall ongoing discussion about mms, not the baking soda one.

  3. grant

    People, there is much information which is not present here. The Ultimate Goal involves the informing of the world population which regard to the TRUTH regarding the true nature of the HeLa Cell. I have spoken about that HeLa Cell, and have provided nothing but fact. Also, I have accurately described the forms of the Chlorite Matrix, which include DCA, MMS, Sarin’s Chlorite Matrix, the un-named dual acid version perfected in China, and the Pharma drug WF10 (US Patent 6086922) . I have provided all information which I have located, including the very valuable Emission Spectroscopy work of the Cornford, Frost, Herring, McDowell at Vancouver during 1971. Instead of learning from my work, I get attacked. People, THIS IS NOT PERSONAL! There are things which we all must learn, if we are to survive the uncertain future.

    It is very important to KNOW that the Chlorite Matrix are completely detoxified ONLY IF they are using PURE sodium chlorite, not sodium chlorite with a percentage of sodium chlorate. I have no intention of getting into a pissing contest.with ANYONE over this stuff. Facts ARE facts, and my facts are correct. My facts are from PUBLISHED works posted in Sciverse, Pubmed, Inchem, Nubase, Water Research, NIOSH, TITLE 40 EPA, etc.

    People, IF the ADVERTISED 28% SODIUM CHLORITE SOLUTION is ACTUALLY MADE FROM PURE SODIUM CHLORITE (having ZERO sodium chlorate included), then there is NO SPECIES OF ClO2 lasting longer than 1/3 of ONE SECOND. That FACT is the published result of the Cornford et al work.

    If the mms version used has involved SODIUM CHLORATE, ClO2 as a Gas, is most certainly produced. AND, it will be the dangerous, long lasting species of ClO2. The MMS version from Keavy’s Corner has ZERO SODIUM CHLORATE, and the ads are very specific in their statement ASSURING the customer of that fact. That lack of Sodium Chlorate is important ONLY IF THE CUSTOMER IS FAMILIAR WITH PUBLISHED WORKS about the Chlorite Matrix group.

  4. Gilgamesh

    Waiting for pat III,
    But much more about the Hella Cell.

  5. This probably has to be one of the most significant discussions in the developing field of biological science along with any other turning point understandings that have taken root within the past 100 or so years!
    My hope is that this issue does not continue along the lines of a clash of the titans disintegration between Jim, Adam, and Grant. Jim seems agitated and perhaps overly defensive towards Adam; The candor with which Adam has always operated with is peaceful and inviting and energetic in support of Jim’s work.

    Still, this is all perfect.
    Looking at the commonalities between the individuals involved here, I can say foremost that all of them possess courage like warriors; warriors often clash because their sense of obligation, as well as the onslaught of attacks against them, is so intense that having ones guard up is a natural effect one finds in high stakes and in the midst of all the action.

    Yeah sometimes warriors are salty; cause they have to trod through the muck of war.
    I look forward to the continuing flow of info


  6. Diana Plumer

    I’m inclined to believe Jim.The MMS made me vomit and I was unable to tolerate it. If a little Baking Soda helps me to keep it down,I will give it a try.When you have had a long term illness [CFS/ME/Fibromyalgia for 25yrs] you will try most things.

    1. grant

      What if the reason for the vomiting was the production of Sodium Chlorate-produced long lasting toxic ClO2?

      And stay away from the sodium bicarbonate deal. The molecule MUST remain small.

      Or, do what you will.

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