Perspectives from the Genome Healing Workshop

Show and tell.

I address the question of the “science” of Consciousness-based Healing.

Carol elaborates, describing each of us as spiritual scientists.

Relationships are acts of consciousness too.
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0 Thoughts to “Perspectives from the Genome Healing Workshop”

  1. Merle Vandenacre

    Alternative medicine is also great because most of it are organic and does not have some bad long term side effects. ,:”;:

    Take care“>

  2. Amarila

    Hello Adam,
    I’ve followed all the information about the New Russian Method of healing and I wonder if it’s possible to purchase any filmed/video material from this workshop or seminars on this subject ( …..some time ago you mentioned that there is a video from the seminar/workshop (Svetlana Smirnova) which was in the USA about a year ago.
    Thank you,

    1. Hello Amarilla, I know someone who has some information you are interested in, available in USA. send email to me , please ;):)

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