HeLa Cells: Great for the Business of Medicine

Not for the Process of Healing

The next installment of insights, this time on the HeLa cell, gleaned through another conversation with Grant, awaits your review via the link at the end of this article. This is only the tip of the tip of the iceberg. All of the apparently disparate subjects that my writings cover are intimately and inextricably connected here. We are a Whole, each unto ourselves, and as a collective. The “bumps” we encounter along the way – and there will be many for those who recognize our slumber and vow to awaken – are to be expected. How we respond to them only indicates the extent and degree of our readiness to know more, and to grow more.

Before being called to my attention by one very insistent Canadian three weeks ago, I knew nothing about the HeLa cell or Henrietta Lacks, the woman whose DNA markers are evident within each one. Before delving deeper into the HeLa cell subject, I’ll express my hopes that a true dialogue develops from the second article and video on vaccines, Shaking Vaccine History at its Foundations. Grant’s grasp of the history, the science, players, and the dynamics, is extensive. What I’ve shared thus far is only a small portion of what we’ve recorded, with more recordings, and a book in the works. If he makes a statement, it will be backed up by references. So I invite all to interact with a desire for clarity. If something he says doesn’t match your present understanding, state your understanding and ask him to clarify or reconcile. You’ll be surprised at the new insights that can be unveiled, on both sides.

Back to the HeLa cells.

For many years, HeLa cells have played a role in my health experience, as they likely have in yours. It is a smoking gun that vaccine pushers, who refuse to see their “medical breakthrough” in any context but that of financial or organizational success, have chosen to be blind to.

This is one reason it is important to recognize that such acts of selective blindness didn’t start with the HeLa. However, it was raised a major notch when the decision was made to infect the world with it.

Yes, I said, infect, for that is what is happening, now more than ever.

While it may seem unlikely that conspiratorial motives have persisted for well over three hundred years, it is far easier to see that profit motives extend back much further in time. War and disease have been, and continue to be, major profit generators for the few who are “properly positioned.” Yet, their gain always appears to be gotten at the expense of many, most of whom even feel a sort of obligation, allegiance, or devotion to the ruler, warlord, or fear monger.

The allegiance is cultivated and elicited, the result of tradition, familiarity, and habit, and not actual biological, medical, or social benefit, or common sense.

Profit-centered thinking can provide a medical and social benefit, but as practiced in our society, it is too often at the expense of the biological, mental, and emotional. The irony in this is that medical profiteers are not exempt from succumbing to the effects and consequences of their profit-based pursuits.

Those who treat others with the serum, eventually “need” the serum, and then die by the serum, leaving the profit model intact.

Historic Obfuscation for Personal Gain

Edward Jenner (1749-1823) is celebrated in medical history for convincing the public that cowpox, a more readily available substance if you’re going to treat the disease for profit, is an acceptable and even preferable substitute for human smallpox. His claims of medical efficacy were never confirmed as fact, even in his day. Consider the following from Jenner and Vaccination: A Strange Chapter in Medical History (1889), by doctor and medical historian, Charles Creighton, M.D.

The paper, On the Origin of the Vaccine Inoculation is dated from Bond Street, the 6th of May, 1801. Jenner was now a great personage, had been presented to the King a year before, and at the time of his writing was in full career as a lion of London society. It would be charitable to assume that vanity had turned his head and made him untruthful; at all events, the piece is a tissue of lies. He professes to give a “concise history” of the origin of vaccine inoculation, the conciseness being enhanced by a charming naiveté and heartiness of manner. The reader is reminded by many simple touches of the long period of anxious thought that this admirable man endured until he came before the world with his beneficent discovery; if dates or other particular circumstances are seldom given, that is merely the writer’s artlessness and modesty.

Jenner’s first difficulty, in approaching the great cowpox-smallpox problem which he afterwards solved to his own and the world’s satisfaction, was one that might well have deterred a better-instructed and more sensible man. He found that some cowpoxed milkers had taken smallpox, just as if their previous cowpoxing were purely irrelevant. In his concise narrative, he would have us believe that he knew that very well, of his own knowledge, and candidly admitted it; it was this that “led me to inquire among the medical practitioners, who all agreed that cowpox was not to be relied upon as a certain preventive of the smallpox.” The real sequence of events was that Jenner, more imaginative than his medical neighbours and colleagues, used to air the popular fancy about cowpox-smallpox at their medico-convivial meetings; whereupon the medical men who had experience to guide them would good-naturedly produce case after case which showed that the popular belief, in so far as it was held even by the vulgar, was a mere verbal illusion; Jenner, however, was so persistent in arguing against the facts that, as he told Baron, the members of the Society threatened to expel him as a bore. That was how Jenner came to know so well that all cowpoxed milkers had not been protected from smallpox.

Jenner’s idea to substitute cow material (“vacca”) for actual human smallpox material wasn’t brilliant if providing the best approach for healing patients was the goal. It was absolutely brilliant if someone was looking to create an ongoing medical model to address smallpox built around a readily available and survivable substitute.

In spite of being unable to receive a patent on the vaccination process, to establish a preferred position for himself in the profit game, the British government awarded Jenner £10,000 in 1802 and another £20,000 in 1807, as recompense for “time away from his general practice”. (Source:

The “Quest for the Cure” Game

The quest to find “cures” for disease has long-held a subordinate position to the condition that “a killing” be made, financially speaking, once the product receives approval. Hot on the heels of FDA approval of Stribild, its new 4-1 HIV medication, Gilead Sciences expects to replace the $5 billion in sales that will go away as generics take over when patent expirations begin in 2018. The company figures that $28,500 is a fair price to pay for an annual course of this medicine.  (Source: FiercePharma) This makes sense if you don’t know that less than $50 worth of certain solutions can help the problem go away, and neither the Medical Authority nor the system, will help you.

However, if you’re looking to restore your health, their methods will hinder you.

Definitions and criteria for approval success with the Medical Authority are set exceedingly low. The approval price paid to said Authority is exceedingly high. Clinical trials and approvals for new drugs by the Medical Authority are based on its effect on symptoms, not on whether it actually abates the pathology. History strongly suggests that if the drug has high or broad healing potential, its chances of being approved are lessened. Examples variously include Dimethyl sulfoxide (DMSO), Dichloroacetic Acid (DCA), Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski’s Anti-neoplaston therapy, and Jim Humble’s MMS.

For reasons that will we will eventually cover, this is a big mistake for health, but perfect for business.

The powers behind the Medical Industry have succeeded beyond their wildest dreams, making “killings” in all meanings of the term. The financial windfalls that they enjoy are attributed to innovation and market guile, while the medical casualties are simply attributed to the relentless advance of disease.

When the business angle is examined, other senseless practices begin to make sense, such as:

  • atmospheric spraying (chemtrails),
  • chlorination and fluoridation of water supplies,
  • herbicide and pesticide spraying of crops,
  • genetic engineering of the food supply (with labeling deemed unimportant),
  • institutionalization of processed dairy and harassment of live milk producers,

Citizen subjects are prepared to become good patients early and often. Home, or non-hospital birth is now virtually unheard of. Few parents realize that signing a Certificate of Live Birth starts a registration process that essentially makes their children wards of the state. It’s far better, for tracking purposes, to have all births occur at an accredited Medical Institution so that no one falls through the cracks.

Scientific education includes the suggestion that we evolved from apes, not from divine beings.

Religions tell us that we’re born sinners, and if we’re not “good,” we’re going to hell. We’re led to believe God is too busy playing golf to have time for “wretches” like us.

We’re taught to rely only on five of our senses, thinking anything else is “extra”, and either a “gift” or a “curse,” depending on point of view. “Normal” is thought to be average, vulnerable, and ready to do as we’re told by the Authority.

Heal yourself? Nonsense! Just ask your doctor! He’ll tell you how silly that notion is! Healing is for drugs, not people!

Add a steady rise in mysterious new diseases, from fibromyalgia, and chronic fatigue, to morgellons, to the list. New diseases call for new remedies, spawning new rounds of research, clinical accreditation, and approvals. More billion$ into the coffers.

When common sense is invoked, it’s no mystery why the new diseases occur, or what needs to done to resolve them. Yet, how many times do you hear people say, “but they won’t make money if they do that?” Do you really care if they don’t?

Business Tycoon Wants Medicine to Succeed

For all of his wealth, Microsoft founder Bill Gates has directed his humanitarian and philanthropic priorities toward delivering vaccines to the indigent and indigenous people of the world instead of nourishment, in spite of so staggering numbers of people who die each day from starvation. In other words, his foundation is poised to support the delivery of more HeLa cell-laced chemicals to address the great suffering that, in many ways, is the result of current chemical negligence.

Today the delivery of more chemicals means the proliferation of more HeLa cells, because they are used in a wide variety of ways. According to Rebecca Skloot, who authored The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks,writing for

“Research on HeLa was vital to the development of the polio vaccine, as well as drugs for treating herpes, leukemia, influenza, hemophilia, and Parkinson’s disease; it helped uncover the secrets of cancer and the effects of the atom bomb, and led to important advances like cloning, in vitro fertilization, and gene mapping. Since 2001 alone, five Nobel Prizes have been awarded for research involving HeLa cells.

The HeLa story has all the trappings of a great commercial find in the classic “buy low, sell high” tradition. Scientists paid the Lacks family nothing for the cultures they took from their deceased mother. The booty that “$cience” has collected, and continues to collect in the interim can likely be measured in 10’s of billions each year. Additional evidence exists to suggest an alternate theory to explain the HeLa cell’s mysterious emergence, which we’ll discuss at a later time.

At present, it is important to take a critical look at the HeLa cell’s influence on human life, not from its value as a revenue and profit generator, but with respect to its actual effect on health. This is what I have begun doing in my conversations with Grant (“GM”).

Makes you wonder.

Stay tuned…

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    Yes, humanity is of little importance now. As it is becoming more known each day that people are not recognized as “live” entities, but only as a registered “stock” which is actually listed within the New York Stock Exchange. In fact, it is nearly certain that mass death leads to mass Stock devaluation and projected loss of potential return in labor.

    Each war, and the attendant cost in human life, will definitely show up at New York. When people die prematurely, their “stock” becomes instantly worthless, showing a “projected” net loss on what was potential return.

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