US~Observer Prepares to Cover the MMS Story

Just a little dab’ll do ya.

The story of MMS and Daniel Smith has caught the attention of the US~Observer (, an investigative reporting newspaper based in Grants Pass, OR that is particularly concerned with wrongful prosecution, and after reviewing Smith’s case, prepares to balance the editorial scales. The paper is planning to publish a series of articles on the case, outlining the FDA’s actions in their efforts to bring MMS down by destroying Smith’s business and making him a criminal scapegoat. In some respects, the Agency’s actions can be likened to the financial lynching of a U.S. Citizen, to be put on display as a deterrent to anyone else who might think of selling or using MMS.

The problem is that we take exception to such behavior, particularly when the person and product in question has not done the harm that the Agency has accused it of, but massive harm has been, and continues to be perpetuated by the Agency itself, as well as policies and products that it continues to approve.

While the FDA has spent millions in taxpayer dollars trying to mount a credible case against MMS through Daniel Smith, Americans spend hundreds of billions coping with the effects of costly medicines that it has approved only on the basis of showing evidence of remedying symptoms. Some of these “medicines” that have been repackaged, renamed, and re-introduced, started their product life as rat poison. The extensively prescribed anticoagulant, warfarin, is one such product. A new drug, Pradaxa®, is touted in television ads as being 35% safer than its counterpart. It is FDA approved. Yet, with all the effects of what is clearly a poison, the Agency itself publishes a document intended to guide consumers in its “safe” use. (See document.)

I suspect that the patents on warfarin have run out, making it fair game to compare the “greater safety” of the new product, which likely cost much more. The problem is that the original wasn’t good for us, and the new one is only 35% less harmful, meaning that it is 65% as harmful as the first. The list of Pradaxa’s “side-effects” is unchanged from warfarin.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) says that Pradaxa  is used to prevent strokes or serious blood clots in people who have atrial fibrillation (irregular heartbeat). The logic is that “A-Fib”, or irregular heartbeat, increases the chance of blood clots, which in turn increase the likelihood of a stroke.  Irregular heartbeat is a clear sign of a deficiency in magnesium, and very likely other trace minerals. This is how medical thinking takes a simple problem and makes it more complex through standard “approved” treatments, and when the patient eventually succumbs, the “disease” gets the blame, which then calls for a new round of fundraising, walking, running, and ribbon tying, to find a cure.

When doing a search on Pradaxa, the official product site comes up in first position in search results. Positions 2 and 3 are sites for law firms that are offering representation for people who have had adverse reactions after taking the product. But this is of no concern to the FDA because all the legal, publication, and financial “T’s” have been crossed, and “i’s” dotted. Everyone thinks they’re protected.

Except that the public is not.

Neither Daniel Smith, nor anyone dealing with the profound betrayal of public trust that medical $cience continues to engage in, should pay for this any more.

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  1. Aubrey Sprong

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  2. Thanks ! We need to protect our Freedom of Choice to how we want to treat our illnesses and the knowledge of the foods we put into our body. ( GMO or not, we have he right to know, hence we can choose or not to choose to eat such atrocities.) Foods labelled with the truth, no natural flavorings. What are natural flavoring? Most of the time they are not so natural or healthy.

  3. emy

    Thank, this type of think and knowledge is the right type of literacy that us people need to know, so we could get out of propaganda.

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