‘Standard of Care’ by Whose Standard?

“Medicine by the Book” is no friend of the public.

I have had the ongoing pleasure of regular conversations with Grant, who I referred to as “The Dot Connector” or “GM” in two videos thus far. He is truly an intelligent man. Although I don’t do it every time, each time we talk warrants recording, as invariably, something new to me, or a new take on an existing perception, will be covered. I bring this up because as these dialogues continue, I feel it important to understand that Grant’s “specialness” is NOT something that you or I don’t have. Instead, it is a level of NORMALCY that never left him, that is part of being human.

With all the news going on surrounding which man the directors of UNITED STATES CORPORATION will appoint to “lead” the organization as president for the next term, and what other distractions among many we’ll give our attention to, it seems almost as if we’re way out of touch with the pulse of public interest or attention. Yet, what Grant has brought to my attention, with regard to the HeLa cell alone, fairly well SCREAMS for more public understanding, because when you know where to look, and HOW to look, it is staggering, and liberating.


2 million baby boomers believed to be “infected.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently issued notice that all “baby boomers” – that segment of the population born between 1945 and 1965 – should be tested for Hepatitis C. That would include me. The virus is considered a leading cause of liver cancer, claiming 15,000 lives each year due to related illnesses. The agency suggests that 2 million boomers have the virus and don’t know it. Their recommendation would be for one to come in for testing/screening, and where the virus is found, begin a 48-week round of interferon alpha-2b or Ribavirin treatments.

At $50 to $100 each, the testing process alone could add a $150 million stimulus to the medical industry, but getting 800,000 people on the prescribed Standard of Care, which costs from $50,000 to $150,000, could generate $60 billion in billings (averaged out at $75,000 each), if fully acted upon just once.

Of course, this all amounts to horse hockey, because following the Standard of Care will not restore the natural balance that actually defines,  creates, or restores, a state of health. As such, if the Hepatitis condition goes away, you can pretty much count on something else eventually showing up to take its place.

Why? Because health care is a for profit business first. Health is neither its first priority, nor its second, or third. Health isn’t a priority whatsoever, only the appearance of the abatement of disease. I say this because we are succeeding at achieving the appearance of such abatement, at huge profits. We are not succeeding at helping people be well again. How can we when we’re gradually and consistently replacing natural materials for patented, unnatural ones? We can blame the producers for offering it, but what is forcing us to accept it, other than complacency, and a mistaken belief that medical standards and practices the very best possible?

We are paying a very high cost for this insidious wolf of a business model that masquerades in government protected, $cientifically authoritative sheep’s clothing. The only thing that is being “protected” in this situation, is market share of the medical service providers and their suppliers, and liability for the consequences of their recommendations. The public has no protection; they must pay with their money, hopes, dreams, health, and lives.

Oh how I wish this weren’t true, or even an exaggeration. If anything, this description of current medical practice as we know it, is an understatement.

Nobama Care

This story of the Hepatitis C concern comes out at a time when the Obama administration is trying to heighten the appeal of its health care reform law, called Obamacare. This program calls for mandatory enrollment into a health care plan, even suggesting penalties for non-compliance. However, it doesn’t call for mandatory use of methods by healthcare providers, that are known to help restore health. As such, this is a great windfall for the health insurance industry, which still only pays for methods that the policy makers approve. The medical policy makers continue to look askance at anything that isn’t inexpensive, adversarial, destabilizing, or toxifying in its metabolic effect on the body.

In making this story public, the Standard of Care for Hepatitis C is the only option that can be discussed in the mainstream media. As such, the entire population is led to believe that if they have Hepatitis C, irrespective of how they got it, the Medical Autocracy’s solution is the “best” and “most reliable” way to resolve it.

That too is a fiction.

I was editing a conversation with Grant for my radio show when he called today. We’ve now spoken further on this topic, and you need to hear it. For the moment I’m going to give you just a little piece of the longer one. This tidbit is on WF10, clinical trial results that won its developers a patent, and MMS. There is much more to come, but I want you to get acquainted with this caring and very awake being, knowing that such “awakeness” is both our birthright and responsibility. It is also within our power to restore.

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