Rise of the Disillusioned

Disillusionment, or to be disillusioned, is generally considered to be a negative state. Indeed, once disillusioned, an individual’s “happiness index” is likely to go down for a time. Seeing the world differently, particularly when the heart is caring, means seeing and caring for the whole. It is the height of illusion to care only for some, such as “us good guys”, and not for others who may be characterized as “them enemies”.

For the newly disillusioned, seeing and respecting another’s perspective doesn’t mean that you’ll agree with them, or like what they’re doing. As such, the disillusioned point of view is not a major smile generator. However, it can be the catalyst for a profound liberation and expansion of consciousness, and the precursor to positive change, also for the whole.

I have been feeling the effects of disillusionment. Look all around, everywhere are lies, deception, distraction, and misdirection.

They only *appear* to be different, but they serve the same master.

The presidential campaign pits two men who are trying their best to present themselves as polar opposites to each other, who actually represent the same thing; the status quo.

While they ply the campaign trail to garner both popular and Electoral College votes, neither Mr. Romney nor Obama work for the American people. Their allegiance, if elected, will be to the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA Corporation (formed by act of the 41st Congress in 1871) which is headquartered in Washington, DC., but answers to factions and interests beyond. We pledge a similar allegiance, not knowing that this particular corporation is not the one that is reflected in the Constitution for the united states of America. (See the article.)

Campaign promises aren’t meant to be broken, they are destined to be, because peace and prosperity for all aren’t on the agenda. Why should Americans think they deserve peace and prosperity, and not think that other human beings deserve it too? Why do we think freedom of choice is good for us, but not for other human beings? Why do we speak of the fear of what others will do with self-determination when we act on our fears, and threaten to use deadly force to stop them? The controversy around Iran’s pursuit of nuclear technology being but one example. Why do we promote the use of armed military responses in our professed efforts to “maintain peace?”

The answer to these questions is that quelling hostilities between individuals, groups, or nations is not on the political agenda. Since the subject is never brought up, the public doesn’t even think about it, much less vote on whether they want it.

Saber rattling which remains in the political toolbox, has been stepped up a notch by U.S. led, sanctioned, or instigated invasions of countries – where we think we can get away with it – and assassinating self-professed “bad guys,” and then getting on national television to congratulate ourselves about it.

To add injury to insult, the public is then inundated with “documentary” films on various science and environmental media outlets (e.g., Discovery Channel and National Geographic), to let everyone know how the killing mission was carried out, and how right it was “for America”.


Was it really?

Is the world a better, safer place today because we led brigades that slashed and burned Iraq in order to get Saddam Hussein, or into Pakistan to kill real people in an effort to put the idea of Osama bin Laden being still alive, to rest for good?

The presidential campaigners talk about the economy.

Romney, who we’ll call “the hopeful promisor” suggests that he is going to fix it, but how? Rolling up the sleeves and spouting rhetoric, or pointing out the perceived faults of his opponent won’t do it.

The president promisor, Mr. Obama, used the current system, the current way of doing business… printing worthless money, to “bail out” a system that was built by the previous promisor, Mr. Bush, and the one before that, and the one before that.

I could go on, but you get the point.

It doesn’t matter whether they call themselves Democrat or Republican, they work for a Corporation that is SUCCEEDING at its directors’ plan; that is, to GROW THE DEBT, and the public’s national sense of indebtedness. With the exception of Calvin Coolidge and Warren G. Harding, each administration since Woodrow Wilson has overseen growth in the national debt. (See reference.) When presidents have deviated from the dictates of the directors, they have been eliminated. John F. Kennedy planned to end the Federal Reserve System. His life was ended instead.

The promisors will continue growing debt as long as we have a banking system that is not tied to stable, agreed-upon assets, such as gold and other natural resources.

In our economy, money is not an asset, but a debt. A Federal Reserve Note is a promissory note. Its value is what it is simply because we say that’s what it should be thought of as being worth. But what a $10 Federal Reserve Note buys today is a far cry from what it bought forty years ago.

I remember in the early 1970’s, putting $1 in my 1966, metallic green Oldsmobile Toronado to go to work at Delta Airlines in the air freight department at O’Hare Field in Chicago. (It didn’t look nearly as good as the car pictured above.)

That dollar put several gallons of fuel in the tank, which was enough to get me to and from work. Today a dollar’s worth of gas will barely get you out of the gas station. What’s the difference? More money in the system, and much higher debt.

Even with the correction in the real estate market over the past several years, it’s still rare to find, build, or rehab a decent home without the price spiraling well into six figures. This is due in part because a fiat banking system is involved, and each transaction that doesn’t involve the direct exchange of money, either physically or via transfer of accounts, introduces new money, and new debt into the economy.

Unless a person is in a position to pull cash from their own stash tucked away in a safe or under a mattress to buy a home, they’re creating and adding new debt to the economy, and thereby diluting the existing money supply that much more. The bank didn’t have the money either. But it gladly charges you interest on the new money, i.e., “debt” that you’ve created, and it will take control of your home if you default.

Lies, deception, distraction, and misdirection.

Don’t get me started on the medical system. Too late.

“First do no harm…” has long been thought of as the first dictum of the Hippocratic Oath, which could be thought of as the tone setter for the physician’s ethos. Turns out that the phrase “do no harm” is not even part of the Oath. It also turns out that while oath taking is an almost universal ritual as one enters the medical profession, what one is required to say can be at wide variance. Instead of “I will do no harm,” the modern oaths can be loosely translated to, “I will do what I’m told…”.


Experience has shown that when doctors do what they’re told, treat according to guidelines in the Medical Standard of Care, the system does everything it can to (1) reward them with money, professional stature, and accolades, and (2) protect them from the consequences of the medical system’s inherent mal-practices.

For all of the detractors of Jim Humble’s “Miracle Mineral Supplement” (MMS), including the FDA, that claim it is tantamount to giving someone bleach (which isn’t true), treating cancer and other conditions with certified poisons, which are FDA approved, is insane, and under any other circumstance, would be considered criminal. But because all the “authorities” say it’s okay, and the medical schools are told to teach pharmacology, the human toll that counts in millions of deaths and yet rising, is explained away by attributing carcinogenicity to the disease itself. We absolve ourselves the responsibility for examining and changing the many factors, chemical, environmental, and psychological, that contribute to the gradual and chronic increase in imbalance that precipitates cancer and other conditions.

If they use their intelligence, seek, discover, or use methods that actually help their patients restore their health, they face ostracism, professional ridicule, loss of license, legal persecution or prosecution, or worse. The medical system is a friend to those who appear to feed it the most worthless money (i.e., pharmaceutical companies), and a foe to those who actually help the real providers. Who are the real providers? That would be us… the creators.

A holocaust is happening right before our very eyes, and many of us either refuse to see it, or are afraid of admitting it to ourselves. It’s not just the medical system that is killing us by having our heads in the sand.

It’s not just the politicians that are presenting untenable promises. It’s not just the BP’s, McDonalds, KFC’s, Monsanto’s and Halliburton’s of the world. It’s not just the Muslims or the Christians, nor the Vatican or the Bank of England.

This is the world that we have created.

What we haven’t understood is that it belongs to us all, and that we can change it. It doesn’t matter if we remember agreeing to all this. It’s here, now. Lies, deception, distraction, and misdirection are everywhere you look, except one.

What matters is that we discover where the true power rests… and that is within each of us.

Whatever is true within us, will be “true” in the world around us. If you see yourself as a victim, so shall you be. Life will play out as though it is true. If you see yourself as an answer to some of life’s problems instead, that is what you will become.

Disillusionment has its gifts. They come in the form of self-discovery and awareness, and a wonderful sense of satisfaction when you know that you’ve facilitated a positive change, within yourself or another. This is especially so when the change is mutually joyful, where you and the other are both elated over what happened.

Imagine international diplomacy that encompass change via cooperation rather than force, mutual respect rather than saber rattling rhetoric, freedom rather than oppression, openness rather than secrecy. You might say it’s idealistic, but it only requires representatives of one country that is willing to be the example. It would be the first step that changes everything positively.

You don’t have to go to the ends of the earth to “find yourself.” You only need to re-open your mind to that most revered idea of the most wonderful life that you ever imagined living/experiencing, and make that the mission of your heart. Only you know what it is. Yet, if you do it, you will be changing the world. Instead of concerning yourself with the untenable promises of politicians or other “authority” figures, make the ultimate promise to yourself, and be the ultimate authority that you can be.

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  1. Kerry

    The Truth so easily spoken, yet rarely followed, i love what you say Adam, unfortunately i believe we are the dumbest species this side of the galaxy , sorry to say.

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