The Power of Power, and the Question

A month has passed since we had our Genome Healing Workshop experience, and it feels as though it was light-years ago. Yet, I have only begun to scratch the surface of useful information to share about the process.

Many people will encounter a credibility crisis with Genome Healing, but it’s not about the method; it is about the individual. Until a sick person is ready to be well, they will question the credibility of any change that could actually take them in the direction of their desired outcome. Skepticism, doubt, or cynicism reveal the true barriers to personal transformation.

It’s not that you should believe anything or everything you hear, but it’s important that you know your power. You are either using it on your own behalf (or learning to), or others are using it for their own gain, which is often at your expense.

My current reading is Secrets of Power, Vol. I – Individual Empowerment vs. The Societal Panorama of Power and Depowerment, by Ingo Swann. If what I’m realizing from this book is any indication of the rest of Swann’s numerous works, reading them promises to take me on another rewarding journey up the rabbit hole on our return journey HOME.

It is increasingly evident to me that we are the creators of our life experiences, you of yours, as I am the creator of mine. Forget about whether you created the earth itself, or the Cosmos. Forget about whether you created the disparity between rich and poor, crime in the inner cities, genetically modified foods, unrest between Israel and Iran (or whomever they feel threatened by today), or the recent mass shooting event in Colorado. The people who chose these direct experiences are their creators. However, awareness of these elements are part of your consciousness, as they are mine. We are the creators of said awareness, and therefore, witnesses to, and influencers of, those experiences/events too.

There are people on earth who have zero awareness of the examples mentioned above. Their consciousness is free of any thought or “emotional charge” – positive or negative – surrounding such matters. Being human, however, they will have thoughts, and an emotional charge – both positive and negative – about other matters. Collectively, this is how we create our experience, the human experience, which is the earthly experience, a concept proffered by Grigori Grabovoi. It is done by the predominant thoughts that we generate, and the feelings (emotional charge) that we imbue said thoughts with.

In Secrets of Power, Vol. 1, Swann explores the subject of human power in great depth. Without going into the specifics of what human power is – at least through the first half of the book that I’ve covered thus far – he deftly illustrates:

  1. how valuable and important it is to all, the few who appear to be powerful, and the many who appear powerless,
  2. how social structures usurp the power of the many, to maintain the status quo of a few, and
  3. the lengths that are gone to in order to keep the masses unaware of their power, through the use of same.

In other words, a “Great Wool Pulling” is, and has long been part of the game on Earth, that goes back hundreds and thousands of years, that has contributed to the state of the world as it exists today. That state is an outpouring and reflection of human consciousness, expressed collectively.

However, that’s the collective view. The magic is in the individuality; in the Awakening of the Oneness with, and of The One.

Power can only be wielded consciously if it is accepted as part of one’s being. It is not an object, staff, or amulet, but a “set” of both the mind and heart together.

Neither mindlessness, nor heartlessness will confer power in any benign or beneficial manner, nor will it spawn an expansion of consciousness. Both must be active, aware, and in balance, as yin and yang, as we walk our path in a mindful, and heart-filled state.

The Genome Healing Method invites each to connect the yin and the yang consciousness, bringing them together in concert and symphony, restoring an inner harmony, where cacophony had long persisted. It is heart-directed; not for the mindless.

I mentioned a credibility factor that some may experience, because we are conditioned to expect “the product,” “the expert,” or “the method” – anyone but us – to do the magic, not knowing that we are the magicians that are actually allowing the magic to occur, or facilitating its unfolding, through us. We are that powerful. If you believe that you are not, you will be correct. However, you may not see how you routinely set your own boundaries of possibility.

When we accept the idea that the power to heal, to restore the Blueprint of Optimal Functioning, and even regenerate ourselves in ways we’ve not dared imagine is ours now, our journey to such restoration begins. It will take as little, or as much time and experience as it takes. The best way to ensure that the time will take longer, is to be fearful and rush or try to force the issue. It won’t happen. There’s no reason to rush.

Healing rests self-awareness and understanding, the willingness to let go of or limitations, and the desire to live in health and happiness, within the fullness of our power. It means realizing and then reclaiming the power that we’ve turned over to others. Then, we demonstrate how much do we want to know ourselves by having the courage to ask the deepest of questions of our neglected selves, i.e., the organs within us.

Well, I said that some might question it… but then, if we haven’t demonstrated the courage to ask of ourselves, it’s not wise to judge others who have.

Carol shares the fundamental questions in the Genome Healing Workshop.

Much more to share… and more to do.

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