What NOT to do with MMS

First trip to see Jim in Hermosillo, Mexico (2007) to shoot my documentary.

If you are familiar with the product known as “MMS,” the sodium chlorite solution that was introduced and popularized by Jim Humble, it’s possible you’ve stumbled upon something that I’ve written or produced about the product since my first introduction to it in 2007. In some respects I have helped the public’s acceptance and understanding of the product through the many articles, interviews, and video documentaries that I’ve done. As such, while I choose not to be part of, or party to Jim’s health ministry network, my appreciation for the significance of what MMS means to humanity has grown, and my regard for its chief ambassador is the highest.

Much of my special regard for MMS can be attributed to new insights that I’ve learned just recently through my ongoing and deepening conversations with Grant, the Canadian connection who has such a passion for unveiling the liberating power of truth. When he calls, I listen, and learn.

He called today just as I finished editing the third audio conversations into a video (below). He was concerned about a recent video that Jim’s organization posted on YouTube titled, “Removing the Bad Taste of MMS (MMS1) with Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)”

Don’t do this…

The video shows Jim along side Ron Neer, editor of a newsletter titled, “Voice of MMS,” explaining how to soften the unpopular taste of a day’s intake, which was prepared by adding 24 drops of MMS (sodium chlorite) to 24 drops of the citric acid activator. (This is to facilitate, in a single preparation, a 3-drop per hour course, incrementally taken over an 8-hour period.)

After waiting 30 seconds for the two ingredients to combine and become what Sarin et al (1971) referred to as “chemically stabilized chlorite matrix.” This is a fundamentally different animal to the chlorine dioxide (ClO2) that we have grown accustomed to discussing. The chlorite matrix has always been the end product and active ingredient to MMS, created using one or more very specific light acids, and is distinguished chemically by ClO2-. That barely noticeable “minus” (-) sign behind the “2” means that it is a negative ion, and hence, a detoxified molecule.

In actuality, there is no “chlorine dioxide” (ClO2) present.

I originally believed that concentration was the distinguishing factor between how much chlorine dioxide can kill versus that which can heal. To some extent, it is still a factor. However, charge polarity is a more relevant distinction that should now be factored in. Negative ions are always positive, if taken in appropriate concentrations. Standard chlorine dioxide, which is positively charged, is never helpful, period.

With regard to Jim’s “sodium bicarbonate to MMS” video, Grant called with a warning to NOT do it, under any circumstances. The chemical changes that occur literally turn the product into what the FDA was warning the public against. In other words, it takes away the negative ionization of the chlorite matrix, leaving chlorine dioxide.

Below is a 10 minute conversation we had on the subject.

There’s more. Afterwards, he called back after doing a more thorough chemical analysis. That conversation lasted 80 minutes, and ties in several other related subjects.

While not an “end all” solution, MMS is on a short list of items that eradicate another item discussed in the second conversation mentioned above. Namely, the HeLa cell.

You may know little or nothing about the HeLa cell, but it has impacted your life, and very likely, is doing so right now. This is the video that I was preparing to upload when I received Grant’s call, and more is on the way.


The medicine industry’s now maniacal use of vaccines has gone far beyond any genuine appearance of concern for human health or life, and must now be considered as direct factors in the rise of many disease pathologies that were unheard of prior to Henrietta Lacks’ death from cervical cancer in 1951. Although there are many more, ones that immediately come to mind are autism, Alzheimer’s, Morgellon’s disease, and virtually any other pathology that you can think of, especially every form of cancer.

The thing you should know here, is that the chlorine ion, defined as “ClO2-” (with the minus sign) will, as the EPA stated in Chapter 4 of its Guidance Manual (1999), “become the dominant species in drinking water.” If it will do so in drinking water, it will do so in water, period, including the aqueous environment inside the human body.

Taken in Hermosillo, Mexico (2009)

If Jim Humble hadn’t brought MMS to our attention, it would have remained an obscure, little used, if ever approved, expensive drug, called WF10. But you should know that adding baking soda to MMS will turn it, chemically, into something that can indeed do harm. I will likewise post that conversation, which describes the chemistry in greater detail. Soon.

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  1. BTW it works with sodium bicarbonate on tooth abcesses via the blood circulation…

  2. If that is true, considering that sodium bicarbonate is an important part of blood plasma let me ask: “What you talking about Willis?” Either the FDA is right in any case or someone has their chemistry confused and I don’t think it’s Jim Humble! Would you like to shed some light on the matter?

  3. If that is true, considering that sodium bicarbonate is an important part of blood plasma let me ask: “What you talking about Willis?” Either the FDA is right in any case or someone has their chemistry confused and I don’t think it’s John Humble! Would you like to shed some light on the matter?

  4. Kelly

    What about baking soda in foods…in baked goods, etc? Isn’t bicarbonate also released by the liver, gallbladder and pancreas? Would this affect the MMS or CDS?

    I’m obviously confused, but would appreciate an explanation (in a dumbed-down fashion, as I’m not a scientist, just very sick).

    Thank you,


    p.s. I have digestive issues…use a lot of betaine HCL, plus occasionally use baking soda 2 hours after meals to help motility. Haven’t started CDS yet, but will on Thursday…

  5. wyatt ward

    thanks Adam for your answer I understand the issue in a clearer way now and I appreciate your time that makes more sense the way you explained it the thing I am still confused about is the CDS I thought that after mixing the Sodium chlorite with citric acid the solution begins to release Chlorine Dioxide this is trapped into the water but is it not pure Chlorine Dioxide trapped into the water or is this somehow different I know there is no baking soda in the mix please advise thanks Wyatt

  6. Rondelle

    Hi Adam,

    Do you know when Grant’s book will be out? It sounds like something we all need very badly…

  7. wyatt ward

    The chemical changes that occur literally turn the product into what the FDA was warning the public against. In other words, it takes away the negative ionization of the chlorite matrix, leaving chlorine dioxide. I have not found this statement by the FDA anywhere also if adding baking soda has an end result of chlorine dioxide only how is that any different then CDS and you not saying anything about that I think you are just attacking Ron Neer who by the way is Jim Humble friend even if he thinks otherwise

    1. I wasn’t quoting the FDA. I commented on the MISINFORMATION that the FDA published about MMS. They were describing the actual properties of Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2). When activated with one of several specific light acids, citric being one of them, Sodium chlorite becomes negatively ionized, which is designated chemically as ClO2-. Adding baking soda AT THAT TIME also adds carbon, whose extra valence electrons will bind with the oxygen, making it unavailable to the cells, for which they are intended. These are chemical facts.

      When we breathe in, we are taking in oxygen. When we breathe out, we are expelling carbon dioxide. Adding baking soda to MMS amounts to ADDING CARBON DIOXIDE BACK IN to an environment that is already oxygen deficient. It also means that you’re essentially nullifying what MMS does. This isn’t personal. I know Ron Neer. You talk about how he is Jim’s friend, but it hasn’t stopped Jim from being critical of his actions if he took umbrage with them.

      I didn’t know who came up with the idea to add baking soda, although I understand the desire to do something about the taste. But MMS isn’t being taken as a new beverage. Its purpose is specific and vital. It is being taken to do what the chlorite matrix does.

      No where in the CDS information have I heard anything about adding baking soda. It is prepared using standard MMS and then infused into a saline solution. A saline solution does NOT have carbon in it. When you ingest regular MMS it is entering what is essentially a saline environment; one where oxygen level is less than optimal, most likely due to the presence of too many carbon molecules already.

      This is not about Ron Neer. If someone wanted to sabotage the actual therapeutic effects of MMS, failing to persuade people to stop using it by force and misinformation, how better than to have the chief proponent give his faithful new instructions that would neutralize the solution? I haven’t done what I’ve done in reporting on MMS all these years to be concerned about someone’s ego. I wouldn’t have known this wasn’t Jim’s idea if it hadn’t been stated in the video. I wrote Jim directly and suggested he pull the video and recant the advice.

    2. grant

      Wyatt. The issue involves a much larger picture than what this discourse addresses. In THIS picture, you have to COMPLETELY UNDERSTAND the Krebs Cycle. You must KNOW exactly what it is that the cell is CAPABLE of doing, while also understanding exactly what the cell NORMALLY DOES, while also understanding exactly what the cell is doing WHEN IT’S FUNCTION IS IMPAIRED.

      You have to know what DIET DEFICIENCIES cause cell respiration BREAKDOWN. Which Amino Acids are ONLY from diet. which ELEMENTS are only from diet. what BLOCKS the voltage gated ion channels. What elements, IN WHAT STATE, are moved into and out of the cell via the Sodium Potassium pump, and most of all, IN WHAT STATE MUST THE CHLORITE MATRIX BE IN, for that pump to bring it into the cell? You have to understand VIRUS and also VIRION. You have to understand the Vaccine POISONS, and ABOVE ALL, you must UNDERSTAND the incredibly tiny HeLa Cell along with it’s 15,000,000 volt per meter field, it’s contagious Cancers, Herpes, Virus, etc, AND it’s process which we name Lateral Gene Transfer which places all of the above issues DIRECTLY INTO OUT MATERNAL DNA. And, KNOW that this HeLa “cell” passes easily through all of you natural BLOOD BARRIERS. Know that DMSO completely stops the HeLa Cell’s incredibly FAST mitosis, and KNOW that the ORIGINAL small-molecule of the Chlorite Matrix has been PROVEN capable of ALSO PASSING THROUGH THOSE BLOOD BARRIERS. Get it?

      Yes, you must also KNOW that the HeLa Cells are TRULY IMMORTAL, THEY ARE NOT HUMAN CELLS! No cells NATIVE TO PLANET EARTH are IMMORTAL! No cells NATIVE TO PLANET EARTH live in their own 15,000,000 Volt Per Meter field. No cells NATIVE TO PLANET EARTH cause LATERAL GENE TRANSFER.

      So, back to the MMS MOLECULE SIZE. HOW SMALL must that molecule be, in order to be successfully brought into the cell? Why does EVERY CHLORITE MATRIX ever studied or PATENTED use ONLY SODIUM CHLORITE, with ZERO SODIUM CHLORATE PRESENT?

      Now KNOW THIS. I didn’t wake up one morning believing that I could address this issue. This took at least ten years of looking at the issues FROM THE OTHER SIDE. The CARCINOGENIC, MUTAGENIC, PERVASIVE DIOXIN ClO2 SIDE. I had no idea that producing a SAFE Chlorite/Chlorate-based molecule was even possible until I located the pre-2001 warning out of NIOSH which described the ONLY SAFE WAY to produce ClO2. That single NIOSH statement took me in a new direction, BECAUSE I then wanted to NEUTRALIZE ALL RELEASED ClO2 ON PLANET EARTH. Get it? I have read 100’s of published papers in countless data bases. Hundreds of hours of research, FOR ZERO PAY, for the betterment of humanity. So, what did I find? Besides ALUMINUM in the Sodium Bicarbonate supply worldwide? Besides the USED TO BE MANDATORY Toxic Chemical Release data showing how many TONNES of ClO2 BAD STUFF is released into the air in BC every year? Think that maybe I found any “JUST FINE, PUMP IT INTO YOUR BODY” ClO2? Not hardly!

      I know better than that. ClO2, as either species, in a Gas State, can NEVER BE SAFE. The only ClO2 gas that IS SAFE, is the ClO2 Gas which ISN’T THERE. The Cornford work, in their ORIGINAL PUBLISHED WORK, clearly stated that the ClO2 existed for LESS THAN 1/3 OF ONE SECOND and then broke up. This statement isn’t alone. The Chinese perfected a similar Chlorite Matrix which breaks up the WORST pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides which exist in the Chinese water supplies. That molecule is described in the WATER RESEARCH data base. YES, the ClO2 isn’t there. Just as the pesticides, fungicides, and herbicides are NO LONGER THERE.

      About Jim Humble. Jim Humble is my kind of people, He saves lives, he FIGHTS for the people’s HUMAN RIGHTS. In my eyes, few have earned my respect, as I RESPECT HIM. The only issue with Jim’s direction, involves the stopping of looking for FACT.

      When this all is published, even the whiners attacking me in the blogs will “get” it.

      I am right. These are my words, and Adam reproduces this stuff because he see’s the truth of it.

      About Adam. This is a decent man. I have never met him, but I like him. The first time I saw his picture, my BULLSHIT detector didn’t sound off. If you guys NEED to pick at someone, PICK AT ME. I couldn’t care less. But wait until you all spend a few thousand hours of research time…

  8. Jim

    I hope you will discuss this information with Jim Humble as he is probably open to your input. If your blog post isn’t already in the MMS forum I’ll put in a link. I must admit most of your conversations with Grant are over my head but interesting.
    Thanks for your new easier to read blog. Much better on the eyes

    1. I sent Jim an email privately. Haven’t heard anything yet, but we’ll see.

  9. Thank you for this info. I did a reblog on my blog. I know a lot of morgellons sufferers are or have considered taking MMS. Also many are using baking soda on it’s own to combat Morgellons. They could be mixing it unintentionally.

  10. Reblogged this on food for health and happiness and commented:
    In just case any of you out there are taking MMS this post from “Thought For Food” called “What NOT to do with MMS”. I do not take MMS myself only passing this bit of info along.

  11. Octavian

    Right on time this update. I’m on my second week on protocol 1000 (CDS) and a couple of times I had a teaspoon of baking soda for my acid reflex. Nothing noticed but good to know not to do itanymore

  12. Debbie King

    Thank you very much Adam for this update. I myself only use what worked and will always work. The thing is when one finds something that truly works “don’t change or alter it.” In other ward’s “if it ain’t broken don’t fix it.” Because if you do, you will not get the desired results. BTW my mom’s lung cancer is nowhere (she was diagnosed 4 years ago) else in her body, her breasts and spine are cancer free now and her tumor is still shrinking. And she feels good and you would never know she has lung cancer. Soon to be had. Debbie King

    Debbie King

    QuickBooks Consultant Specializing in Construction & Job Costing

    (916) 203-3775

    Date: Thu, 13 Sep 2012 03:24:02 +0000 To:

    1. Best wishes to your Mom Debbie, and thanks!

    2. grant

      Debbie, Any idea about the tumor? Was HeLa present? PS… It’s GREAT the way you have worded your response.

      People, if you have your cancer biopsied, request a print out of the documentation. That information IS OWNED BY YOU. You have PAID FOR IT. You HAVE THE RIGHT TO IT. KNOW if HeLa is present, then you will KNOW how to deal with it.


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