The “MMS-is-Bleach” Card is Played… Again

Keri Rivera offers presentation on MMS at Puerto Vallarta conference.

Just as the US~Observer goes to press with a series of stories on the “still infamous” Miracle Mineral Supplement product introduced by Jim Humble, now known by most as “MMS”, another mainstream electronic publication, the Huffington Post, has published a slam, written by Todd Drezner, a regular contributor. Drezner reports on, and takes sides in an imbroglio that has been brewing in the Autism community ever since Keri Rivera gave a presentation at the 2012 Autism One conference in Chicago on the successes that she has witnessed and documented with the help of MMS.

Rivera has more than a passing interest in the subject. She founded and operates Autismo2, in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, a not-for-profit that is dedicated to helping families improve the lives of their children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, using the DAN! (Defeat Autism Now) protocol. The clinic is an outgrowth of another motivation; the fact that Rivera is the mother of an autistic child, a growing boy who, in his second year of life, was healthy one day, and after receiving a required, “routine” inoculation, suddenly went away. His body is there, but his spirit, his proclivity toward normal human interaction, is not. He is distant in a way that saddens a mother’s heart.

From all indications, Drezner is also parent of an autistic child. A filmmaker, his post provides a link to his video, Loving Lampposts, which poses the question of whether Autism, which today affects 1 in 150 children, is a condition we’ve brought upon ourselves through the gross use of chemicals in our Western culture, or whether autistic children represent a new type of human being.

We won’t get into the premise of his movie here. Let’s agree that both parents share a common problem for which parents are seeking solutions. Why are they seeking solutions? Because our vaunted medical $cienctific community hasn’t come up with any that are acceptable. So let’s also agree that the problem hasn’t been solved. The trend for the Autism phenomenon isn’t in decline. It is continuing to rise.

At the Autism One conference Rivera shared some documented experiences that go against the trend; actual successes that some of the families that she works with have experienced with the help of MMS, in the form of almost 40 children out of 400 families, losing their diagnosis. In other words, the syndrome went away, and the child, the spirit, had returned.

I spoke with Rivera last year about her experiences, which have expanded since then.

Keri Rivera talks about her success with Autistic families using MMS.

Drezner, a parent whose child still has Autism, and who now makes a living from a video that only covers how to live with it in spite of the continuing growth of the disorder, is taking umbrage with Rivera, a parent who is presenting documented evidence of improvements, for using MMS. Why? Because, according to Drezner, it is “bleach!”

That’s it.

His article says nothing of the successes that Rivera presented on. He discounts and dismisses MMS as snake oil and quackery, criticizing the organizers of the Autism One conference for even giving MMS a forum.

I received the following thoughts from one of the parents that Rivera supports through a private Facebook group:

My son has passed plates of worms (seems they are ascaris lumbricoides – so they are big, 40cm or so and very obvious to the eye), having been on Keri’s protocol for only 6 weeks. THIS alone has a huge impact in restoring balance. I think many parents would feel the same, she is marvelous and deserves so much support.

This is ascaris lumbricoides, called by some, the king of the parasites. It persisted in her son’s body until his mom gave him MMS. Doctors apparently hadn’t seen it. Nothing in the DAN! protocol had helped alleviate it. But 6 weeks of MMS in, a load of ascaris lumbricoides out. “Bip, bam, thank you Keri!”

None of this is evident in Drezner’s article. The public will only hear that she advocated giving children “bleach.” MMS isn’t bleach, but that’s not the point. Drezner’s opinion is that the fact that MMS is “bleach” is reason alone never to even discuss it. Again, no concern about results, even though he himself apparently is still seeking a “cure,” and therefore, hasn’t yet learned how to stop or reverse the Autism condition.

I imagine Mr. Drezner would have no problem giving his child chemotherapy “to fight” cancer if his doctor said do it. Our hearts cry out to the children who are so afflicted.

Yet, the reactions of vomiting and diarrhea are also likely, along with a host of other visible signs of physiological stress will show up when chemotherapy is given.

The difference is that when chemotherapy is given, the body’s mineral and ecological system is thrown further out of optimal balance. Having the condition, be it autism, cancer, or anything else, is already a sign of mineral and ecological imbalance. Chemotherapy only makes these conditions worse. Parents agree to the treatments because they trust the medical $ystem. If they doctors, and various agencies know differently, they aren’t telling. However, the results reveal the truth, if anyone cares to acknowledge it. Anything that helps restore said ecological balance, will help restore health. Anything that doesn’t won’t.

When we see pictures of children “fighting cancer” that have no hair, we think that the cancer condition caused the hair loss. However, the cancer treatment; the chemotherapy or radiation, actually did the deed. We are accustomed to rationalizing, at doctor’s suggestion and all the “respected” literature on the subject, that it was okay because the cancer was so dangerous.

Even though it creates no residual chemical toxicity in the body, doctors will not use MMS, which has proven itself to be a benign and effective way to reduce a myriad of chemical abuses and microbial abnormalities inside the human body. Doctors will not use it because the FDA and the AMA frown upon such use. Livelihoods can be upset if this outlaw “bleach” as the FDA mis-characterizes the sodium chlorite solution that is MMS, is used.

As for Autism, a similar imbalance is in effect, just as it is with any disease. MMS should not be looked upon as a “cure”… balance is. However, it should not be dismissed on the basis of mischaracterizations and innuendo. There is solid scientific evidence that MMS, particularly the chlorine dioxide molecule, is far more helpful than we have even begun to appreciate.

A source pointed my attention to a drug that was developed over 10 years ago called WF10. Through clinical trials it was discovered that the product actually repairs cellular and chromosomal damage done by chemotherapy in cancer treatments. It was envisioned for use as a possible aftercare medication.

Needless to say, the FDA did not, or has not given its approval. The WF10 product, which is administered intravenously, dose-per-dose, is actually 4 times the strength of MMS.

I imagine Mr. Drezner would really be against that.

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9 Thoughts to “The “MMS-is-Bleach” Card is Played… Again”

  1. Dingo,

    There was no implication that the images of the ascaris parasites (thank you for the correction) were those of the specific child mentioned in the article. If you watched the video of the interview I did with Keri, you would have seen VIDEO of parasites that parents sent to her that did come out of their children after taking MMS. The parent that I quoted in the article was very specific when she noted that worms came out of her son 6 weeks after taking what probably amounted to about $2 worth of MMS. That is EVIDENCE of a connection. Yet, instead of respecting the parent’s evidence, you look for fault. Instead of joining in OUTRAGE over what factors may have contributed the child having autism and having worms in his body, you are dismissive and unfeeling for their plight because you see no $cientific pedigree.

    I respect that this is how you see things, but I would never allow the blinders and limitations that you put on your mind guide what I allow into mine.



  2. Peter McAlpine

    I can’t answer your question on Adam’s behalf, of course, nor am I an expert on MMS. If you watch the documentary mentioned, you will understand why it is unlikely that there will be any peer-reviewed scientific literature about MMS as the “scientists” may become almost outcasts, if they were to support it.

    I studied 35% Hydrogen Peroxide deeply before starting to take it. I did not find any peer-reviewed scientific studies about it, but I don’t need them to know it’s doing me good. Also, I was attracted to it when I discovered how the FDA had been opposing its use for so long. I knew then that it must be good.

    Regarding MMS, I think that you will have to make a judgement of your own. The fact that the FDA opposes it is a positive point to start with.

    1. Peter McAlpine

      Thank you for your comment, dingo199. When I lived in the UK, which was until 1984, I used to believe that the authorities were honest, that they worked with the public’s interests in mind, and that one could trust them. If they said something was bad or necessary, I believed them. But now I know better.

      Now I know that the authorities in the West and East, as well as Africa, are motivated by corruption and self-interest. Yes, even western governments are corrupt. Perhaps you did not know this.

      I even have tried to get 100% organic, non-toxic, non-pathogenic, chemical-free bio-fertilizers into the USA, and it’s seemingly impossible. Toxic chemicals, however, have no problem being allowed in. It doesn’t surprize me to hear in that video that the FDA is trying to stop organic farming so that GMO technology and chemicals can thrive better.

      The FDA are the people who corruptly approved Aspartame to be used in all sorts of products, even though it causes about 81 illnesses. They are in the palms of the chemical and pharmaceutical companies. Does this make their word and judgments trustworthy? Whose interests do they support when 40% of their costs are paid for by those companies?

      I use a natural product, which the FDA tried to ban for many years even before the internet existed, namely 35% hydrogen peroxide. Why? It cures many of the major diseases, which Big Pharma makes a fortune from. An 18-month supply costs US$5.50.

      You are welcome to carry on believing that they approve products in our interests, such as chemotherapy chemicals, aspartame, GMO “stuff”, etc., etc. I prefer to show great interest in natural products, which have been shown to work effectively and for very little cost, and which they oppose, and which coincidentally conflict with the interests of the FDA’s Big Pharma paymasters.

      I wish you good health, happiness, and abundance, dingo199.

  3. Phoenix

    Peter… there is a brand spankin new movie by Gary Null out called War on Health: The FDA’s Cult of Tyranny, and you can watch it on YouTube
    They show the faces of the FDA officials 🙂

    1. Peter McAlpine

      Thank you for the link to the documentary film. If it was 1935 or so in Nazi Germany, I would expect this. I understand better now why the FDA is so upset by MMS. I’ve never taken it as I take 35% Hydrogen Peroxide every 4-5 days and I never feel less than terrific, but I encourage people to study it.

      As for the FDA officials having devlish horns, I would say that probably only the Executives do, after watching the documentary. I feel sorry for the general staff at the FDA who, while they need a job, they know that what their organization does is so wrong, and so unethical. The daily stress this causes must make them ill, and then they will take the FDA’s approved drugs to get well again. Instant Karma! (I’m assuming that they don’t know about MMS and energy healing techniques, for example.)

  4. I can’t help but wonder what an FDA official looks like. Do they have horns? It sounds like they would even qualify for a job as a politician, whom I expect Dante confined to the lower levels of Inferno.

    1. I dont know what they look like but some of them carry guns.

      1. Peter McAlpine

        I saw the FDA goons raiding a chemist shop with guns pointing at the female staff. Then they announced that they had an arrest warrant because the staff were selling vitamins. I suppose they also handcuffed the dangerous, vitamin-selling sales assistants.

  5. Seems to me that some parents have an agenda associated with a sick child. If my child had autism I would read and try to COMPREHEND all things that are reported to be effective on anyone with the disorder.

    MMS is a bleach and those who report on MMS need to contend with this fact! It will surely bleach your jeans if you spill it on them and I have a whole drawer full of jeans with white spots on them to prove it. But it does not bleach via chlorination as clorox does. Bleaching is merely a result of an oxidation process. Ozone will bleach too if applied just right and ozone has been used medically in Europe for many decades. People don’t understand clorination, nor do they comprehned oxidation. Those who will not educate themselves are doomed to suffer the consequences.

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