Freedom and the Suggesters of Untrue Truths

With the celebration of our nation’s independence, the July 4th holiday can be bittersweet if you perceive freedom in a form that is characterized by joyfulness, health, abundance, and are not on constant alert from some perceived threat or “enemy,” whether foreign, cosmic, or within.

From microscopic bacteria and meteorites the size of Mount Everest, to plasma bursts many times larger than the planet Earth itself, we are encouraged to be afraid; be very afraid, because somethin’ or someone is gonna get us.

As we believe these suggestions, so it happens. It becomes real because we make it real. That’s what we don’t often see, as we’ve bought in to the idea that life happens to us, and not through us, around us, and not within us. If we are conduits of life, it means that we are the directors thereof. Not just the “leaders” but each of us. We are each messiahs who have come to liberate ourselves and to re-imagine, and thereby recreate the world.

We have the power. We have the freedom, to continue along the present course, or to pursue a different one.

Freedom is a relative term, except that in the moment it feels absolute. It’s easy to think that you are “free” when in actuality, you’re not. On the other hand, it’s easy to think that you’re not free, when in actuality, you are. Both statements are true.

We are free, and we are not free. We have freedom to limit our freedom to the full extent of our imagination. We are free to discover and then remove the governors that have restricted the power of joy and love for so long. The determinant is the way that we attract and organize information into our very own body of perception. Made up of hopes, aspirations, fears, intention and beliefs, perception becomes the lens of the mind, heart, and Soul.

Yet, the really fearful ones are our Suggesters. You know who I’m talking about, the ones who, silently and consistently, invariably and eventually influence the ideas that predominate our world. If you hear a suggestion often and long enough, and most “authorities” appear to be in agreement, then it becomes a de facto “truth,” even if it’s not true. The idea that pharmaceutical “drugs,” that disrupt, block, and alter normal biological processes, are curative in nature, is one such untrue truth that unseen Suggesters have succeeded in propagating.

Untrue truths abound. They are pervasive. They help those who are yet susceptible, to remain ready to “do battle,” a mind-state that can’t work unless the landscape is populated by enemies. What we don’t know is that we are the “populators” of our own mind-state. In other words, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, they are our creation. That which happens “inside,” also happens outside. If we subscribe to the idea that an “evil” exists to “oppose” a “good,” then it’s game on.

However, when one is in the “good vs. evil” mind-state, freedom can appear to be “off” for one side, even though in actuality, it’s on. It is on because we are not divisible into “light/good” or “dark/evil” components. We are single, indivisible wholes. Full harmonization cannot occur until we have fully acknowledged, accepted, and embraced our wholeness, with love. It is the highest power, the truest of truths. When consistently applied, love exposes untrue truths.

Buried deeply in and around our relationship with money are many untrue truths. We think money is an asset, when in fact, it is a debt. We think that it’s something we have or don’t have, when in fact, we create it. We believe that power rests with the wielders and controllers of money, when it actually rests in the hands of those who can write their signature.

The struggle persists when we acquiesce to the suggestion that knowledge and power rests beyond our personal sphere. We then rely on self-professed “experts” and “authorities” to tell us what is “true” and how we should feel about it. We do this not knowing that when we put others on pedestals, we’re actually putting ourselves down.

This too is freedom. Although it can be sublime, it isn’t always pretty.

Our experience of freedom will change as we change. Our susceptibility to untrue truths will diminish as we replace “rage,” with courage, voicing our own truth instead of deferring to someone else’s. You’re not going to please everyone, or get everyone to agree with your point of view. When you’ve embraced the wholeness within yourself, it will be okay with you.

Many of todays most popular pursuits are often the most meaningless, in the larger scheme of things. Tracking the lives of “celebrities” of every stripe becomes a distraction from finding and knowing the star within one’s self.

What’s particularly interesting is how large sums of money are lavished on those who “rise to the top” of their craft or profession. Actors and actresses, artists, and musicians. Athletes making millions annually to play a game. Yet, they often seem fragile and insecure. “More” will never be enough if you don’t know your Inner Star.

Why? I’d suggest that it’s misplaced value. They think the possession of money establishes wealth, when in fact, it only establishes debt.


Money has no intrinsic value, whereas humans are value creators. Yet, we have become accustomed to valuing money over humanity; seeing and judging one another by the money that they control.

Through our dependence on these untrue truths we have brought our collective culture to an inevitable reboot of all monetary systems. The Suggesters would have you think this is the worst that could happen, when in truth, it must happen if the best is to emerge.

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  1. Kerry

    Love what you say!

  2. Joe

    I can’t afford to take a vacation, something I badly need …, but having given up on the promises of money decades ago, life has become so much sweeter. Be fully who you are. Thanks, Adam, for an enlightened post.

  3. ahr

    adam – i have been following you for a few years now and eagerly read all that you write. i must say this is your best effort yet! filled with truth and wisdom and pointing right to the heart of our selves, you have given us all your best thoughts for our nourishment! thank you soo much for all that you do!

  4. Way to speak truth Adam!

  5. Kathleen

    “We are each messiahs who have come to liberate ourselves and to re-imagine, and thereby recreate the world…
    When consistently applied, love exposes untrue truths…
    We then rely on self-professed “experts” and “authorities” to tell us what is “true” and how we should feel about it. We do this not knowing that when we put others on pedestals, we’re actually putting ourselves down…”
    So many brilliant points in this post! Thank you.

  6. Rahim

    Oh, sooo true in all points! Thank you.

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