"First Look" into the Genome Healing Workshop

The Genome Healing Workshop is motoring on wonderfully. The time/energy matrix has not yet worked favorably enough for me to give a day-by-day, blow-by-blow account. Perhaps I should use something other than a pugilistic analogy, but then the unveiling of new information can indeed be a blow to existing and comfortable concepts of potential and possibility. Too often we claim to want change, but want to maintain existing perceptions, beliefs, attitudes, and patterns of choicemaking. What we want is for others to change, while we sit and judge whether they’ve done it to our satisfaction.

We’re funny that way sometimes.

This post will be briefer, but it will provide something that my words can’t; words, images, and feelings of Carol Roberts herself, as she speaks to the group, which includes people who came from Massachusetts, Saskatchewan, California, Arizona, and as far away as Buenos Aires, Argentina, to attend this gathering of Souls.


One commenter on the YouTube video  thread found reason to warm viewers that spiritual healing is “bringing in demons.” You almost want to laugh at such nonsense, except when you realize that either the writer, or someone who reads the comment, may actually think its true. But that’s an example of how we’ve layered ourselves in ideas designed and intended to have us walk cautiously, reluctantly forward into something new, even if its pretty uncomfortable where we are.

But walk we must. That’s why courage is such a special and valuable form of love.

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0 Thoughts to “"First Look" into the Genome Healing Workshop”

  1. Love and Blessings to Carol and all of you! Wish we could be there!

  2. Unfortunately Grigori Grabovoi’s Russian healer friend Arcady Petrov in his ‘Creation of the Universe, Save Yourself ‘ [Pt 1 of the trillogy] does often refer to demons as causing sickness and evil. As the books are written in Russian and edited in Germany the English translation is a little stilted, and may not mean ‘demons’ in the traditional Christian sense.

    1. Gilgamesh

      I never red the Russian books, Chapters here not selling them.
      If Grabovoi write about the demons, it makes a lot of sense, as health, and healing is also a duality, and if there is a force for healing, there will be a force to oppose it, and I guess they could call these opposing forces demons.
      In my opinion demons should be just ignored.

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